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Chapter 15 KG

Two days have passed since I received the ransom, and the banknotes have not changed. Probably not doing anything on the banknotes.

I put thirty million banknotes in a supermarket bag.

“These are the parts I should take, so the rest is yours!”

Shuli looked at the table and sighed lightly:

“It’s quite large, and it looks very heavy!

” This also shows how big this bet is!”

I handed her the paper bag from the department store, and she began to put the banknotes into the paper bag. Two hundred and seventy million! It’s really heavy.

“What should I do with the money?”

“Use it as you like. This is your thing. But, it’s better not to spend money too ostentatiously.”

Shuli shook his head and said,

“It’s not about this. Well, I can’t just take the money home like this. Put it in the coin-operated locker? Then wait until the whole incident subsides before taking it out.”

“The coin-operated locker is too dangerous. In case the key finds out, then. It’s over. Besides, I don’t know when things will calm down. Once the storage period is over and the glove box is opened, it’s over.”

“What the hell should I do?”

“Is there a secret place? Only you You can go in, and it’s a place that only you know, and you can get in and out. If there is such a place, it can be kept for a period of time.”

She thought for a while and then smiled slyly and said, “There is only one place. And it’s a good place.”

“Where?” I suddenly thought of it after I asked, but I frowned and asked, “Are you going to say that this apartment I live in, but it’s impossible. After you go back safely, we There is absolutely no contact. It was decided from the beginning.”

“But there is no better place!”

Sure enough, she seemed to think of this house.

“No way! You are going to go out.”

“Where to go?”

“Just follow along.” I stood up and said, “270 million don’t forget.” I

went out and walked to the parking lot. Look at the time, half past nine in the evening.

“Hey, where are you going? Can you tell me?”


“Yokosuka?…Going again?”

“Didn’t you have a friend who went to the U.S.? It’s called Yuki? You are not going to listen. Did you drop the phone and record it?”

Ah, ah! With an expression that finally understood Shuri, he said, “Hide the money in Yuki’s room, right?”

“That’s the safest, right?”

I originally thought that recording the phone would be really troublesome, but Thank you for having this house now. Because I have been worrying about where to hide the money.

Sitting in the MR-S, the hood was closed like that night. Shuli put the huge paper bag in his lap carefully and hugged it. This is a sum of money to support her future life.

“Hey, the police investigation has started?”

“Of course! It should have started after we faxed it out.”

“I wonder if they found any clues?”

“There is no reason to find any clues.” I Cocked her mouth and said to her: “There are some false clues about what you have to say, such as the sound of the siren behind the prisoner.” There

is no need to worry about the e-mail and mobile phone. The only one who can be called a witness is Nakamura in the dealership of Sunstar Automobile Xiangdao. If Shuli’s words are credible, I think that man should have no available intelligence to provide to the police.

“But… there is a definite clue!” Shuli said.

“What is it?”

“The prisoner speaks English, and he speaks English!”

I was taken aback. The steering wheel slipped, and the car passed the center line greatly. I hurriedly stabilized the car.

“Are your English pretty good?” I asked her calmly.

“It’s okay. But to be honest, I don’t know what the accent is, it just feels like English accent. Isn’t it right?”

“Well…I don’t know.” I felt like sweating under my armpits.

She was right. I used to stay in London for almost a year. English ability can also be said to have been trained that year. Heard too much. Maybe it can be distinguished.

Turn onto the highway. When we arrived in Yokosuka, we soon saw the restaurant we visited before, and I remembered the painting of MR-S.

“Would you like to wait for me there?” Shuli asked me.

“No, the sign of that shop is not good, so I won’t go. Go to the neighborhood tonight.”


“Near the apartment where Yuki lives. It’s very tiring to carry such a heavy object.”

“I don’t care. If you wait near the apartment. It’s this kind of thing again, it’s too eye-catching!”

“It’s scary for you to be eye-catching! Just put things in the room, stop for a while, you won’t be suspected, tell How do I go.”

“Uh… uh… then turn right at the next intersection.”

“Turn right.” I turned on the direction light and entered the right-turn lane.

But from here the trouble comes. Shuli couldn’t remember how to go, suddenly turned the wrong turn, and suddenly the wrong way. It took thirty minutes to turn around and arrive. Did not drive here, Shuli said so.

“Even so, that would be too ridiculous! Forget it, this apartment, right?” I said, looking at the road on the right. It is a four-story white building. There are not so many rooms. It was almost twelve o’clock, and more than half of the room lights were on.

“Well, then I’ll go up.”

“Be careful!”

I sat in the car and watched Shuli moving his back like a heavy object. Fortunately, there are not many houses around, and the time is late, so I don’t seem to worry about being bumped into it.

I stared at the apartment blankly, and forgot to ask Shuli which floor number was, and I didn’t know which floor she planned to go to. The apartment on the fourth floor may not have an elevator. Moving things to the fourth floor is not easy.

About five minutes later, I thought it was strange. There are no newly lit windows. Should Yuki’s room be dark, should Shuri turn on the light first when he enters the room, or is it impossible to see her room from this angle?

After another five minutes, Shuli walked out, trot across the road, and ran to the car.

“Long wait!” she said as she got into the car. Her breathing was a little panting.

“Have you successfully hid it?” After speaking, I drove the car.

“Well, perfect!”

“Will Yuki’s family also come?”

“Don’t worry about that. She said that this kind of thing will never happen. I hide it in a place that is not easy to find, even if It’s not easy to find if someone enters.”

“Is Yuki’s house that big?”

“It’s not like that, because her furniture is messy.”

“How many rooms are there?”


“There are a few rooms where Yuki lives. Is it a single suite or what?”

“Oh! Um… it’s a suite, what’s the matter?”

“Nothing, I’m just thinking, what kind of young people live in this neighborhood? House.”

I thought to myself, if it’s a suite, it should be visible outside when the light is turned on.

After driving for a while, Shuli said, “Hey, do you want to be there?”

“Where?” I stepped on the brake.

“That place! I should remember it? I was there when I came last time.”

“Ah…ah…” Of course I didn’t forget.

“Why are you going there?”

“Because… today is the last day. I must also go home. We will never meet again!”

I was silent. She was right. I originally thought about transporting her somewhere tonight, and then notified Katsushige that the game was over!

“At the end of this place, I just want to go to this place with memories.” She seemed to be speaking into the air, probably because she felt embarrassed.

I let go of the brake pedal. Yokosuka is a place for false evidence, so it’s better not to stay for long. But it’s okay to want to stay a little longer. Like she said, this is the last night.

It was already thirty minutes later to park the car on the hill at the tip of the Miura Peninsula. Just like that night, the roof of the car was fully open, breathing the air with the scent of grass. The tree beside him also breathed deeply.

It’s a pity that the sky is full of dark clouds, and I can’t see the stars tonight.

“The time is short, but it’s very interesting.” Shuri looked at my face and said.

“It’s a frightening game!”

“After tomorrow, every day seems to be boring again.”

“No, I’ve said it several times. You still have a lot of things to do.”

“Things like that. Compared with

what I am doing now, it is not a big deal at all.” “It’s really promising!” I said with a smile.

“Mr. Sakuma,” she said with a sincere gleam in her eyes, “Thank you so much for this period of time!”

“It’s not yet the point where you can say thank you. I am also very happy that I can play like this this time. Pleasant, it’s been a long time since I felt the thrill of a real victory or defeat!”

“Won this game too?”

“That’s right!”

We both looked at each other and laughed.

“But I really thank you. Because of your appearance, I can continue to live from now on.”

“That’s a bit too much.”

“It’s true…you can’t understand how I feel right now.” She Tilted his head and said.

We are kind to each other and then kiss. Her lips are so soft and completely moist. I felt my erection, but didn’t want to put my hand in her panties. Whenever you get away, the most important thing is. The relationship between the two must be cut off. Be cautious about feelings of reluctance.

But in the end, after all, I hugged Shuri tightly again. She seemed to lose weight in these short days. When the two were separated, she said softly, “Thank you!”

Exit from the large south exit of Wangan Avenue and drive to Shinagawa Station. But instead of stopping in front of the station, I stopped on the left where I could see a large restaurant.

“Well, I will review it again at the end.” I said.

“More? It’s really long-winded.” Shuri smiled wryly.

“This is a long-winded lifeline, don’t complain, just say it quickly!”

“When I woke up…” Shuli’s eyes looked into the distance and said, “It was comatose in the car. Probably it was a Benz. Well, the hands and feet were not tied up, and no one else was there. Then I got out of the car, dizzy, but I had to take advantage of this opportunity to escape, so I started running desperately, so there was nothing left. I tried my best to record the license plate number. It seemed to be in the parking lot, and it was the underground parking lot of the hotel. I took the elevator to the lobby, because it was midnight, so there was no one. Then I walked out of the entrance door and walked towards the taxi. Hello station. I didn’t think if I had money, I just wanted to go home anyway.”

She smiled and looked at me and said, “Is there something wrong?”

“No! Perfect!” I made one. The OK gesture said: “Is the letter with

you ?” “Well, don’t worry!”

I asked her to bring a letter in which I wrote the following on the computer.

Mr. Katsushiro:

Thank you for the ransom. According to the agreement, return to Katsushiro Shuri.

We did not act violently against her, which can be confirmed from her own population. The evaluation of this transaction can be said to be quite efficient.

This is a pretty enjoyable game. That’s it. There will never be any contact in the future. I assure you that you will never choose your eldest brother as your opponent in the game again. Kidnapped people.

“Then…it’s almost time to break up.”

“Well, take care!”

“You too, come on!”

We shook our hands. Shuri got out of the car while watching her holding hand. Thank you and goodbye-after talking to each other, she closed the car door. I drove the car.

The night view of the city in the foreword unfolds before our eyes.

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