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Chapter 5 KG

Sincerely, Mr. Ge Cheng Shengjun:

Your daughter is in our hands, if you want her to return home safely. Please follow our requirements. First, prepare 100 million yuan in cash.

Needless to say, you know, please do not contact third parties including the police. If you can’t comply. We immediately suspend the transaction. In addition, your daughter has not suffered any physical harm at present, and the decision will depend on your performance in the future. But my gentlemanly demeanor is also limited. I think, for the sake of both parties, please decide as soon as possible.

The chair turned half a circle with a babble, and I turned to face Shuli.

“Okay, how much is the ransom?”

She sat down on the bed after looking at the computer screen.

“Look at this letter, you plan to ask for more than 100 million yuan.”

I smiled at her.

“Of course, who do you think I kidnapped? It is the daughter of the vice president of Sunstar Motors, who dominates the world! What can

you do if you ask for an amount of less than 100 million?” “You think you will pay for the child of a concubine Is that much money?”

“You don’t know what you said?”

I turned my chair back and tapped my fingers on the keyboard. Fill in the number “three” in the space of “100 million yuan”.

“Three hundred million yuan!? Why?”

“There is no special basis, the main point is to disturb…” I reached for a beer, and then said: “Maybe there will be some degree of effect for them to guess whether there are three prisoners. Three hundred million yuan may not be a big sum, but if you want one billion two billion, I don’t think your father can raise so much money right away.”

“Three hundred million yuan…two people, one person has it.” One hundred and fifty million!”

“I only need 10% of the 30 million. It’s you who need the money!?”

“Don’t you need the money?”

“Of course you do . But that’s not the purpose of this game. “

Operating the mouse in my hand, a 3D color stereoscopic image appeared on the screen, with the title “AUtO-MOBILE PARK” written on it.

“What is that?”

“This is the brainchild of my past few months. If it weren’t for being stopped by an ignorant person, this dream world would come true.”

I clicked the mouse and the door in the three-dimensional picture opened. , A vast automobile world is now in sight. Enter the right side to see the Genesis of the car. Search for everything from cars with steam engines to treasures coveted by antique car fans.

“It looks like a museum!”

“This is not just a museum. If the museum will write a warning slogan like this: Please pay attention to all the guests, please do not touch the exhibits, but there will be no signs of loving the soil in the car park. Visited Guests can go for a test drive. From hand-carried cars to Toyota’s 2000Gt and F1, any car can be tested without a driver’s license.”

“What do you mean?”

“There will be several virtual machines in each area. Use this one. The machine can simulate driving the car you expect. Simply put, it is like a driving video game in an amusement park. Depending on the type of car, the scenery presented on the screen will also change. That is to say, if you drive a Toyota 2000Gt, it will let you It feels like driving in the ancient and beautiful scenery of Showa Japan.”

“Well, it looks interesting!” Shuri

simply admired it. It would be nice if her father could be as innocent as her.

“Visitors can get to know the history of automobiles and get to know Hyundai cars in order. After passing this area, they can directly enter the imaginary future automobile world area, but I have prepared a special exhibition corner before this, and in fact this It is precisely the focus of the whole plan that the new car of Sunstar Automobile is hidden in this display corner. However, a virtual machine is also set up here, allowing guests to experience the comfort of driving the new car early. The virtual machine here is very dazzling. Different from the machines placed in other areas, it is a physical car delivered by the development department of Sunstar Automobile. To allow guests to actually sit in the car, in addition to confirming the performance of the new car, it also broadcasts the image advertisement and music of the new car, and has a technical commentator. Explain the advantages of the new car. When going out of this special display corner, each customer will have a new car introduction goal in hand, and will also consider how to use the installment to buy the car. “

I finished in one breath, and Shuli looked at me frequently and repeatedly. His face closed his mouth intently, and then he sighed. After that, I took the picture back to the threat letter.

“I’ll say it again. If it weren’t for Katsushige’s paranoia, everything I’ve said would come true. Sunstar Motor’s new car sales will be very successful, and the reputation of the cyber project will spread. It should be everyone’s happiness. Time.”

“That is to say, your plan was rejected and you were angry, so you want to play this kidnapping plan?”

“If you use revenge to explain, that would be a bit regrettable. I said it at the beginning, this It’s a game. I challenge your father to this game. I want to share with him and see who is the best gamer.”

“But my dad doesn’t know this is a game. It’s so unfair.”

“No. This is the case. Katsushige won’t just hand it over to the police. He will definitely use his ingenuity to cast a net. Of course he will not know that the opponent is not me, but he will definitely participate in this game. . The real fight will start from that time.”

I re-read the threat letter again.

Finally, “Your daughter has not been physically harmed so far”, I have considered the wording for a long time. The reason for writing this is that Shuli asked if he would be raped by the prisoner.

At the time of the Mood for Love, the attractive girl was put under house arrest, and it was assumed that the ears would arouse the coveting of the prisoner. The prisoners I set are two men. In order to defeat the hostages’ thoughts of escape, I must assume that otherwise one or both of them may commit violent crimes.

But for the setting of the prisoner’s infringement of Shuli, I still can’t afford it. Of course, this kind of thing doesn’t happen in fact, and I don’t have that kind of hobby, and if you want to set it like this, you must make her lie. After the case is closed-of course the crime is successful, the police will definitely ask her a lot of questions; did the prisoner do anything to you? In other words, did you abuse you? I will definitely ask. What is the best answer for her? How will the actual hostage be raped? This is indeed difficult. If the answer is ambiguous, just letting the police see the tearful and pitiful expression may make the criminals aware of whether something has happened or not. But the actual question is, does Shuri’s acting skills reach that level? My judgment is: I can’t expect it, that can’t escape the eyes of the criminal police.

Prisoners will not be raped—I came to this conclusion. So why would they not take that approach? Is it self-control? This argument is unconvincing. The method I thought of can be said to be a bitter trick.

I reset the prisoner to be a group of two, one of whom is a woman. These two people are either lovers or couples. When Shuli was kidnapped, it was the woman who drove. In this way, no matter what the situation, it is unlikely that the man will attack Shuli while the woman is not paying attention.

The statement in the letter that “your daughter has not been physically harmed at present” is just to imply that there will be rape, but in fact the unintentional prisoner just implies this meaning in it. After the case is over, when Shuli learns that one of them is a woman, the detective will also come to realize it.

“Come on, the next question is how to send this threatening letter?” I folded my hands across my chest and leaned against the back of the chair. “Do you know your father’s e-mail box?”

“I don’t know.” Shuli shook his head bluntly.

“What about the cell phone number?”

She just spread her hands at me for this question.

“Then you don’t know anything!?”

“Then you go near Shibuya and ask a girl my age, do you remember your father’s e-mail and cell phone number? Ask ten people. If one person can answer, I will kneel with you!

” I didn’t want you to kneel with me.”

I thought for a moment, maybe so. Most people enter other people’s phone numbers into their mobile phones, and they remember less and less, and this is the same for me. Besides, there is nothing to call my father.

It is not difficult to find out Ge Cheng Shengjun’s email address and mobile phone number. Just ask the relevant staff of the company to find out, but in this case, you must report your name.

“Can’t you call?” Shuli asked me. “Don’t all the prisoners in kidnapping dramas or movies make phone calls?”

“That would be very dangerous. Needless to say anti-detection, the prisoners’ voices, voice prints, characteristics of speech, and background sounds are all the police. An important clue to the case. If you do this, the perfect kidnapping will become a dream dream.”

“But what if it’s the first call? I think the police haven’t moved yet. And I don’t have an answering machine at home.”

“You have been away from home for twenty-four hours. You should consider reporting to the police, and the police will start to have all kinds of suspicions. If the average family might not manage that much, but no matter what, this is the Gecheng family. What about her daughter! Maybe she will also think about the kidnapping. There should be several investigators who are already waiting for the prisoner to call.”

“Will it really be like this?” Shuli said, tilting his head.

“Maybe not, maybe there. I’m not an optimist, and I don’t gamble on half and half chances.”

I looked at the computer screen and wanted to be able to send this threat letter by e-mail, but it didn’t seem to be. The solution is as desired.

“Is there a fax machine at home?”

” Yes , in Dad’s study. I want to use a fax?”

“This is the easiest way. Then, how do you receive a response from the other party? Do you have any method?”

I think she asked her without giving any answers anyway, but she started thinking seriously.

“You said at the beginning that you intend to send it by e-mail, what account do you want to send? It’s impossible to use your usual account!?”

“Of course! There is no such fool, who send threatening letters and write your own Account number. You can display a fake account number on the mailing column, but for safety, consider using a new account number.”

“Is there no way to find out the meaning of the differential account number?”

“Yes. There are two methods to consider. One is a free e-mail service.”

For example , for free e-mail services such as mail, e-mails can be obtained without clarifying the identity and address, and it is impossible for the police to find out the correct identity from the e-mails.

“What about another one?”

“Use your e-mail.” I pointed to her chest and said.


“Do you have an e-mail box ?” “You

still remember the mailbox address, but the password is forgotten!”

“If so, get a new one. You say you have a credit card. If you have a card, you can sign up immediately. “

Hmm…” Shuli had an expression of thinking about something, and then said, “There is a place to be corrected.”


“I said that the card is fake, and there is some pocket money.”

“I.” At that time, I wondered if you really have a card. Why do you want to lie?”

“I just don’t want you to see it. If you know that I have no money, it will let you see my weakness.”

Shuli Without embarrassment at all, he snapped and said a lot, staring straight at my face with a seemingly innocuous look.

“In this case, there is only one choice, which is free e-mail service.”

“This way, you can get a mailbox account, right?”

“How else?”

“If that’s the case, you can write an e-mail address on the threat letter, and then fax him to reply to the e-mail box.”

“It’s true that this is also a method.”

Her mind turned pretty pretty. Quickly, my opinion of this girl has changed a little bit.

“Will this not work?”

“It’s not bad, but it’s boring! I didn’t mention emailing with the other party. Even if I use an email box, I only use it once and I don’t use it again. When sending a new letter, use a new one. That means that even if the other party sends a letter, I won’t read it here.”

“Very cautious.”

“Of course! Do you know what we are going to do?”

I picked up the TV remote control. Turn on the TV and the basketball game appeared on the wide screen. I kept switching channels, and one of the commercials for a sports program happened to air yesterday. The CM that reproduced the car yesterday was a sports car commercial called CtP. The popular idol female celebrity is driving a car on a cool G, which is really not a good CM. Perhaps Katsushiro has never seen this ad.

Faced with the computer going online, I used the search to find out the website of Sunstar Automobile CtP. Unsurprisingly, those car fans made a webpage by themselves, went to one of them to see what was in it, and there was a “CtP Fan Club” in it. After clicking in, a red CtP sports car appeared first, like a photo taken by ordinary people. The person who made this page seemed to be a car lover. It says: “This is an information exchange and resting place for people who love CtP sports cars. Please come and play easily!” There are “new information”, “maintenance”, “CtP taken by me”, and “announcement column”. Wait for the project to be on top. This is a good time when anyone can provide information. I clicked twice on the “Announcement Board”, and within a while, this article appeared:

“Enjoyed person (brushing bunny)

Hello everyone, I also told you before that our CPt has finally arrived. Just imagine the pleasure of driving it to complete the road on the highway, and people can’t sleep every day! Report to everyone immediately after driving for the first time! As long as nothing happens, it’s fine (laughs). ”   Io

Yin (

Mitsuhime ) I have been driving CPt for two years. I recently noticed that the thermometer has risen. Is the temperature too high?” This makes me sweat! Does anyone have the same experience? “


Ms. Miyin (run and run Tunbingbei) Ms. Mitsuhime, my car has also had the same problem. The CPt model affects the engine cooler to some extent, but the temperature is not too high. If you are worried, just check it out (not a suggestion). “After

ordinary citizens have this toy called the Internet, what remains the same is that naive articles are still circulated everywhere. But having said that, fierce and insidious messages are also very troublesome.

Record the URL and go offline first.

I call it out. After reading the threat letter I just wrote, I went on to write:

If you are interested in trading, please enter the URL written below, and use the name of Shuli on the announcement column to indicate your thoughts. We will follow you after confirmation. Contact.

Website name: CPt Fan Club




“How about this? I looked back at Shuli.

She nodded after reading it a few times and said:

“So that’s the case, then no one will doubt it, and you can confirm the other person’s thoughts.” “

“In the past, kidnappers used to publish in the newspapers. They were published in the missing persons notices of the three major newspapers:’Taro, the problem has been solved, I will come back soon!’ Wait, but this must wait until the next day. Now we use the Internet. The bulletin board can be confirmed immediately, and it can be regarded as a more economical way for the victims to reply. The world has become more convenient. “

I printed the power of the meter and prepared to print it out.

“Wait a minute!” Shuri patted my shoulder.

“What’s the matter?”

“I have a request for the content of the threatening letter.”

“Is there any dissatisfaction?”

“I don’t like the word’your daughter’, I want you to write my name well. Written

as’Miss Shuli ‘.” I read the article again, then shook my head.

“No! If it’s written as’Miss Shuli’, the letter won’t end. It’s okay to use’Your daughter’.”

“Who said that. I’m not his daughter at all!” After speaking, he lowered his head.

“I’ve said it several times. The prisoner doesn’t know your background. I only think that you are the darling of the Katsuragi family. I think there is nothing unnatural about using your daughter. On the contrary, if it is written as Ms. Shuli That’s weird.”

“I hate to write like that anyway!”

I sighed and said,

“Isn’t it a big lady, how about this? Is this all right?”

But she was still reluctant to nod her head and say okay, instead she said:

“I’m Shuri! Katsuragi! It’s neither your daughter nor the eldest lady!”

“It’s really troublesome…” I said with a headache, “I know! Then write’Kurri Katsuki’, and don’t write’Miss’ either. No, don’t have a respectable name, so it’s okay, I won’t give in anymore.”

Shuli nodded slowly and said, “That’s okay.”

I shrugged and pressed the keyboard to correct the article. I really didn’t understand what the young girl was thinking.

I read the threat letter again, printed it out after checking for typos, and sent it to Shuli after confirming the printed effect.

“Just use this letter to fax? Not directly using the fax function on the computer?”

“For the sake of safety, I don’t want them to use the form of a computer document to study it. According to my experience, such documents are costly by faxing. If you encounter any trouble, it will be faster to disconnect.”

In order not to spend too much time on the fax timetable, I neatly cut off the blank space on the letter paper, and then cut it into eight pieces with scissors. .

“What are you doing?”

“Hey, look at it!”

I took out the scotch tape and pasted the eight pieces of paper in random directions out of order. Then put the messy paper on the fax machine.

“Are you going to fax from here?” Shuri asked in a surprised voice: “Will not be counter-detected?”

“I just paste it like this because I don’t want to be detected. Suppose there is a policeman in the Katsuragi house guarding them. They will see what comes in, but there is no way to understand the content immediately. When they piece it together like a relay, when they know it is a threat letter, the phone should have been disconnected.”

Shuli looked at me face-to-face.

“This phone has a non-display number contract. If you don’t press 186 at the beginning, the phone number will not be displayed on the other party’s phone. Okay, then please press the phone number. This fax is yours. Send it out.”

“Why do you want me to pass it?”

“Because we want you to understand that we are accomplices. You said that you want to participate in this game of mine, but you still hesitate when you want to take action? You may change your mind again when the threatening letter goes out.”

Okay, she pointed her finger to the fax machine.

Shuri bit her lip lightly, then stared at me. I sat down in the chair and looked at her. Once the dangerous state is triggered, I must prepare a back road for myself. This is my approach.

She exhaled and said, “Before I send the fax, I want to do one thing first.”

“Take a bath to cool my head?”

“I want to go home and have a look.”

“Aha!” I showed A disappointed expression said: “At this point, you start to feel homesick, then it’s okay.”

I pulled back the threatening letter from the fax machine and prepared to tear it up.

“Wait a minute, it’s not like this. I don’t want to go back, I just want to take a look outside.”

“You are still hesitating now, it’s impossible to win like this!”

“I said, it’s not like this. I don’t know the situation, you!” Shuli waved his hands angrily and said, “I don’t mean to avoid this game at all. I want to take revenge on this family too! What I want to confirm is whether my father is at home or not. If he’s not at home, it’s meaningless to send this fax. I just said that the fax machine is in my dad’s room and no one is allowed to touch it without permission!”

“Um…” I put the threatening letter back on the fax machine. . “Nevertheless, it’s not that your dad always stays away from home. He always notices the fax when he gets home.

“But I don’t know when it will be like this. I hate it. If I don’t know if Dad has read the threatening letter, I can’t sleep at night!”

I put my index finger in my ear and scratched it. I can understand what the tree ideal said.

“From the outside, there is no way to know if Mr. Katsuragi is home, right?”

“You can tell by looking at the garage, and the car should be there when he gets home.”

“That’s right.” I had to nod and say: “Is the fax and phone dual-use, or…”

“It’s a dedicated line, and the number is one number behind the phone.”

“When the fax passed, was it the same as the phone’s ringtone?”

Shuli shook his head and said, “It should be no It will ring.”

“Then it is considered that Katsuragi is back home, and it will be tomorrow morning to see the threatening letter. It is already this time, I should go to bed.”

“I want to confirm one more thing. I’m leaving home. It’s been more than twenty-four hours since I left. I want to see with my own eyes whether the people in that family are still living as if nothing has happened in this situation.”

“If the house is brightly lit, it means that everyone is worried about you. Will be moved, and then stop this plan?”

My tone was a little cold.

“I just want to witness this kind of thing will never happen. Before sending threatening letters look the way home, I think about this plan does not hurt it.”

“What you want to say in the end?”

“Perhaps even You can see if someone from the police is guarding it.”

I snorted and said with a sneer:

“Do you think there will be a police car parked in front of your house in this situation?”

“If there are detectives, at least the lights will be at home. Is it on?”

“This…” It makes sense to say that. I went on to say, “But it’s dangerous. Once a suspicious car stops, it will attract the police’s attention. Also, your home is equipped with a camera, just in case it is photographed. It’s over?”

“Just pass the front of the house, and you won’t be suspected.”

I mumbled, crossed my hands, and looked at her face again.

“What if I say no?”

“If so…” She shrugged. “That’s no way, just follow your method. But I can’t send a fax.”

“This trick!”

I stood up, walked to the window, opened the curtains slightly, and looked at the night view below.

If you want to continue walking, you should stop. If Shuli is still hesitating, then you should stop. But looking at her expression on the glass, it was not afraid. The girl showed an aura that her life was about to start again, and this is a crucial moment when she continues to play this game.

I looked back at her and said, “You must pretend to be a bit.”


“Don’t be careful, in case they notice you in the car.”

She seemed to understand the meaning of this sentence, and smiled and nodded. .

About forty minutes later, Shuli and I were sitting in the meter and car. I don’t use my own car because I’m afraid of being captured by surveillance photography and leaving evidence.

In the taxi, Shuli and I were chatting about the unsuspecting things-football and serials. Can’t leave a suspicious impression on the taxi driver. Fortunately, the driver doesn’t seem to be interested in us. Shuli was wearing a hooded jacket and a denim jacket on the outside. Both of them were loose-fitting clothes. Anyway, young people with more exotic outfits are everywhere. I am wearing a leather jacket. The driver probably thought he saw a pair of strange men and women playing crazy in the middle of the night.

The taxi arrived in the residential area of ​​Tianyuan Chofu. I will explain to the driver in detail how to go for Shuli. When I approached the Katsuragi House, my palms were sweaty.

I finally saw the mansion on the front right, but there was no reason to slow down the taxi.

“Please drive straight forward.” After

I finished talking to the driver, Shuli pulled up the cap of the jacket to cover his head, and then tightened the jacket of Niu Ta to the front, chin retracted so that his face could not be seen clearly.

The speed of the car did not slow down when passing through the Katsuragi House. The two of us focused and had eyesight, observing the situation of the house in the short time we passed.

After passing the mansion, the two of us looked at each other. Shuli nodded slightly, and I nodded. It seems that the lights have been turned off in the whole house.

After that, we randomly found a place to get off the taxi, and then hired a taxi after walking for a while. On the way home, neither of them said a word.

Back at the apartment, we faced the fax machine again.

“Anyway, the lights in your house are all turned off.” I said, “Where is the car?”

“I think, if you read it correctly, Dad’s car seems to be there.”

“In other words, Katsushige Shengjun is back home. , And fell asleep, that’s what it is. In this way, no one from the police is watching.” I looked at the fax machine and said, “If you want to send a threatening letter, it’s only now!”

“It’s okay in the morning. Right?”

“In the morning, the situation will change again. Once so, you will have a new anxiety in your heart. If you want to pass it, pass it now. If you miss this opportunity, then the game will stop!”

Shuri looked at the threat. Believe hesitated. I looked at the clock on the wall. I just want to give her ten minutes. If her consideration exceeds this time, then stop.

The silence lasted for about five minutes, and she raised her head and said, “I see, I’ll pass it.”

“You can’t look back afterwards!”

“You can’t shrink back on the road!”

“How about a toast? The cup of promise? !”

Shuli shook his head and stood in front of the fax machine. Make sure to put the threat letter and set it to hands-free, then slowly approach the number buttons with your fingers.

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