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Chapter 16 KG

It’s been a long time since I dated on Saturday. Today’s date is the 24-year-old receptionist at the venue. Let her eat Italian food. Although she drank a few cocktails in the hotel bar, she did not progress to the plot of the hotel where she was staying. If she really wants to do this, I think the hotel has no room available. When I am confident that I can get cuties, I always reserve a room first. But I didn’t want to that night. It’s not that I don’t have confidence, but I always feel a little troublesome.

To be honest, I don’t have any special expectations for the reception lady at the venue. Anyone I want to date is good. Because of this mentality, I didn’t feel particularly pleasant when eating, nor did I feel particularly interested in talking. She probably also felt strange, why she asked her to have dinner, she probably didn’t figure it out in the end.

The matter of Shuli has been circling in my mind. What happened after that? What is unbelievable is that there is no report on this case in the media. The daughter of the vice president of the world’s largest company, Sunstar Motors, was kidnapped and taken for ransom. If this kind of thing happens, it will definitely cause a lot of media coverage. It is hard to imagine blocking the report. Moreover, Rou Piao was released safely, and it is even more possible for the police to conduct public investigations unscrupulously. Wouldn’t they want to actively use the media?

After breaking up with the receptionist at the venue, I returned home, I turned on the computer and went online to the CPt Fan Club website. After successfully getting the ransom, I never visited this website again.

Open the bulletin board, there are a lot of irrelevant articles, of course, this has nothing to do with Shuli, and some are only some comments on the car.

I stopped moving my mouse hand because I saw such an article.

Please! (Julie)

What’s wrong with my car? I paid all the money, but there is no contact. What is going on?

If you are the owner of the car, please contact me if you see this message. Please!

What the hell is going on! ?

Looking at the date of the message, it was last night. The meaning of this message is to return Shuli as soon as possible. But she should have returned to Katsuragi’s house safely!

Or is this a trap?

It is possible. Pretend that Shuli hasn’t come back and see how the prisoner will react.

But, I think so too, even if Shuli didn’t go home, he had nothing to do with the prisoner. It is too naive to expect that the prisoners will get in touch with each other! In fact, I don’t even think of any more actions now.

Maybe Shuli really didn’t go home.

This possibility is relatively high. I only drove her to the hotel near Shinagawa, she might not catch a taxi. Do not! Even if she catches a taxi, she doesn’t know if she has gone home. She said she hated the Katsuragi family. I have a lot of money in my hand, I think, will it disappear like this?

If so, it would be very bad! As far as the heart of the victim in a kidnapping case is concerned, usually after being released, he should first want to return to a place where he can feel at ease. No matter how uncomfortable the home is, Shuri can only go back to Katsuragi’s house, and there is no other place.

It doesn’t matter if Shuli’s whereabouts remain unknown, the truth will be buried forever. But this should be difficult, right? Is there a way for a little girl who is just about 20 years old to hide her name like this? Even if she is pregnant with a huge amount of money and has neither an ID nor a household registration, how does she plan to continue her life for the rest of her life?

If this situation continues, the police will definitely start an open investigation. Shuli’s photos should appear in every corner of the country, and then they will be repeatedly reported on TV. Even if Shuli hides, it is impossible for her not to go out, it is impossible not to contact people, she will definitely be found.

How will she act after being found by the police? From that moment on, I thought she would definitely say the lines I taught her. But it shouldn’t make any sense to do this, right? The police will definitely suspect that this is a prank kidnapping. Under the persistent and aggressive questioning of the police, I don’t think Shuli can bear it. Sooner or later, she will confess me.

This made me restless, I picked up my jacket and rushed out, drunkenness swept away.

I drove the MR-S to Yokosuka again. There was no place where Shuli could hide except the apartment. The ransom is also hidden there.

When driving on the highway, I sorted out the processing sequence once in my head. The prerequisite is to find the tree first. What should I do if I find it? Anyway, she must be arrested and returned home. Regarding the prolonged imprisonment, we can only make up a statement to explain how cautious the prisoner’s attitude is.

If Shuri has already met someone, it’s over. I don’t think she can be that stupid, but if she is so, how should she deal with it? My mind is turning at full speed, but I can’t think of a good way. I can only pray that she didn’t meet anyone!

Arrived at Yuki’s apartment. I parked the car a little further away and walked over. Guigui Chong Chong is very dangerous in this place, and it is even more dangerous to put the tree here. No matter what, you have to take her home.

I made sure that there was no one around, and slowly approached the apartment. It’s midnight, and there should be no administrators. Here comes the problem, I don’t know the room number. All I know is that she is called Yuki.

The glass door of the entrance of the apartment is open, it seems that it is not an automatically locked door. As expected, the administrator is absent. On the left and right sides of a whole row of mailboxes, some had names written on them, but Hu’s did not. Even if Hulu writes it, it’s just the last name, which doesn’t help.

While paying attention to the surroundings, I reached into the mailbox from one end with my backhand and grabbed it with my fingers, but there was nothing in my head. It’s Saturday night. Everything in the mailbox is

moved to the next mailbox with   . This time, it’s a postcard. The recipient is Kaoru Yamamoto, who doesn’t look like Yuki’s letter.

Reach into the next mailbox. Will this solve the problem? I started to feel a little uneasy in my heart, but I can only do so now.

I touched something with my finger and picked it up cautiously. This time it was a letter.

Mr. Tetsuya Matsumoto Kai.

This is not the case. Throw things back to the mailbox. At that moment! Suddenly something came to mind.

It would be better if you didn’t come, because this is a female-only apartment…

Shuri did say so.

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