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Chapter 4 KG

As soon as he entered the house, Shuli sniffed before taking off his shoes.

“Does it smell?” I asked her.

“No. I thought the boys’ room would have a strong smell. But the smell is not bad, is it mint?”

“It’s a fragrance. I don’t like the smell in the room, even my own smell.”

I The place where I live is one bedroom, two halls and one kitchen. Shuli sat on the two-person sofa in the living room and looked around the room and said, “Basically it’s pretty clean.”

“Oh-you can’t see it.”

“It doesn’t matter if you get used to it. The key is not to add things. Throw away the useless things all the time, so that the cleaning will not be too troublesome. You can clean them in 30 minutes. There are 10,080 minutes a week, and 30 minutes of hard work can be exchanged for the remaining one. Ten thousand minutes of comfort, after going over and saying, if you can’t bear the 30 minutes of hard work, then you must live through the remaining uncomfortable ten thousand minutes.”

While I was speaking, Shuli clearly showed disgust. Expressions.

“Is there anything to drink?”

“Come and make some coffee.”

She did not nod, but looked at the Swedish cabinet against the wall.

“Wine is better.”

What a creative little girl! But just do what she wants tonight.

“OK. Beer, Scotch whiskey, bourbon, brandy, Japanese sake.” I pointed and said, “What do you want?”

Shuli Xiao Xiao Shuyu blew his feet at the corner of the cornice, and put his hands across his chest and said: “I miss the King of Champagne, pink.” I

really want to punch her, but bear with me.

“Usually there are one or two bottles on ice, but I just finished the last bottle last night. If there is more wine, I’ll just take it.”

Shuri snorted, and then said, “There is no way, then it’s better to drink red. Up.”

She stubbornly tried to pretend to be a mature woman. Forget it, just let her cool off.

“Follow your instructions!”

The Italian red wine delivered by others lay in the corner of the cupboard. I took the rotating corkscrew and pulled out the cork.

Shuli took a sip and tasted it in his mouth. I thought to myself, she should say that this wine is still young.

However, she seemed to nodded contentedly and said, “Well, it’s delicious.”

“That’s great. Are you very particular about wine?”

“No.” The answer was simple. “I just want to drink it. I find it troublesome to remember the name of the wine.”

“But you know the King of Champagne.”

“I only know this about Champagne. My dad always says that only King of Champagne is the only one. It can be called Champagne, and everything else is just another drink.”

Katsushiro’s face appeared in front of him, which made people want to refute.

“The sparkling wine made in Champagne is called Champagne. It’s not just Champagne King.” After

I finished speaking, Shuli shook his head and said:

“Champagne was originally the secret recipe of the High Village Abbey in the Champagne region, but it spread to the entire region. . And I discovered this secret recipe is to manage the wine cellar, so Champagne King is the real champagne!”

“Okay, okay.” I drank the cheap red wine and said, “It’s really a lesson! “

It’s really unpleasant! Isn’t Katsuragi also such a knowledgeable asshole while holding a champagne glass?

“By the way, I want to talk about the topic just now.” I said.

“What about the game?” No wonder Shuli showed a nervous expression.

“Of course! One more confirmation, do you really want to do this?”

“You give me a clear answer, do you really want to play this kidnapping game? If you are still hesitating, please explain it clearly, see what it is, and give you consideration. time.”

However, she shook her head impatiently and said,

“I also said, I didn’t run away from home because of jokes. I hate the Katsuragi family! I’m set to play this game!”

“That’s good! The game starts. Let’s go to the alliance ceremony first,” I filled two wine glasses, picked up my own and said, “I wish we will win the game!”

Shuli also picked up the wine glasses , and the two toasted!

I haven’t figured out any special combat plan yet, and everything starts now. But I haven’t been so excited for a long time, and I can play such a challenging game!

“There are two or three things to confirm.” I raised my index finger and said, “First of all, I want to know if you ran away from home have been mentioned to other people, such as calling a friend or something?”

Shuli immediately He shook his head and said:

“There is no reason to do this. If they tell the family, it will be troublesome.”

“Okay. Come again, tell me the whereabouts from yesterday to today. Well, didn’t you go to the restaurant? Which one? “

Why are you asking this?”

“If you want to know the people you have been in contact with, it will be troublesome if someone remembers your face.”

“Such things, don’t worry about it.”

“Listen clearly. Think about it, why are the prisoners caught by the police? Because they don’t care about their whereabouts. Where and how they stayed, without this kind of self-consciousness, it is impossible to judge what actions the police will take.”

“But you Do you think the waiter in the restaurant will remember me? They have to face so many customers every day. When I went there, there were dozens of other customers. I bet the waiter would not look so carefully. The guest’s face.”

“I hope so, but you have to be alert to seeing your face!”

Shuri sighed and said,

“When you leave the restaurant, turn right and go straight. It’s right in front of Dennis’s restaurant. I had shrimp baked rice, salad, and coffee.”

I picked up the note and ball pen next to the phone, and wrote down Dennis’s restaurant, shrimp baked rice, salad, and coffee.

“Sit at the counter seat?”

“It’s the seat by the window. The smoking seat is relatively empty.”

“Isn’t there anything impressive there?”

“I didn’t expect to do that.”

“Why people? Want to stare at me?”

“Because you are so beautiful, maybe there are boys who want to treat you.” I looked at Shuli’s beautiful face and said.

Shuri turned away without a smile.

“Maybe there is, but I didn’t notice it. I try not to look at each other in that kind of place.”

“That’s better.” I nodded and said, “What about after I get out of the restaurant?”

“Go I went to a convenience store and bought snacks and juice.” It

seems to be something scattered on the bed.

“Which convenience store?”

“The one across from the restaurant.”

I know that convenience store, which sells alcohol. I once went shopping in the middle of the night.

“You only bought snacks and juice. You didn’t chat with the clerk.”

“The clerk is like Ogissan who has just been laid off. Half-life has been removed without typing the wrong button on the cash register.”

“After the convenience store. I went straight back to the hotel, right?” I nodded, and then continued: “Have you seen someone in the hotel?”

“Well…” She tilted her head and said, “I used to go to the counter when I went back to the hotel and said Maybe someone saw me. Oh, how did I know that things would turn out to be like this.”

“I know this. It doesn’t matter.”

I looked at the note paper I had on hand. The people who met Shuli might include waiters in restaurants, clerk in convenience stores, and staff at Paula Hotel. But if you want to live what she said, no one here seems to have any special impression of her.

“The problem is that it’s time for a public investigation. By then, your photos will circulate in the city, and these people you mentioned, maybe some of them will think that they have seen you.”

“Is it possible!”

“Me too Think of it this way. But usually planned crimes will be seen through, often when this is impossible. There is no peace of mind.”

“What should I do?”

“You can only strictly ask not to expose your photos. Even so. It’s a bit too vulgar, but I had to talk to the other party like this first.”


“Aren’t there often lines in kidnapping dramas? For example, if you call the police, your child will be killed. It’s a cliché and shameful remark.”

“Oh. But isn’t that what I have to say?”



I put the note paper aside and poured the rest of the wine into the glass. , Sitting on the sofa with his feet cocked.

“No matter what we say, your dad will definitely tell the police that he is this kind of person. Therefore, it is nonsense to ask the victim’s family not to notify the police! If you want to be ruthless, you should say that he should cut love!”

she Silent, she seemed to understand that Katsushiro’s personality would not be threatened by gangsters.

“But, needless to say about this kind of thing, I don’t think the police will make the kidnapping public. This is just to be careful. But compared to this, the follow-up development after the whole case is really necessary to think about. . Of course, you will be released safely, but after that, it’s better not to expose it to the media. The reason has just been said. We can’t be sure if anyone has seen you during the period between yesterday and today.” After

I finished speaking, she opened her mouth. Looking at me with big eyes and saying:

“You have already considered what will happen after the case is over!?”

“Of course. Without first drawing out the blueprint of the final result, how do you want to turn the plan into a case?”

“The last thing you said Isn’t the blueprint for us to win?”

“It goes without saying that I have always only envisioned the blueprint for victory. This is my personality.”

I took a sip of wine, held it in my mouth, and tasted the astringency of red wine. Astringent taste.

“If the plan goes well, I want to go abroad. So I don’t want to be exposed in the media, and I don’t plan to accept visits.”

“It’s best to do this, but it should be difficult to refuse interviews completely. But if you ask not to show your face. It should be acceptable.”

“Well, just do it.” It’s really rare that Shuli nodded so simply.

“Well, the problem of eyewitnesses who ran away from home is solved.” I picked up the note paper and pen again and said, “Let’s listen to the things before you ran away. This is an important thing.”

“Run away from home .” Thing?”

“I only saw you climb the wall and run out last night. Before that, where and what you did, I hope you can tell me what you did. It’s best to explain the whereabouts of yesterday’s day carefully. “

What’s the point of this, right?”

“Do you think I will ask something meaningless?” I tapped the note paper twice with my pen. “Listen carefully. Once it becomes a kidnapping case, the police will first start to figure out when and how you were kidnapped. Because the possibility of finding the prisoner based on these clues is quite high. Simply put, if there is no If anyone has any chance to kidnap you, the police will start to suspect that this is a prank.”

Shuli has no expression, but seems to understand what I mean.

“I didn’t seem to see anyone in person yesterday.”

“Could you not say something vague. I can’t help at all!”

She glared at me angrily and said, “If you want to say this to me…”

“Okay, then I’ll say that. Who is the last person to meet with you?”

“Well…” She tilted her head and thought for a moment. He just tilted his head and thought for a while, and then answered, “It’s Chiharu…”

“Who is she?”

“Daddy’s second wife’s child.”

“Ah, it’s a half-sister. Ah. It’s called Qianchun? How do you write it?”

“The number of thousand, the spring of spring and summer.” After speaking, he snorted and said, “What a tacky name!”

“Neither. When did you meet each other?” At home, right?”

“It was after dinner, around eight o’clock. I was in the bathroom, and Chiharu walked in. I thought I didn’t say anything about it.”

” What about after that?”

“In my room I’m watching TV. I’ve always been like this. I’ve always been like this until the morning.”

“I didn’t really meet anyone? This is really important. Think about it!”

Shuri said. Feeling very troublesome and shook his head.

“After eating, everyone hid in their own room, and almost everyone didn’t meet each other at night. Chiharu often didn’t seem to go home and spend the night outside. My parents probably didn’t know it. Because as long as everyone came back before breakfast together in the morning. That’s it.”

There are only four people living in such a big house, so this kind of thing is possible.

“So dinner with my mother and Chiharu?”

Katsushiro should have been dining with Otsuka at that time, eating high-end cuisine, and ordering the incompetent Shunsuke Sakuma to be replaced from the project.

“I’m the only one at dinner.”

“You alone? Why?”

“It seems that both of them are out. This is a common occurrence. It’s easier for me.”

“Then you cook dinner by yourself?”

It would be surprising if this were the case, but she shook her head simply.

“How could it be possible. Mrs. Saki made it for me. Ah, yes! Mrs. Saki was next to you for dinner.”

“Mrs. Saki? You haven’t mentioned the name so far.”

“It’s a helper, Especially from Osaki.”

It turned out to be a servant, so I think this is a matter of course.

“Then what about her working hours?”

“I don’t know the detailed time. It always seems to have come in the afternoon. Sweeping the floor, washing clothes, shopping, and then making dinner. The time to go back depends on the situation of the day, probably All went back before dinner. But when I ate last night, she seemed to be tidying up the kitchen.”

“She went back after you finished eating.”

“Should be like this.”

“Did you talk about anything during dinner?” “

Of course I chatted for a while. There is no reason to stay silent and not say a word.”

“What did you talk about? You probably didn’t say anything to imply running away from home, did you?”

“There is no reason to say that. Well, at that time,

I never thought I would run away from home.” “So that’s it.” I circled the name of Chiharu on the record and said, “Yesterday I asked why you ran away from Gecheng’s house. The reason is, but I think there should be some unexpected event that prompted you to do this. How do you think it happened after dinner and after talking to Chiharu, did something happen at that time?”

Shuli’s expression instantly froze. I crossed my hands on my chest, and then pursed my lips and said,

“She said I used her cream.”

“Face cream?”

“Face cream for maintenance. I just used a little cream that I put in the bathroom. That’s it.”

“Aha!” I nodded and said, “Because of this quarrel, right?”

“I won’t quarrel! We don’t quarrel. At times like this, I only apologize unilaterally. This is often the case. I’m used to it. But last night, Qianchun had a lot of thoughts, she always complained one sentence after another.”

“Because of this, you ran away from home in anger?”

“After I got back to the room, the more I thought about it. I feel wronged and miserable. Anyway, I don’t want to stay in this home for even a second!”

Ke is just like a primary school student, but I can’t say that.

I looked at the notes I wrote and sorted it out in my head. I must turn her words into an inconsistent story.

“You said that Qianchun sometimes stayed out and didn’t go home, so what about you? You ran away from home yesterday, but have you ever sneaked out to play like this?”

“It’s not like that , but it’s not as frequent as Qianchun. I You also have the right to enjoy youth.”

“Youth, yes.”

This is a saying that a man in his thirties will look like a bad old man when he speaks it, but when he speaks it from a young girl, he has a fresh feeling. Why is it so? such?

“Do you also climb the wall like this when you sneak out?”

“You go out from the side door more often. But yesterday I didn’t want to be photographed by the camera, so I climbed the wall. If you came out from the side door, sometimes It will also be photographed by the camera.”

“It’s hard to run out to play at night. Well, how about the out-of-home?”

“How many times have you been…” Shrugged as if thinking about the situation at that time.

“I forgot to ask important things, is there someone to fall in love with?”

“Now I am free. When everyone knows that it is a young lady from the Katsuragi family, they seem to respect ghosts and spirits.”

“The recent students are very timid. It’s not bad to be a bit wild to grab a big one! So the ones you are playing with are all female friends.”

“Yes, friends from college.”

“When I want to go out to play, I will contact you in advance, right?”

“Yes. However, sometimes I suddenly ran out. There are a few shops that I often go to, if I go to these few At the shop, you will probably meet one or two people you know.” The

twenty-year-old Maotou girl said “frequently-visited shop”, sounding a little arrogant. But these words are enough to show that she occasionally runs away from home to play.

“Also,” I looked at her bag and said, “Don’t you have a phone?”

“It’s too much trouble to keep it at home!”


“Yeah, if they notice that I am missing, they must Will call me on my mobile phone, will it be very noisy if the light is not answered? Anyway, it must be turned off, and it doesn’t make sense to carry it. When you want to make a call, just call the public phone.”

“I like you like this .” Reasonable way of thinking.” I nodded two or three times, which was not a compliment. “It’s just that there will be a problem. The police will definitely be suspicious if you didn’t bring your mobile phone out of the house.”

“Will you think that you just forgot to bring it.”

“Recently, young girls would forget to bring their mobile phone when they go out to play? It’s weird to forget to bring your wallet. The police will definitely suspect this kind of unnaturalness. Let’s see how this problem can be solved.”

“It’s a matter of rushing to forget!”

“Then why are you rushing? I didn’t make an appointment with anyone first.”

I’m afraid I won’t be able to catch the last tram.” I sneered and laughed.

“You still say this when you hire a taxi in front of your house. However, it’s a good idea to be afraid of not being able to make it.” I tapped the note paper twice with a ball pen and said, “You said there are a few people who go there often. The store, how many of them closed at around 12 o’clock?”

Shuri bit his thumb and nail for a moment, and said,

“Shibuya’s’question’ seems to be the case.”

“OK, we set it to be this store. You are very annoyed by the fact that Qianchun is constantly reading about the face cream. To make you feel better, you want to “question”, but if you don’t hurry up, the store will close because of this. I forgot to bring my mobile phone in a hurry. Is there anything unnatural so far?”

“That’s good.” She answered without thinking. From the beginning, I dared not expect anything from her judgment.

“When is the prisoner kidnapping you next…”

This is a big question. If you mess up in this place, then the plan will be ruined.

I imagined in my mind that I was a prisoner, I wanted to kidnap the daughter of the Katsuragi family, where to ambush, and then how to avoid others’ eyes and eyes and take her away.

“There is only one opportunity. After you ran out of your home, you stopped the taxi on the main road. If you want to kidnap, only in the alley before your home to the main road. This alley is very dark and there are not many people at that time. Passing by, I can only take you

away by force .” “Forcibly taken away? What do you mean by being taken away inexplicably?”

“Too fast to let you scream, and I will tie you away in an instant.” I closed gently. Close your eyes and imagine that picture. In the high-class residential area of ​​Tianyuan Chofu, a person was walking on the road in a tree. The prisoner’s car drove from behind. Slowly, when she was about to pass her, the car stopped, the rear door opened, and the man quickly went down. car.

“There are at least two prisoners.” I closed my eyes and said: “One person drives, and one person must sit in the back seat and wait for the opportunity. The man got out of the car and immediately covered you who was suddenly shocked with a handkerchief. of course handkerchief stained with chloroform …… “I shook my head went on to say:” too old-fashioned chloroform, ether, and prisoners have little medical knowledge, it is the habit of using this kind of thing. ” “

which one are Yes, the police didn’t have to investigate this thing anyway.”

I opened my eyes and made a bitter face at her.

“This is related to the image of the crime I am shaping. While making the content of the crime clear, we must also establish the personality of the prisoner at the same time.”

“Is that necessary?” Shuri said as if I was an idiot.

“The reason why mischievous kidnapping can be seen through is because the prisoner didn’t imagine the real kidnapping plan in advance. As a result, he would only make strange actions like pranks and reveal the flaws. That’s why I want to find out. At the end, I asked you the reason for all your whereabouts before you ran away. “

I don’t know if she understands what I said, she just shrugged silently. I went on and said:

“After I got you wrong with ether, the prisoner drove away and came to a secret house that was prepared beforehand. There was enough food and other daily necessities prepared there. Of course there are telephones and even computers. .You are in a state of imprisonment. And it has been for several days.”

“Where is the secret place?”

“This is also an important question. Don’t make a decision lightly. You must base your assumptions on the prisoner’s character. , Where will they set up this secret place?”

“If this is the case, then create a more handsome prisoner.”

“It depends on whether it is necessary. For example, the characteristics of prisoners are very cautious and patient. So the action taken is quick and decisive. It has to be such a personality.”

“Oh, it’s like this.”

“If you think about it, from the means of kidnapping, the prisoner learned of the Katsuragi family under certain circumstances. My daughter occasionally runs away from home secretly, so she always monitors for opportunities. It is impossible to do it without being cautious and patient. At the same time, we should not hesitate when opportunities come, and we must have the ability to act decisively and cooperate. “

So that’s it.” Shuli nodded slightly and looked at me with respect, and said, “May I ask a question?”


“I was imprisoned in a secret house?”

“Not yet. Decide whether it is imprisonment or house arrest. Is there anything weird?”

“Um…” She licked her lips and asked, “Will I be raped there?”

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