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Chapter 6 KG

Half asleep and not knowing how many hours passed, I got up from the sofa. As usual, do soft exercises, push ups, sit-ups, and then lie on the carpet to adjust my breathing. Shuri’s face appeared directly above, “Good morning!”

“It’s very early, but I still didn’t fall asleep?”

I’m hungry.” “Wait a minute, I will do it now.” I got up and walked to the kitchen.

For breakfast, eat toast, boiled eggs and vegetable juices. It’s a little troublesome to make coffee.

I turned on the computer while biting on the toast and checked the e-mail box. There were only two letters, and they were both non-reply letters. This frustration in the car park made me become a black five, but I will never give up, I will definitely come back again!

I felt a line of sight behind me, and when I turned around, I saw that Shuri was looking at the computer screen. what’s up? I ask her.

“Dad doesn’t know if you saw the letter?” She said in a hesitant tone.

“Do you want to check it out?”


I pressed the ICON of the computer browser for two years, then entered the website of the CPt Fan Club and looked at the contents in the announcement column.

There were two more messages than when I saw them last night, but none of them seemed to be from Katsushiro.

“I haven’t heard back yet.” I said as I went offline.

“He hasn’t arrived yet.”

“No. The purpose of putting the fax machine in the study room is to anticipate that there may be urgent matters to be contacted. When we come together in the morning, we usually first check if there is anything coming in. I miss him I should be reading the threat letter now. Thinking about how to deal with it.” I checked the time and it was just after eight o’clock in the morning.

Leave the front of the computer and finish eating the remaining toast, boiled eggs and vegetable juice.

“Let’s first consider what your father will do. First, he will contact the police. Given his status, there must be one or two police friends who have a good relationship. The investigators of the police abduction project will be around. He will arrive at your home in an hour. During this time, your father will call into the company and say that he will not enter the company because of some personal matters to be dealt with. The rest of the time, unless there is something urgent, you must keep your eyes on your home. Then I will call the maid’s wife and tell the maid’s wife that it’s not going to be used today. And it’s forbidden for the wife to go out with another daughter today. Well, it’s almost like that.”

“What about the bank contact?”

“You mean the ransom? Isn’t it? It’s still early, after talking to the police. Besides, this is the domineering Katsushige Katsushige, how to make a small amount of 300 million yuan, he already knew in his heart, just rely on There are so many banks where his face will come out of the money!”

I walked into the bathroom and took a quick shower, shaving and thinking about the future. Anyway, Katsushiro will definitely reply to the letter on the web page, and he will reply to the transaction. This is absolutely not wrong. But this matter will not end in this way. He will definitely issue conditions first, wanting to confirm the safety of his daughter and so on. So how should I respond here?

After I brushed my teeth and went back to the room, Shuli sat on the sofa and watched TV, as if it were a news program.

“You are going to work in the company?”

“So I look like an office worker?”

“What should I do during this period?”

“Although I want to say that you can do whatever you like, but if it’s really too Whatever you do, I’m afraid there will be trouble. First of all, you can’t get out of this house. This is a general principle. It doesn’t matter who presses the walkie-talkie, and it is strictly forbidden to make and receive calls. As long as you keep these agreements, you can do whatever you like here.

Yes .” “You will be hungry!”

“There are frozen fried rice, heated prepared food and canned food in the pantry. I’m sorry, but bear with me today. You can drink wine or beer, but don’t overdo it. Don’t get drunk and do strange things to cause trouble.”

“You can’t go to the convenience store either.”

“Could you think about what we are doing!? It’s not just a game of hide and seek!” I raised my index finger and said: “The correction is not what we are doing, but what we are doing. Game It has already started, and there is no way to look back.”

She should understand these principles, but she still looked back at me with sharp eyes that wanted to argue. In fact, the more she looks like this, the more reassuring.

After leaving the apartment, I took the subway to work as usual. Looking at the image of myself reflected on the glass window, I felt very satisfied. No matter how I looked at it, I was an office worker, and I couldn’t tell that he was planning to kidnap or threaten others. How can there be kidnappers in the world who wear Armani suits to go to work?

For me, crime is not a big deal, especially crime for money is just like going to work. The only difference is that working at work is trying to find a way to exploit loopholes in the law, while crime is a loophole that must be exploited by the police. As for coercion and trading, they are actually the same thing. It’s just that it’s much easier to fight against hard-headed customers.

Although I told Shuli that I couldn’t look back, I didn’t think so in my heart. If you feel dangerous, just retreat quickly. It’s not difficult for Shuli to seal her up. She also wants to hide that this is a prank kidnapping. There is nothing terrible in case it is seen through. All she needs to do is to say that she was deceived to catch this prank. She would argue that it was my idea, but there is no evidence. In fact, the most important thing about this incident is that the victim, Katsushige, would be afraid that the whole truth would be exposed in society.

Of course, I don’t mean to look back at all. As of today, I have never failed any challenge. The same is true for this game. It must be cleared.

The company only has some boring affairs waiting for me. It was a joint publicity work between a movie starring a popular girl singer and a video game of the same name. I don’t think it is necessary to use a big man to do a boring project like this. I was thinking about how to get the ransom when I was in the meeting. This is much more interesting.

After I got back to my seat, I went online again and checked CPt’s website to see if Katsushige Seungjun responded.

I’m probably still discussing it with the police. I regret not including the deadline so that the other party has enough time to consider how to deal with it.

“What are you looking at?” A voice came from behind.

Before thinking about whose voice it was, I closed the windows on the computer. Looking back, Sugimoto was already half-bent over. In other words, had he been watching my computer screen before then?

“What interesting website did you find?” he asked again.

“No, it’s just a waste of time.” It would be troublesome to let him know what website it was. “I plan to collect some information on idol movies.”

“Ah, the case of a movie starring Yumi Kurihara!”


“That’s hard work!”

The expression on Sugimoto’s face is both sympathy for me and at the same time. Kind of superiority. He should have thought to himself that the positions of the two people are now completely reversed.

Fortunately, he didn’t seem to know that I was looking at this website.

“Isn’t there a meeting with Sunstar today?” I asked him.

“Well, there was supposed to be a meeting, but I just called in an urgent call to say that it was cancelled.”

“Is Sun Sung said to cancel it?”

“Yes, it seems to say that Mr. Katsuragi is okay.”

” Mr. Katsuragi ?”

“I think it doesn’t matter if the vice president does not attend, but this project cannot go smoothly without him.” He probably found that he had said more things that he shouldn’t say in front of me. “Then I’ll go first.” Sugimoto left after speaking.

My index finger tapped the table top. Even Katsushiro would feel embarrassed when he received a threat letter from the prisoner. He should be blushing and blushing at home now!

I left the company at noon and had lunch at a nearby coffee shop. When I drank coffee after a meal, I rethinked how to get the ransom.

The amount of 300 million yuan is quite large, even if it is stuffed into a bag, one can’t fit it. Assuming it can be installed, manual operation is also a big problem.

Kidnappers are often caught because they have not foresighted how to get the ransom. However, it is a good time for the police to pay the ransom. The police will pre-imagine many situations and spread the net.

After I finished my coffee and returned to the office, the atmosphere inside the company changed a little. In particular, some of my colleagues acted very urgently. I caught my side and came in and asked what happened.

“Oh, this is a big deal. The vice president of Sunstar Motors seems to be coming.”

“Mr. Katsuragi? Come here? Why?”

Houjin shook his head and said, “I don’t know, I just contacted suddenly. The person in charge of the new car activities panicked.”


I am also a little confused, what is going on? Although it is the child of a concubine, but after all, his daughter was kidnapped. Are you still in the mood to come out to work?

There is only one possibility, that is, Katsuragi has not seen the threat letter. I just thought that the daughter who was not taught did not say that she would stay out and never go home.

Did he not receive the threatening letter or did he receive it and haven’t read it yet? If it’s the latter, it’s okay: if it’s the former, it’s a headache, because it’s still trying to find the reason why it didn’t receive it.

I picked up the phone on the desk and called back to my apartment to check if there was something wrong with the fax machine at the Katsuragi family. But after three rings, I suddenly remembered that I didn’t allow Shuli to answer the phone.

No way, I turned on the computer for a typical demonstration, went to the CPt Fan Club website, and took a look at the bulletin board:.

At that moment, I almost yelled out. Because I saw this reply article:

Hope to buy ()

Hello everyone, my name is Julie. This time someone asked whether to buy CPt, I want to buy it. However, the price is very high and it takes a little time to raise money. I think I must also know the details of the contract.

Julie’s pseudonym is not coincidentally the same as Shuli! And the content is hope trading, this should not be wrong, in other words, this should be Katsushiro’s message.

I was a little dazed, when someone patted me on the shoulder, it was Otsuka.


“Sorry for interrupting your work.” He lowered his tone: “Can you come together? I think you have heard that Mr. Katsuragi is coming. He wants you to be there too.”

I pursed. The mouth said to him:

“Why do you want me to be here today? I am a useless person, or a person of the past tense?”

Otsuka waved his hand tiredly and said,

“Don’t talk like that. Sour. Actually, Mr. Katsuragi said something very strange.”

“It’s strange? What is it this time?”

“Not sure what it is, as if I want to watch video games.”

“Video games?”

“It’s the video game planned by our company. He asked us to select ten representative works. He listened to our explanations on the content and development reasons. I don’t know what his purpose is. Would he want to find some new cars from here to publish plans? Inspiration?”

“Why would he do such a strange thing?”

“I think so too. But he said he wants to see it, so he can’t help but show it!?”

“That’s it.”

Forget it . Yes, I sighed and got up from the chair.

This is Katsushige Katsushige, I don’t know what he is going to do. The message on the bulletin board of the website confirms that he read the threatening letter. Then there is a father whose daughter is kidnapped and can still come out to work with a normal heart? Or, because of the threatening letter, he didn’t send anything at all. Although I responded according to the instructions, I only thought it was a prank? He still thinks that it would be ridiculous if such a thing can make him panic!

No, it is difficult to explain this way. It is a fact that Shuli is missing, and since I have not contacted him, I would naturally think that he was kidnapped.

Maybe this is an instruction from the police. The representative of the police said to Katsushige Katsushita like this: Mr. Katsushiro, let’s calm down at the moment. The prisoner will not act on Miss Shuli so easily. No matter what, it is an important hostage. Once the hesitation is discovered by the media, it will be worse. Therefore, Mr. Katsuragi, you still have the same routine as usual, go to work as usual, and work as usual. If there is any news, please contact me immediately. Madam can be at home, and we can leave the rest to us. The prisoner doesn’t use the phone anyway-this should be the case.

However, what I care about is that he is coming to the company to hear about the video game project. What is this for? Could it be that the prisoner is a member of the company? This is unlikely.

When I was thinking about it in the guest reception room, the door was opened with the sound of knocking. It was the reception lady who opened the door, and Katsushige Katsuki appeared immediately behind her.

Katsushiro sat on the single sofa with his feet up, listening to the explanation given by the employees of Cyber ​​Planning. In front of him is a computer with an LCD screen, which shows instructions for various video games and goals in the market. Of course, these are not rushed things, but explanatory materials used when developing proposals. Next to the computer, there is a small TV connected to the game console, which actually shows the various types of games that have been commercialized. The controller of the video game machine was also placed in front of Katsushiro Katsujun, but he couldn’t tell that he meant to reach out to touch it.

I peeked at his expression while waiting to get on the court. He looked at video games with little interest, but the questions he raised were substantive and sharp: what was the intention to make this game, why he thought there would be a market, and would he question his own feelings? Kind of problem. There are also people whose answers are incomprehensible. Just looking at this, it is impossible to imagine that Katsushiro was trying to recognize the person who kidnapped his daughter.

Finally it was my turn to play. The video game I want to introduce is “The Mask of Youth”.

In fact, this is a personal game. The person who plays the game is related to the birth of a certain character, but what kind of parent is born is determined by the computer. The person who plays the game can choose what genetic factors are obtained from the parents to determine the birth of a boy. Still born as a girl. After birth, although you have been going up to school from kindergarten, elementary school, and middle school, you have to choose what books to read, which friends to play with, and how much time, etc. during this period. If you only read books because you think about your future, you may fall into a trap. The biggest selling point of this game is that the face of the selected character will change slightly according to life experience.

“There is something called physiognomy,” I explained to Katsushiro Katsura. “The idea is: Facial appearance is the environment in which a person lives, as well as a performance over the years. For example, after collecting and averaging the faces of a certain professional person in a computer, you will get the facial appearance that only the profession can have. The faces of politicians, bankers, people in the porn industry, etc., all do exist. But it does not depend on face to determine fate, but on the path of life. This game is interesting. One of the places is what kind of face you will get after accumulating various experiences in life.”

“The problem is not the face, right?” Ge Cheng Shengjun said. “Listen to what you said, the result is a face. I don’t think people live for a face!?”

“Just as you said, so I made the previous explanation. This is only the interesting part of it. One point. People don’t live for a face—that’s it. But for life, face is very important. In all stages, the face will affect the fate of the person. For example, when it is large, Or during a blind date. Among the girls who want to enter the entertainment industry, there are not a few people who receive plastic surgery in their teens. In this game, you must accept a few faces that are formed during the accumulation of life experience The challenge of the stage. If you don’t communicate with people, you only know that faces that have been studying for a lifetime will look abnormal, and the first impression of such faces is not good, so there will be no good results in interviews or blind dates. . I have to be responsible for my face-this is a saying since ancient times.”

“In this case, if the game player fails to get the desired face due to the wrong choice, will he only get frustration in the end?

” Isn’t the real life the same? But this is a game. At this time, there is a secret weapon, and that is the mask! The player who plays the game is critically closed, and you can use the prepared mask to put on the protagonist. This mask is A copy at that point in time, the player can change the copied face to a certain extent. If you don’t like a smile, you can turn it into a smile. It’s just that the number of times you can use this mask will be limited, it’s not possible. Wearing a mask all the time. The result is that the player must work hard for the protagonist’s face. The ultimate goal of this game is to grasp happiness! In order to get happiness, what kind of mask is needed, the game player must continue to explore “

My words may be a bit long, but I still don’t know how much Katsushige has listened to. This makes me a little uneasy, or in the current situation, no matter what I say, he doesn’t listen attentively.

“Although I don’t know if it will sell well.” Katsushige Shengjun spoke. “However, this is a thought-provoking idea. Experience makes the face, and then the face determines the destiny. In a sense, it may still be true.”

“I dare not, dare not.”

“But what about wearing a mask on important occasions? It may be a convenient tool for young people who are struggling with interpersonal relationships. As long as it is a human, anyone will have frustration, and it is okay to say that it is necessary. “

But it’s just a game.”

“Even if it’s a game, it’s important for the player to admit that he lacks abilities.” When Katsushige said this, he sat down on the sofa and put his hands in his knees Go up, then look up at me and say: “I want to ask you a question.”

“Please say.”

“Are you responsible for your own face?”

I couldn’t answer immediately because I didn’t know his intention to ask this question. Where is it.

“I think I’m responsible.”

“In this case, for you, in order to get the mask of happiness, it is your current face?”

“Well…what do you think?” I smiled socially.

Katsuragi looked at my face frequently, then turned his gaze to Otsuka and said,

“Thank you, please come next!”

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