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Chapter 19 KG

In the afternoon, I went to Akasaka. From the coffee shop facing Waibori Avenue. After about 2:10 in the afternoon, I saw Tangkou Daijie’s fat body outside the glass door, and Tangkou immediately saw me and walked over with a light wave of his hand.

“Sorry for keeping you waiting.”

“No, no, I’m embarrassed to find you out temporarily.”

Tangkou works at a TV station near here. He is a younger brother from my university. It is just an experience of working together. .

He ordered coffee, and I refilled another cup of coffee.

After chatting with each other about the current situation, I started to enter the subject.

“By the way, is there any eyebrows about asking you on TV just now?”

He frowned and said:

“We seem to have done a lot of internal investigations, but the Kazuhiro family and the police are very tight-lipped. , It seems that I can’t find out no matter how you look it up.”

“But not all the news is on the TV news, right now, there should be some undisclosed content, right?”

I asked Tangkou about the disappearance of Katsushiro Shuri. thing. I explained to Tangkou in advance that something happened in the house of the vice president of our company’s largest customer, Sunstar Automobile, and we hope to collect relevant information earlier. The soup mouth is also no doubt.

“The news group’s senior management may have heard of something, but it didn’t reach the people under us. Then… Basically, Mr. Sakuma should have mastered it, right?” Yuguchi said as he resorted to him. Notepad.

“It’s just a rough idea. But I still hope you can tell me the whole story again.”

“It’s okay. Um… first when Miss

Shuri disappeared…” Tangguchi read out the contents of the notepad, but There is nothing new, I just pretended to be interested and continued to listen.

“What about the clue about the kidnapping? Is there any?”

“It’s not clear yet, but I think it probably doesn’t.” Tangkou said with some certainty.

“How do you say?”

“We’ll just say it here.” He looked around and brought his body closer. He said, “The people in the reporters club said, the police officer in charge of the kidnapping case did not move. In the case of kidnapping, when Ms. Shuri was announced that she was missing, it was about ten days ago, she should have acted! People in the reporter club could not have known. Although the police have begun to act, such as several criminal police officers to Katsuragi’s house. It seems that there were no such actions, such as searches.”

“At the time of the disappearance, the kidnapping team of the Metropolitan Police Department did not move? Is this true?”

“Yes. That’s what they said.”

I suddenly thought of something. The Metropolitan Police Department is not moving? There is no such reason! The Katsuragi’s daughter was kidnapped. Even if the largest police force was mobilized to search, it is impossible for the reporters guarding the Metropolitan Police Department to be unaware.

If what Tangguchi said is the truth, then there is only one possibility, Katsushige Seungjun himself repeatedly emphasized that he did not call the police. The alarm was made after the ransom was taken away. And Shuli still didn’t go home after a period of time. I can’t bear it anymore. He just did this. This possibility is high.

Why not call the police? I think it should be worried that if the prisoner knows about the police, it will endanger Shuli’s life.

“Say very wonderful.” Soup I continued: “.. According to the reporter said, Mr. Katsuragi alarm about it, or why the thing these days is not a warning when missing, we all head full of question marks,”

“Katsuragi Mr.

Tang hasn’t explained it.” Tangkou pointed his lower lip and shook his head and said,

“When asked for clarification, he totally refused to interview. “Except for what has already been reported, there is no need for more explanation.” He only made such a general statement. “

I thought to myself, crossing my chest with my hands. Why did Katsushiro not rely on the power of the police for this kidnapping case? Just consider that the daughter will come back after paying the ransom. Call the police and wait for that later?

I deny this idea in my heart, there is no reason to do so. I don’t think Katsushiro will succumb to coercion. He has the confidence to play games and knows how to play offensive and defensive battles with prisoners. There is no reason to raise the white flag in the first place.

There must be a ghost in the middle, and the fake tree theory must have a lot to do with this!

“Has Katsuragi’s family members investigated it?”

“Ah, it’s not that difficult. It has been found out.” Tangguchi took out the new information and put it in front of me.

On it were written the ranking characters, Katsushiro Seijun, wife Miko, eldest daughter Shuri, and second daughter Chiharu.

“So there is another daughter.” I looked at the information and asked without any difficult questions.

“Yes. Now I am studying in a private high school. It is the third year.”

“Senior year…oh, which one?”

“The full name is—” Tangkou said the name of the school. It is an affiliated high school of a famous private women’s university.

It would seem unnatural to just ask Chiharu Katsushige. I also asked Shuri and his wife about some things. Unfortunately, Tanggu didn’t know the details. I might know more.

“The whereabouts of the eldest daughter is unknown, and my wife and younger sister are not very comfortable either.”

“I heard that my sister seems to have been greatly stimulated. Anyway, my sister has been sick after she disappeared.”

“I can’t afford to sleep? Miss Qianchun?

” Yes. Some media rushed to Chiharu’s school as soon as they heard about some of the privacy and inside information of the Katsuragi’s family, but Chiharu had already taken sick leave, and it started ten days ago. Not all to hide from the media, it’s really uncomfortable. Look like.”

I tried very hard not to look different in front of the soup mouth . I only felt that my throat was very dry, and I drank the water in the cup in one gulp.

“This… can you give it to me?” I reached for the information.

“Please take it. This will also have a great impact on Mr. Sakuma. This happened before the launch of the new car of Nissei Motor.”

“It feels like being interrupted in the middle.” I didn’t say that I had been excluded from this case. There is no need to say.

Said politely to him that he was troubled during his busy schedule, picked up the bill and stood up. I walked out of the coffee shop and drove a taxi, and said the address of the company. When the car started moving, I used the information Tangkou gave me just now. I watched, and then changed my mind.

“Mr. Driver, I’m sorry, I’ll change to another place, please go in the direction of Meguro.”

“Meguro? Where is close to Meguro?”

I told him the name of the girls’ high school, and the driver seemed to know it.

Needless to say, this girls’ high school was the school where Chiharu Katsushiro attended.

I got off the taxi dozens of meters in front of the school rail that I could see. School time has passed, only twos and threes of students walk out of the school gate.

There is a small bookstore in front. I pretend to be standing in the bookstore and reading magazines, and by the way, I look for suitable female students. This is a school considered by the outside world to be rich and wealthy, but they also dye their hair and imitate the makeup of famous celebrities, which is no different from ordinary high school girls. I am afraid the school rules have been loosened a lot.

After fewer students, two girls came over, both of them had brown hair dyed. Presumably they walked in a lively place. They would be picked up once an hour on average, and their faces looked pretty good. Probably they are also very confident about their looks. I made a decision and approached them.

“Sorry, excuse me!”

I greeted them with a smile, and the two stopped at the same time, with a surprised expression on their faces.

“I am not a strange person, in fact, I am a person who does this kind of work.”

I used a business card, the name of a certain TV station that is different from Tangkou, which is the best weapon for high school girls.

As I expected, the two people showed curiosity and expectation at the same time.

“It’s a bit rude, I would like to ask how high you are now?”

“Senior year of high school.”

I guessed it correctly, I smiled in my heart.

“Sometimes now? I would like to ask you something about it.”

“Hmm…what’s the matter?” It was the one on the left who said.

“There is a classmate named Chiharu Katsushige in the third year of high school. Her sister’s whereabouts are unknown, don’t you know if you two know?”

“Oh! I know. Everyone in school is talking about it.”

“Katsushiro is on leave now , Is this true?” When

I asked, the one on the right immediately whispered to the other. The expressions of the two were very different from the original, which means they became wary.

“We are in different classes.” The girl on the left returned the name tag to me and said: “We were warned not to say anything to the outside world.”

“Ah… Then you can tell me that Katsuragi is in the third class. Is it?”

But the two of them just waved and walked past me quickly.

Then I asked three people to ask, and the results were similar. I only asked that Katsuragi was in the second class of the third year, and I wanted to ask more. Everyone quickly dodges. The school also considers that the media will come to the school and keep an eye on the students not to make inappropriate statements.

Doing some strange things in this place would be troublesome if the school knew about it, but I just wanted to figure out some things before I was reconciled.

I moved the location to Meguro Station. Because it is a private school, most students cannot walk or ride bicycles to school. Just look at the uniform to know which school it is.

At the shop, I immediately fell in love with a girl with tall, long hair. She was reading a magazine. I approached her from the side. Sorry, I said hello to her. The long-haired girl frowned and glanced here, obviously alert. I think it might not be possible to use the method just now and give up the means of hitting up.

“I’m the one who followed the disappearance of the daughter of the vice president of Sunstar Motors. Can I ask you something?” I asked in a low voice.

The long-haired girl’s expression immediately changed, but she was not wary. On the contrary, she showed a caring look.

“Do you already know anything about this?” she asked me back.

“No, nothing… The police don’t want to release the news.”

“Yes…” She looked down.

“You and Qianchun are…”


I nodded greatly, good luck! Finally achieved the goal.

“Would you like to find a quiet place to talk? Five minutes and ten minutes are fine. By the way, I did this.” Showed her her business card.

“It’s from the TV station. But I don’t think I can say anything special.”

“It doesn’t matter, just tell me about Chiharu-san.”

She checked her phone, as if she was checking the time. . All of a sudden the phone closed, nodded and said: “About thirty minutes should be fine.”

Thank you, I said.

As a result, there was a fast food store next to the store. We walked into the store and sat down by the window on the second floor. The long-haired girl bought yogurt ice cream, and I was a cup of coffee.

According to what she said, Qianchun started to rest at the same time that I met Shuli and ran away from home. She was on sick leave, but she didn’t explain what kind of illness she was.

“The class guide only said that if you are not in good health, I am afraid that you will have to rest for a while. But the teacher probably doesn’t know what the illness is. Later, I went to the teacher’s room to ask, but he also tilted his head and said that it was not clear. I think it shouldn’t be acting.”

“Did the teacher ask anyone in Katsuragi’s family?”

“Perhaps so. But I shouldn’t tell the teacher. After all, it was because my sister was missing and was severely irritated to get sick, didn’t it? Such a thing, to her parents It’s hard to say. And when her sister disappeared, she seemed to have something to hide.”

The girl scraped yogurt ice cream with a spoon, and said while eating. The tip of the pink tongue licked the ice cream in and out between his lips.

“Are you very close to Qianchun?”

“Basically, you are close . I went to her house to play a few times.”

“Have you seen Shuri before?”

“I don’t have one. Qianchun has a sister, and in fact I am because of it. This time the case was only known. She never mentioned it, and asked other friends to realize that everyone was the same. Isn’t that weird? When she heard that her sister’s whereabouts were unknown, she figured it out. But she would be because of it. She was irritated and fell ill, that must be her sister who is very important to her!”

I have no opinion on this. I have my explanation, but there is no need to tell her.

“Have you seen her since I took a rest from Qianchun?”

“No, I called and wanted to visit her, but my aunt refused.”

“Refused? What did she say?”

“Qianchun was not at home and was Sent to a recuperation facility far away, even if you arrive at home, you can’t see Chiharu.”

“The recuperation facility… have you asked which one it is?”

She shook her head with a spoon in her hand and said,

“I didn’t ask. I also feel disappointed when people visit her.”

I nodded, I can understand her feelings.

“By the way, did you bring Qianchun’s photos?”

“Qianchun’s photos, I haven’t taken them now.

I should have them when I get home .” “Where is your home? I’ll take you back. Can I see the photos?”

She He looked at me with suspicion, frowned and said,

”   Why don’t you show me this kind of thing?”

” Just look at it, I won’t borrow it from you, and I will return it on the spot.”

“Then why are you? Would you like to see it? Does Qianchun have anything to do with the disappearance of her sister?”

She is quite keen, and she did not take my guard down.

“I think there is always a chance to meet Qianchun. Before meeting her, make sure that the length comparison is better. I don’t even know what she looks like, and I can’t find

it if I look for it.” It seems to be unconvincing, but with long hair. The girl seemed to understand, nodded and said, wait a moment. Then use the phone.

“What are you going to do?”

“Wait a minute!”

She started texting, while I was drinking bad coffee.

After typing the text message, she raised her head and looked at me and said,

“Is Qianchun’s sister really kidnapped?”

I almost choked and said, “Who said that?”

“Everyone is discussing it in private. In fact it was kidnapping.”

“Where did the rumor come from?”

“I don’t know, it spread like this unknowingly. Hey, is it true?”

“The police didn’t release it like that, at least I didn’t. I heard.”

“Is it the agreement called what?”

“Ah, the report agreement. But it shouldn’t be the case. Maybe someone at a higher level knows something.”

“If it’s really kidnapping, if you haven’t returned after ten days, Then…” At this point, she lowered her head to escort her: “Forget it, if it turns out to be true, it would be terrible!”

I knew what she wanted to say immediately. This is what I actually hope will not happen.

Her cell phone rang.

“Ah, it came so soon.”

“What is it?”

“Qianchun’s photo, I just sent a text message and asked a friend to send it over. That friend has a scanner. Ask her to scan Qianchun’s photo and send it over.”

“That’s it…” Really, quite surprised. Using the Internet flexibly, maybe these high school girls are better than poor salespersons.

“Well, that’s okay.” She turned the screen of her phone towards me. The screen of a few inches showed the face of a smiling girl.

Although it was the same as I expected, the impact was not small. Although I still want to deny some of my assumptions, the picture shows everything!

Shown on it is Shuri’s face, which is the girl who was with me the other day and participated in the game together!

Back to the company, there is no way to do things, it is really not the time to work. Just sorting out the thoughts in my head can no longer handle it.

My inference is correct. It is not Shuli who appeared in front of me, but sister Chiharu! It was Qianchun who ran away from home!

The part that I don’t understand also starts here. Why does she use Shuli’s name? Is it just a whim? If this is the case, before the start of the game, you should not be able to tell the truth.

Katsushiro was also here at the beginning, and there were many unsolvable doubts about the performance of the Katsushiro family. When they first received the threatening letter, they should have known that the kidnapped person was not Shuli but Chiharu, and if they made mistakes, they didn’t point out the wrong place. The prisoner made the mistake of his sister, but the fact that his daughter was kidnapped has not changed. There is no need to correct, so as not to irritate the prisoners instead, they should think about it this way.

Only one thing is certain. The fake tree theory, that is to say, Qianchun has returned home. It is not that his whereabouts are unknown, but it seems to be claimed to be in a sanatorium or moved to another place. It is not necessarily at least under the protection of the Katsuragi family. under.

The one who has no news is the real Shuri, and I have never met this Shuri.

Where did Katsushiro Shuri disappear? Some unlucky words from the long-haired girl appeared in my mind. I shook my head. Even if it was, it had nothing to do with me. It was Chiharu who had something to do with me!

After another ten days, my mood did not calm down. There seemed to be no progress in the newspaper or news and the disappearance of Katsushiro Shuri. Honestly, I wish nothing happened. If possible, I would really like to break into the Katsuragi Mansion and furiously tell them to find Qianchun to come out and meet! Then he grabbed Katsushiro’s collar and asked him what he was thinking!

Continuous lack of sleep. This morning, I was lying in the quilt. It was already time to get up, but my head was very heavy and I wanted to make up some reason to ask for leave from the company.

In this case, I was awakened by the sound of the phone, and it kept ringing like a deadly bell, so I had to crawl out of bed and pick up the phone:


“Sakuma? It’s me, Kozuka!”

“Ah! What’s the matter?”

“You are still sleeping, so you haven’t seen the TV yet? Turn it on and watch it! Call if you know anything!” He just said These make it easy to hang up the phone at work.

I turned on the TV while clutching my head. It’s the morning news, what news is the male broadcaster reporting. Shuli! When I heard the name, I lost my sleepiness and turned the volume up.

“This morning, the corpse of a young woman was found in Yokosuka City. The identity of the female corpse was verified by fingerprints and other verifications, which proved that it might be the eldest daughter of the vice president of Nissei Motors, Mrs. Shuri Katsushige. Ms. Shuri disappeared about twenty days ago— —”

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