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Chapter 990 Wasn’t this the one who pestered the boss to call father during the day?

The little boy pointed to the man, “You are going to send Mommy to the hospital! You hit Mommy! You have to pay for medical expenses!” He

glanced sharply, isn’t this the one who pestered the boss to call his father during the day?

What a coincidence?

“Boy, it’s clear that you hit me, look at my car, can you afford the car repairs?” The man raised his voice loudly, obviously bullying the orphans and widows.

“Mommy, Mommy…” He squatted down in small steps, and his little hand felt blood stains.

There are too many such things happening now, and the people next to them are indifferent, and the feelings are so weak that they are deserted.

“Child, don’t worry, my uncle will call an ambulance for you!” he could not help but comfort.

As soon as he spoke, he looked up at him in a small step, his big eyes lit up suddenly, and he remembered the scene of meeting at the airport during the day.

“Daddy! Daddy! Daddy…”

Xiaobubu ran towards the crowd.

The man chuckled, “Riding a little electric donkey, what use can Dad do, can I afford to lose my car?”

His eyes darkened, and he dared to say this to boss, probably because he didn’t know how to write the dead words!

Jing Xing was held by the soft little hand and walked in front of them. With a glance, he saw the woman lying on the ground with blood stains around.

“Libian, take her to the hospital!”

“Yes, boss!” Libian immediately took out his cell phone to make a call, “We are on the Xialiang Bridge, come and clear the way! The boss is going to go!”

Libian took care of the woman, while Jingxing Looking at the man with cold eyes, under the street lamp, his azure blue eyes looked at him with a mysterious coldness, which was shocking!

The man couldn’t help but backed away, his fat body leaned against the car door, “Sir, the repair fee!”

“Car repair fee? Are you sure it’s not your brain and your body that needs to be rebuilt?” Jing Xing said in a cold voice, “You hit someone and you still want money. Explain to the police slowly later!”

“What policeman ?” , Their car drove randomly on the road, and I couldn’t avoid it, so I ran into it. It was their fault!”

“There is surveillance here. The police will know who is at fault. If it is their fault, don’t mention your car repair. Fei, I will give you money for the rebuild!” Jing Xing said coldly, leaning over and picking up the little bun, “Go!”

The people around were talking about it, and the person was even more scared and almost urinated. The rich is the noble family!

Obviously not a family!

The little boy found someone on the road to help them speak!

Lili woke up, already inside the hospital.

She opened her eyes and looked around. The facilities in the ward are better than those in her house?

“Mommy! Mommy, you’re awake!”

“Step by step?” She struggled, with gauze wrapped around her head and her arms. The whole body hurts!

And Xiao Bubu also had a big purple bag on his head, destroying Xiao Bubu’s cute face.

“Mommy, Dad brought you to the hospital! He also helped you punish the bad guys. Dad is amazing!” Climbing up with small steps and limbs, “Mommy, on the TV, it is said that you must save your life. Xu, dad just

feel wronged and accept you!” “Dad?” Li Li held small steps with both hands, looking at Jing Xing who walked in.

Isn’t this the handsome guy during the day?

Jing Xing saw her okay, “I have already paid for the medical bills, no need to pay back, take a good rest, and pay attention next time.”

“Dad, are you going to leave? Do you want me and mommy?” On the edge of the bed, looking at him aggrievedly.

Jing Xing walked back, “Child, uncle is not your father.”

He grabbed the corner of his suit in small steps and pushed hard to sell, “It’s okay! My biological father is gone, maybe he was taken away by aliens. My mommy is beautiful and good-looking. She is soft and easy to tear down. Fortunately, cooking, washing, and warming the bed, how great!”

Jing Xing glanced at Li Li who was leaning against the bed, with a pale face and amber eyes staring at him, “Children, uncle has no shortage of servants.”

“But you lack a wife!”

Jing Xing secretly smiled, “Smart, take good care of Mommy, my uncle is leaving first.”

“Dad…” Little Bubullah said, “You are gone, Xiao Bobu.” There will be no father!”

Jing Xing looked at Li Li, shouldn’t she explain this situation?

“Step by step, Uncle has helped us a lot, don’t embarrass Uncle.” Li Li pulled off Xiao Bobu’s little hand and looked at Jing Xing politely, “Sir, the medical expenses…”

“No need to pay it back.” Avoid meeting in the future, it is best not to get involved.

“Uh…but…” Li Li was embarrassed.

“The person who bumped into you will pay for the medical expenses, so you don’t need to pay it back.” Jing Xing interrupted her and explained, “I have something to go first.”

Jing Xing turned and left, Xiao Bubu looked at his back and got it. Uncle’s name, I’m not afraid to find him in the future!

Little step by step, Li Li didn’t know at all.

“Step by step, why is he here?” Seen twice in one day, what a coincidence!

Xiao Bubu told her what happened, many of which added fuel and vinegar, and the one who carried her to the hospital was sharp, and in Xiao Bubu’s mouth, it abruptly became Jingxing!

“He is such a good person, don’t disturb other people’s lives after Xiaobubu, you call him father like this, in case he has a girlfriend or is married, it will make his family embarrassed.” Li Li whispered.

“No, Dad is single! But not anymore!”

“Nonsense, of course he won’t be anymore!” It’s impossible to be single for a lifetime!

“Mummy, isn’t Dad very handsome and cool?” Xiao Bubu asked with a smile, his big eyes round and round.

“He is handsome and cool, but it doesn’t matter how handsome or cool he is. How many times have I told you, don’t call him father!” Li Li was speechless!

Xiaobubu is really disobedient, just like calling himself Mommy until now.

It’s hard to make him change his mouth!

Xiaobubu was sleepy, yawned lazily, and fell asleep in her arms.

A few days later, Li Li was discharged from the hospital.

Back in the small house with two bedrooms and one living room, I was busy looking for internships.

Two months of summer vacation, two months of work is also good.

At least, Xiao Baozi’s tuition for the next semester will be available. As for herself, the school has scholarships, which is enough.

“Mummy!” Xiao Bubu walked up to her with milk in her hand, “You are so beautiful, what kind of job do you want to find?”

“I will make a decision. You can watch TV by yourself.” Li Li Looking at the computer screen, there are now college students everywhere. They are not new at all. The salary of internship is too low!

He shook his head in small steps, “Mummy, do you want to consider taking refuge in Dad?”

Li Li’s beautiful eyebrows frowned, “What did you do with me behind your back?”

“No, they are just a four-year-old. Milk bag, what can you do?” He sat on the sofa in a small step, shaking his short legs.

At this time, Li Li’s cell phone rang.

“Senior Sister!”

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