Integrity Contest 诚信的较量 Episode 3 Plot

Yin Sha handed the fax received by Ye Hong from the South China Sea Development Bank to Deputy General Manager Shen Lan, and Shen Lan asked Ye Hong to pass any faxes sent to Martin directly to him in the future. What made Ye Hong uneasy was that she A copy of the fax to Martin locked in the drawer disappeared. Chairman Deng Yinke talked to Ye Hong.

It turned out that the company learned that Ye Hong was using a loan to buy a house, so it planned to help her relieve her burden and took it out of the company’s mutual aid fund. Money comes to help her repay her loan. Ye Hong is very grateful.

At Huayang Securities Company, a person named Song Jiazhe came to Zuo Lei and told him that someone wanted to buy Galaxy. To thank Ye Hong for developing “The Wise Archimedes”, Xu Beijian asked Ye Hong ate at the seafood restaurant, accompanied by Xu Xiaoyang.

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