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Chapter 988 Caesarean Section

I stayed here for a long time during my honeymoon, and went for a check-up by the way, and then went back.

She was thinking about a question all the way, is she really going to have a caesarean section?

Jing Anyang found out that his little wife had returned home, and she was lying on the sofa searching for something, her little face was serious.

King Anyang from behind and went over, “See what?”

“Yang Yang, the Internet, said natural delivery good ……” Honeymoon side head, little face touched his cheek, “we should not have birth?”

“Birth is good, but birth It hurts.” Jing Anyang took away the iPad in her hand, “It will all hurt. It will also hurt after the caesarean section anesthetic.”

“…” Honeymoon stretched out her little hand and hugged his neck.

I don’t want to give birth…” “I don’t want to give birth…”

Jing Anyang didn’t expect that she suddenly cried out anxiously, turned her body and came from behind.

Honeymoon little head against his shoulder, “trained, trained, trained, students do not want to, too much pain!” “Ah

……” Her misty eyes staring at the water belly, “My husband, your son kicked me!”

A child even if the pain Now, the little bastard started to bully her in his stomach!

Jing Anyang touched the tears in the corner of her eyes distressedly, “Hey, we will give birth to one, and we won’t have one in the future.”

“This little bunny doesn’t want it anymore…” Why did she just search the Internet for death!

I also watched videos, pictures, and various detailed descriptions. Now think about it, how could she give birth to such a big baby with such a small body…

Thinking of this, she is all kinds of depressed, uncomfortable, and mushrooms.

“Ah…Kick me again!” The honeymoon hand touched her belly, “Kick me again, can you give birth to you now, and I won’t give you grandma after birth!”

“…” Jing Anyang watched her pouting Xiaozui threatened his son, with a faint smile on the corners of his eyes and mouth, so cute!

“You’re still laughing!”

“Wife, when the baby is full-term, he will come out with a grunt, and then he will be cleaned up after he comes out, okay?” Now if you hit across the belly, isn’t she hitting herself?

“Don’t kick Mommy, or I won’t give you food in the future!” Jing Anyang also threatened naively.

The baby in his stomach seemed to have heard the words of his parents and stopped kicking obediently.

The honeymoon leaned in his arms. He didn’t want to have a baby. He was afraid of pain, but he still had to give birth. It’s been eight months.

From then on, the baby is very well-behaved and moves very little.

In a blink of an eye, it was the day of giving birth, and her little hand firmly grasped Jing Anyang’s arm, “Husband, he is coming out, ah…”

“Hold on, soon.” Jing Anyang followed her into the delivery room.

Rao Jing Anyang, who has seen countless big scenes, listened to the inaudible screams in his ears, so he really wanted to throw the table and said that he would not be born!

But the honeymoon was already uncomfortable, and he couldn’t panic.

“Ah…” It hurts!

She bit Jing Anyang’s arm with her small mouth and tried hard all over her body, feeling that she had never used such force in her life. It was so painful!

From the beginning of the labor pain until the baby was born, Jing Anyang stayed with her. It took several hours before the baby was born.

The cry of the little baby was so loud that when he was washed and wrapped, he was hit by Jing Anyang severely!

The end of bullying mommy is terrible!

“No birth, Jing Anyang, I will never give birth again…” My head was sweating profusely from the pain of the honeymoon, and after speaking in a low voice, I fainted.

When I woke up again, it was already night.

“Yang Yang…”

Jing Anyang watched her open her eyes, hurriedly took her little hand, and leaned her against the bed, couldn’t help kissing her on the cheek, “drink some water.”

“What about the baby…”

Jing Anyang was holding water, “Drink some water first, the baby is still sleeping.”

“Still asleep!!” Her voice was weak, and she felt that she couldn’t even lift her fingers, “How about the baby?”

“Okay.” Watching her sip the water, “Son.”

“The son is too much to toss, he won’t give birth…” She is determined not to have another child!

It hurts too much!

Now I can feel the pain very much, sister Nuannuan is really a lie!

Jing Anyang took care of her to eat, and then brought the baby over.

As soon as he arrived in her arms, the little baby’s fleshy little head leaned against her chest, his mouth was drooling, and he couldn’t find anything to eat. He cried anxiously “Wow…”.

Jing Anyang’s slender fingers helped her lift up her clothes, and the delicate milky white appeared in front of her eyes, and Xiao Bao hurriedly opened her small mouth and bit.

“Hiss…” Honeymoon looked down at the baby who was sucking hard, “He really worked hard…”

“Is it out?” He asked caringly, if the force hasn’t come out, this baby really doesn’t!

“It should come out, there are all the milk stains…” Honeymoon looked at the milk stains on the corners of the baby’s mouth, “Little things, you can figure it out, and daddy will educate you well in the future!”

Jing Anyang sat down by the bed, “Boy, stock up…”

“No, I still have to educate, to be as good as my own father!” She leaned on Jing Anyang’s body, looked down at the baby, and it was delicious.

“He will be more powerful. Blue is better than blue.” Jing Anyang looked at her small face with a sweet smile, “Choose a name.”

“Isn’t this the job you should do? I was born, raised, and paid. What do you want me to do if I choose a name?” Honeymoon doesn’t want to use my brain at all.

It’s too much trouble to choose a name or something!

“I will provide the gene.” He smiled ambiguously, “Wife, what do you think?”

“Also, it’s all your fault, I won’t give birth in the future!” She emphasized again.

This was said in the delivery room.

“No birth or no birth.” Seeing her in pain, and thinking of her voice in the delivery room in his ear, he felt uncomfortable.

If it hadn’t been for this stinky kid to have been pregnant, it wouldn’t work to not give birth.

“Jing Qi?”

“The combination of our two names?” Honeymoon is now dizzy and nodded in a daze, “Whatever!”

She doesn’t care about the name of her only child, but feels so sleepy. , So tired, I feel like I’m going to fall asleep again!

Thinking about this, she really leaned against Jing Anyang’s arms, lethargic.

If it hadn’t been for Jing Anyang to hold the baby, the baby might have slipped out of her hands.

Jing Qi, actually sounds pretty good too.

She thought so.

Six years later, in City A at the Airport. Jing Xing back to the city from abroad.

“Attention, all passengers, the A8905 flight from Los Angeles to City A has arrived. Passengers who are picking up please wait at the exit of the second terminal.” At the

huge airport, there are voices of broadcasts coming and going.

The broadcast was repeated several times, but the flow of people did not stop due to the broadcast.



A little boy in a white shirt, shorts and jeans ran in the crowd. The next second, he bumped into a slender thigh, his little hand grasped firmly, and looked up. , “Dad, Dad…”

Jing Xing looked down at the boy who was holding him inexplicably, his blue eyes narrowed slightly, “Little devil, you have admitted wrong, I am not your father!”

“You are my father!” The little boy pouted, “Do you want to If you eat it, you won’t accept it!”

“…” Jing Xing has been single for more than 20 years, and he really hasn’t eaten anyone!

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