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Chapter 9 KG

It was almost three o’clock in the morning to return to the apartment. I went back and forth to Yokosuka one night and asked Shuri to make a phone call and had sex in the car. My body was really tired, but it was incredible that I was not sleepy at all. Fortunately, tomorrow is Saturday. When the car park project was in progress, there were no holidays at all, but now I have nothing to do even at the company.

Turn on the computer and look at the CPt website. As expected, there is a new message in the announcement column:

Quality Confirmation Completed (Julie)

I’m really sorry, I am Julie who is new to attending.

Mrs. Crazy Car, thank you very much for your valuable suggestions.

I confirmed it just now. No matter how you look at CPt, there is no problem.

It’s almost time to sign the contract next. But the money is not ready yet, it is a bit difficult and the bank will be closed tomorrow, I think it may take some time. And after this, I still don’t know how to deliver things.

Mr. Crazy Che, I really don’t know what he meant for writing this name, it should be the alias of the kind person whom Julie suggested. How does Julie confirm the quality in the middle of the night? No matter who it is, it’s weird to tilt your head when you see such a horrible message.

“It’s a bit weird just to imagine Mr. Katsushiro’s face when he left a message.” As I finished speaking, I realized that maybe this was a message from a criminal police officer.

“This means to confirm that I am okay, and agree to the transaction.” Shuli stood behind me and looked at the screen and said.

“Um… I don’t know what it is.”

“What? Isn’t it already…”

” Didn’t he say that it takes more time to prepare the money? He is buying time! Then he actually said that I should tell him to pay the ransom. Anyway, the other party is just waiting to see what kind of action we will have here, and then find out our flaws!”

“To tell him how to pay the ransom, of course, to wait for him to prepare the money before talking.”

“Well, yes. I think so too.” Before I left the computer, I walked to the living room and sat down on the sofa, and Shuli followed.

I kept thinking about what the other party was making. It is impossible to just wait and see how we will appear.

“Hey,” Shuli sat down next to me and said, “How do you get the money? Have you thought of a good way?”

“Well… Um…” I answered vaguely. If I didn’t think about anything, I don’t know what expression she would have. But she must not promote her trust in me at this point in time.

In fact, my current thinking is that anyway, the ship will naturally straighten to the bridge head. It is not that difficult to disrupt the police investigation. Although everyone says that none of the kidnapping cases can be successful, in my opinion it is not really the case. It’s just that none of the successful kidnappings has been reported. In order to save the police’s face, they can only do their best to keep the news unreported. The cases that will be greatly hyped by the media are cases where prisoners are caught, so all the kidnappers who are shown on the air are inexperienced and clumsy. There must be smart kidnappers in the world. The victim will go hand in hand. As long as the baby and child can come back, they will not want to make matters worse. After all, being reported by the media is only in exchange for the prisoner’s resentment. There is no help to redeem the hostages at all.

“How to get the ransom, don’t you tell me?”

“Tell you step by step.”

“Do you think it will irritate me and it will be bad? Are you worried that I will be afraid? I am not as weak as you think.”

“I can think so.” Said with a wry smile. At this moment, I thought of one thing. stimulate? This is a good idea.

I nodded and stood up, walked to the kitchen, pulled out two cans of beer from the refrigerator, returned to the sofa, and placed one in front of Shuli.

“Hey! It’s a smirk, it feels evil!”

“Because I think of interesting things, give these people some excitement.”


“I’ll tell them how to pay.”

Shuli heard what I said. , The hand that was about to open the beer lid stopped.

“Is it okay for you to do this?”

“Come on, look at it. I won’t let them see what I do once.”

I go back to the computer again, go online again, and perform a few more procedures, enter Go to a website that provides free e-mail. During the day, I registered a mailbox here. Names and addresses of course are all human heads.

I opened the screen for writing an e-mail, then took out the notepad, and typed the account number written on it to the sender column. This account is of course the “Julie” account on the announcement column of the CPt website.

“Come on!” I put my hand on the keyboard and took a deep breath.

We have confirmed the information you sent. I believe you must be very happy to know that Katsuragi is safe and okay. After that, it’s just whether the transaction went smoothly. Don’t let boring events stop the transaction, which is not good for both parties. Hope everything will proceed quickly.

The first thing you need to prepare is the 300 million yuan in cash as mentioned earlier. Please prepare an old banknote of ten thousand yuan. Then it is divided into two halves, one half is packed in golf bags, and the other half is packed in other bags.

It’s actually a mobile phone, just use the one you usually use.

If the above is ready, just like the previous contact information notification. At the same time, the mobile phone number also uses a secret code, because you probably can’t write the number directly, and it doesn’t matter if you use all kinds of obscure methods to indicate it.

I pray that you will be ready as soon as possible. It is meaningless to reply to this e-mail box. Although we use this account, we will not read any letters sent to this mailbox. This account is only used this time.

After reading the letter three times, I stretched my waist and then sent it out carefully. After a few seconds, the screen showed the message that the letter had been sent. I immediately log out of the website.

“Golf bag, um… so that’s it.” Shuli, who stood behind and looked at it, said in an admiring tone: “If this is the case, it won’t be unnatural even if you take it on the road.”

“The other party should do it too .” I think so.”

After a loud cry, I saw Shuri’s face turned to one side, and I drank a can of beer.

When will the other party notice this email? It won’t be too long, you should check your mailbox often. Maybe the current Katsuragi family has been in a great commotion.

Suddenly, I was driven by an impulse and wanted to see CPt’s website. But bear with me tonight. It doesn’t help to mess around here now, the opponent is also in the combat meeting anyway. I log off first, then turn off the computer. As soon as the sound of the cooling fan stopped, the room was so quiet that only Shuli’s breathing could be heard.

“That’s the end of tonight’s game. It’s hard work!”

“Then the ransom is about to be paid.” She gasped and said, “Don’t you tell me what to use?”

“You will know later. “I said with a smile. I want to tell her the goal this time, but it is better not to let her know too much. “Go to

bed tonight.” I let Shuli sleep on the bed while I slept on the sofa. She was a little surprised at this arrangement, but didn’t ask anything.

To be honest, I regret having a physical relationship with her, but there is no explanation for the reasons, just because of the taboo of the game. Reaching out to touch important “commodities”, I feel somewhat guilty.

Not so!

There seems to be a warning in my heart: You have done something that cannot be turned back! It seems to say so. It is a feeling that can only be said to be knowledgeable.

Probably this idea was in my mind. I didn’t sleep well, a little half asleep, but I still got up at the same time as usual. After brushing my teeth and washing my face in the bathroom, I still had the same problem as usual, so I turned on the computer.

After checking the e-mail, I went to the CPt Fan Club website and looked at the bulletin board. I took a breath.

“Preparation is complete (Julie)

Good morning! I am Julie. I finally have the money ready. You should be able to get the car you look forward to. Then I will wait for your contact. By

the way, you mentioned that you can choose yourself now Do you like the license plate number?

I hope it can be the following two.

3XXX or 8XXX

just started to learn to play golf. I have been looking forward to it for a long time. I hope I can put the golf ball in the cart and drive to play.

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