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Day: January 8, 2020

Chapter 19 KG

In the afternoon, I went to Akasaka. From the coffee shop facing Waibori Avenue. After about 2:10 in the afternoon, I saw Tangkou Daijie’s fat body outside the glass door, […]

Chapter 18 KG

Although there is a feeling of wanting to drink, I can’t go anywhere for work and go straight home. Because I’m afraid that I will accidentally miss my mouth when […]

Chapter 17 KG

It has been ten days since I successfully received the ransom, and my life has returned to the normal pace before the kidnapping game. I get up in the morning, […]

Chapter 16 KG

It’s been a long time since I dated on Saturday. Today’s date is the 24-year-old receptionist at the venue. Let her eat Italian food. Although she drank a few cocktails […]

Chapter 15 KG

Two days have passed since I received the ransom, and the banknotes have not changed. Probably not doing anything on the banknotes. I put thirty million banknotes in a supermarket […]

Chapter 14 KG

After confirming that there were no bugs, trackers and other similar devices, we put the banknotes in the car into other bags, and then discarded the cartons before returning to […]

Chapter 13 KG

“I’m so embarrassed to be busy.” Ge Cheng Shengjun walked over here. He is wearing a very elegant dark blue double-breasted suit, and his smile is full of leisure. “No, […]

Chapter 12 KG

The hair of the tree that came out of the bathroom turned dark brown, and it felt brighter than the original hair color, but it was much better than the […]

Chapter 10 KG

Call the Garden Hotel to make an appointment for tonight’s accommodation. Then the phone was transferred to the front desk. A male hotel attendant answered the phone and asked how […]

Chapter 9 KG

It was almost three o’clock in the morning to return to the apartment. I went back and forth to Yokosuka one night and asked Shuri to make a phone call […]

Chapter 8 KG

There is almost no need for a car to live in the capital. It is also rare to drive when dating a woman, because it is not fun to have […]

Chapter 7 KG

When returning to the apartment, Shuli seemed to be doing something in the kitchen. Judging from the taste, she is probably cooking something. “And the ingredients for making milk soup?” […]