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Chapter 994 Successful Operation

She looked at the operating room in front of her wholeheartedly.


“Miss, this is your bank card? Don’t throw such a valuable thing.” A nurse walked over and handed her the bank card.

Li Li took the bank card and looked around. There was no Jing Xing anywhere.

For a wealthy person like Jingxing, 200,000 is indeed unsightly.

However, she felt very uncomfortable!

What does it mean to leave the bank card here?

Do you look down on her?

Li Li can’t think so much, let’s talk about this later!

At ten o’clock in the evening, Xiao Bubu was pushed out of the operating room. She was worried all night, hearing the news of the success of the operation, she could finally relax temporarily.

I took a photo of Xiaobubu and sent it to her mother. She simply ate a little bit of food before accompanying Xiaobubu by the bed.

In the middle of the night, she was awakened by the sound of Xiao Bubu, but it was not her name, but Jing Xing!

“Dad, Dad…”

Li Li turned on the light, holding his little hand, “Step by step, Dad is not there.”

“Why? Step by step hurts…” Xiaobubu leaned on the soft pillow, “Heart hurts.” “

You have had the operation, and you will get better in the future.” Li Li touched his chest distressedly, “Xiao Bubu is an obedient and brave man!”

“But, I’m only four years old…”

said this. In fact, I just want Li Li to find Jingxing over!

Li Li saw his intentions, and put his arms around his small body, “First eat something, Dad’s business, I will talk about it later. Don’t find a man by the way in the future, just hold someone else’s thigh and call Dad!”

“Nothing. , I only recognize my Dad Jing!” Xiao Bubu pursed his small mouth and said seriously, “Mommy, have you ever thought about developing with Dad Jing?”

“Don’t worry! I plan to get married in ten years.” Li Li fed him chicken soup, “eat first, don’t talk about it.”

“After ten years, you will be a leftover girl. By that time, Dad Jing will definitely look down on you. Now, taking advantage of your fair skin, beautiful long legs, soft body and easy to push down, hurry up and take down Dad Jing! Otherwise, you will have to make other women cheaper!” Xiaobubu looks like an adult Persuade.

“Xiaobubu, you are only four years old, know so much?” She really couldn’t take Xiaobubu to watch TV at home alone.

“A child without a father

matures prematurely…” Li Li: “…”

After being in the hospital for a few days, Xiao Bubu yelled in front of Li Li for several days to ask for his father. Li Li ignored him completely. Adopted a state of ignorance.

“Small step, I’m going to start school, and you’re going to start school too, don’t go out privately in the future, and don’t go to Jingxing! You know?” Li Li ordered him to pack his things and go home.

“But, Mommy, what if you don’t have time to pick me up from school?” Xiao Bubu stood on the bed and asked curiously.

“I will let the senior sister come to pick you up.” Li Li hugged him and got out of bed. “Put your shoes on and walk by yourself.” On

the taxi back, Xiao Bubu suddenly clutched his chest, making a look of distress. Looks like. “Mommy, step by step feels distressed, I need a hug from my dad!”

“Li step by step! Would you give me a try again?” Li Li has a fire!

In the past few days, I was in the ward and yelled to see Jingxing. I even gave her this trick. I wonder if she will be worried?

“Oh…” Xiao Bubu had never seen her black face, and immediately leaned on her, “Don’t be angry, Mommy, just scream.”

She is not a child, so what does she need? ?

But looking at Xiao Bubu’s seriousness, she couldn’t bear it again, and she couldn’t get angry with him.

Back at home, Xiao Bubu sat on the sofa by himself without crying or making trouble, and then watched TV.

I have always watched the small steps of a TV series. The news of City A’s financial channel that I actually watched today is probably only here. Maybe, maybe, I will see Dad!

When Li Li came out after cooking, she saw the little guy watching TV seriously, and she actually heard Jing Xing’s name on the TV.

Who is this little guy’s temperament like!

She has nothing to do with her persistent character!

She walked over and turned off the TV!

“Hey, Mommy, our TV is broken…” Xiao Bubu took the remote control and clicked, and there was no response at all. “Mummy…”

“It’s eating.” Li Li handed his baby down. Hug up.

At the dining table, Xiao Bubu looked at the two dishes and one soup on the table, pretending to be old Shen, holding his chin, “Mommy, when I was sick in the ward, my father was worried!”

“Classmate Li Bubu, you You can’t look at the other person who is handsome and rich and call him father! According to this standard, you can find many fathers!” Li Li said helplessly.

“Mummy, who else is more handsome than my dad? Black hair and

blue eyes , this is simply a character from the anime, and…” “Stop!” Li Li interrupted his imagination, “Jing Xing looks so good. No matter how handsome, it has nothing to do with you. Let’s wash and sleep!”

“I haven’t finished eating yet…” Xiaobubu said with a pouting mouth.

“Eat first, wash and sleep.” Li Li felt bitter.

Hey… Is

she going to think of a way to let Xiaobubu dispel Jingxing’s idea of his father?

After much deliberation, there is no good idea.

The next day, Xiao Bubu was left alone at home, and she went out to work part-time!

The part-time job ended very early, and then took the extravagance and took a taxi to Yuanxing Technology Company.

With the excuse of paying back the money, let Jingxing help out and call Xiao Bubu to say that he has a girlfriend. After Xiao Bubu, he will definitely give up!

Thinking of this, the corners of her mouth raised slightly, and she couldn’t help clicking a compliment for her wit.

However, before her thoughts were put into action, Jing Xing didn’t want to see her.

She stood at the door of Yuanxing Company, pouting her small mouth and tilting her head, “You boss, are you so unkind?” The

two bodyguards were silent like sculptures.

“Sure enough, what kind of boss is there, there are what kind of subordinates, don’t worry, my sister has time to spend with you!” She was standing at the door of Yuanxing Company with her arms around her chest, and she must wait until Jing Jing tonight. Come out.

She had called the senior sister just now and asked her to help take care of it temporarily.

The tall Far Travel Building was lit up, and it looked so dazzling in the dark.

At ten o’clock in the evening, Li Li watched the man headed in the hall walk out calmly, a well-tailored high-end black suit, neat black hair, a tall nose, and those deep blue eyes like the blue sea. Never see the edge.

Sure enough, as Xiao Bubu said, very handsome!

Ah, she is not a woman who is bewildered by beauty!

“Mr. Jing!” She trot a few steps before blocking Jing Xing’s line of sight.

Jing Xing looked down at her. A few hours ago, the assistant said she was downstairs and hadn’t left yet, “Is something?”

“I will pay you back the medical expenses, and… can I ask Mr. Jing to help?” “Li Li looked at him embarrassedly, holding the bank card in both hands religiously.

“I’m very busy.” Jing Xing glanced at the bank card faintly, “If you sincerely want to pay it back, you can just take out the amount of medical expenses. Do you want me to find you again when you get a card? You accosted like this The way is a bit low-level.”

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