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Chapter 17 KG

It has been ten days since I successfully received the ransom, and my life has returned to the normal pace before the kidnapping game. I get up in the morning, do simple gymnastics, and go out after breakfast. After doing boring things at the company, go to the gym before going home. I plan to find someone on a date this weekend. I want to have a happy sex this time, so I need to book a suitable hotel room first.

It is indeed stable every day, but the inability of the staff is even in peace. The story of Shuli is still on my mind, why is there no report at all? I don’t think it is necessary for the police to restrict the media. What’s more, the message from the CPt Fan Club also made me care, because the last message completely shows that Shuli has not yet returned home. What happened later? I haven’t seen any new messages since then.

If Shuli gets home, then forget it. There is no report, maybe you can think so, it was Katsushiro who used his power to block the media’s mouth. If it is known that a daughter of the In the Mood for Love has been kidnapped, there must be some speculation about whether the meat ticket was divided. But I always feel that things do not seem so optimistic.

One of the reasons that made me feel uneasy was the previous Yokosuka apartment. According to Shuri, her friend Yuki seemed to rent an apartment exclusively for women, but after investigation, he also lived in a bunch of men, and some of them were dormitories of a certain steel company! Afterwards, I also asked the administrator, but the administrator said that there was no such suite.

Why did Shuli lie?

I tried to recall, she said it is women-only apartments, content roughly like this:

“.. You do not come would be better, because this is a women-only apartment waiting for you to see the ship in the port of Yokosuka thousand million”

that is, Said that she didn’t want me to talk to, for a while, she had to tell such a lie. Why won’t she let me follow?

I remembered the last night, when I went to Yokosuka again. I also followed to the apartment at that time, but she was so uncertain when she led the way. From departure to finding the apartment, I was ridiculously lost. Why is this happening?

She might just be looking for an apartment at random, I guess. She didn’t want me to go to Yuki’s place anyway, and then she found an apartment nearby that was very similar to what she said, which means she was lying to me. Since that apartment is not a female-only apartment, the fact that there is no one-room suite is consistent. Now that this statement is consistent, new questions have arisen. Why have I progressed to this level, but not let me go to where Yuki lives? Also, where did her 270 million hide?

Is there any secret in Yuki’s apartment that I don’t want me to know, and is it necessary to insist that I don’t go to the apartment building?

Thinking of this makes me wonder about a fundamental question. Does Yuki’s apartment exist? No, does this friend named Yuki exist?

Shuli said this name at the beginning of the game. Make a frank call to where your friend lives and leave a message on the answering machine. I proposed to stop the game, but she said that it would be fine to go to the friend’s house and wash out the phone messages, so she drove to Yokosuka specially.

If there is no such person as Yuki at all, then the message on the phone is also a lie. Why is she telling such a lie?

There is only one possible situation, and that is that you want me to go to Yokosuka, and that’s probably it. But what is the purpose of this? In fact, I used Yokosuka to accurately fake a prisoner’s hiding place, but this is what I thought of, not Shuri’s suggestion. And what she proposed was just to go to the hill where you can see the stars. What does that mean? Why do you do that?

No matter how I think about it, I don’t think that Yuki’s matter was fabricated. So what’s the reason for the apartment lie? My thinking has been spinning around here, although I want to find out the answer, but it’s completely lost.

There is another reason that makes me uneasy, and that is Katsushiro Katsuki.

I heard from a colleague related to the new car promotion activities of Sunstar Automobile that Katsuragi has not attended the meeting at all since last week, and it is said that he has not even gone to the company! When I played the game with him, he was completely silent, but why didn’t he go to the company when the game was over?

The faces of Katsuki Katsushige, Shuri and his daughter crossed before my eyes. I couldn’t understand what they were thinking, but I could only be chased by such a situation.

“Sorry, can you raise your left hand a bit more? Ah, that’s it. Almost that way.” The bearded photographer kept pressing the shutter.

The pictured is a popular professional golfer who has been active at home and abroad recently, holding a putter, making a move into the hole. He seems to be accustomed to facing the camera, with few unnatural expressions. This will be at ease, and photography will not take a long time.

This is the shooting site of promotional prints of watches exported by a certain German watch manufacturer. Want to show the product’s impact resistance and strong shock resistance, so please come to golf players. What they want to show is that they are completely unaffected by a strong swing.

After the photo is taken, there is an interview. The content of the interview is how the golfer feels when he is playing with his watch. Of course, it was not me who asked, but the person who wrote the manuscript interviewed. The interview took place in the coffee shop of the studio, and during this time I was staring at the situation of taking a single piece of the watch. The interview was accompanied by a young man named Yamamoto.

When the filming was over here, the interview seemed to have just ended. After sending the golfer out of the main entrance, we began to discuss the content of the interview. The man who wrote the manuscript dressed very young with long hair. After talking about it, I found that the main points of the manuscript she wanted were a little bit off, so I had to tell her in detail the main points to write. The authors of the manuscript were a bit unhappy, but articles that wanted to show their literary talent were of no use to us.

“Mr. Sakuma hasn’t changed at all, his mouth is still so spicy. The man who wrote the manuscript wanted to write the original appearance of the golfer, so the focus of the interview was also on that.” In the car back to the company, Shanxi said with a strange expression holding the steering wheel.

“An advertisement that is so important to us, how can we let this kind of people do it! Probably, people like this want to become non-fiction writers. People who don’t even know the focus of their work, don’t It’s very likely to come out.”

“Haha! That’s right,” Yamamoto laughed strangely, then lowered his voice and continued: “By the way, Mr. Sakuma, have you listened? About Mr. Katsuragi. “

Mr. Katsuragi? Is it the vice president of Katsuragi?” I asked in surprise.

“Well, of course. His daughter, it seems that something is in trouble.”

My heart beat faster, and I adjusted my breathing and asked:

“What happened?”

“I don’t know too well, it seems to be missing.” Right.”

I faced Yamamoto, and if he turned his head to look at me, he might notice a change in my face. Fortunately, he kept looking ahead.

“Missing! How to say?” My voice was a little impetuous.

“The details are still unclear. I also heard it from others, because this is also a rumor within the Sunstar Automobile, but it seems to be quite grounded. Don’t report the crime to someone.”

“How come there is such a rumor? Did Mr. Katsuragi tell someone ?”

“It should have been told to

someone . If the rumor is true, um…” “When will you listen to it?” Arrived?”

“This morning, just before leaving the company to come to the studio, I wanted to confirm with Mr. Sakuma if he already knew it. But Yixin didn’t have the time to ask. It seems that you don’t know.”

“I don’t know at all.”

“Yes, it’s just a rumor.” Yamamoto didn’t know the seriousness of what he was talking about, and continued to drive with his irrelevant expression.

Fortunately, I didn’t hear it during filming. If I heard it at work, I’m afraid I won’t be able to get into the situation, and I can’t calmly tell the incompetent manuscript writer that things are not good, and so on.

Yamamoto began to say something else. I just deal with him casually. Thinking of Shuri in his mind. She is missing? After the prank kidnapping, was it really kidnapped this time? That’s too much like a TV drama plot! ?

She originally wanted to disappear deliberately. I think it’s more appropriate in my heart. Where did it disappear? Thought of this. I still cherish the key place of Yuki’s apartment.

If I think about it this way: In fact, the script has already been thought out at the beginning.

She caught up with my game, but she didn’t want to do exactly what I told him. Even if she finally got the money, she didn’t want to go home. She planned to hide her whereabouts, but she had to find a shelter before she settled down completely. I borrowed the place, so I borrowed a friend’s residence, and because of this, I didn’t let me know the detailed location. She thought that if I knew, I would definitely go to her when she learned that she was not home, and in fact I went to Yokosuka.

This inference can be said for the time being, but there are still some doubts. If this inference is correct, she will need to explain Yuki’s residence to me. No, even if this is the case, then there is no need to rush to listen to the phone message. Because, if it is only intended as a hiding place afterwards, it will be fine to delete the message at that time.

Probably I have been asking and answering this way in my heart for a long time, and Yamamoto stopped talking along the way.

When I returned to the company, I was shocked when I entered the office. There was no half of them in the seat.

“Oh! What’s going on?” Yamamoto’s voice seemed a little confused.

It is actually an illusion that everyone is absent. It turns out that everyone is gathered in the corner. There was a TV set there, and the front of the TV was crowded with people, and the TV picture was almost completely invisible.

Yamamoto asked a standing person, “What happened?”

“Oh, big event! That rumor is true!”

“What kind of rumor?”

“Mr. Katsuragi’s daughter! Missing! And it seems to have been. It’s been more than ten days.”


Yamamoto pushed the others away and walked forward. I followed and finally saw the TV screen. But there are only the broadcasters who are reporting other events. The incident of Katsushiro Shuri seems to have been reported.

The colleagues who turned on the TV returned to their seats one by one, and each of the population was talking about their own perceptions.

“Mr. Katsuragi can’t work, right.”

“I thought it was weird before, and I wondered how the meeting would be held.”

“Sunstar’s stock price is going to fall again because of this.”

“What will happen? What’s the matter? Run away from home?”


“It’s okay to be that way, can it be said that it is impossible to be killed?”

It was Sugimoto who said the shocking words. I grabbed his shoulder and asked:

“Hey, make it clear, Mr. Katsuragi What is going on with his daughter?”

Sugimoto was a little surprised seeing my reaction.

“It disappeared a few days ago, and then the police started searching.”

“Search? What kind of search?”

“How do I know? Other TV stations are probably still reporting.” Sugimoto returned to his seat with an impatient expression. .

Suddenly, Yamamoto who was sitting at the back yelled ah. The TV channels are switching together, and the announcer on the screen is different from the one just now. The whereabouts of the daughter of the vice president of Sunstar Motors is unknown, as it says on the subtitles.

The report of the female announcer is similar to what Sugimoto said. Knowing that the whereabouts of Katsushiro’s eldest daughter, Shuri, is unknown, the Metropolitan Police Department and Daejeon Police Department speculate that they may be involved in some cases, and investigations have been launched…

some cases?

How does this speed up? Why didn’t it say it was kidnapping? No, more important than this is the unknown whereabouts of Shuli. What did she do?

But the next second made my heart tremble even more! A woman’s face appeared on the TV screen, which seemed to be a photo like a snapshot, underneath the photo was written words like Ms. Katsuki Shuri.

The female broadcaster continued to report the content of the incident, but I could no longer hear what she was reporting. If there is no one around, I will yell at the TV! Just to suppress this impulse, do you know how much effort is required?

The face of Katsuragi Shuri on TV is not the one I know. It’s the face of someone I don’t know at all.

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