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Chapter 14 KG

After confirming that there were no bugs, trackers and other similar devices, we put the banknotes in the car into other bags, and then discarded the cartons before returning to the house. Even my heartbeat speeded up, and I took deep breaths repeatedly to calm my mood. Shuli didn’t say a word when he was in the car.

As soon as I entered the house, she hugged me tightly.

“Finally! It was a success! Her breathing was a bit short, and it was only natural that she was doing this, because she had completed an too important task.

I took her hand away from my neck and looked at her. The eyes are red.

“Really did it. But the real happiness has to wait a while. There is a final finishing touch. “

What are you going to do?” “

Anyway, I’ll go back to the company first.” You have a good rest. “

The money… can you count it?” “

No, you can’t touch it yet!” If you can’t help but want to touch it, put on your gloves first. “

” Gloves? “

The reason I will tell you when I come back.” “I

kissed Shuli’s mouth, and I went out immediately. When I

returned to the company , I walked to my seat blankly. No one noticed me, and the group of people who went to the Sunstar car meeting seemed to have not returned.

Open it. The computer thought for a while, and then started to type up the article.

Mr. Katsuragi:

I have already got the thing, but the contents have not been confirmed.

After confirmation, Kurri Katsuragi will be returned to you.

But if the police are aware of any action , Will be cancelled.

The method of returning

Katsuragi’s letter to you, and contacting you in the future. After confirming that there is no wrong place, send the letter with the email box of the head. After the confirmation letter has been sent, send the article from Deleted from the computer. This e-mail box will never be used again.

Not long after get off work hours, a group of people from Otsuka returned to the company. As soon as Otsuka saw me, he walked towards me.

“I wronged you today! I’m sorry.”

“No. Speaking of which, how will you do today?”

“The general direction is decided. It will be miserable starting tomorrow!”

“But I still have to wait for Mr. Katsuragi to decide.   Huh ? Because he ran away halfway.”

“No… he came back later!”

“Oh! Mr. Katsuragi?” My voice suddenly changed.

“Well, because the matter is over, I came back before the meeting was about to end, so the content of the meeting was recognized at the moment. Fortunately, I didn’t go for a trip in vain.”

“Oh, this way…”

It’s unbelievable. In this way, Katsushiro went back to the company as soon as he paid the ransom. What’s going on here? Generally, it should be to notify the police immediately, and then follow up and deal with it. It should not be to go back to the meeting! ?

“What’s the matter?” Otsuka looked at me suspiciously.

“No, it’s okay. Things can go smoothly, great!” I smiled at him socially.

Leaving the company on the way home, I was thinking about this question together in my mind, and I couldn’t figure it out.

What Katsushiro said during the daytime sounded in his ears:

“It’s meaningless to do these things. There was no policeman in the beginning.”

“I just hope that Shuri can come back. I originally planned to pay for it!”

“No need to do these things,” I didn’t call the police at all!”

Katsuragi repeatedly stressed that there was no policeman, but I didn’t believe what he said, even now I don’t believe it. But there are too many inconsistencies, and it was the same when I was at the Hakozaki interchange before.

Back home, Shuli sat on the sofa and watched TV. The stacks of banknotes on the coffee table are neatly and beautifully piled up, and the amount of 300 million yuan is really spectacular!

“You didn’t touch it directly with your hand, did you?”

“I did wear this!” Shuli pinched the glove and said, “But, why can’t you touch it with your hand?”

“We don’t know if there are any hands or feet on the bill. For example, if you spill a liquid on it, it will be stained when your hand touches it, and you need to use a special solvent, otherwise it can’t be removed.”

“Is there such a thing?” She looked at the banknote with an unhappy expression.

“I have heard such rumors. There are others, such as putting on drugs that will change color after a period of time. If you use the money without knowing it, it will not be long before the person who gets the money It will start to be suspicious, and then call the police.”

“There are all kinds of tricks.”

“So it’s better not to touch them for two or three days. After time has passed, if there is no change, you can probably be sure that there is no problem. “

You are really amazing!” Quan Geng said.

She was not complimenting, as if she was sincerely admiring. I looked at her in surprise and said, “Suddenly, what’s the matter?”

“You know everything, and you see after two or three steps. It’s like taking a ransom. It’s the same thing, and it’s so smooth. We didn’t make any big moves. We only got 300 million with our mobile phone!”

“You don’t need to wear a high hat for me, the part you should take is not less!” I smiled and said: “The part you should take is 270 million. Suddenly become a rich man!”

“Really take so much, is that okay?”

“If you look at the amount you can inherit, it’s probably a small amount. Right. My thirty million is enough. Apart from playing a fun game, this is a very profitable one.”

“And also one step ahead of Katsushige’s success?”

“Yeah!” I smiled in my heart. But there was a moment of anxiety. Is it really? Did I really win Katsuragi Seungjun?

“What’s the matter?” Shuri asked me when he noticed the change in my expression.

“In fact, I thought that the game is not over yet, and the most important thing is still confiscated!” I raised my index finger and said, “The hostages will be returned. You! To be portrayed as a ruthless kidnapper and imprisoned, but also to assist the prisoner. The victim who takes the ransom must finally send you back to your dear father.”

“The next step is to become an actress.”

Shuri said confidently.

“The next acting skills are very hard, and I can’t be by your side. No matter what the situation, you have to survive by yourself. And this is not a moment, but a lifetime! In this life you have to perform one. The kidnapped victim.” I sat down beside her, put my hand around her back, and pulled her into my arms and said, “You should have this enlightenment!?”

Shuli blinked. Looking at me together, they said,

“You don’t want to think about who I am? I’m Katsushige’s daughter!”

“That’s right!” I nodded.

It is not difficult to send Shuli home. Just let her sleep in a place where no one else can see, and then notify Katsushige Katsujun. Of course, Shuli doesn’t have to really fall asleep, as long as the performance comes is enough.

The problem is after this. This must require her high acting skills.

“The police will definitely start from the time you were kidnapped.” I looked at her and said, “What kind of situation was that, we said before, do you remember? First, the police will ask you why you got so late? Run out of the house? How do you answer?”

“That night I…” Shuri said with a retrospective expression: “I had a fight with Chiharu about the facial cream, and then I was in a mess and wanted to go often. The nightclub, because I was afraid of being scolded by my parents, I sneaked out.”

OK! Remember very clearly, it’s amazing!

“Can you describe in detail the situation of being kidnapped that day?” After I finished speaking, I pretended to hold the microphone in front of Shuri.

“Not long after I left home, there was a car parked next to me, and he was about to yell. He covered my nose and mouth with his hands, and then I don’t remember.” When she thought about it, she said. The deputy wanted to ask the “how” expression.

“The key starts here. When I wake up, I am already in the prisoner’s secret place. I should be asked what kind of place it is. How do you answer this time?”

This is the place to think about it. If this part is unnatural, the police will surely suspect that they will somehow think this kidnapping is a prank. Just break off, maybe there will be contradictions in some places.

“My eyes are blindfolded!” I said.


“That’s how you answered. When you woke up, your eyes were already blindfolded and you couldn’t see anything. Also, your hands were tied behind your back, just like this was placed on the bed.”

“That’s it. What about the feet?”

“Not tied.”


“Because it is not necessary. In the state of being invisible and unable to use the hands, it is almost impossible to move. If the feet are tied again, it will be troublesome for the prisoner. I have to untie my tie when I go to the toilet!”

“I see.” She nodded.

“When you are playing chess and want to move your body, there is a woman’s voice and you just answer. This woman said: Don’t want to get up from the bed, as long as you are obedient, we won’t do anything to you.”

“Oh! So cool!”

“Yes, she is a very bold woman. Who would you think of a cool woman?”

Shuri tilted his head slightly and thought, and then said, “Makiko Jiangjiao.” Something to my mind. Different, but it’s okay.

“Okay, just assume it. The police will ask you, what are the characteristics of this woman’s voice, how old is she, and does she have a special accent? At this time, you noticed her voice and thought of Makiko Jiangjiao. You answer the police like this.”

“If you are asked about the voice you have heard before? How do you answer? Just answer Makiko Esaku, right.”

“Yes, do the police really go to Makiko Esaku? No? Well, it doesn’t matter if you really look for it.”

“Then this cool woman is the role of guarding me!”

“The guard also feeds you. Although you have no appetite, this woman must want you to eat. In the end, she has no choice but to put it in your mouth and ask you to eat. Because you are asked to eat while your eyes are blindfolded. , So it won’t give you hot food, and it’s not easy to eat. Maybe sandwiches are okay. You can only let your hands free when you eat, but on the contrary, at this time your feet It’s tied up. Okay, let’s just assume that.”

“When you eat, your hands are free and your feet are tied up…” Shuri seemed to be imagining what this situation is like.

“This Jiangjiao Makiko has another task, that is, who you are talking to. She chooses some topics that are not related to this case to chat with you casually. Such as talking about celebrities, fashion, sports, etc.”

“What about love?”

“Well…” I shook my head and said, “Let’s assume this way. When it comes to this topic, her words become very few, because this woman has an accomplice, so the police Will also guess whether the woman’s lover or husband is the mastermind? They will naturally want to know what the woman said about love. This will be more troublesome and will increase the burden of your fabrication.”

“Say. That’s true.” Shuri seemed to understand, “Can you ask a question?”

“What’s the matter?”

” Are I blindfolded when I go to the bathroom? How can I do it when I can’t see anything? Maki Jiangjiao. Will you help me? If so, it would be a bit annoying!”

I nodded and smiled bitterly. I also understand what she wants to say, and there are still some issues that must be assumed.

“That’s good. When you say you want to go to the bathroom, this woman will hold your hand. After you enter the bathroom, you can release your blindfolded eyes.”

“Both people go to the bathroom?”

“Although it is very narrow, there is no way. The prisoner just doesn’t want you to know the extra information. After letting go of your eyes, the woman will go out immediately. This is your rare free time. Then you can pee slowly. Or do something.”

“Sounds really disgusting, like what an old man said!”

“Of course you will slowly observe the inside of the toilet. The inside is like this. The walls are cement walls, there are exhaust fans but no windows, and the lights are fluorescent lamps. There are toilet paper and physiology inside. Supplies. The toilet is a seat type, and there is also a free toilet device. “

Great! Shuri clapped her hands gently. How to use a toilet without a hands-free toilet is probably hard to imagine. There will be more and more people like this.

“The door is made of wood. It should have been locked from the inside. It was a horizontal bolt type, but it was removed because you were afraid you might lock yourself in.”

“Do I remember so much?” The tree Li frowned, clenched his fist with his head and said, “I really want to write a cheat sheet and put it on my body.”

“The police will ask you, but did you hear any noise when you entered or exited the toilet.”

“I didn’t hear anything, so the answer is less problematic?”

I shook my head and said,

“Usually people with blindfolded eyes will have sharper hearing. If you say nothing, you will be suspicious. He still hears. It will be better if it gets there.”

Shuli suddenly snapped his fingers and said: “Whistle!”

“Well, that’s not bad!” I nodded, the girl’s reaction was really fast.

“Did they not hear the whistle sound at Yokosuka Port when they called for the first time? It made them think that the secret place was on the side of the port. So when the police asked, the answer was that the whistle sound was better?”

“That’s it. But if you can hear it all together, it’s not very natural. The prisoner should also notice the sound. You answered that you have heard it once or twice, and it seems to be far away.”

“Understood. Is it all right about the sound?”

“It’s strange if it’s just the siren. There are also the sounds of cars passing by, because there are few places where you can’t hear the sound of cars.”

“Boats and cars.” Shuri played a game. The expression of having a good time.

“Come on, it’s not just this cool woman who comes into contact with you. At least one prisoner is going to play. This is a man.”

“I know, it’s the criminal who actually took the ransom, right?”

“The criminal, you will Use such a difficult word. But as you said, you have acted with this criminal at least three times. The first time was at the beginning of the Technical Supervision Bureau. The police will definitely ask you to explain the situation in detail.

” It’s getting more and more troublesome!” Shuli scratched his head with a bored expression.

“These people who dealt with the case were desperate, and the ransom was taken away like this. At least you have to survive their constant questioning!”

“I see, how do you tell them?”

“You just answer them. I called home and heard the voice of the suspect at that time. Just like asking the woman’s voice, the police will also ask the man’s voice.”

“I see, how can I tell them?”

“Who do you want to talk about this time? What do you think of Fukuyama Masaharu?”

Her eyes twinkled, maybe she is his fan.

“I suppose it is about 40 years old, what kind of person do you think of?”

Shuri rolled her big black eyes, then patted her knee and said,

“The class instructor in high school was about this age. People. You don’t have to be an entertainer, right?”

“Probably. That’s the case for the first phone call. The next thing is more difficult, it’s the Hakozaki Interchange. There was no reason to move from a secret place at that time, right? In other words, they just want to get to the bottom of it.”

“Even if you don’t know anything, it won’t work, right?”

“Your eyes are still blindfolded, and you put on earphones. Loud music continues to be played in the earphones. Needless to say, the prisoner is of course to prevent you from hearing other sounds. You were taken into the car like this. , And then drive to a place. You have to say that you don’t know where it is. You can’t see or hear. It’s impossible if you want to know. You only took off the earphones when you got there, but your eyes were still blindfolded. Then this man gave it to Your detailed instructions are what I told you to do at that time. You followed those instructions and talked to Katsushige Katsushige on your mobile phone.”

“Aren’t you all written on paper what I said at that time? Your eyes were blindfolded. If you live, you can’t read it like that, right?”

“So follow. The main suspect said one sentence, you repeat one sentence, it’s like this.”

Anyway, the police will always find the restaurant we use. Except there, there is no other place to observe the Hakozaki Interchange like that. Moreover, the elevator of this hotel can go directly to the guest rooms from the underground parking lot, so that you can go upstairs with a blindfolded girl with earphones.

The criminal police will go to the restaurant to investigate, but it is impossible for the restaurant to notice our true identity, because we did not leave any information.

“It’s time to pay the last ransom again.”

“I was blindfolded and wearing headphones?”

“Of course. But this time I answered that I was sitting in the car and was ordered to call under such circumstances.

” Are you not going anywhere?”

“You only know that the cars are running together, sometimes they stop, but it doesn’t take long. The police will interpret this statement as an act of instructing the prisoner to take the ransom while moving on the highway. They would not be able to figure out where they saw the Komagata rest stop or the entire highway.” At

this point, I sighed.

“That’s the end of your job of helping the prisoner.”

“But there is actually another place. The most important thing is the character who takes the ransom.”

“If you don’t have one, come out with a face!?”

“I did what you said. Wearing the plain clothes I brought, the makeup has changed, you know.”

“That’s fine.” I nodded with satisfaction and said, “That person is not You. The Nakamura of the Sunstar car dealer’s Mushima store, gave the things to a young lady named Matsumoto, who is completely different from you, with long hair and wearing sunglasses.”

“It’s like this. A young lady?” She put on the wig next to her, and then put on a pair of dark sunglasses.

“It’s a little bit like Makiko Makiko, but it’s not quite similar!” I said sarcastically, and then took off the two things from her head. “These must be dealt with. There is also the king’s eighth machine, and other things that must be dealt with…”

“Let’s go over the two of us!” After speaking, Shuri looked my eyes straight.

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