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Chapter 21 KG

Shuli… I said it softly and shook my head and said,

“Miss Qianchun, I should be called that way. It’s been a long time since I

saw you , so happy!” “Turn off the TV!” She sat on the solo sofa.

I picked up the remote control and turned off the TV. The room was quiet, and after a while, I started to feel a little suffocated. Shuli, that’s not right, Qianchun’s expression has also become very stiff, and she doesn’t look at me directly.

“Your father sent an e-mail, is not it?”

“I’ve been waiting for his response, but actually did not think you would come,” I asked her a question of tone: “..? How did you get in,”

she grew package Take out the key from the bag, and you can see that it is the key to my house.

“They claim that this key can’t be copied.”

“It’s not a copy, but the backup key lent to me.”

I stretched out my hand to open the drawer under the table, looked at the corner where the backup key was placed, and said, “Backup key. Here.”

Qianchun smiled and said, “That’s a fake.”


I took out the key from the drawer and compared it with my own key. Although the shape is the same as that of the manufacturer, when you look closely, the appearance of the protrusion is slightly different.

“You secretly changed it.” “Do you

have keys from the same manufacturer everywhere!”

“When did you get them?”

“I went to get them, and my dad got them from here and gave them to me.”

“It’s dad… …” I sighed, feeling helpless. “You start to finish is collusion good bar.”

“From start to finish? You wrong, right? Could it be that the game is not kidnap you want to come out?”

“So you just use this game it?”

“Just yielded nothing, I think this is my last chance to survive!”

“Desperate?” I barely squeezed out a smile, in fact, there was no extra strength. I said, “Would you like to guess what your extremity is?”

At this moment, Qianchun’s eyes shot over like an arrow. Her expression is not difficult to imagine, I am afraid that the look in her eyes when doing that is also the same. I replied with her eyes and said, “You killed Shuli, right?” Qianchun didn’t look embarrassed at all. I have probably expected what my answer will be. The two of them, the father and daughter, probably already knew from the letter I sent, that I had seen through them the truth. “I didn’t mean to kill her,” she said. The tone is frivolous, as if to cause trouble to others is to find an excuse to prevaricate at will.

“I know this. It was not planned. It was killed impulsively, or Shuri died when I didn’t expect to kill her? Is that the case? If it wasn’t like this…” I licked my lower lip and said,

“You I won’t run away from that big house that night, right?”

“It’s amazing!”

Qianchun raised his hands and yawned and said, “It’s so refreshing! I want to talk to you early. Here it is. When pretending to be Shuli, I always wanted to say but couldn’t. I was so bored that I was so flustered that I wanted to see your startled expression.”

“Those things you said are probably true, right?”

“What are the words ? Huh?”

“As for the reason for running away from home, what you said, because of some maintenance cream, some quarrel with Chiharu. I am afraid that the quarrel is a fact. The difference is the subsequent development. The angry Chiharu attacked the usual Very annoying

Shuri–isn’t it like this?” Qianchun turned his face to the side with a sullen expression. I just noticed that her nose was very similar to Katsushiro’s. The tree in the photo has a tall nose and a beautiful shape.

“What kind of assassination?”


“Scissors?” She gently lifted her back hair and said, “I’m good at cutting my hair. Sometimes I cut my friends’ hair or something. For that. I especially asked my hairdresser friend to send me a pair of scissors.”

“It turns out that this is the case. The scissors are in the bathroom. She used your maintenance cream without authorization, and you quarreled, and then you took the scissors and stabbed it down? Is it true?”

“That cream…” Qianchun looked into the distance and said, “I bought it when my mother and I went to France. For me, it’s very economical. But the woman didn’t ask for my permission–“

She turned her head to look. He said to me: “But the woman who made the shot first, she gave me a slap in the face.”

“But it was a fact that I was too defensive. Then after the assassination, I became afraid, so I ran out?”

Qianchun glared at me. She stood up and said, “I’m thirsty, what can I drink? Please! She had already walked into the kitchen before I answered. When she came out of the kitchen, she was holding a Mousca liquor in her hand. Very refreshing, It’s very suitable for appetizers.”

“Can you drink it?”

“Please feel free.”

“You want to drink too?”

I haven’t answered anything yet. He has already put two wine glasses on the table. Then handed me the rotary corkscrew and liquor.

“What are your plans to escape? At that time, you were looking for a place to live. What about your plans to live outside?”

“Don’t talk nonsense, please concentrate on opening the wine.” I pulled out the cork of the wine bottle. , Pour the wine into two glasses. As a toast, I took a sip of wine. The smooth sourness is the special fragrance of the freshly picked grapes on Musca Island.

“It hasn’t been decided yet.”

“What did you say?”

“I mean that I didn’t decide what to do next. I just don’t want to stay in that house. It will definitely cause a big commotion. I killed her. It will be exposed right away. The thought of all kinds of people coming to ask all kinds of questions makes me annoying. And I also expect my parents to find ways to help me after they know that I am the murderer. Wait till I’ll go home after the trouble is resolved.”

“Do you think they will help you dispose of the corpse secretly, so that you will not be arrested as a murderer, and help you find various ways to solve it?” I drank it all in one breath. The wine in the glass, pour another glass.

“You are really selfish!”

“Needless to say, I know it’s very selfish, no matter how dad, it’s impossible to hide the murder–I think so. That’s why I just said that this is a dead end!”

“That’s when I appeared. “

This is not what I asked you to show up, it was you who came by yourself.” She said that, and I had nothing to answer. I wanted to catch Katsushige’s weakness, and it was a fact that I was close to her.

“Then what did you plan to do when you followed me? Use this person?-Have you ever thought about it?” She shook her head with a wine glass in her hand and said, “Seriously, at that time, anything was fine, including you. Inside. My mind is full of my own business. Anyway, I have to find a generous place first, because I don’t want to go home. In other words, I had no other choice at that time.”

“So that’s it. I can understand.” I took another sip of wine and said, “Why use Shuri’s name to lie to me?”

“The reason is simple, I just don’t want to use Katsuragi’s name. I don’t want a weird man to know that Kasagi Chiharu is wandering strangely on the road. So I lied in a rush.”

“After lied in a rush, when describing my own affairs, I really exchanged my identities with Shuli. You are such a great character. Well.”

“I think you are just sarcasm, thank you.”

“What then?” I put the wine glass on the table. “When was this event planned? I think of course it was after I put forward the game idea, but it’s impossible for you to think of it when I mention it?”

“Of course not when you mentioned it,” she picked up the bottle and asked for it. Pour wine into my glass. I stretched out my hand to stop her, and I fell on my own.

“Pouring wine is a man’s job.”

“But when I heard you mention the game, suddenly an inspiration flashed. This person thought I was Shuri. And he planned to kidnap this Shuri, I wondered if it could be done well. Take advantage of this situation. I think it should be possible, and then I promised to cooperate with your plan first.”

“When listening to me telling the plan, you gradually became convinced that this situation can be used?”

“When was I convinced…” Qianchun smiled and said, “When I was praised by my dad.”

” When I was praised by your dad?”

“After I heard about the game from you, I thought I didn’t even want to call my dad right away. I also care about Shuri’s affairs.”

“That means you said yes from the beginning. Well, it should be the case. Mr. Katsuragi is also anxious, how can his daughter be killed? The murderer is still his own daughter. So this is the reason why I didn’t call the police.”

“Dad had his idea. In fact, he was also thinking of ways to conceal the case at that time. At that time I called him. He seemed to be worried about whether I ran to commit suicide. He seemed to be relieved when I heard my voice. He didn’t scold me for killing Shuli. He just said that he would find a way and called I’ll go home and talk about it. Then I told him about the game you mentioned.”

“Then he praised you?”

“Intuitive. For me, you can use your plan. According to Dad’s words. If you have intuition and determination in this kind of victory or defeat, you can distinguish between those who will succeed and those who will not.”

I think this is really like what Katsushika would say, I nodded and said:” What instructions did Mr. Katsuragi give you?”

“He told me to do what you said, and then notify him of the detailed details. Once the policy is determined, my father will notify me.”

“He notified you, how?”

“He called me on his cell phone!” She said as if it was all right. “Mobile phone? Didn’t you bring it out?!”

” Yes, you have it! How could you forget to bring such important things.” Qianchun seemed to laugh at me and said, “It’s just closed when I was with you. Power.”

“It’s put in one!” I shook my head and said, “Then tell you all kinds of instructions on my mobile phone. He also told you to go to Yokosuka. But the friend named Yuki doesn’t exist, right?”

“Yes! My friends from middle school have not contacted me at all recently.” “Why do I have to go to Yokosuka? It is also because I have to bury Shuri’s body on the hill. But just letting me go to Yokosuka will not work. , Think about the next thing, in order to let me leave physical evidence in Yokosuka, so you still set up some traps.”

“Yes, all kinds of.” Chiharu cocked her foot, rolled her eyes and said to me: “For example Do you know what traps have been set?”

“When I was waiting for you in the restaurant, my car was sprayed with paint. People in the store may remember my appearance. A rare car like MR-S will also Leave an impression. If the police ask me about my photo, the clerk may prove that they have met me. Did Mr. Katsuragi do that prank?

“Your mother? Oh! There was one more accomplice. People.”

“You still have other physical evidence.”

“I know. But I still don’t understand.” I looked at her eyes, then looked at his cocked feet and said, “In order to stay My physical evidence, so at that time you asked me to hold you in order to want my pubic hair and semen, so… I didn’t expect your parents to ask you to do this kind of thing.”

“My dad is asking if you can get it .” It’s just your hair. Do you remember the little stone statue of Ksitigarbha on the Yokosuka hills? My dad told me to hide things in that place, but I don’t think it’s complete enough. My dad thought it did. Your semen is better, but no matter how it is, it’s not easy to ask me to do such a thing, so it’s good to say that there is hair. I know what Dad thinks, but according to my own judgment, I decided to get the absolute Material evidence is not acceptable.”

“It’s also

okay to have sex with a man you don’t like…” “Do you feel awkward?”


“I like you. I have the courage, my brain, and I want to have sex with you. If you have a bad brain and you are the man I hate, I don’t think I can do it.”

“Are you complimenting me?”

“My dad also praises you very much. The most important thing in this plan is that you are not a fool. If you were the kind of man who did a rough kidnapping plan, you might get nowhere. Didn’t my dad suddenly go to your company once? ? ” “

Speaking of this …… “she said to be planning to see our video game.

“My dad wanted to see the video game you planned. It should be called “Mask of Youth”. My dad is sure that this man can be trusted.”

I sighed, shook my head, and couldn’t help laughing.

“It turns out I was only recognized by this person when I was nervous.”

“When you asked me to call in the hotel, didn’t you hear the siren perfectly? He also said that it was a superb idea!”

“That’s also you guys .” That’s the physical evidence.” I was already running on the track paved by Katsushiro Katsushika unknowingly.

“But the final victory or defeat began after this. My dad really wants to know how you plan to take the ransom. But you are not willing to explain to me. My dad didn’t call the police. This sentence came to my lips. I almost said it.”

“Hakuji’s fake act of communicating must have made Mr. Katsuragi restless.”

“He thought it would be better to just take the ransom away. But in the end he admires you. Yes, he said that he really needs to confirm whether the police are following.”

“Then did he say anything about the time when the ransom was actually taken?”

“Of course it was perfect! He said that there was almost nothing left behind when he did that. The evidence to determine the prisoner, even if the police are followed and monitored, should be able to get the money smoothly.” I nodded. At this time, this is not something to be happy after listening to it, but at least it is not a good thing. Katsushiro thought it was a plan made by an idiot.

“After that, you took 270 million to Yokosuka and hid the money in Yuki’s room where it didn’t exist. Where did the money actually go?”

“In that building. Hide it in a place like a locker, and then call Dad immediately. After we leave, Dad will take the money back.”

“That’s it, it went smoothly. The kidnapping and paying ransom of Katsushiro Shuri was completed. But one thing, I have a big question. This… um… I don’t know if you already have an answer?”


” What are you going to do with me?”

Qianchun shrugged and said, “This is a difficult question to answer.”

“I think so.”

“You already have the answer, right? In that case, can you just talk about it?

” It may have been a lot of talk now, but no matter how much it is, first of all, I successfully concealed the killing of Shuri, and the kidnapping of the prank was successful. But you still have troubles, it should be said that it is something to worry about. It’s more appropriate. In other words, you didn’t lie to me. As the case was reported, I also noticed the truth. Although the worst situation is that I report the case to the police, there is nothing to worry about. As a prank At least I would not do such a thing when I kidnapped the main suspect. Although I said that, you don’t think I will remain silent. In addition, if the police are looking at me, you will be afraid that I will surrender first. The police I will not immediately adopt what I said, and then will start reconnaissance. If this is the case, it will definitely cause media commotion. Such a development should not be welcomed by the Katsuragi family. There is almost only one way to solve this problem. “

Speaking of this, my heart began to send out a warning! Suddenly the headache began, and then it began to spread all over the head. After a while, the pain began to lighten, but at the same time I felt the nerves became dull, and my consciousness seemed to be sucked away by something. I glared at Qianchun, then looked at the bottle and said, “Finally!”

“Has it started?” She looked at my face and said.

“What’s in the wine?”

“I don’t know, the medicine my father gave me was injected into the prepared wine bottle with a syringe.”

My dim head thought, it should be some kind of anesthetic.

“You planned to kill me from the beginning?!”

“I don’t know, I just followed my father’s instructions.”

“I planned to kill me, otherwise the plan would not succeed. That man would not do it.” That kind of incomplete plan.” I tried to stand up, but my body didn’t obey the command, my feet got knotted, I slipped off the sofa, my stomach hit the corner of the table, and it didn’t hurt at all.

“I just did what he said, and I don’t know afterwards. Dad should take care of everything afterwards!” Qianchun stood up. She seemed to just pretend to drink.

Consciousness is about to disappear, and the eyes are blurred. Unfortunately, I just lost my consciousness. If I died like this, wouldn’t it be possible to let their plan succeed, that is, to kill me, and then arrange to commit suicide. The motivation is because I have suffered such a felony from you… Maybe it’s because I realized that being arrested is just a matter of time. Maybe it’s…

“…Wait a minute!” I said with all my energy. I don’t know where Qianchun is, and I don’t know if she heard my voice, but I still concentrated all my strength to my throat. “Computer! My…car park…files…”

I wanted to speak, but my brain was already oblivious, and I couldn’t make a sound consciously. It may be hearing loss, but it’s all the same. The brain was gradually surrounded by darkness, as if falling into a particularly deep cave. I suddenly thought…maybe this might be the last feeling for me. There seemed to be a heavy object on my chest, breathing was a little difficult, and it felt like I had a terrible nightmare. I feel that my face is hot, but my body is cold. No, it can even be said to be cold. I feel a lot of cold sweat. My eyes are closed, at least that way I can feel safe, I always feel as if I haven’t been killed yet.

Open your eyes, dimly, you can see something, but dim. Slowly my eyesight began to recover. I was in a room I was familiar with, as if I was lying on the sofa. I wanted to get up, but my whole face tilted to one side. There was a strong headache and nausea, almost as if he was about to lose consciousness again. But after a few breaths, the headache and nausea subsided a bit, and then I slowly propped up my upper body, there was a thump, thump, thumping sound behind my ears.

“You seem to wake up!”

There is a voice, a man’s voice! I tried to look around, but it was painful to move my head. Then a figure appeared in the corner of the line of sight. This person was sitting on the chair opposite me. It’s Katsushiro Katsujun! I sat down on the sofa, my body was still a little shaky. If the other party attacks me, I can’t resist it at all. But Katsushiro didn’t seem to want to do that, he slowly cocked his feet, and lit a cigarette. He was wearing a double-breasted suit, and this outfit made me feel at ease. If he wanted to kill me, he would come here with closed eyes, and he should be dressed more unobtrusively.

“The protagonist finally appeared!” I said, sounding a little vague: “The black hand behind it, this should be more appropriate.”

“Thank you for taking care of my daughter.” Katsushiro said in a calm tone.

I looked around: “Did the lady go back?”

“Go back first. Because it’s too late. My wife will be worried.”

“I heard that Madam is also an accomplice.”

He did not answer, Katsushiro looked sharply. Here. “I think you’ve heard my daughter say it roughly. I originally planned to explain it to you myself, but she said, no matter what, I want to meet you in the end.”

“I also think it’s very difficult to see her again. Okay, although I don’t know if it’s the last time.”

“The first thing I want to tell you is that it’s been too hard for you! This is something I must say, this is not a social talk. I think you also listened to my daughter. You did a great job this time. It’s not an exaggeration to say it’s perfect, isn’t it? The way to take the ransom is really original! Or is it the inspiration you got from mystery novels or something?”

“I came up with it.” . ” “

Oh really it is very exciting.. “he slowly put the cigarette smoke spit it out, looked at the smoke filled through here say:.” but not without fault-finding part of you in the process, not by Does English give me instructions? Maybe the police have people who can speak English well. I can’t give you 100 points.”

“I know Mr. Katsuragi’s French is very strong, and I can speak a little bit, but why not use French? , I don’t want the prisoners to be locked. In Japan now, there are 50,000 people who can speak English, but those who can speak French are different. Which language is more dangerous, it’s my estimation in the balance The conclusion reached.”

“It turns out that our opinions are different.” My retort did not make Katsushige feel uncomfortable.

“Your strategy is also perfect. Coupled with your daughter’s superb acting skills, within so many constraints, you can also plant so many foreshadowings. I also admire all your layouts.”

“Well, it’s nothing compared to running a company. This time, you only need to lie to you. When you reach the top of the company, you have to lie to countless people. The employees of the company, as well as consumers. Wait a minute.” He looked serious, took another breath and said, “Speaking of which, did you ask my daughter a question?”

“My question is how to deal with

me ?” As soon as I finished speaking, Katsuragi Shengjun smiled disdainfully. He flicked the ash into the ashtray, exchanged his foot-climbed posture, nodded happily, and said, “Even if all the plans go smoothly, the Katsuragi family still can’t rest assured, because there is someone who knows all the secrets. Saku Shunsuke Ma-this man must be dealt with. Kill this man. Then he commits suicide so that the police believe that this man is the one who killed Kuragi Katsushika. This is the completion of the plan. Mine You have already guessed the blueprint of the plan, have you?”

“Is it wrong?”

“I can’t say that it’s completely wrong. It’s a lie to say that I didn’t think about it at all, but, Mr. Sakuma, I am not as simple as you think. If you are like that It’s a pity to think about it. However, I also know your feelings. The perfect plan that you have established is in desperation. Everyone will be uneasy, so you will also consider the case and keep it for yourself. A protective measure. You are really the man I expected!”

Katsuragi looked at the place behind me where the computer was placed, and the sound of a hot fan could be heard. The computer seemed to be on. “Have you read the archives?” “I read it! Of course.” What he said to Qianchun before losing consciousness was not in vain.

“When I heard from my daughter that there seemed to be a file, I thought it was probably not a big deal, so I didn’t care about it. At most there were some provisional materials describing the truth in it. After I died, These things will be sent to the police, I think it’s just a similar warning article attached to it.”

“I think these things alone are enough to pose a threat to you.”

“Why! I just need to deny it, and the problem will be solved.” Suppose we are going to kill you, and those things can’t stop us, we just have to insist that these are all fabricated words made by the suspect before committing suicide! Who do you think the police will believe?”

I didn’t answer, which also meant that I didn’t refute the meaning of. Katsushige Shengjun smiled with satisfaction, and carefully put out the cigarette in the ashtray.

“But, you are not so incompetent. Although the article you wrote about the truth of the case is the same as I expected, but there is another information in it, which surprised me! It should be very surprised and more correct. Right!”

“Frankly speaking, it’s a blow to life.” I honestly said: “At that time, I never thought I would use it like this.”

“This is the so-called outstanding talent! Before I knew it , Constantly reinforce the materials for myself, this kind of feeling is not something that

I can teach.” I smiled bitterly, I did not expect that there will be such a day, this man would praise me like this.

Katsushiro said: “Why? Why is there no need to kill you. As long as you are not caught by the police, you won’t tell the truth. And don’t worry about you being caught, why! Because we will protect you. Take advantage of it. From the victim’s position, we can produce a bunch of evidence that you are definitely not a suspect. Of course, the condition is that you play the game perfectly, and you don’t have to say that you have done it.”

“Since I don’t need to be honest, Became a suspect, why did it take so much time to leave my physical evidence in Yokosuka?”

“We must seize a little bit of your weakness, and we must have evidence that can accuse you of being a suspect at any time. Compared with other things, I think the most important thing is the prisoner’s physical evidence. We absolutely cannot let others think that the person is one. A prank kidnapping, and since we want to show that the prisoner does exist, we must let the prisoner take actual action.”

“Then why did you faint me just now?”

Katsushige Shengjun smiled wickedly, as if he was waiting. With the expression on this question, he said: “Do you want to faint you first, then kill you?”

“Honestly, I think so.”

“I think so. That’s why you tried your best at the end. Angrily threw out the trump card, and this is what I want to see! The last trump card you played!”

I spit out and said, “Do you want to see what kind of cards I have in my hand?

” The game is over, but the winner has not yet been determined and all the cards in my hand have been revealed. After that, what kind of cards are in your hand is what you need to see.”

Katsushiro moved his eyes to the computer again, I Also followed him back to look at the computer screen. There is a photo displayed on the screen, and the scene of the photo shows that it is in this room. At that time, Chiharu, named Shuli, was carrying the breakfast for me on a tray.

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