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Chapter 989 Jing Xing’s patience is exhausted!

Jing Xing’s eyes darkened, and he searched in the crowd, “Strictly, take him away!”

“No, Dad…” The little boy hugged one of his legs and looked at Jing Xing pitifully. The special help was sharp, “Dad, don’t you want Xiaobao?”

Because of his crying, people around were already watching them.

Jingxing’s patience was exhausted!

“Little devil, I’m not your father, don’t recognize it!” Jing Xing’s eyes were cold, and he lowered his head to meet Xiao Nibao’s crying face, and his hard attitude became colder again, “Where is your mother?”

He wanted Look, who is so courageous to pretend to be his son!

“Mommy, Mommy…” Little milk bag shook her head, “Mommy is not here, dad, will you take me to find mom?”

“How do I know who your mommy is! If you don’t go down, I will throw you in Trash cans, sent to the garbage station to become waste!” Jing Xing said harshly!

Xiaoma Bao’s handsome faces wrinkled together, “No, Xiaobao don’t become a waste, Dad is a bad father…”

“Well, I am a bad father, so don’t pester me, I don’t know you! “He is going crazy.

“Boss!” Li Blade leaned over and tried to lift Xiao Nian Bao’s body.

But the little milk bag seems to have infinite strength, and the left leg holding Jingxing is not loose.

“Sorry, sorry!” A woman in a pink T-shirt and denim skirt ran towards them, her face was reddish and her hair was flying, obviously anxious.

“Step by step! Let go!” Li Li smiled apologetically at Jingxing, and squatted down quickly, “Step by step, this is not your father, can you change your habit of running to recognize your daddy every week! “

Mommy…” Reluctantly letting go of Jing Xing’s thigh, his big amber eyes looked at Jing Xing reluctantly, and his small body threw himself into Li Li’s arms, “This uncle is so handsome, so handsome. Isn’t it my father?”

Only then did Li Li look at Jing Xing earnestly. With only one glance, the blue eyes revealed dissatisfaction. The extravagance exuded from her body was not able to climb up to people like her, and her clothes were not ordinary people.

Xiao Bubu’s vision this time is really good.


“No.” Li Li shook his head, “Sir, I’m sorry, Xiao Bubu is not sensible.”

“He is not sensible, and you are not sensible? A kid ran to the airport to arrest people and called his father. What should I do if I meet a bad guy I really don’t know how you are a mother!” Jing Xing glanced sharply across her small face, and walked away.

“What’s up with you!” Li Li cursed in a low voice.

There was a lot of people in the airport, but he still heard it.

Jingxing didn’t say anything, just a passer-by.

Li Li was weak and physically weak, so he didn’t walk long with small steps before letting him go by himself.

“Mommy, that uncle is so handsome, I think he looks really like me! Are you sure you two gave birth to me onenight?” Xiao Bubu said gruffly.

Li Li wanted to cry without tears, she was only twenty years old, how could she have a four-year-old child!

She reminded helplessly, “Xiao Bubu, I told you that I was called Sister…”

“I know, you are trying to avoid suspicion. Don’t worry, I won’t call you mommy in front of outsiders!” Xiao Bubu Bu Da’s eyes turned skeletal, searching for Jing Xing’s figure.

He squatted at the airport for so long, and Jingxing satisfied him the most!

Not his own daddy, but also become a stepdad!

He caught Jingxing!

“Mummy, are you looking for an internship recently?” Xiao Bubu asked curiously after sitting in the taxi.

The driver in front glanced at them through the rearview mirror, so a little girl actually has a four-year-old son!

The girl now! Really unreserved.

Li Li put Xiao Bubu next to him and sat, “Call my sister.”

“Mommy, was that uncle handsome just now?” Xiao Bubu leaned on her soft body, “I think it’s so handsome!”

” Yes.” Very handsome, but you have nothing to do with you, let alone blood, don’t provoke, you know?” Li Li said patiently.

In fact, she shouldn’t be called her sister, she is right.

My brother-in-law has disappeared, and my sister handed Xiaobubu to her, and there was no shadow!

She now seriously suspects that those two people just don’t want children, and they work together to toss her. When the children are raised, they don’t need to care, and they will come back!

Is the two-person world that important?

More important than small steps?

“Mommy, I am a little child, and I don’t know his surname, what is his name, where I live, how could I provoke him?” Xiao Bubu looked at her with innocent eyes, “Mommy, I want Eat ice cream.”

“You will be obedient, and you will not be obedient.”

“I will be obedient, and I won’t go to the airport to find Dad in the future!” Because he has found it!

Li Li was instantly overwhelmed by Xiao Bubu’s innocent eyes, bought ice cream, took Xiao Baozi’s hand and returned home.

As night fell, Sedum box inside the hotel being crowded.

To welcome Jingxing back!

All the brothers gather together!

Qi Mulin was holding a wine glass in his hand, and a beautiful woman was sitting beside him, “Jing Xing, you’re in a foreign country, you have a great time

playing !” “Playing?” Jing Xing’s blue eyes glanced at him, “You are the same in China. It’s a great time to play!” It’s

really a virtue when he and Uncle Qi were young!

Worthy of being a biological father and son!

“You have three nephews and nieces. When will you give birth to one yourself? Look at this!” Qi Mulin shook the beauty in front of him with a wine glass, “Sixi, Yueyue, leisurely, quietly…”

“I didn’t Interest!” Jingxing interrupted impatiently.

“You don’t like men, do you?” Qi Mulin leaned back and looked at him, “Jing Xing! Are you really bent?”

“Are you bent!” Jing Xing was held by a little bun and called his father during the day. Now he is being dragged into a beauty again, why is he single?

Who provoked whom?

The family is not in a hurry!

Qi Mulin turned his gaze, “Min Lu, these beauties are yours!” The

white and pure Min Lu glanced at the beauties who came by, “No!”

“Are you all being gods and goddesses?” Qi Mulin looked at them, very dissatisfied, “Go out!”

All the beautiful women went out, but the waiter walked in.

Jing Xing poured a glass of wine, “Thank you, I’ll

take the banquet, I’ll go back first.” “Now I’m leaving?” Qi Mulin looked at his back, “It’s still early! It’s only nine o’clock, you are in a hurry!”

Jing Xing walked away without speaking.

The black Bugatti Veyron was driving on the wide avenue, Jing Xing leaned on the back of his chair, the traffic passing by outside, and under the dim street lights, pedestrians passed by from time to time.

He closed his eyes and slumbered and came back on the plane, a little sleepy.

“Boss, there is a traffic jam ahead!”

“Are you the driver or me?”

Severely slowed down, and when he was about to turn, several roads behind him were blocked!

On the viaduct, the people in front seemed to be arguing about something.

Li Blade got out of the car and saw a woman lying on the ground in the crowd, and a little boy was standing next to her, staring at the five big and thick men with a stubborn little face.

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