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Chapter 8 KG

There is almost no need for a car to live in the capital. It is also rare to drive when dating a woman, because it is not fun to have to endure not drinking while eating, and the long queues in traffic jams are not at all fun. And my car is MR-S, and the hood can be folded and turned into a convertible, so as to show the taste of this car.

If you want to go to and from Suga quietly, you can’t take a taxi. I let Shuli sit by the driver’s seat and drove the car out of the parking lot. Of course it was with the hood. When I leave Tokyo, the air is cleaner to some extent, but I don’t want to open the hood tonight.

“Do you like this kind of car?” Shuli asked not long after he drove out.

“Such a car?”

“A two-seater sports car.”

“No way?”

“No way.”

“Because there is no need for three people to ride. I am not interested in driving with a boy. Only a woman rides in the car together. That’s enough.”

“Where do I put things?”

“There is enough space behind your seat for a travel bag.”

“But there are times when you have to carry a lot of things, right?”

“This car is bought for its mobility .”

Shuli didn’t say anything about this issue. She seemed to shrug her shoulders, but I didn’t see it clearly.

“Can you listen to the CD?”

“If you like it, please!”

Her response to the music played was exactly what I expected. “What’s this? I haven’t heard it.”

“The jazz pianist arranges and plays Bach’s music.”

“Oh…” She was obviously unsatisfied, but she didn’t turn it off.

The MR-S car does not have a clutch. I held the silver-lighted grip and shifted gears to accelerate.

Adjusting the highway from the capital of Hakozaki to the capital, just as Shuri said, about an hour later from Yokosuka Road, exit the Yokosuka Interchange, and drive on the Honmachi Yamanaka Road, and it takes only a few minutes to get to Shiori Station.

“Put your car in the restaurant parking lot over there.”

Following Shuli’s instructions, I drove the MR-S into the parking lot.

“You wait here, I’ll go by myself.”

“Is it near here?”

“It’s a little bit far away if you go. But if you are a striking car like yours, it is dangerous if it is parked near the apartment. .”

She was right. I told her my mobile phone number, if anything happened, I would call to contact her, and then watch her leave. She crossed the wide national road and disappeared into the alleys.

I was drinking coffee that was not very good in the restaurant, while thinking about the next thing. Shuli was a failure to leave a message in his friend’s answering machine. But if it can be eliminated smoothly, it should be no problem to continue the plan.

The biggest problem is how to get the ransom, 300 million yuan, the size and weight are not ordinary big and heavy, you need a car to be transported. But the car is easily tracked, and now I don’t want to use the primitive way of running away with cash.

What is the exchange of 300 million yuan for something worthwhile, and then exchange it back for cash when you get the thing? For example, he can be asked to prepare diamonds worth 300 million, so that it is convenient to carry. But I am afraid of causing suspicion when changing cash, so the value of a diamond must be less than one million yuan. Three hundred million-dollar diamonds…

I shook my head. One or two diamonds may be exchanged for cash, but there is a problem with three hundred diamonds. If a jewelry store sells two diamonds, one must find one hundred and fifty stores, and these stores are closely connected. There is a rumor that a strange man sells diamonds of unknown origin, which will spread to all operators in an instant, and there is no need to reach five. Probably he was followed by the police officer in ambush.

Use bank transfers. This of course requires a head account, and it is not difficult. There are businesses selling head accounts on the Internet. But the question is how to withdraw the money. I can’t get it at the bank counter, but I can only withdraw it from the ATM, but the amount that can be withdrawn in a day is limited, and the cost is 300 million yuan. Even if I use several accounts, it will take several days. The police will also ask the bank for assistance to keep an eye on the movements of these accounts. When using dozens of ATM cards to withdraw money, they may be surrounded by police nets, and it is also a hassle to monitor video tapes to leave evidence.

When I thought about this, suddenly the phone at the checkout counter rang, and the young waiter in uniform answered the phone.

The waiter looked surprised. He ran outside with the wireless phone, came back all at once, and hurriedly disappeared behind the counter.

After a while, the fat man like the store manager and the waiter just walked out, and rushed outside. When they came back, both of them were obviously confused.

The two seemed to be discussing something, and then they approached the guests at each table and said something to the guests. Then the young service came to me.

“Um… Excuse me…” he said tremblingly.

“What’s the matter?”

“Are you here by car today?”


“What kind of car is it?”

“It’s MR-S.”


He didn’t seem to understand.

“Dark blue sports car with a hood.” The

waiter’s face changed. “Hmm…is the license plate of Shinagawa?”

“Yes.” I had an ominous premonition, and I was about to stand up. “Did something happen?”

“Your car… was painted by a prank.”

I ran out without listening to him.

When I saw the car outside, I was surprised. I saw a car headlight sprayed red, and I was dumbfounded. “What bastard.”

I stood in front of the car blankly, looking at the headlights with bloodshot eyes. The waiter ran over with something and said: “This, I’ll take this first, maybe…” It

‘s volatile oil and towel. I was too lazy to say thank you. After I took it, I poured the volatile oil on the towel and started wiping the car lights. It was just sprayed on. The glass part was easily wiped off, but I couldn’t afford to wipe the sheet metal part hard. Fortunately, the sprayed part of the car body was very small.

“Well, it’s like this…” I don’t know when, the fat man who seems to be the store manager stood behind and said: “Our store is not responsible for the troubles encountered by cars parked in this parking lot.”

“I know. , I didn’t mean to ask for compensation.” I returned the volatile oil and towels to him and said, “Thank you.”

” Do you want to call the police?” the waiter asked me.

“Forget it, I don’t want to make a big noise.” If you call the police, it will be troublesome. “Well, you all go in, too.” I instinctively looked around, and the unreasonable person who sprayed the paint was still nearby.

“So far, this kind of thing has not happened in our shop.” The fat man said in an explanatory tone, and I didn’t answer anything.

When I added it to the restaurant, the mood of leisurely drinking coffee was gone. I paid to go outside and sat in the car to wait for the tree, but I was upset when I saw the paint marks. This MR-S is still the same as a new car, but The dissatisfaction with it has faded.

About ten minutes later, Shuli came back. She seemed to be going into the restaurant, and I honked the horn to let her know.

When she got in the car, I told her that the car was painted. After showing a surprised expression, she got out of the car to check the damage.

“It’s really bad, isn’t it what the motorcycle racers did?” She said after sitting in the seat next to the driver’s seat again.

“Recently, this race has stopped doing this kind of thing,

maybe it was a prank by a nearby elementary and middle school student.” “Maybe.”

“By the way, how did things go well with you?”

“That’s it.” Ah, no problem at all.” Shuli made an OK gesture. “The place where the key is hidden has not changed. It’s easy to get in. The recording on the answering machine has also been smoothly erased.”

“It was not seen by other people.”

“Do you think I would make such a mistake?”

“Well… …I don’t know. I even forgot about my message on the answering machine just now. I think it’s a big mistake.”

“But I still thought of it after all, and I have already wiped my butt!”

“Yes, I also ran to Yokosuka specially.” I stretched out my hand to start the engine.

After leaving the parking lot, he did not follow the way home, but drove the road in the opposite direction.

“Where are you going?”

“Just shut up and just wrap it on me.” I’ve

been to Yokosuka before and drove with my original impression. I can remember about 80% as long as I walked it once, which is also a point of my pride.

Avoid the national roads with a lot of driving, and go to the mountains by small roads. There are fewer and fewer private houses, and they are gradually approaching the forest. I finally saw a building with a pale green light shining diagonally in front, where there was a sign for a parking lot, and I slowed down.

“What do you want to do!?” The voice was a bit sharp.

“Tell you to shut up.”

“How does this tell me to shut up? I haven’t heard of coming to such a place.”

I ignored the tree and stopped the car by the side of the road, pulled the handbrake, and then turned off.

“Well, let’s go.”

“Where to go?”

“It’s very clear. Go in that beautiful building.”

But Shuri didn’t even mean to untie the seat belt, and moved forward. His posture did not move, and his expression was stiff. I laughed in a low voice.

“It’s really weird. So far, you have been alone with me where I live so you don’t care. You will resist following me into the hotel?”

“But this kind of…”

“That’s for that. The place to plant a purpose, so…Huh?”

Shuli couldn’t answer, and I laughed out loud again.

“Don’t get me wrong, there is an important thing to do, so a room is needed.”

“What’s the matter?”

“Of course it’s part of our game. Just to erase the recording, do you think I’ll go so far?”

Shuli’s face eased slightly, which also shows that she understands, but still has some Surprised expression.

“If that’s the case, why don’t you park your car in the parking lot?”

“This is the hotel parking lot equipped with surveillance cameras, which will record the license plate number. Considering what to do now, then I can’t let my car leave any Record.”

“Yes.” She nodded ambiguously and looked at me and said: “You know what’s going on here!”

“I worked as a consultant for this hotel before.” The

two walked side by side, watching the camera. Walk into the hotel. The interior of the room we got was a simple and elegant design with a single color. The first thing I do when I enter the room: open the window and have a look. I thought I was only going into the mountains, but I could see the sea by accident, and occasionally heard the sound of a siren.

“What are you going to do here?”

“You’ll know soon. You just sit down on this beautiful sofa and wait.”

But Shuli didn’t sit on the sofa, but instead sat under the bed cover. On the bed, I looked at the interior decoration with interest. I don’t know whether she comes to this place every time, or compares it with places she’s been to before, I can’t judge this.

I sat down on the sofa, pulled out my notepad, then picked up the pen in the room and started writing an article.

“What are you writing?”

“I told you to wait a minute.”

She lay on the bed and flicked it, as if to check the bed’s stalactites. Then she picked up the remote control on the table, turned on the TV, switched channels, and switched to the adult video station. On the screen, the naked young woman was spreading her legs, and the actor seemed to be pranking on her or something. Of course, there are mosaics, and you can’t see sensitive places.

Shuli hurriedly turned off the TV, and seeing her look like that I could only hold back a smile.

“It’s really unexpected. It’s quite innocent.”

“Just turn off the show of ghost fights. If you want to watch it, show it to you.”

“No, thank you. I’m doing important things now.

” Oh!” Shuli lifted his knees and let them go again. “Men are so perverted, what’s so happy about watching that kind of stuff?”

“Women also like to see this kind of stuff.”

“But it’s not as good as men, especially Ogissan is the most idiot. There is no pocket money anymore. , But it costs tens of thousands of dollars for a compensated date. It can only be said that the head shell is really broken. Don’t you know if it’s been played by a girl?”

“To play with? I used very difficult words.” I stopped. He raised his head and said, “Do you really think that? Those Ogissan are idiots? Used by those little girls?”

“Isn’t they?”

“Listen, those Ogissan in this world are almost bloody and fiercely competitive. In a society, the value of 10,000 yuan is clear to anyone. They pay that price because they think it has that value.”

“So, I said…”

“So what you want to say is to pay for sex Money is something that an idiot does? It’s not like that. Generally, playing with girls’ high school students, long ago, they had to pay hundreds of thousands of yuan and it was not necessarily possible to play. But now it only costs a few tens of thousands of yuan to get it. It’s like a big sale and big auction. It’s strange for those who don’t rush to buy. Those Ogissan think so. In fact, those little girls are idiots. They were originally worth hundreds of thousands or millions. When they sold it, it was not just their bodies but the value of their souls that they had sold at auction.”

“They don’t even sell their hearts. They say it’s just a business of selling themselves.”

“That’s just what they said to themselves. If you don’t say this, those Ogissan will not open up, but what about it? Can you say that can make those Ogissan take more action? While holding the girls on the parallel bars of Ogi, they thought like this: Actually, this girl hates me doing it with me, but it doesn’t matter. I just pay what I should pay—that is, those Ogi. Sang has the right to ignore their hearts after paying the money. In this case, why can’t it be said that it is a great collapse of the soul?” I

don’t know if she spoke too fast like a machine gun, or she didn’t understand the meaning of these words, Shuli Without saying a word, I sighed and said,

“There are things in this world that are more valuable than money. I think it’s all: people’s hearts and time. Money can’t move people’s hearts, and lost time can’t. Buy it back with money. So, if I can use these two things to achieve something, I will not hesitate to spend.” I tore it out of the notebook and handed it to her. “Let’s get to know this by chatting. Let’s continue our battle, as just said, time is more expensive than money.”

“What is this?”

“You will know

after reading .” Shuli finished reading the content on the paper. , Slowly choosing his head, his cheeks stiffly said:

“Call from here? Want me to call?”

“Yes, because the other party wants to confirm that you are okay first. If you call directly, they should be very Please be satisfied.”

“Then why did you come here specially?”

“There are two reasons for this: one is to consider the anti-detection situation, and the other is that the siren is the best, the police will analyze what it is. sound to know the whistle, they will be presumed prisoner hiding place is close to the sea, perhaps from the whistle can also find out Yokosuka naval base it. ” “

mean to mislead the investigation myself? ” “

is this Meaning.”

I picked up the phone by the bed and pressed a few numbers. After a while, the phone rang, then I looked at the screen of the phone and then hung up the hotel call.

“what are you doing?”

“Confirm whether the phone number of the hotel will be displayed. It doesn’t matter, you can just call it like this.” I forced the phone to Shuli.

She crossed her chest and looked at the phone, moisturizing her lips, and said,

“My dad is not necessarily the one who answers the phone.”

“I think it must be your dad. If someone else answers, please immediately say please Katsuragi Listen, sir. If this is the case, you can only wait ten seconds, and tell the other party that you will hang up after ten seconds.”

“But I think Dad will ask me many questions.”

“Yes .” . But there is no extra time to say anything, just tell him that there is no time to answer the questions, you just need to read the words on the paper.”

“I see.” She closed her eyes slowly and said, “Hit Hit it.” Then opened his eyes.

I pointed to the phone. I watched Shuli take a sip of water, and then took a deep breath before reaching for the phone.

Shuri pressed the phone number with a trembling finger, and my heartbeat started to speed up. I don’t know if there is anything I haven’t noticed, I checked myself again and again.

The ringing of the phone came from Shuli’s ear, and he gasped for three times, and then the phone seemed to be connected. Someone made a sound, but I couldn’t tell whether it was Katsushiro’s voice.

“Ah! Dad? It’s me! You know, I’m Shuri.” She said while looking at the note I wrote.

The other party was very excited and talked endlessly, even I could hear the voice. Shuli looked confused, took a breath and said,

“I’m sorry, I don’t have time to speak slowly, you know. I’m not alone… I can’t answer if you ask like this. Anyway, listen to me first. There is no time.”

I stared at the clock hand and ran, fifteen seconds have passed.

“I’m okay. Don’t worry. I’ll let me go back when I get the money. These people are here…ah, I’m sorry, it’s time.”

I placed my finger on the cut button, and at the moment I wanted to cut it off in two seconds, a siren sounded in the distance, and then I immediately cut off the phone.

“It’s done!” I made a fist and waved and stood up. Shuri closed the window and looked back at Shuri and said, “Fortunately, we are on our side. The sound of the siren is at the right time.”

But Shuri looked a little strange, she looked cold with her back.

“What’s the matter?” I sat down beside her, her body trembling slightly.

When I was thinking about how she wanted to be number one, she suddenly hugged me.

“Finally, I can’t look back!”

Shuli said softly with his cheek resting on my chest.

“Are you scared?”

Shuri couldn’t answer, maintaining the same posture all the time, even the trembling of her body spread to my arm.

“That’s certain.” I said: “What we do is not ordinary things, things that ordinary people can’t do, so the results in exchange should be not small.”

Shuli nodded lightly and moved upwards. Looking at me, tears glistened in those eyes.

An unexpected emotion surged from my heart, saying that it was impulse. Some things that I have not noticed, to be correct, should be the things that I have noticed and tried to ignore are swaying in my heart.

I hugged Shuli’s arms tighter, and she seemed to look at me in shock.

All kinds of thoughts are intertwined in my mind, and many of them are my own explanations of my problems. If you hug this girl here, it won’t make a big difference. Of course, it will deepen the relationship between the two people and make the plan go in a good direction. This thought came to my mind.

But my relaxed strength, she left my arms. What I want to do is not something like this. What I am doing now is the most challenging game of my life!

“Anyway, leave here first. I don’t think it will be detected by anti-detection, but there is no benefit to staying for a long time.”

Shuli nodded silently.

Back in the car, start the engine, and when he was about to start, Shuli said, “Wait a minute!” I stepped on the brakes.

“I have a request…”

“What is it?”

“I want to go to a place near here.”

“What’s the matter?”

“It’s not like that. It’s going to a place I like. Before, I died.” My mother once took me to a place that can calm my mood…please.”

Shuri put her hands together at me, and I was a little surprised. I didn’t expect this little Nizi to have such a romantic nerve.

“It’s a bit far away?”

“I don’t think so.”

“I just want to leave this place early.”

“That’s okay. But it’s not about places as close as the nose and eyes, I mean it won’t be possible if there is a car. It means far away.”

“Oh!” I took my foot off the brake pedal and moved the car slowly. “Do you know the way?”

“Well, probably.”

I can only breathe out. “Well, I have to rely on the navigation system.”

“I know, then go back to the original road.”

“OK.” I stepped on the accelerator and turned the steering wheel in a big circle.

Follow the instructions of Shuli, continue running on the national highway, and then go out along the coastal road. On the left is the sea, on the right is the endless hills. After a while, Shuli said to turn right, Xiao Chi steering wheel, the slope here It becomes very steep.

“I can climb very high, is that right here?”

“Yes.” Shuri said in a confident tone.

As you move forward, there are fewer and fewer private houses, and the surrounding shelters gradually disappear, and you can almost see the horizon. It seemed that the ramp was finished, and the flat road stretched forward.

“Stop here.” After

she said, I stepped on the brakes, and it was dark all around. There were no cars before and after, but they stopped by the side of the road.

“Hey,” Shuli looked at me and said, “This, can you open it?” She pointed to the roof of the car.

“Open in such a place?”

I hesitated a little, and finally I pressed the button to retract the top. The canopy was silently received from behind, the cool wind blew on his cheeks, and the smell of grass and soil was still in the wind.

“Hey, it’s beautiful!” Shuli looked at it and pointed with her index finger.

“Wow!” I yelled like an idiot. It’s such a beautiful night sky! Infinitely wide, in the endless darkness, lined up with countless light sources, this configuration is simply perfect, just looking at it like this, it feels as if it is about to be sucked away.

“Although it’s an old-fashioned sentence…” So

far, Shuli said in his words:

“Whatever adjective you use, don’t say it is like an asteroid!”

I just bowed my head and smiled bitterly. Come out, it’s really better not to use that kind of description.

“I know almost nothing about astrology.

I’m sorry about this.” “I only know the constellation Orion. But what does it matter?” She stretched her hands, took a deep breath and said, “It really is. It’s so comfortable!

I don’t seem to be in Japan.” I re-examined the surroundings. The hills and valleys were ups and downs in the dark, and what was spread out before my eyes was an unknown crop farming field.

“Which side is the sea?” In fact, I didn’t particularly want to know where the sea is, but I still said it out.

“Here, here, and here is also the sea!” Shuri pointed in three directions and said, “Because this is the tip of the Miura Peninsula.”

I nodded. The feeling of driving here is just as she said.

“Then…has it been a little calmer?”

“Well, thank you!” Shuri smiled before looking at me, then blinked twice and said, “Can you ask questions?”

“What is it this time?”

“Just…you didn’t want to hug me Is it?”

I stopped breathing immediately, avoiding her eyes, and I said slowly:

“You are the one holding me!?”

“I didn’t mean that…” She paused for a while and said, “It’s not that. Meaning, do you know that?”

I didn’t answer. Putting his right hand on the steering wheel, he moved his fingers.

“Why don’t you continue? It’s dangerous to stay there for a long time? Or do you do it if you have time?” She asked me like a whisper, a question that I didn’t even think of.

“Then I will ask you too,” I turned my face to her again, and said with a smile on the corner of my mouth: “Then why did you hold me? I felt scared after calling me, but I was just an accomplice. !”

Shuli first looked down halfway, then rolled his eyes and said to me:

“Because I want to believe in you. After things become like this, I think the only person I can rely on is you.”

Good eyes. The sincere look made me confused. The bad thoughts that had only been suppressed in the hotel just now spread in my heart.

“Stockholm syndrome.” I said.

what? She opened her lips slightly as if she wanted to ask. This is also the naive and innocent expression she has never shown.

“After the terrorist and the hostage get along for a long time, there will be a kind of joint emotion between the two, because both sides hope that the matter can be resolved as soon as possible. This point has never changed. This psychological phenomenon seems to be said in the 007 movie. That’s what Li said.”

“I am not a hostage, and you are not a terrorist.”

“It’s the same. I was quarantined in an abnormal state. Although it is a prank, I hope that the exchange of hostages and ransom can proceed smoothly. , Is the same as terrorists and hostages.”

Shuri shook his head and said, “There is a totally different place.”

“What is it?”

“The bond between the hostage and the terrorist is unnecessary, or unnatural. But our situation is not. That’s it.”

I licked my lips, then gently nodded and said, “The sense of ties is really necessary.”

“Is it? So I want to confirm the sense of ties between you and me.”

Tree Li’s eyes caught me, making me unable to look away. I began to feel that it was troublesome to step on the brake, and then I thought, stepping on the brake is already meaningless.

She held her face with her left hand, her lips meeting her lips. Before kissing, she confirmed that she closed her eyes.

This is just a process, but there is no chance to say it. If she said that, she was afraid that her sexuality would be gone. I crave her lips, and it turned out to be Stockholm syndrome. Calling home and talking to dad, did it have a psychological impact on her? For her, she would feel uneasy no matter what, so she needed the man in front of her. Otherwise, she wouldn’t be able to deal with her alone.

What’s the matter with me? Do I love this little girl? How can it be possible? There will be no such thing as an idiot! I am concerned about Shuli, and it is not due to such a motive, but being together is entirely caused by other reasons. Because the other party is a young woman, there will naturally be feelings of sexual desire. However, I know that such a request would be a stupid behavior, which is why I have not shown such an attitude until now, and I intend not to show it until the end.

It just came to this point naturally, saying that it is not welcome is also false. I, like her, want to find peace of mind. To complete a game like this, absolute trust is necessary. When men and women want to confirm this, perhaps the physical relationship is indispensable, but it is not necessarily true. It is an illusion that is more important, but it is temporary. It doesn’t matter if you’re angry, it’s an illusion of love. Stockholm Syndrome was originally such a thing.

When Shuli took out the condom, I was quite surprised. Probably it was just brought out from the hotel, so it can be said that she had such an expectation. Perhaps she has come up with this idea: In order to deepen the sense of mutual ties, we must have a physical relationship. This may be a standard practice for her, but not necessarily.

In this cramped car, our body and body are combined with each other, stimulating each other’s mucous membranes. In my eyes, Shuli seems to be very accustomed to sex and knows how to get pleasure in it.

After finishing the work, Shuli said to throw out the garbage and get off the car, but didn’t get back to the car right away. I also put on my pants and opened the car door.

She was standing a little far away from the car, and I called her from behind: “What are you doing?”

“Ah, nothing, just looking at the scenery.”

I also looked towards where she was looking, and I could see the ocean slightly.

When I pulled my gaze back, there was something greeted Lian, and I chuckled.

“What’s the matter?”

“Look! There is a stone statue of the Ksitigarbha in such a place!”

She looked back, as if confirming:

“Really, I didn’t even notice.”

“I just said nothing. It’s like being in Japan.”

“Yes,” Shuri’s eyes softened a lot, then he took my hand and hugged her and said, “It’s getting colder, let’s go back.”

“Okay.” I nodded. Kissed her again.

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