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Chapter 7 KG

When returning to the apartment, Shuli seemed to be doing something in the kitchen. Judging from the taste, she is probably cooking something.

“And the ingredients for making milk soup?” I asked her at the door of the kitchen.

Shuli wore my shirt and sweater, and also used my T-shirt tied around her waist as an apron, just this dress stirred the contents of the pot.

“There are still several kinds of fish in the refrigerator, and the vegetables seem to be rotten, but they can still be used.”

I realized that these were originally bought to make baked rice.

“You haven’t met people before, haven’t you answered the phone?”

“No! I still want to let others know that someone is there, even the sound of the TV is turned off. You can’t pay attention when you walk. The phone rings during the day.

Yes , but I didn’t answer it.” I should have called it. In short, Shuli’s vigilance didn’t seem to decrease.

She pays attention to the size of the gas stove, the big pot for making thick soup, so far I haven’t used it more than twice.

“Unexpectedly, you are still good at cooking!”

“No, it’s just because of boredom. Are you hungry?”

“I’m full, and I brought this back for you.” I picked up the paper bag and showed her .

“What’s inside?”

“Bento.” She looked at the contents of the paper bag and said with eyes wide open:

“‘An Wan’s bento! It’s great! The chef of this restaurant occasionally appears on TV. That’s it. I’m ready to eat this.”

“What about the thick soup?”

“It’s anything like this.” Shuli walked to the pot and turned off the fire.

When I went back to the bedroom and changed clothes and returned to the living room, she had already started to eat lunch, tasting bit by bit, and explaining one by one, while I drank canned beer and listened to her.

“By the way, I can see your father today.”

She stopped her chopsticks: “Where?”

“He came to our company. His daughter has been kidnapped. I really don’t know what he is thinking. I think it was the police’s instructions. If you want to be calm, it’s best to stay in your company together. “

He doesn’t care about my business.”

She began to eat her dinner again.

“Ignore his real thoughts for now, but he should know that this is a troublesome thing, because he has seen the threatening letter and has already responded.”

“Really? Have you responded to the website?”

I turned on the computer Go online, go to the website.

“Oh! The comments in response have been increased!”

In addition to the comments I saw during the day, there are other new replies on it.

I want to confirm the quality (Julie)

I am a new Julie. Someone plans to give up a new CPt, but I still want to see things with my own eyes. If you want to make sure there are no scars, and you want to listen to the sound of the engine and pay, at least you have to wait for these to be confirmed. I think so, do you think so too?

Shuli ate and stopped again, she looked at the picture. I said to her profile: “Um…what do you think? Miss Shuri?”

“The result is…”

“You have to make sure you are okay, and then talk about the deal-that’s what you mean.”

“What do you plan to do? “

Well, what should I do.” I sat down on the sofa, stretched my legs, and drank beer. Shuli looked at me.

The enemy said this for two main reasons: one is to make sure that the hostages are really okay, and the other is to let the prisoners show their feet. The enemy is the police, and what I expect most is to hope that the prisoner will call, and then he will be able to speak on the phone. While anti-detection, see if he can get any kind of information. At present, the phone of Katsuragi’s house should be equipped with telephone recording and a lot of other machines that are not available. The detectives are also waiting with earphones in one hand.

This is a scene that must appear in novels and movies about kidnapping. Once the victim’s family members ask to confirm the safety of the hostages, the prisoner has to rack his brains to think about how to hinder the police investigation. This can be said to be the first step for the police and the prisoner to meet each other. Some kidnappers even use live TV broadcasts to show hostages.

Thinking about this is a very strange thing. It stands to reason that the prisoner has no reason to agree to the request of the victim’s family. The prisoner only needs to make a unilateral request. If the negotiations are stopped, the victim will be the loser. For the same reason, I only need to be rude to these demands in this case. The safety of the hostages can still be confirmed after paying the money. Why, because the hostages will be released unharmed—it should be possible to respond in this way. I want to write a reply letter just like that. “Julie” on the bulletin board is also accompanied by an email address. The other party, of course, considers that I will reply via email.

“Can’t make a phone call!?” Shuli said.

“It’ll be dead.”

“I think so.”

“Do you want to call?”

She shook her head and said, “No way!”

“At this moment, unless you are an overly stupid madman, you won’t do such a thing. .But, I also thought that if you do such an idiot thing, it should be very interesting.”

“It’s very interesting…”

“Because this is a game, if it’s not interesting, you can’t start it. But, no The reason is simply to make a phone call.”

If you make a phone call, you have to have some advantages. What I want is to disrupt the investigation, so what should I do?

While I was thinking that, “Hey…” Shuri moved his lips slightly.

“What’s the matter?”

“Speaking of the phone, I thought of something. I…may have done something that I shouldn’t have done.”

Shuli rarely spoke with such polite and weak evidence. I had a sign that I felt something big Not good. I taught myself that my eyes changed, staring sharply at her.

“Yesterday, you asked me, did I call anyone after I ran away from home?”

“Ah! Hey! How could it be…you didn’t tell me!?” I couldn’t help standing up.

“I didn’t say anything. But… I made a phone call.”

“What’s the matter?”

“There is a friend named Yuki. I wanted to go to her place first, so I called. Don’t look at me like that. At that time, I never thought things would turn out like this!”

“Forget it, You continue to say. “I started to have a headache. Young girls always do this!

“But she was not there, and then it occurred to you that Yuki was going to the United States this month, so no one answered the phone, only the answering voice

in the answering machine .” “You shouldn’t leave a message in the answering machine, right?”

In response to my question, Shuri looked down with a disgusting expression. I started scratching my head frantically.

“What the hell did you leave in it!?”

“I’m Shuli. I forgot to go to the United States for entertainment and called.”


“It’s just that,

I hung up immediately.” I was on the sofa again . Sit up, frowning, stretched heartily.

“Why is it only at this time…”

“I haven’t said anything. So until just now, I had forgotten everything.”

“Do you know that the answering machine will actually record the time. That’s called Yu.” When Ji Di comes back from the United States, she will know the time of the kidnapping. Maybe she will investigate in detail because her friend has been kidnapped! Also, what will happen if the message is heard? If she is kidnapped, she can still make phone calls. Doesn’t it arouse others’ suspicion?”

“I think it should be okay. Basically, she is a gentle person and won’t notice the contradiction in time.”

She was halfway through, and I started to shake my head.

“I want to play this game perfectly to the end. It doesn’t matter, do you think it is possible to play it like this ambiguous statement?”

“What the hell is going on!” Shuri said angrily.

I rubbed my eyes with the index fingers of both hands, and sighed gently, saying:

“I’ve decided, the plan is aborted, and the game will be played here.”


“No way! In case Yuki finds a contradiction in time, if you talk about it with someone, you think you will. What did it look like? What if this enthusiastic man ran to the police? Then the police discovered that this was just a prank kidnapping, and then they ran to question you? That’s it!”

“I will never say it.” , I won’t say death!” Shuli said flatly. Probably she wanted to show her determination and squeeze her mouth into a straight line after speaking.

“The police investigation is not as simple as you think. I am not that clear, but it is definitely not something that a stubborn little girl like you can handle.” The

little girl was not happy after being read, her face was stern. But I didn’t have the strength to consume her. I drank all the beer in one breath and squeezed the can in one hand.

Since the plan is about to be suspended, it is better for Shuli to go back earlier for her own reasons, but it is not enough to let her go back because the threat letter has been sent out and the police have begun to take action. I must make up a story to show that I was instigated by Shuri to play this prank. The question is how to convince Shuli?

“Hey, I have a proposal.”

“Before listening to you, I want to say my proposal first.”

“I don’t want to stop the game!”

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