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Chapter 12 KG

The hair of the tree that came out of the bathroom turned dark brown, and it felt brighter than the original hair color, but it was much better than the blond hair just now.

“This is more suitable for you.” I said, “Japanese are not suitable for blonde hair.”

“Adults say the same.”

“Aren’t you also an adult?”

“I mean Ojisan.”

“I see Japan .” I would feel embarrassed about my unique flat face with golden hair. It will only make people think that I have a cult of white people.” She didn’t seem very happy. I explained: “I mean ordinary children. It’s not that you have a flat face, but you are not as deep as Europeans and Americans.” The

last sentence is superfluous. It didn’t make her feel better. She sat down rudely on the sofa.

“And then, have you thought of a good way?”


“Still thinking? Only twenty-four hours left!” She looked at the clock and shook her head and said, “That message is I wrote more than six o’clock in the morning, and there are only seventeen hours left by six o’clock tomorrow morning.”

“I don’t mind this thing that much.”

“But he said that if there is no contact within this time, who should I say to me? I will say…”

In order not to listen to her, I reached out and picked up the stereo remote control and pressed the CD play button. The music of “The Phantom of the Opera” started playing in the middle. I like this opera and have seen it several times. This is a story about a sad man whose mask hides an ugly face and wants to complete beyond ordinary people.

It’s not just this man who wears the mask-I think so every time I watch this opera.

To whom to tell, I will still say. What does it mean? Does it mean to report to the police? It’s really despicable. What he wants to say is that he hasn’t reported the crime yet? If this threat is useful, it just means that he is too small!

But I am also a little confused. There is no shadow of the police in the tactics of using the Hakozaki Interchange. Maybe Katsushiro hasn’t reported the crime to the police.

I shook my head, there is no reason to do this, this is a trap! This is to create an illusion that makes us think that the police have not taken any action and wait for us to take action without careful planning.

“Just take the money down yesterday,” Shuli said.

“That’s it?”

“That’s when Dad was circling the Hakozaki Interchange. There is no police tracking, and then tell him to leave the car there, can’t it be enough? Wait until Dad leaves the scene, then take the money away, or even connect the car. It’s fine to drive away together.”

“Idiot, then the police would catch up all at once!”

“Where is the police? Isn’t there no police there?”

“There is no reason to be away, it must be staring at the Mercedes somewhere. Dynamic.”

I thought to myself, maybe the police sent someone to watch at every interchange of the highway adjustment in the capital, and they also eavesdropped on our conversation with Katsushiro.

“Ask the other party to bring the ransom to the designated place, and then instruct the person responsible for the transport to drop the ransom and leave immediately. This is feasible. But after that, if the prisoner goes to get the money casually, he will definitely be arrested by the police, you know Why?” I asked Shuli when she returned to the room.

“I think it’s because the police are in ambush.”

“Yes! The detectives opened their eyes wide and waited to see when the prisoner appeared. This is also the most correct time to arrest a prisoner. Then I ask you why the police know Where to take the money?”

“That’s a matter of course, the victim’s relative told the police.”

“That’s it. In other words, it is smarter not to reveal the location of the ransom until the last minute. It’s just that if you don’t say everything clearly, the person in charge of sending the money doesn’t know where to go. It’s more difficult to take this into consideration.”

“I’ll tell you a rough location first, and then you’ll be able to indicate the right place when you’re nearby?”

“You’re so simple, it’s difficult to proceed smoothly. Take into account the sensitive response of the police network. You can’t do things in minutes, but in seconds.”

“Are you planning this way?”

“You can say that, the idea is almost certain, and then I have to work hard.”

“Work hard?”

“You’ll know later.”

I turned on the computer, flexed my hands, and wrote the following article.

Mr. Katsushiro:

Because of some accidents yesterday, the plan had to be interrupted. The so-called accident was caused by police intervention. I noticed that there seems to be police surveillance, but the facts are not clear. If you have reported to the police and you are conducting so-called investigations, it is really regrettable. The transaction between us must stop immediately, and Katsuragi will never come back to you again!

I warned again not to let the police intervene. Assuming that the next transaction still has this feeling, we will never hesitate to retreat completely, and there will be no further contact and no next transaction.

In other words, this is the last chance for each other. I’m making a few instructions here and I don’t want to spend too much time on them.

·Please put the 300 million yuan ransom in a small bag as much as possible. I think the suitcase should be ok, and it does not need to be locked. In order to be unable to confirm what is inside when you open the lid, please wrap all banknotes in black plastic bags. Of course, you can never set up a tracker. If there are such signs, it is considered a breach of contract. We will also prepare tools to test the tracker here.

·Please prepare note paper, pen and scotch tape.

·This time, the person who carried the money asked Mrs. Katsuragi to take charge, and the transport car also used Mrs. BM. Like the ransom, the lady and the car are not allowed to install trackers, and stop trading as soon as they find them.

·Please prepare a mobile phone for your wife, and tell the number in the same way as last time.

The next contact will be sent within 24 hours, please wait!

After reading the article four more times, I used the head email box to send the letter to Katsushiro’s email box. Since then, there is really no turning back!

“Do you think about a way to find the tracker?” Shuli asked me.

“There are several methods, metal detectors and radio wave detectors are also good.”

“But you have to wait for the ransom to be used before you can use it?”

“Yes.” I said with a smile.

“If this is the case, the instructions are meaningless?”

“Somewhat deterring, that is to say, threatening. Because for them, they don’t know what means we will use here, so we can only follow them first. Do what

we said here.”

“Will they do what we say first?” “I don’t think they will install trackers on the ransom. Assuming the prisoner successfully gets the ransom, they will be afraid because If you want to install the tracker, it should be installed on the transporter or in the car.”

“You mean mom or BM…”

“So for us , First of all, you must come up with a countermeasure. Of course, I have already thought it out.”

“Tell me!”

“This is the place to be fun later .” “Here it

again!” Shuri said with an unhappy expression: “Always put on airs, it feels terrible. You don’t think of me as a partner at all!”

“You are the most important partner. Without you, this plan will never succeed. In other words, it won’t work at all, you Ah, thinking about it might be more important than me.”

My words seemed to make her feel much better, her big eyes gleaming, and there was a nervous look in the light.

“What can I do?”

“Play a scene!” I looked into her eyes and said, “The hero, the irreplaceable hero!”

The next day, get up as usual on Monday. In this way, in fact, I did not sleep well. It was about to enter the real performance, and the mood was a little high. I just woke up when I felt a little bit about to fall asleep, and repeated this way, and my head felt a little heavy.

After washing his face and doing routine gymnastics,

Shuri heard a voice from the bed saying: “You have gotten up?”

“I have to go to the company.”

“To the company? On such an important day?”

“Just because it’s important.” Day, so it must be the same as usual. In case you are suspected later, it would be worse if you just ask for leave today.”

“Do you think you will be suspected?”

“Well…” I stood up and shook my head and said: “Well, it shouldn’t be.”


“Alright!” I said, “Today is an unchanging Monday, so I also go to work, have meetings, and write plans according to my usual schedule. I don’t want to do it for this. The game disrupts the rhythm of life.”

I don’t know if she understands what I said, Shuli just remained silent.

Talk about today’s plan while eating breakfast. I still go to work at the company and implement the plan after I go home. I am not going to work overtime today.

When I arrived at the company, only boring things awaited me. Must have a planning meeting with them to promote idol stars. It’s a marketing plan that matches with video game characters. This is what every company is doing. There is nothing new. When asked about my opinion, I said: Yes, as everyone said. There was silence in the audience, so the host of the meeting said, then you have any ideas.

“How about finding a few girls who look alike?” I said just what I thought of: “Bring a few girls with similar figures and looks to make up to make them look similar. Ten people with the same looks appeared at the same time. Only one is the real protagonist. Excuse me, which one is the real? Don’t reveal the answer right away, this should become a topic!”

Will it become a topic? But the most important idol star may not be sold. Some people expressed this opinion and said that once an idol is considered a seasonal product, it will be over. I did not make a rebuttal. The man may be right. Only one idea is wrong, idol stars are not seasonal products. But the person I leave is silent for work like this, and it doesn’t matter whether my opinions are in harmony with them.

By the way, in the afternoon, quietly go online and look at the announcement column of the CPt Fan Club website. There is a new message from “Julie”. People who frequently browse this website may start to feel distrustful of this pseudonym who has frequently left messages recently.

It’s almost there (Julie)

Hello! Seeing the new contact about the transaction, this time I really have to sign. There are many conditions attached to the above. My purpose is just to get the car. I have already said that all conditions are good, but you are so turbulent! It made me wait too long, and the car number I wanted changed.

4XXX and 7XXX

-ah! I want to sign a contract soon!

I copied the number written on it on a slip of paper. It was probably Mrs. Katsuragi’s mobile phone number. In this case, all the conditions are almost ready!

When I cut off the internet connection, I just saw Kozuka approaching here from the front. I switched the computer screen to the plan.

“How’s it going?” Otsuka smiled socially, not feeling like a good sign.

“It’s okay, I’m quite motivated for my new job.” It’s best if he can tell me that I’m pretending. I want to say this on purpose. Otsuka scratched his head and said,

“You don’t seem to have any intentions in Kurihara’s beautiful project.”

He probably heard what the people at the meeting said, and you can think of what they said badly.

“It’s nothing, I just say what I want to express.”

“Find a group of ten people who look similar, I think this is a good idea.”

The corner of my mouth smiled slightly. When I thought of what he said was not from the heart, but with a sympathetic mentality, I felt useless first, then angry. When did I fall here?

“Come to me at three o’clock. I want you to go somewhere with me.”

“Where to go?”

“Sunstar Automobile Corporation.”

I turned my head and looked at Otsuka, Otsuka’s eyes dodged.

“It’s really weird to say that I have been excluded from the group, and still looking for me all the time, what is going on?”

“To be honest, I don’t know. The attendance sent by the other party just now Your name is on the list, I’m just calling you!”

“Who the hell is the capricious? I think it should not be Mr. Katsuragi?”

“Well… Mr. Katsuragi seems to be attending too, ask how “

Mr. Katsuragi? That’s possible!”

“No, it should be true. Because I just faxed it over.”

Even though I said that, I couldn’t help but wonder: How is this possible! ? What the hell is Katsushiro thinking about? His daughter was kidnapped, and the time to pay the ransom is imminent, so he can still attend the meeting leisurely. What’s wrong with him? Or it will take a whole day to decide whether to pay the ransom… Even so, I think… um…

” Well ? If I don’t want to go, I won’t force it. If there are other important things, It’s okay to refuse, anyway, it’s the other party who replaced you.”

“Okay, I’ll go.” I replied, “It’s not a bad thing to go and see Mr. Katsushiro’s face.”

I don’t know how he is. Upon hearing this, Otsuka patted me on the shoulder with a smile.

After three o’clock in the afternoon, Otsuka took a few members of the new car announcement planning team to the Tokyo head office of Shinjuku Sunstar Motors. Sugimoto turned a blind eye to me, and I thought to myself, how could there be such a person?

There are no cars along the way, and they arrived earlier than the scheduled time. Sugimoto started a meeting with them in the conference room, but I had nothing to do. I first left the room, went to the vending machine to buy instant coffee, and then went to the smoking area with green plants, where Kotsuka had already smoked.

“Sugimoto and the others said that they think Sunstar Motors is a bit weird.”

“What do you say?”

“It should be said that it is changing day and night. The planning policy is changing mysteriously together. Could it be that a large company like Sunstar Motor Co., Ltd. has also been subject to long-term The impact of the economy has become weird.”

I nodded silently, maybe not just because of the downturn. It may be Katsushiro’s mental state that is vacillating!

When I was about to ask what the specific situation was, Otsuka looked behind me with a nervous expression. Just so, I know who is standing behind me. I also turned my head, Katsushige Katsujun stood there with one hand in his pocket.

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