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Chapter 1 I am your bride


She was not his bride for ten years of childhood.

She overlord puts on the bow, and sleeps on the king who is rich and powerful.

An Rou disappeared overnight without a trace…

Five years later, she returned to China with a pair of Mengbao, escaped, hid, and was still caught by him.

“I swore back then that if I caught you, I would definitely keep you from getting out of bed.”

A wedding was being held on a luxurious large private cruise ship.

An Rou looked at the pair of biren in front of her with cold eyes, a blue dress swaying in the wind.

“Wait a minute!”

She stopped the ridiculous wedding, and everyone looked at her.

“Who is this woman? How can I walk directly to the bride and groom?”

“Could it be Master Ouyang’s lover? He

came to hit the scene?” The voice was all heard in the ears of the bride, Liao Wei, and the smile on her mouth Immediately froze, and my heart suddenly became flustered.

When I turned my eyes, my heart sank suddenly when I saw the woman in front of me!

No one would be stupid enough to let their rivals come to make trouble at the wedding, not to mention, this is everything she has worked so hard to manage!

“Rule…” Ouyang Li released Liao Wei’s hand suddenly, and with a turn, the indifference between his eyebrows and eyes disappeared, with the utmost gentleness.

Liao Wei was anxious, and immediately stretched out her hand to pull him, “Li, I am your bride, Anjia has fallen.” The voice was very soft, but the force holding his hand was not light.

An Rou walked step by step with a smile on her face.

“Rourou, listen to me…” Ouyang Li saw apathy in her eyes, and couldn’t help but panic.

“Congratulations, the bride is very beautiful. Although the Liao family business is not very big, it is not small, and it can indeed help you.” An Rou smiled, and then took out a shiny red envelope.

“Even if the family is down, but this gift is still given, I wish you a happy wedding.” As

soon as the voice fell, the red envelope in his hand smashed towards Ouyang Li with full force.

The banknotes smashed Ouyang Li’s face, and they were scattered on the ground one after another. Looking carefully, there were traces of blood on it.

She chuckled, “Of course the happy event should be festive. It’s not enough to just give money. Just sprinkle some dog blood on it, and add red on top.”

Ouyang Li was anxious, grabbing her hand, “Rourou, you obviously Know, I love you. Be good, don’t be self-willed.”

“Li, what are you talking about?!” Liao Wei’s face was swept away, this man is her husband!

She didn’t calm down, she just lifted the white gauze at the beginning, her eyes were full of hatred, “Settling down, do you think you are the high-ranking Miss Anjia? It’s impossible for you to stand up together! Get out of me right away!”

She and An Rou have always been classmates, and the settlement at that time was as powerful as the sun, and everyone agreed to settle down.

An Rou is glamorous and noble, a famous ice beauty in the school.

Haha, now Anjia has been investigated, the products are unqualified, and all the persons in charge have been put in prison.

Even if Ouyang Li marries an ordinary girl, he can’t marry a woman with a record!

“Don’t worry, I will go naturally when it’s time to go.” An Rou looked at the money lying on the ground and continued, “The red envelope is collected, so we know one.”

The media reporters present immediately photographed this scene. Today What a big show!

Liao Wei’s face turned dark, and she yelled, “Who put this woman in, hurry up and blow me out!”

As she yelled, the scene became more and more chaotic, and there were talks, photos, and some people directly recorded videos.

In the most chaotic moment, there were a few sudden snaps, and the lights of the entire ship were all turned off.

“Ah…” someone screamed.

At this moment, one big hand covered An Rou’s mouth, and the other hand controlled her shoulders.

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