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Chapter 993 Is She Really the Child’s Mommy?

Li Li walked over and probed his forehead. The temperature was not high, so he was temporarily relieved, “Mr. Jing, sorry, he was still awake when I left!”

“It’s okay.”

“That…” she He hesitated, “Mr. Jing, can you trouble you, or you can let others guard, I need to leave temporarily.”

“You are not here to take care of him, where do you leave?” Jing Xing looked at her puzzled. Looking at the appearance of an 18-year-old student, she can really take care of the children!

Is she really the child’s mother?

How old was she when she gave birth?

“I’ll get the money, otherwise Xiaobubu doesn’t have any medical expenses. If it’s fast, I’ll be back in the evening, Mr. Jing, if Xiaobubu wants to see you, I won’t bother you!” She can let the senior sister come. Take care of it!


Xiaobubu may be upset when he wakes up!

“So it’s still…”

“No, Mr. Jing, it’s really not asking you to pay. I’m leaving first. I’ll trouble you. If you have something to do, call me when you leave, or tell the nurse.” She handed him the small card with the phone number that she had prepared, nodded to him gratefully, and left.

After being kicked out, she hadn’t been back for three years.

If it hadn’t happened in small steps, I might not go back!

After a two-hour drive, a tall villa appeared in front of him.

The house is still the same as before, the huge hibiscus tree at the door is much larger than when she left, and pink and white flowers are blooming on it at the moment.

She walked inside, feeling nervous, but she couldn’t take care of that much!

“Second Miss is back!”

Seeing her figure, the butler smiled with a kind old face, “Second Miss!”

“Are my parents at home?”

“Master is not here, Madam is here.”

Mom is here!

But she felt that Dad was easier to talk.

“Madam! The second lady is back!” Madam

Li sat on the sofa gracefully, watching her little daughter come back, almost crying, but how she let her go in the first place, I still remember clearly.

For the past three years, thinking about it day and night, it’s just that she has always looked at face, even her daughter, she doesn’t want to look down and see her!

It’s been three years after such a delay.

“Mom, how are you?” Li Li walked over carefully, respecting her mother from the bottom of her heart.

And I always felt that my mother was too strict. She was taught this way and that way when she was a child, and she was very strict with their sisters.

When she left with a one-year-old Xiaobubu, she still felt fortunate that she could finally be left alone in the future!

I felt just silly at that time!

Maybe she inherited her mother’s good face and refused to show weakness and come back.

“Okay, don’t you have eyes to see?” Li Mu glanced at her, then withdrew her gaze.

My little daughter has grown up a lot!

“Mom, I know you are angry, sister and brother-in-law…”

“Brother-in-law, what do you mean by a 17-year-old child, what is love, what man! I thought that the son of the Li family was born to the Li family? Did I admit it Are they married? You are the only one who is so stupid and raise children for others!”

Now those two people don’t know where they are!

Li Li said nervously with a small face, “But Xiao Bubu is the grandson of the Li family after all, mother…”

“Don’t mention him to me!”

“Mom, let’s not mention it, Xiao Bubu is sick and needs money to help! He is the son of my sister after all! Mom…” Li Li boldly walked over and sat down on the sofa, “Mom, please, help. Save him!”

“Sick? You also lied to your mother’s money like your sister, and ran away with other men regardless of your mother’s upbringing?” Li’s mother has always been because of Li Li’s affairs. Very angry.

“No! Mom, I’ve always been in City A. If you want to see me and Xiao Bubu, you can come anytime. I’m still going to school and I still have to work. I don’t have so much time to come back and stay with you. I’m wrong. filial daughter, after all, can be a small step by step my nephew, my sister is not, he still has relatives, I can not go sent him to an orphanage? “

Limu good face, and if the others know Li descendants were sent home Go to the orphanage, where to put her face!

“Mom, save Xiaobubu! Otherwise, I’ll beg my father!”

Mother Li said immediately, “Go!”

“Mom, I’m kidding, my father is so busy at work, Xiaobubu I really need grandma now, just do it, mom! Xiaobubu looks good now! Be good!”

Li Li pulled her arm, “Mom…” “Madam, the young master is also Li The family member, he has

something wrong now…” “When is it your turn to speak!” Mother Li glared at the housekeeper!

The butler was silent immediately.

“Mom, or you just give me money!” Li Li didn’t ask her to see Xiao Bubu either.

This is a step up!

How could it be her own grandson, Qin’s grandson?

In the evening, Li Li returned to the hospital in City A with money.

There was no Xiao Bubu in the ward, and even Jing Xing couldn’t see it.

She panicked suddenly and ran out to ask the nurse before she knew she was in the operating room.

She rushed in. Outside the operating room, Jing Xing’s tall figure stood erect, and the red light in the operating room was on, indicating that the operation was in progress.

Her running face was a little red, standing in front of Jing Xing, still panting, “Mr. Jing, how is he with a small step?”

Jing Xing retracted her gaze. The little girl was holding her ear because she was running too fast. Her hair was flying, her cheeks were red, her chest was undulating violently, her small hands tightly grasped the black pouch in her hands, her pink lips were talking together.

Has his brain twitched?

I actually think it’s pretty!

“Since you are back, I will leave first. The medical and surgical expenses have been paid.” Jing Xing lifted his foot and left.

Li Ligang realized that Jing Xing was already some distance away from her!

She hurried over, “Mr. Jing, how much are the surgery and medical expenses? You tell me the bank card number and transfer it to you immediately!”

“No, I don’t need that money.” Jing Xing looked down at her, “Get out of the way. . ” “

I can get out, but I can not still owe you money, I have money, you will not be in arrears, it will not come to you, rely on you! “Lili finished in one breath, take a bow He took out the bank card and stuffed it into his hand, “The password is six zeros, and there are 200,000 in it. If it is not enough…”

“Enough, there is more.” Jing Xing held the bank card and looked at her. , It’s not like she can put out two hundred thousand, what did she do?

“The extra is just a thank you for helping us before! Mr. Jing, thank you so much! Don’t bother you, let’s do it!” She left after speaking.

Standing at the door of the operating room, wishing to rush in now!

Jing Xing has a feeling of being disgusted?

He looked back at Li Li, put the bank card in his hand on the seat not far behind her, turned and left.

When Jing walked, Li Li didn’t notice at all.

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