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Chapter 18 KG

Although there is a feeling of wanting to drink, I can’t go anywhere for work and go straight home. Because I’m afraid that I will accidentally miss my mouth when I get drunk. I am not so confident about my emotional control tonight.

When I got home, I took out the bourbon and satiated and drank it without ice. The agitation of the heart is still fierce and chaotic, is this the so-called panic? If it is, it probably won’t be hydrolyzed no matter how much you drink.

The image of TV is lingering in my mind. Who is the face of Katsushiro Shuri on the screen? Why do other people’s faces appear publicly under the name of Shuri! ?

But I saw the same face on several news shows after that. If someone else’s photo is misplaced, it will be corrected immediately.

In other words, that is Katsuragi Shuri.

So the woman with me these days is not Shuli. If it weren’t for her, who would it be? Why use Shuli’s name?

When I was thinking about whether there was any way to confirm whether she was really Shuli, I finally thought of one thing, and that was the voice of her speech.

In order to grasp the actions of the police, we used the Hakozaki Interchange. At that time, he used Shuri to control Katsushiro’s actions, even when he took the ransom. When Katsuragi and Shuri were talking, they didn’t seem to have any doubts. Even if the voices were only a little bit the same, the father couldn’t mistake his daughter’s voice. Unless he panicked. But as far as I saw Katsushige Katsushige, he was not lost, even before taking the ransom, he calmly accepted and answered my instructions.

If so, are the photos published on TV wrong? Katsushige Katsujoon deliberately used other people’s photos to make it public. Why is this necessary?

No, it still doesn’t make sense. I am not the only one watching TV. Shuli’s friends will also see it. If the photos are of other people, these friends who see it will definitely be on TV immediately to the TV station.

“Trees, trees of trees, sciences of science.”

I remembered what she said when she first said her name, but is this a promise? The promise also began at that time.

So, who is she?

I don’t know how much bourbon has been poured into my stomach, but there is no drunkenness at all, it’s just that the pulse rate has increased, which only increased the anxiety.

I think back to the time I spent with her. Although the time was short, many things happened. Even the big game of prank kidnapping has been played, but the true identity of this partner is still unknown to this day. What is going on?

I don’t know, this is not the only thing I can’t figure out. I always feel that when the real Katsushige Shuri disappeared, it seemed that it was the night I met the fake Shuri. The real Shuli did not know where he disappeared, but was it accidental that the fake Shuli ran away from home that day? Or is it inevitable?

There is chaos in my head! Can’t find an answer that can explain the reason for this.

I don’t know how much alcohol I drank. After regaining consciousness, I found that I was lying sideways on the sofa, the lights were on, and the empty bottle of Bourbon poured on the side. Light came in from the curtains. I looked at the clock on the wall and it was no more than ten minutes away from the time I usually wake up. You can wake up under this kind of kindness. This is the so-called habit becomes natural.

Slowly got up, his head throbbed violently, and his throat was extremely thirsty. Go to the kitchen and open the refrigerator, pick up the mineral water and pour it into your mouth. A little dizzy, the whole person leaned on the refrigerator.

He stopped looking at the big pot on the induction cooker, and remembered that Shuri had used it to make thick soup. Gradually I remembered many things she said, which of those things are true, which are false, or all of them are false? Now I can’t judge.

Back on the sofa, turn on the TV. No matter which channel it is in the morning, the news is rebroadcast. While watching the news in a daze, I finally figured out the report of the incident. The daughter of the vice president of Sunstar Motors disappeared, and a question mark was placed after the title, and then he wrote: Or run away from home?

Then there were pictures of women I hadn’t seen. Ms. Shuri Katsushiro, whose whereabouts is unknown, is reported on TV, and there is nothing new about the content of the news broadcaster’s report. It seems that no one from the Katsuragi family came out to speak. The other party is the biggest sponsor of the TV station, and perhaps because of this, it is somewhat evasive to interview. It also seemed to convey the feeling of anger that no further information was available.

Maybe they have concealed the fact of the kidnapping from the media, which is somewhat understandable. As far as the police are concerned, they are not willing to be reported from the beginning that the ransom has been successfully taken away. To mention this part, I am afraid that you will have to wait for the criminals to say it, but the public investigation does require the help of the media. That’s why it only made public the unknown whereabouts.

I thought to myself, from TV to various media, how will this incident be tracked and reported in the future? The media will not be stupid enough to just be used, and they should also be aware that this is not a mere disappearance. The media will definitely start by exploring the inner affair of Katsushiro’s family, and Katsushiro’s female relationship will be exposed sooner or later. Shuri is not now a thing that his wife’s daughter will become known to everyone. This is exactly the gossip news Good subject! How to report without offending the biggest sponsors depends on the skill of each TV station.

No — is

that story credible? After all, the person who tells this story is a fake. That’s why we can make up such a promise. What distorted blood relationship, what complicated interpersonal relationship…

At this moment, a hypothesis emerged in my mind!

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