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Chapter 10 KG

Call the Garden Hotel to make an appointment for tonight’s accommodation. Then the phone was transferred to the front desk. A male hotel attendant answered the phone and asked how many people wanted to stay, but I replied that there was only one.

“Yes, I will prepare a single room for you tonight.”

“If possible, I hope it will be a room facing the main road.”

“Are you talking about this one on the front of the hotel?”

“It should be. And It’s better not to be too high.”

“Please wait a moment.” After

waiting for about twenty seconds, the hotel male waiter’s voice sounded again.

“Yes, is the room on the fifteenth floor okay?”

“The fifteenth floor…not bad. Just this room is ready.”

“Understood. Can you ask the daimyo and the contact number?” I

just say a name and phone number. hang up the phone.

“Where did you book the restaurant?” Shuli asked me, sitting on the sofa.

“Garden Hotel. In this neighborhood, it has a good restaurant. The restaurant’s Crab restaurant in shark fin soup but the dish. Chef French cuisine, like the Japanese won the most medals of an old man yet.”

I Halfway through the conversation, Shuli began to shake his head and said,

“I was asking why I booked a restaurant? It’s impossible to book a restaurant for dinner, right? Or is it… to use it as an underground command post?”

“There is no need for a new underground commander. Here. The restaurant is only used for today.”

“For the ransom?”

I shrugged and said with a smile: “I don’t do such a thing.”

“Then what are you going to do? For what purpose do you want to use it? What is the method to get the ransom?” Shuli asked hysterically.

“You don’t need to ask questions like this.”

“Or, you don’t tell me anything, aren’t we partners?”

“The time is right, I will naturally tell you.”

“Isn’t the time now? Didn’t my dad reply online? He said that the money is ready. And the phone number is also written on the top. I will wait for the money later, right?”

I sighed, blinked slowly and said,

“I have said it several times. This is a game of a lifetime. It is not so simple to play. It is impossible to achieve the goal without following the order step by step. This action , Is also one of the steps.”

“But you who ordered the preparation of the money… put the money in the golf bag…”

“This is necessary for the next step. You have also played TV games. , You should know.”

“I haven’t played a TV game.”

“Yes! Now you shut up and see what I do!”

She shouldn’t understand it, she was not convinced. Nodded.

For breakfast and lunch, I simply finished the soup made by Shuli yesterday, and I started to prepare things for going out. Pull out the sports bag from the closet and put the camera, tripod, and telescope into the bag. The telescope was brought from a friend who is interested in bird watching.

“Today is Saturday. I think there should be vacancies in the double room, but even if there are vacancies, there should be no way to specify the room and floor.”

“You mean I can go together?”

“Just be careful not to cause the hotel Attention. Then, you have to do a little bit of dressing, but be more natural.”

After speaking, Shuli stood in front of me and looked down with his hands on his hips.

“What are you doing?”

“What are you doing? What are you doing? How do you want me to dress up? No clothes and no cosmetics. If I want to be able to dress up, I can only become a young tramp!? “

Hahaha! I laughed. It’s really funny!

“Or wait at home. I think the police should have known the clothes you wore when you disappeared. Also considering that the kidnapper might use the restaurant, I might also send a notification.”

“I have to follow. You go together. Although I don’t know what you plan to do, I think it’s much easier for you to do things if

I’m here .” I looked into her eyes, and her eyes showed that this time it’s never Compromised. Before that, I kept telling myself in my heart that I had to act on my own next. But she is more convenient to do things when she is there, and I think it is indeed the same.

I put down the sports bag in my hand and said, “You really have no choice but to go out.”

“I can go to the restaurant together!?”

” Go shopping before that.”

I think there are probably no kidnappers like me. Right. Going to the department store in Ginza to buy things with the kidnapped daughter’s daughter, and because of this, it may disrupt the police investigation, but it also makes people unable to calm down.

I feel that Shuli’s mood hasn’t been affected. She picks and chooses clothes. She looks like an average young girl. It is perfectly brought into the surrounding environment. I don’t have anything she said, just thinking. Tell her: think about our purpose of buying things!

But she was not a fool at first, and she was not dressed up enough to make an impression on the clerk. She moved cleverly while looking for clothes, maybe the person who might be impressed was me. Because from the beginning until now, I have been standing in front of the shop window and looking at her expressionlessly. Judging from the role of a boyfriend who was captured by a young girlfriend to go shopping together, I believe that no matter the director, he probably wouldn’t call NG.

Shuli finally walked out of the store, carrying a paper bag in his hand.

“It seems that I have bought something. I thought it might take a little longer.” I said sarcastically.

“This is the first time I’ve been shopping so quickly, but after staying in the store for a long time, I’m afraid the clerk will leave an impression, so I just pick it up.”

“Well…this is really amazing.”

“Next is Cosmetics. Go! Go to the first floor.” Shuri’s voice sounded a little excited.

I buy cosmetics in the tea lounge, drinking coffee and other trees. Leaving her alone is somewhat uneasy, but it’s useless if I’m here. Compared to Shibuya, the chance of meeting an acquaintance in Ginza is almost zero. I believe what she said.

She came back about thirty minutes later, looking at her face, I opened my eyes wide.

“Have you put on makeup?”

“Yeah. By the way.” Shuri said while sitting across from me. The waiter came over, and she ordered a cup of milk tea.

“Couldn’t you let the clerk put on your makeup?”

“I have no reason to do it. I borrowed a mirror to make it myself. Don’t worry, no one will look at you in such a place, everyone. I only care about the face reflected in the mirror in front of me.”

“Please, just let the shops and restaurants, you let people see your face, I already care so much, let alone this.”

“I told you that it doesn’t matter.” She took out the cigarette from her purse, only to notice that it was a no-smoking area, and put it back unhappy.

The milk tea was delivered, and I looked at her tea-drinking face without any difficulty. The makeup is not very strong, and her delicate skin is more beautiful and beautiful after putting on the makeup. It is emphasized that the opening and closing of the eyes and nose are more obvious than the original outline.

“Why look at people like this? Are you still worried?”

“No, it’s okay.” I dodged my eyes and said, “There is one more thing to buy.”

“What is it this time?”

“Necessities for the game.”

Again Take a taxi and drive to Akihabara. I took five ten thousand yuan bills to Shuli in the taxi.

“What? What are you doing?”

“The money to buy things, please go and buy them.”

“You say that, I don’t know what to buy!?”

“I will tell you what to buy, and do as I said. That’s it.”

Shuli pursed his mouth again, and I didn’t want the taxi driver to hear our conversation.

We got off the bus on the side of Showa Road. The electric street on Saturday was very mixed, which was perfect for those of us who didn’t want to make an impression. And Shuli also wore a hat to cover his eyes.

A little far away from the famous electrical store street, we walked into an alley. There were a lot of people here, but the atmosphere was a bit different. And the shops side by side here can also be filled with all kinds of fans.

I immediately noticed a man, the Iranian with a black beard.

“Go to that person and ask her if she has any baji.” I said in Shuli’s ear.

“Wang Baji?”

“It’s a mobile phone, a human head mobile phone.”

“Oh, oh!” She nodded and said, “I have heard of it.”

“Don’t ask the manufacturer, 50,000 yuan should be enough. Payment is required first. . Then he will tell you to go with him, don’t talk to him. I will wait for you here.”

“Aren’t you coming with me?”

“It will be troublesome if you are considered to be a police officer in disguise and search. I want you to buy it to avoid such a problem. It may be a little scary, come on!”

Shuli’s eyes suddenly seemed uneasy, but he immediately said with emphasis:

“Got it, I’ll go!” She walked towards the man.

Shuli talked to the Iranian, and I watched from a distance. The guest was a young girl, and the Iranians didn’t seem to be surprised. There are also rumors among some women that you can buy a king-eight phone in this place. I also heard it from one of the women who bought this kind of phone.

As expected, they began to move, turning a corner. Shuli didn’t look back, she was really amazing.

The person holding the merchandise should be waiting in the car. Because in case of being discovered, you can quickly escape.

About fifteen minutes, Shuli came back. I also breathed a sigh of relief.

“The task is complete!” She said over a small paper bag in her hand: “Is there still a gift.”


“Call card, they say you can make as many calls as you want. The face value is fifty degrees, but zero degrees are used. I will quit first, and then I can use it again at fifty degrees.

I smiled bitterly and said, “Have you ever used a public phone? “

For these Iranians, altered phone cards were their main commodity before. But after the popularization of mobile phones, the phone cards were no longer sold, and the goods replaced were the so-called king eight phones.

“Those people speak Japanese well . ” Okay, how do you recite it? “

People are desperate to survive.” The person who changed the phone card was desperate. If you don’t work hard, you will wait for them to replace it. “

The same goes for the police. If they want to report them, they should learn their language desperately.” “

That’s it.” “

Just after speaking, I stopped. Shuli, who was walking by my hand, staggered a step.

“What are you doing, don’t stop suddenly like this, okay?”

“I thought of a good way.” I made her smirk and said, “The game is about to begin!” I

got in the taxi and went back to the apartment. I started to work again. . Finally put the laptop in the bag and you are ready to go!

“Then, I will contact you later, maybe it’s a bit verbose, but never go in from the front entrance of the hotel.”

“I know, it’s really verbose.”

I wanted to say it because I wondered if you knew it. It’s so long-winded, but put it down first. I go out first, and the time on my watch is three in the afternoon.

It only takes a few minutes to get to the Garden Hotel by taxi. I got out of the car at the main entrance and walked towards the counter. My costume is a shirt and tie, and a dark gray suit. I pretend to be an office worker traveling to Tokyo on holiday. Because the area code of the phone number that was casually mentioned when booking a room was Nagoya.

I wrote a fake name, a fake address, and a fake phone number on the registration card, and paid 50,000 yuan in advance to complete the housing registration procedures. I only look at the waiter’s hand during the day, and try not to raise my head for safety.

The room they gave me was Room 156. I declined their lead and went up the elevator alone.

As soon as I entered the room, I opened the curtains, and the Hakozaki Interchange of the Capital Expressway could be seen diagonally to the left. I took out the telescope from the bag and quickly adjusted the focus. The dark blue domestic car coming from the direction of Ginza just passed the line of sight.

Passed the first stage. I let out a sigh of relief. I have stayed in this hotel before, so I know I can see the interchange. Of course, I was staying in this hotel at that time and I didn’t expect to use it.

I picked up the phone and called back to my residence. After three beeps, the answering machine began to broadcast. After a beep, I spoke:

“Room 1526, please knock on the door when you come in.” After I said this, I hung up. After hearing this message, Shuli should go out immediately. I told her to take a taxi, but got off at the Suitiangumae Station of the Hanzomon Line. Then enter the underground sidewalk from there, and then use the sidewalk to enter the hotel. The second basement floor of the hotel is adjacent to the subway station, and from the basement floor you can take the elevator directly to the guest room floor. In other words, you can completely avoid hotel counters and crowded places.

I took off my shirt, loosened my tie, and started the front work. First, I put the camera frame on the tripod and placed it by the window, then looked at the LCD screen and adjusted the camera angle and lens. All cars coming from Ginza can be in the mirror.

Then take out the laptop. Plug the phone cord you brought into the phone socket at the desk. For the needs of business guests, in addition to the internal return line for telephone use, this hotel has also increased the telephone return line that can use the computer network. This is also something I knew when I moved in last time.

I turned on the computer and tried to connect to the Internet, so far everything went well. To be safe, I checked the CPt Fan Club website. “Julie” left new information on it.

The long-awaited (Julie)

order has been placed and the money is ready, but you haven’t contacted anything yet.

You said that you hope to get what you want early, but you don’t know what are you waiting for?

The golf bag shouted at the door: Take me to where I want to go.

This point has always made me admire, in fact, this is really a well-written article that covers the ears. People who read this article will think that this is just an idiot girl who wants a car very much.

In short, it can be seen from this letter that the other party is beginning to feel anxious, anxious to know what tricks the kidnapper will use, and it is almost unbearable.

I pulled out a bottle of mineral water from the refrigerator and drank it directly to the mouth of the bottle. Start to sort out the plan again, there should be no missing steps, and there should be no need to worry about getting caught in loopholes.

I looked at the clock. It has been 30 minutes since I called. What is Shuli doing?

After another thirty minutes or so, there was finally a knock on the door.

“Who is it?” Or ask first.

“It’s me!” Hearing this answer, I opened the door.

“What the hell are you doing? Change your clothes…” I can’t say anymore. Shuri dyed light brown hair that was close to golden, and it got shorter!

Hehehe, she smiled treacherously and fiddled with her short hair.

“How are you!?”

“I dyed it, it’s not bad!?” She stepped into the room cautiously, looked around the room, then walked to the window, looked at the camera and said, “What are you taking?”

This is not the time to answer her question. .

“What do you want?”


“Your head! Isn’t it dangerous to make it so eye-catching?”

“This? Will eye-catching?”

“You look in the mirror yourself!”

“Because you said you want to change Pretend, I just do what I want. This is a lot of work. I cut my own hair, dyed it myself, and then changed my clothes. You see! Compared to me just now, I’m a completely different person!” She wore a red sleeveless T-shirt on her upper body and a black skirt underneath. The jewelry and shoes were also changed, and I was taken aback. When did you buy it?

“Didn’t I say not to be too conspicuous?” I

don’t know if she is listening to me. She just sat on the bed, like a child playing on a box spring, bouncing up and down, with a smiling face.

“Hey, you are really an advertiser? It’s just that you made a fuss like this, so weird!? Now, the black-haired people are out of the ordinary.”

“Then why do those people dye their hair? It’s not to attract attention. Isn’t it? They’re just to attract attention!?”

“Maybe it was right at the beginning, but now it’s different. Black hair makes people feel soiled. In order not to make people feel soiled, so I want to dye

my hair.” I shook my head. This is not the time to argue about such boring issues.

“Anyway, you can dye back to the original look after you go back. Maybe you have forgotten, but you are a hostage. During the kidnapping period, the color of the hostage’s hair changed. Isn’t it a weird thing?”

“That’s it, prisoner.” He’s a weirdo, so he dyed the hostage’s hair half fun.”

“That’s it for unreasonable troubles!” I pulled out the mobile phone I bought in Akihabara, handed it to her and said, “Alright, the game starts, hit your dad’s phone!”

“I’ll fight?” Seeing her face Surprised, I finally woke up!

“I originally wanted to call it by myself, but it’s another matter to be with you. I try not to let Mr. Katsuragi hear my voice, although the probability that your father remembers my voice is very low.”

“You have to say something on the phone. What is it?”

“I have already thought about this, come here.” I asked her to sit in front of the computer, and then pressed the keyboard, an article appeared on the screen. This was written while I was waiting for her. This article is divided into several projects.

I pointed to the first article and said, “First of all, start here. After finishing this content, immediately hang up.”

Shuli read the article written on it with serious eyes. Looking at her face, I can’t help thinking, no matter what she does, she is always posing. Whether it’s the wonderful boldness when buying things, or dyeing your hair, it’s an act of trying to conceal your uneasiness.

“Doesn’t it matter if you use this phone?”

“Please be as short as possible. If the time is long, you will be locked in which area.”

Phew! She took a deep breath, looked at the phone number button and said:


“Immediately! This is the number.” I put the note with Katsushiro’s mobile phone number in front of her and said, “Don’t hurry up. If it does, the sky will turn black.”

“It’s not good if the sky turns black, right?”

“This camera is not an infrared camera, and the telescope is not a night vision lens.”

She probably understands the meaning of what I said. Nodded silently, took another deep breath, and switched to holding the phone in his left hand, and the fingers of his right hand approached the buttons. Looking at the note, she carefully pressed down the numbers one by one. After pressing, she moved the phone to her ear and closed her eyes gently.

I also heard the phone ringing, and the phone was connected after it rang twice.

“Hey, it’s me! Shuli! Don’t say anything, just listen to me!” She faced the computer, and then said: “Now I will go out in ten minutes. Please put the golf bag and the bag in the trunk. There can only be a father in the car. Take the Capital Expressway and drive towards the Xiangdao Interchange…Toward the island, the direction, the island of the island. If possible, just drive according to the speed limit. Will follow You contact… I’m sorry. I don’t have time to say.” After

hanging up, she looked at me with a begging look, her cheeks flushed slightly. I kissed her on my lips and said, “It’s great!”

“Is the next contact me?”

“Basically yes, you will do the contact.”

” What do you mean basically? “

You will know later.”

I operated the computer, went online again, adjusted the traffic information website of the Highway Administration, and I entered this website. The LCD screen displays a map of the Capital Expressway. The route is displayed in white. Depending on the traffic jam, it will appear red or yellow. Today, the traffic is smoother than usual, but there are still some places with some colors.

I found the route that Katsushika might choose. There was no serious traffic jam, only a little red near the Hakozaki Interchange.

I interactively looked at the clock and the route map of the capital expressway, and I was quite thirsty, so I could drink the remaining mineral water easily. Shuli also drank Coke, but neither of them spoke. I switch traffic information from time to time, but it doesn’t change much. If there is a change, it must be a car accident. I can only pray in my heart that this should never happen!

Looking at the clock, I flicked my fingers and said, “Suri! Phone!”

She looked nervous, picked up the phone and said,

“What should I do next?”

“Ask him where he is now, as long as that’s fine.”

She Nodded and called:

“Hey, it’s me! Where are you now?…Ah, Zhuqiao? I just passed the bamboo bridge.”

I made an OK gesture, and she hurriedly cut off the phone.

“It’s Takebashi.”

“I know.” With my

eyes fixed on the road map of the capital city, it is smooth from Takebashi Interchange to Edo Bridge. You can run at a speed of 60 kilometers per hour. It’s a bit congested from Edo Bridge to Hakozaki. This is the problem-time! Time is everything, I can only trust my intuition!

I flicked my finger again and said, “Make a call and confirm the location!”

Shuli pressed the redial button, and it seemed to be connected immediately.

“Where are you now?…

I’m going to Edo Bridge soon.” I stood up, gave her an OK gesture, and she hung up the phone hurriedly.

I stood by the window and checked the position of the camera again. I beckoned her to come over.

“Call in a minute and instruct him to exit Hakozaki, then hand me the phone.”

“Give it to you? You want to talk to him?”

“Hey, I’ll talk to him from then on.” Nodding while talking.

Shuli called after almost a minute. I stood by and took out a can of double-sound gas from the bag.

“Hey, it’s me. Get off the Hakozaki Interchange. Ah, don’t hang up the phone!” After Shuri hurriedly finished speaking, he handed the phone to me.

I took a deep breath before answering the phone. It should be a very light mobile phone, but it feels quite heavy. The heartbeat also began to accelerate.

Standing by the window, I held the phone close to my ear in one hand and the telescope in the other. And the camera started to rotate.

Seeing the silver-gray Mercedes sliding down the slope, the driver could not be seen. Looking at the camera screen, Shuri exchanged glances with me. She nodded silently. It was Katsushiro’s car!

I took the variable-voice gas to my mouth, took a deep breath, and finished speaking in one breath:

“Don’t get out of the highway, go into the ring road!”

Shuli, who listened to me on the sidelines, looked at me dumbfounded. This is not incomprehensible, because my voice suddenly became like Donald Duck. Unexpectedly, this toy of changing sound gas will come in handy one day. This is a prop I bought when we had a party.

Katsushiro should be equally shocked.

“What are you talking about? Isn’t it going to the direction of Mushima?”

I took a breath of gas and replied, “Give me into the ring road!”

“There is an exit towards Ginza on the right, don’t you need to go there?

” Get me into the ring road!”

I cut off the phone and showed it to Shuli. I used a binoculars to monitor the Hakozaki Interchange. The silver-gray Mercedes passed by, followed by a few cars, including trucks, and taxis.

Benz appeared again. The Hakozaki Interchange has a small circular ring shape. If you don’t go toward the exit or in any direction, you can keep going in circles as long as there is enough gasoline.

After Benz showed up for the third time, I gave Shuli an instruction. She showed a very surprised expression and then pressed the redial button on the phone.

“Hey, it’s me! The transaction is aborted! Let’s go home and wait for the next contact… I’m sorry. I don’t know too much.” After

hanging up the phone, Shuri glared at me bitterly, and I sat by the bed. Come down.

“What does this mean? Why stop trading suddenly?”

“Suddenly? Not at all. It was decided at the beginning.”

“It was decided at the beginning? It was originally planned to stop trading?”

Shuli walked to me and went down. Looked at me and said:

“Why do you want to do this?”

“In order to understand the actions of the police.”

I stood up and dropped the camera that was driving together.

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