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Chapter 992 I really have no illegitimate children

“I’m not in a hurry. I’m only 25. It’s too early to have a baby!”

“Mom, I’m very busy. I really don’t have an illegitimate child. Don’t worry.”

He can’t do a dad’s thing!

But no matter how he felt that his mother didn’t believe in himself, he really felt that the child belonged to him!

No, I have to go back and explain clearly tonight.

Li Li, who left, took a small step to sit in the ice cream shop.

“You eat less, be careful of broken teeth.” Li Li half-supported his chin and yawned. He didn’t rest well last night.

“Mummy, is my father blind?”

“Why do you ask? No, he is not your father!” Li Li felt that he was confused by Xiao Baozi today!

“Because Mommy is so beautiful and I am so cute. He married you, has a beautiful wife, and also comes with a cute little bun. What is his dissatisfaction? Unless he is blind and can’t tell us. Does it look good!” Xiao Bubu thought for a long time, but he could only come up with this answer.

“Step by step, because we are not relatives with him, and you are not his own son. Anyone would not agree with him, you know? If you really like him, don’t go to him in the future, you know? Uncle will be troubled.”

“Oh…” Xiaobu step by step lowered his head and ate the strawberry-flavored ice cream, and couldn’t go to my dad!

poor thing!

Xiao Bubu is so pitiful, there is no dad!

“Mummy, who is the guy who gave birth to me? Why didn’t he come out?”

Xiao Bubu asked suddenly, making Li Li stunned, “Maybe dead!”

“I also think, otherwise, why wouldn’t he not come? Look at me!” Xiao Bubu seriously lowered his head to eat.

The little guy is quite broad-minded!

However, I was addicted to finding my father recently. When she was away, she ran around!

“Small step, if you are so disobedient, I will send you to the nursery!” She threatened with her cheeks bulging.

“Mommy, don’t tease, do we have the money to go to the nursery?”

“My dear, it’s hard to remove…” She stared at the small steps in front of her, feeling that the sun outside was not so glaring.

If it wasn’t for raising him, he wouldn’t have conflicts with his family, nor would he be driven out.

The sister-in-law is gone, and the parents of the child don’t recognize it. They feel that it is insulting for a woman to have a child with another man at such a young age.

She really doesn’t understand, is face so important?

But she was really wrong. In the eyes of her parents, face is really important, otherwise they have been out for three years, and their parents have not come to them.

She was really worried that one day she would not be able to sustain it.


in the evening, collating drove back to the scene home.

As soon as he walked into the house, the three little nanny ran towards him.




He was immediately surrounded by three people.

He squatted down and looked at the three children, “I have something to find grandma, and you should play by yourself first.”

“Uncle, grandma said to settle accounts with you after dinner, so you should accompany us first!” The biggest whisper smiled. Look at him.

Jing Qi and Jing Se nodded at the same time. They swear that grandma really said that they would settle accounts with their uncle in the evening.

Jing Xing picked up the two-year-old Jing Se, “Sese, come and kiss my uncle.” The

blue-eyed Jing Se’s Xiangxiang put a “wood” on his face, “Uncle, what’s wrong with you? ? “

” younger brother did not make a mistake. “he such a large individual, but also make mistakes!

Following the two little kids, he walked into the hall.

The couples in the lobby are showing their affection!

“I heard you have an illegitimate child?”

“What does his mother look like? Why did you come back alone?”

Qi Miyue and Jing Annuan asked one after another.

Jing Xing sat down with Jing Se in his arms, and now only wanted to tease his little niece, but didn’t want any illegitimate children who appeared inexplicably!

Jing Anyang’s dark

eyes were cold, and he said in a deep voice, “Sister-in-law asks you something!” “Brother…” Jing Xing looked at them silently, “You are all smart people. I didn’t see that child and I look like nothing. Does it look like it? I was wronged by someone!”

“What if you look like his mother? We haven’t seen a child’s mother.” Honeymoon said earnestly.

“Brother! Calling your dad on such a big occasion, it wouldn’t be for no reason. Who did you provoke?”

“It should be a difficult person, and again, I have no illegitimate child!” He doesn’t even have a woman. , Where’s the bastard!

Unexpectedly, now that I have a niece and a niece, I am still the most talked about in this family.

“Our people from the Jing family, dare to be dare!” Jing Annuan put her legs on her legs and looked at him leisurely, “It’s not that we can’t afford it!”

“It’s not that we can’t support it, it’s not my son!

” Don’t get angry, uncle…” Jing Se looked at him distressedly, and whirred to him…

The qi in Jing Xing’s heart disappeared without a trace in an instant.

It’s better to be my little niece!

After dinner, although Jing Xing had said it several times, in the end he had to explain to his mother.

Listening to his explanation, An Rou nodded slightly, “Jingxing, mom wants you to be happy, whether or not…”

“Mom, why don’t you believe me!”

“Mom believes in you! But that kid suddenly called Dad, you should be careful not to be used by

someone with a heart.” “Mom, don’t worry, I will not be used!”

“I hope…” An Rou dropped the word. Turn around and leave.

On the balcony on the second floor, Jing Xing thought about his mother’s words, but he still didn’t believe him!

He really has no illegitimate children!

That little kid is not his son no matter from that angle!


Two months have passed in a blink of an eye. When he thought he would never see the kid who appeared inexplicably, he saw his mother.

Li Li stood nervously at the door of Yuanxing Company, watching him get out of the car, and walked over embarrassingly.

“Mr. Jing!” Li Li bit his lip, his eyes flushed, and he had obviously cried.

Jing Xing, who didn’t plan to pay attention to her, saw her eyes, and asked casually, “What’s the matter?”

“Xiao Bubu is sick. I really have no way to come to beg you. Can you go to the hospital? Look at him, he wants to see you.”

“Just to see me?”

“Don’t worry, you don’t want you to pay for medical bills! He just wants to see you!” Li Li didn’t understand, a four-year-old child, how could he take him so seriously. Up!

Calling to see Dad in the hospital bed!

She couldn’t find her real dad, and she also knew that Xiaobubukong’s dad was talking about Jingxing!

With too many children in the family, Jing Xing has a kind of affection for the children, not to mention their orphans and widows, it is impossible for them to do anything to him.

On the way to the hospital, Li Li was leaning against the window of the car, holding a mobile phone, seeming to hesitate.

All her savings now only pay for hospitalization, and the huge amount of surgery has not yet been paid.

But she was desperate now, the only way was to go home.

When he arrived in the hospital ward, Xiao Bubu paled and was obviously still asleep.

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