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Chapter 13 KG

“I’m so embarrassed to be busy.” Ge Cheng Shengjun walked over here. He is wearing a very elegant dark blue double-breasted suit, and his smile is full of leisure.

“No, it’s nothing.” Kozuka stood still.

“As for the plan you sent the other day, there are a few points you want to confirm, so I rushed to let you over.”

“So today’s meeting is your instruction from the vice president?”

“You can say so. I. Once you see a place you have comments, you can’t put it aside.” Katsuragi looked at his watch and said, “It’s almost time. It’s time to enter the conference room.”

“Also, I brought him with him today.” Kozuka looked at it. Me.

Katsuragi turned his face here, I nodded, but Katsuragi immediately looked away.

“What’s wrong with him?” he asked Kozuka.

“No, um, the information sent over instructed Sakuma to come over too.”

“Oh!” Katsuragi tilted his head and said, “What’s going on? I don’t know. The person in charge took the old list. A mechanical movement just passed. Forget it, this kind of thing doesn’t matter, right? Go to the meeting.” He left first after speaking.

Otsuka approached my ear and said, “What do I do?”

“What do you mean?”

“In this way, Mr. Katsuragi really has nothing to do with you. Even if you attend, I think you might just be bored. Then you can go back first.”

In fact, I wanted to go back too, but I didn’t say that.

“I’ve come here,

I’ve heard something . Anyway, there is nothing big to do when I get back to the company.” He didn’t seem to like the thorns in my words, and nodded with a displeased expression on his face.

I pretended to go to the toilet, left Kozuka, found a place where there was no one, took out my phone, and called Shuli.

“Hey, what’s the matter?” I didn’t seem to expect that I would contact her so early, her voice looked confused.

“Schedule changes. Now implement the plan in thirty minutes!”

“Thirty minutes later? You wait, don’t become so rushed all at once, okay?”

“Whether it is thirty minutes or five hours, do it? thing has not changed. ” “

but I need time to be prepared ah! ” “

so I said thirty minutes ah, that time you gave me psychological ready! ” “

Wait! the final step how to do? previously discussed with The same? What if the other party doesn’t trust us?”

“I will believe it! There is no reason not to believe it.”

I spoke confidently so that Shuli could stop talking, but she seemed to sigh.

“Absolutely no problem, right?”

“Don’t worry, the game I shot has not failed.”

“I see, you are so full of words, I have to be enlightened. Thirty minutes later! “


“Then what are you going to do? Are you still in the company?”

“I’m in your father’s company, and I’m about to have a meeting with your father.”


“Please! Your acting skills!”

Alas! Shu Lida sighed from the phone.

“Understood, I’ll try it. But if you don’t do it well, stop the plan right away.”

“No, you can!” I

hung up the phone and walked to the opponent’s room in the game 30 minutes later. .

The content of the meeting is a project using a webcam. In the new car announced by Sunstar Motors, it is equipped with a camera and is driving on the road. Customers who are considering buying a new car can use the Internet to watch this video. The image is not only taken from the front window, but also includes the appearance of the car, the interior, the dashboard, and the mirrors, as long as the driver can see everything. Click the mouse to switch the screen at will. In other words, you can experience the feeling of driving at home. Although it is a good idea, it is not too different from the show introducing the new car. To be more precise, the car park planned by my plaintiff can be completed with a cheaper budget.

“The speed of network transmission is limited, and wanting to immediately get a sense of speed and presence are two issues to be overcome. The problem that has a lot to do with this problem is what kind of road we are going to run on. We consider taking a foreign background as a background, maybe This will add some real sense of temporary presence.” For Sugimoto’s explanation, it is our company’s people who nod their heads. Of course, I didn’t nod my head.

Katsushige Shengjun raised his hand, and the atmosphere of the audience suddenly became tense.

“We are not introducing a new car on a late-night show.”

I was taken aback by this statement, and Katsuragi seemed to have the same idea as me.

“It’s not just about playing beautiful images, we don’t need such things. For those with the ability to buy, the information we need to provide is the value of the new car, not only to create topics, but also to correctly convey the test drive. If you don’t run on the road that ordinary people usually use, it’s meaningless! Letting customers watch the images in Australia or California will not help them!” It

sounds harsh, but it’s Feel the same with me. Sugimoto glanced at Otsuka secretly, and the two looked at each other, both with embarrassed expressions. Probably the location for the filming is in Australia! ?

I checked the time, and it has been twenty-seven minutes since I called Shuli.

Then the second hand circled the number three more times, and I glanced at Katsuragi’s expression. It doesn’t seem to have changed, but he can see the expression he wants to concentrate on this boring meeting.

After a while, his concentrated face instantly sank. Katsuragi reached into the inner pocket of the suit with his backhand. As I thought, he didn’t turn off the power of the phone.

“I’m sorry!” He walked out of the conference room after he finished speaking.

The meeting was interrupted at this time. It seems a rare phenomenon that the vice president leaves the meeting to answer a mobile phone call, and the people of Sunstar can’t help but whisper. Soon Katsuragi returned to the conference room and whispered to his subordinates. The subordinates nodded. He did not say hello to us and went out again.

“Well, I’m sorry! Mr. Katsuragi left the meeting in advance because of other urgency. But he gave an explanation, and our meeting proceeded as usual.”

“But if Mr. Katsuragi is away, even if we have negotiated, it will be of no use!?”

“No I have heard Mr. Katsuragi’s opinions roughly.”


Otsuka would rarely make a face. People who say that they want to have a meeting should take the first step, and they should be upset.

I approached Otsuka’s face and said to him, “President, I’ll go back to the company first. Next, I don’t have much interest here.”

Otsuka nodded and said okay, I don’t think he has the time to talk to me anymore. .

When I walked out of the meeting room, I had the urge to go to the parking lot to take a look. At this time, in the parking lot used by the manager, Katsushiro should be rushing to start the engine of his Benz. But if someone sees me embarrassed, it will be over. I endured it and walked to the front entrance.

I swept a taxi from the entrance of the Rixing Automobile Headquarters and returned to the Castle Peak Company first. But I just got off near the company and changed to another taxi. Tell the driver to drive to Asakusa. I took a look at the time.

Shuri should call home first, and Mrs. Katsuragi is waiting at home. Shuli, who is not his wife’s biological daughter, doesn’t know how to talk to his wife. There is a detective around the wife, maybe she will deal with it with a worried tone, but she must be secretly cursing why it has become a kidnapping case that has to pay 300 million yuan.

Shuli’s instruction to her was to move 300 million yuan to the car and set off right now. It’s not clear where to go. Go west on a certain road first, and that’s all there is to the instructions.

On the other hand, Shuri also called Katsushiro Katsujun, the one he had called earlier. The instructions to Katsuragi were very concise. Prepare the carton and tape and start the Mercedes to keep it ready for departure. That’s all.

I called Shuli.

“Hey, it’s me!” Shuli’s voice seemed a little excited.

“How’s it going?”

“Everything is done as you said. Mom will be in Shinjuku soon.”

“Okay! Take the next step! I’m going to the place we agreed earlier.”

“Well, I got it! “She hung up as soon as she finished speaking.

As I put away the phone, I imagined Mrs. Katsuragi stopping in front of the metropolitan hall while driving the BM. Shuri called Katsushige Katsujun and instructed him to drive to the designated place in the Metropolitan Government Building.

The police should follow the BM, the lady and the car should be equipped with trackers and bugs. The first thing we need to do here is to remove these devices. In order to achieve the goal, the driver must be replaced with the car.

Shuli’s next phone call was to change the ransom from the golf bag to the cardboard box, and Katsushiro Katsushika opened the Mercedes to deliver the ransom. In this way, all devices that may cause obstructions are eliminated.

When I explained the plan to Shuli, she frowned and said,

“If the tracker is installed after changing the driver and car, isn’t that over?”

I immediately shook my head and said, “They won’t do this. This kind of thing.”

“Why are you so sure?”

“It would be bad if they were seen moving and installing these things. Your parents are not police, or they would secretly install these devices without being seen. They can’t do these things, right!?”

“But we can’t see

them either .” “How do they know we can’t see them?”


“The prisoner may be watching wherever he is hiding. Not necessarily-we have to let them think like this before we can have the upper hand in the game. This is the so-called poker game!”

Amidst the shaking of the taxi, I pray that Shuri can carry out these steps perfectly and smoothly. It is believed that Shuli made the call when his life was threatened by the prisoner. The other party probably never dreamed that she would act alone. This thing alone has the effect of trump card!

When I was approaching Komagata Bridge, I got off the taxi and started walking from here. As I walked, I sorted out the plan in my head again. No problem, it can proceed smoothly!

The tall building faces the highway. This is the building of a certain beer company. I took the elevator to the top floor. This is a lookout bar and beer house. I bought a meal ticket at the entrance.

The bar in the store is shaped like a door, all seats are window-facing, and there are already a few guests sitting on the seats. I sat down in the seat on the left corner, pulled out the binoculars from the bag, and adjusted the focus to the road. It’s not unusual for guests to do this here, so no one will notice me. Because the customers here are facing outwards, and the clerk can only see the back of the customer.

If Shuri didn’t make a mistake, the Mercedes driven by Katsushige Shengjun should have come in this direction. I’m a little uncomfortable, if Shuli doesn’t come again, I’ll be in trouble.

When I was about to look at the watch, someone tapped on my shoulder. Shuli sat down in the seat on my left. He was wearing a water blue dress.

“Mr. Katsuragi…” I asked her in a low voice.

“Just on the highway.” She replied briefly.

I looked out through the telescope. This is a very high-magnification lens, but it is also quite difficult to find the Benz of Katsuragi in the fast passing traffic.

“Make a call to confirm the location!”

Shuli did as I said, and the call seemed to be connected right away.

“Hey, it’s me! Where are you now?” She asked in a low voice, “What?

Just opened the Mukoshima Line?” I adjusted the position of the telescope. From Hakozaki to here, it only takes a few minutes if everything goes well.

“Just keep driving like this… I’m sorry, I don’t know where the destination is.”

Shuli didn’t hang up the phone. Because it is a king-of-eight machine, you can do this. After the game is over, the machine has to be disposed of immediately.

A silver-gray Mercedes appeared in my sight, moving forward in the driveway, I think there should be nothing wrong with it. Although the driver’s face cannot be seen, the atmosphere is intuitively him.

I figured it out in my head, and the weapon said, “Tell him to go down to Mukoshima after passing the horse shape. You should know the content of the next instructions?”

I saw her quietly nodding from the corner of my eye. Then I used my cell phone. Press the preset number on the phone.

“Hello, Sunstar Automobile Xiangdao dealership.” A young girl’s voice.

“Sorry, I’m Tiansuo in the manager’s office of Sunstar Automobile. Is the person in charge here?”

I was shocked to hear that it was from the manager’s office.

“Yes, wait a moment!”

Sitting next to him, Shuri gave instructions to her father:

“Dad, go out from Xiangdao… Anyway, go out first!”

My call responded: “Hey, I’m the store manager Nakamura.”

“I’m the manager. Muro Tiansuo, I am sorry that something happened suddenly, but there is a very urgent matter that I want to trouble you.”

“What’s the matter?” Nakamura’s voice was tense.

“The vice president drove his car just around here, and the car seems to be malfunctioning.”

“The vice president’s car…” Nakamura was only half talking. This is something he didn’t even think of!

“He wants to find it, but something is more troublesome.”

“Did you leave Xiangdao? In this case, go south along Modi Avenue… No, go south, go back!” Shuli

used a deep and sharp voice. The voice gave instructions. I listened to her next to me while I was doing my work.

“There is a box in the vice president’s car. I would like to ask you to transport him to some place as soon as possible. When I checked on the map, I found that your store is the nearest, so I called you.”

“Then… …If this is the case, I think I should be able to find a way to deal with it. Then…Where do I go?”

“For the detailed location, wait a minute and then contact you. Anyway, wait at the entrance of the adjusted highway. Your store is off the Xiangjima exit. Isn’t it close?”

“Well, yes.”

“Then I will contact you again later. I don’t know who will be there?”

“Oh, I think it should be me.”

“Then you can ask for advice. Is Mr. Nakamura’s cell phone number?” After

asking the other party’s phone number, he also told him the number here. Of course, it’s not the phone number I’m using now, but the phone number of the head phone that Shuli is using.

I will hang up the phone first. Listen to Shuli’s conversation while drinking beer.

“Yes! Take the highway from the Xiangdao Interchange again… Why did they do this, I don’t know! I just

followed their instructions!” I looked through the binoculars again, but still couldn’t see the Mercedes.

The police should be following. After going down Xiangdao Interchange, turn and adjust the road again in the opposite direction-following this unnatural way of driving, the police will be afraid that the prisoner will know their actions, but when the tracker and the bug are not installed, It can only continue to track it. I expect that even if the police are still worried about the safety of the hostages, their actions will persist to the end.

How to get rid of the police has become the last problem.

See Mercedes! I reached out to Shuli, and she handed me the phone in her hand. I put the phone close to my ear, took a deep breath, and then said,

“suragi!” It

suddenly became a man’s voice, and it was in English, but the other party didn’t respond.

I continued. All in English.

(It should be okay if you start to use English now!? If the policeman tapping the phone is not bad in English, then we can only recognize it. We are out of luck. Then, please stop the car to the next rest stop, just in front of the three. There is a rest stop about a hundred meters away. Park the car to the last parking spot on the approach road. If you know it, answer YES!)



I looked at the Komagata rest stop with a binoculars. The Benz turned on the turn signal and went in. But no car followed into the rest stop, and no other cars in front of the Mercedes entered first. Probably not able to cope with this sudden goodness by following the trailing car! The same as I calculated.

(Turn off the engine, pull out the key, and leave the car. There is a rest place, go inside!)

You can hear the sound of the door opening and closing, and then see Katsuragi coming out.

“It doesn’t make sense to do these things. There was no policeman in the beginning.”

(Don’t talk nonsense, just do it!)

“I just hope Shuli can come back. I originally planned to pay for it!”

(Don’t say nonsense! Then start counting, count down from thousands, please count in English!)

“No need to do these things, I simply

I did n’t call the police!” (Do as I said!) After

hearing a sigh, “One ty Nine, Nine y Eight…”

(Just count it!)

I called Nakamura with another phone:

“Hey, I’m Tiansuo. Where are you now?”

“Ah, um…I’m right next to the Xiangdao Interchange, and I can leave at any time.”

“What kind of car do you drive?”

“A white minivan. “

Please leave immediately. The vice president’s car stopped at the Komagata rest stop. I think the vice president is probably not there anymore. It’s a silver-gray Mercedes. The car should be unlocked. Could you please remove the paper in the car?” Take it away.”

“Where do you want this box to be shipped?”

“There is a new terminal restaurant next to the Qingzhou bridge. A lady named Matsumoto will be waiting at the entrance of the restaurant. Just hand it over to her. “It

‘s the new terminal restaurant on Qingzhou Bridge!”

“Then all things please! The vice president also said that another day must be thank you!”

“Oh, don’t be so polite!”

“That’s a must. Helped so much!” After

hanging up the phone, I winked at Shuri. She handed me the phone number that Katsushige was counting in English and stood up, and then left the beer house.

I looked at the highway with a binocular, and soon saw a small white RV approaching.

The minivan drove into the Komagata rest station, and Katsuragi continued to count. But I couldn’t see if he was paying attention to the appearance of the ransom being taken away.

If someone from the police really wants to be there, they should appear at this point in time. However, as far as I can see, the situation that I am worried about does not appear.

After I saw the minivan leaving the rest stop, I stood up and hung up the call with Katsushiro Katsujun.

I called a taxi, went back to my apartment, got on the MR-S, and set off again.

I parked the car next to the New Terminal Hotel and walked slowly over.

Shuli seemed to see my figure, so as soon as the automatic door opened, she saw her walk out, with her hands folded on her chest.

“What about things?”

“Got it!” She smiled weirdly!

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