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Chapter 991 Miss Etiquette

“I have a job tomorrow, Miss Etiquette, five hundred a day!”

“Okay, I must come tomorrow!” Li Li proudly raised his brows towards the small steps, holding the phone, “How?”

“Mummy is so amazing!” “Small step by step nodded, and stretched out his thumb in praise.

The next day, she went to the location and looked at the tall buildings in front of her, Yuanxing Technology Co., which only opened today.

The 36-story high-rise building looks so magnificent, towering majestically among the clouds, and under the shining of the blue sky and white clouds, it looks even more beautiful!

She changed into a beautiful little red cheongsam and stood chatting with her senior sister.

“Taotao, where’s your family’s small steps?” The senior sister searched her eyes and didn’t find it, and asked with a smile.

“At home.” Naturally, he would not be brought with him when he came out to work.

“Who is the child’s father? We have such a good relationship, you have been hiding from me, you are not kind!” The senior sister looked at her pretty face, and the two pear vortexes revealed when she smiled lightly. Extremely Beautiful.

The skin is white, there is a chest in the front, and a buttocks in the back, a big beauty, who abandons them so cruelly!

The more I think about it, the more I can’t understand it.

And Li Li, who was next to him, didn’t care about it at all!

“Li Li, do you still have a conscience? You are dumb if you don’t answer

me ?” “I’d rather become deaf, so I don’t have to listen to your noise!” Li Li took the phone and looked at the time.” It’s about to start! Let’s go!” At

the gate of Yuanxing Company, she stood upright by the side, and she was shocked when she looked at the man who was headed by.

It was him!


Today, Jing Xing wore a black high-definition handmade suit and dark purple tie. He walked calmly, his azure blue eyes became more profound, mysterious and intriguing under the sun’s rays.

Jing Xing also noticed her. She was in good shape, with delicate makeup on her small face and a smile on her small face, revealing two lovely pear swirls and straight white thighs. The cheongsam best set off her exquisite figure.

His eyes swept lightly, and he didn’t pay much attention.

Speeches, ribbon cutting, and the opening of the company are all these things. It’s not the first time that Li Li participated. I thought it would be a long time. I didn’t expect Jing Xing to say anything at all!

The ribbon cutting was finished soon, but the people who came to congratulate me said a lot.

There seemed to be a little impatience in his eyes.

“Dad! Daddy…” As

soon as Li Li heard this voice, he couldn’t wait to rush out and take the small steps away!

why did he come here?

Don’t come to yourself!

“Li Li, do you say it clearly, Jing Xing is your man?” The senior sister asked Xiao Bubu running towards Jing Xing seriously.

Li Li shook his head, turned and left!

The explanation is not clear, just don’t find her in front of so many people.

Jing Xing looked down at the small steps that the security hadn’t stopped. That woman really had a scheming!

Not seeing each other for a few days, not only got into the company’s courtesy ladies team, but also asked the child to call him father in front of so many people!

Xiao Bubu Xiaoshou grabbed his suit trousers and looked at him with big eyes, “Dad, don’t you want us anymore?”

You? It really was that woman’s idea!

The women nowadays are so powerful, and I read so many novels, I really think that something like that can happen!

Jing Xing’s eyes were cold. He even suspected that the meeting at the airport a few days ago and the meeting on the viaduct that night were all planned for a long time!

The people around looked at the current scene, and they were even more surprised!

When did Mr. Jing have such a big son!

Who is the key son’s mummy?

“Dad…” Xiao Bubu said as if he didn’t feel any changes in Jing Xing’s body.

Now, if he took the child away, he would admit that he was his son in a disguised form, but if the bodyguards drove him away, it would be so cruel to a child and it would damage his image.

He felt wrong no matter what.

That woman’s scheming is quite powerful!

“Child, you have admitted the wrong person.” Jing Xing looked down at him, “I am not your father.”

“You are a father…”

Jing Xing leaned over helplessly, “You let go first, uncle will take you to find Mommy. . “

His voice is not too big or too small, it should be audible.


Xiao Bubu’s eyes lit up, he remembered Mommy was here!

He nodded and loosened Jingxing’s pants.

The little hand wanted to hold his big hand, but Jing Xing stood up straight, turned and walked towards the gate.

“Don’t show up for this scene.” Jing Xing instructed in a cold voice.

“Boss, live broadcast!”

Jing Xing swept his eyes coldly, and nodded sharply, “Yes!” The

replay is absolutely invisible!

Xiao Bubu didn’t feel that Jing Xing was angry at all, so

she asked grimly, “Dad, where is Mommy?” “Look for it!” he said solemnly.

At this moment, Li Li was changing clothes, Xiao Bubu was too courageous, he was only four years old, and he came here alone!

That big boss is not annoying!

What is she going to do?

If she left like this, what would she do with small steps?

No, you can’t go!

She must go out!

She hurriedly opened the door, and at the door, a small body ran towards her!


Li Li put his arms around Xiao Bubu’s back, and looked at Jing Xing, who was walking by with a cold aura. He seemed very angry!

To be called a father for no reason is an individual will be angry!

Besides, it is still a big boss!

“Sir, Xiao Bubu is used to nonsense, not intentional, let’s go now!” Li Li picked up Xiao Bubu, tentatively wanting to leave!

“Mummy, Dad said to invite us to eat ice cream.”

“No, sir, you are too polite!” Li Li didn’t dare to look at Jing Xing’s eyes, turned and ran.

But her escape was of no use, and the bodyguard stopped her to Tuantuan!

The steady footsteps approached behind her, and her whole body froze. If today’s salary is not available,

she will take small steps… She tilted her head and squeezed a faint smile at Jing Xing, “What else is the boss? “

Jing Xing stared at her small face, and smiled, pretending to be innocent!

But when he thinks of using a child, he doesn’t have a hint of affection, “Do you think this kind of trick can attract my attention? Don’t show up in front of me with your child in the future!”


She was anxious. Don’t show up!

“Then today’s salary?” she asked boldly.

“That’s a little salary, naturally I won’t owe you!” Jing Xing’s blue eyes looked at the little milk bag, “My child, don’t just call someone dad in the future!”

Xiao Bubu felt that he was angry this time, Xiao Bubu. Leaning against Li Li’s arms, “Oh, Dad…”

Jing Xing’s eyebrows frowned, and he didn’t change after repeated teachings!

This woman must be a good teacher!

He turned around and left in a big stride!

Well opened, it became like this!

Before he took a few steps, he received a call from his mother.

“Mom, no, I don’t have a son that old! Really!”

“Bring it back to you? It’s not my son, why should I take it back!”

“Mom, you believe me, your son I sleep and others will not Not responsible!”

Jing Xing stood in the ascending elevator, listening to the mother opposite, “No, mother, it’s really not my son. Don’t be fooled by a child. Are three grandchildren in the family not enough?”

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