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Chapter 3 KG

When Shuri and I checked into the Paula Hotel in Kayabacho, it was already past midnight. This is a business hotel where my friends often stay in Tokyo or other times. If I come forward, the hotel can accommodate it. It’s the same tonight, I asked Shuli to wait by the stairs for my housing procedures to be completed.

“I don’t want to help you escape home, but because you believe me and told me a lot about you, so I give you some special services.” After

entering the room, I put the key on the back. This room has only a small single bed, TV, desk and refrigerator.

“Anyway, I booked two nights first. Check out at noon the day after tomorrow.” After I finished speaking, I checked my watch and corrected: “It’s already past twelve o’clock. It should be noon tomorrow.”

“Why two nights?

” Anyway, this is the case first. You sleep well. If you want to go home, you can leave at any time. Just call me when you want to leave.”

“It’s late now. You should get a good night’s sleep anyway .” I’ll talk about it tomorrow.” I walked to the door, stopped

and looked back and asked, “Also, do you have money with you?” When she asked, her eyes flickered and her eyelashes quivered.

“Do you want to stay in a hotel without any money?”

“You have a credit card!”

“Oh, yes, it’s a secondary card.” I took out two ten thousand yuan bills from my wallet. “

Leave the money first, just in case.” “I don’t want it. Why

do you need it …” “It doesn’t need to be the best, just keep it.” I put the ten thousand yuan bill on the TV. Hold the remote control. “I’ll see you tomorrow. I pray that you will become a little more obedient. The so-called secondary card can’t be used as long as one notice. I don’t have any money with

me . I really don’t know what you plan to do after this.” Without waiting for her answer, she approached the door, and when I turned the doorknob, she said behind me:

” I would have known it if I got some money out.”

I listened to what she said and looked back again. “what did you say?”

“I said money, and I want it to come out with some money. Even if you don’t take money, you can get some valuable things, diamonds and the like. In this way, at least there will be no trouble in a short time.

” This is called impulse! You will change your mind tomorrow. Anyway, depending on the situation, I will contact Mr. Katsuragi.”

“I will never go back!”

“Forget it, you think about it.”

“I have Right to take some of the Katsuragi family’s property?”

I was taken aback by the sudden question, shrugged and said,

“It should be. But for this, you have to continue to be the daughter of this family.”

“You mean .” If you run away from home, it won’t work?”

“Well… it doesn’t make much sense now. Inheriting property will only be possible after Mr. Katsuragi’s death, at least for decades.”

“I’ve heard of it before death. The method of inheritance.”

“Are you talking about gifting during your lifetime? It’s not without it, but this is something that Mr. Katsuragi can decide. I don’t know you will ask for it, but no matter what, everything is impossible if you don’t go home. .”

She seemed to realize that she was penniless before realizing how much she had lost. Even after running away from home, he would think of property issues. Maybe this is one of Katsushiro’s inheritance.

I opened the door and said, “Well, good night.”

“Wait a minute!”

I opened the door slightly and turned back to her:

“What’s the matter this time?”

“Can you listen to my request?” She He lowered his head slightly and made the appearance of speaking to his elders. This is an expression that has never appeared before.

“What will happen then.”

“It’s not a difficult thing. You call my house first and say that I’m with you.”

“Just like this?”

“After that, help me get some money. I don’t want to go home again, just say that I need enough living expenses.”

I closed the door again, and it would be troublesome to hear such words. I looked at Shuri’s face and confirmed that she was not joking. I spread my hands a little and asked,

“Are you serious? Or are you kidding me?”

“If I call myself, I will definitely be called home.

“I’m the same !” “I’m the same. I will definitely be trained. If I have free time to make such a prank call, I won’t bring my daughter back right away! As I said earlier, Mr. Katsuragi is very good to us. important customer. like this allow you to live in the hotel it was already a betrayal of the behavior of friends. ” “

I do not want to say that they are not on the list to go home? ” “

this statement basically will not be Accept it, maybe you will be told that it is a kidnapping.”

“Then do it as a kidnapping?”


“Anonymous call, and if you want to get back to your daughter, you should prepare 10 million. “

I bent down a little, looked at her face from bottom to top, and said, “You…really?”

“Anyway, I don’t want to go home, and I need money. In order to do this, I have to do something consciously.” What’s the matter!?”

“Okay, then I get it!” I raised my hands gently, nodded, and then said:

“You’d better take a cold shower, it seems to be too hot!”

Shuri seemed to have more As if to say something, I walked out of the room blindly.

It takes about ten minutes to walk from the hotel to my apartment. Walking on the sidewalk, I repeatedly thought about the dialogue with Shurizhiguan. In the evening, I drank a lot of wine, but at this time I was not drunk at all. It should be related to the housework she said.

I was a little surprised that Katsushige Shengjun had such a complicated thing in his family. Although he has not decided whether to use this kind of internal information, there is no loss if he knows it, and it may not be necessarily when it will be useful in the future. A few hours ago, the whole mood fell to the bottom, but now it is completely clear.

When I arrived at the office the next day, I was called by Otsuka. Entering the president’s room, Kozuka happened to be talking to Tomoya Sugimoto. Sugimoto is mainly responsible for music-related activities such as concerts. He is a year younger than me, but he is extraordinary. It occurred to me that he would take over the job of Sunstar Motors.

“It just happened to be talking to Sugimoto about yesterday.” Kozuka, who looked at me, said.

Sugimoto may feel a little embarrassed to look at me and cast his eyes on the president’s desk.

“Is it about taking over the follow-up work?”

“No, that’s not necessary. Anyway, you have to start from scratch, otherwise the customer won’t accept it.”

What does Katsushiro mean?

“Have you explained to the team members about the setbacks encountered in the car park case?”

“No, I’m just going to talk about it .”

“So…” Otsuka showed an expression thinking about something.

“What’s the matter?”

“Well, in fact, I have considered a lot of situations. It is a bit difficult to replace all the team members of the entire project. It is possible to replace only a part, but there is actually no way to replace the entire team.”

I understand what he wants to say.

“It means that all the team members stay, only to replace the team leader.”

“That’s what it means. In short, time is tight, and Sunstar understands and accepts this.”

This sentence was just right, and I nodded along the way.

“Sunstar meeting this afternoon to keep up, I hope you can attend.”

“Why,” I do strong smile said: “?? For them I have a useless person.”

“Do not irrational, and we You must formally explain to the other party that you can leave first after introducing Sugimoto.” It

means that the former supervisor should be present when the new supervisor took office. I never remembered that I had suffered such humiliation.

I suddenly thought of Shuli’s face, and then thought of something related.

“Mr. Katsuragi will not come anyway.”

“I should see him.”

“Will it?” I tilted my head and looked at him and said, “I guess he won’t come.”

“Why do you say that .” I just confirmed that Vice President Katsuragi will also attend, and the other party is quite sure.”

“Yeah, what’s the matter?”

“No, nothing…” My

daughter ran away from home, there will be time to attend this kind of just showing her face Will it? Or is Katsung Seungjun still not knowing that Shuri is missing? This is impossible. If anyone finds out, the first one will definitely notify his father.

“I see, I’ll be there. Be sure to pay respects to Mr. Katsuragi’s face.”

“Don’t make any problems with me! You just have to keep your mouth closed the whole time.” Otsuka’s finger pricked my chest like a nail.

Nissei Motor’s Tokyo head office is in Shinjuku. After completing a lot of complicated procedures, our group was taken to the conference room, and the other party was already waiting for us.

The fat publicity manager explained some of the key requirements for the re-amendment of the plan. It’s a bit more polite than listening to Otsuka’s explanation last night, but the part that belittles my idea is the same.

Katsushiro was not present. It is said that it will arrive later, it shouldn’t be coming. There is no reason to come, it is hard to say, and I am calling the police to find someone.

The manager of the Publicity Department turned the topic to how to carry out the project in the future. Concepts, needs, It-I’m getting bored by using the words that some experienced advertisers are ashamed to use. Sugimoto was also introduced to him, and I made up my mind to leave as soon as I finished.

Just as I yawned a few times, someone opened the door without knocking. A man in a black suit and strong shoulders walked in. The manager of the Publicity Department was interrupted.

After scanning the meeting room with his sharp eyes, the man walked in the uppermost direction.

It’s Katsushiro, that’s right.

“What’s the matter? Why don’t you keep talking?” The man looked at the manager of the Publicity Department with a disdainful expression.

The manager hurriedly wanted to continue the topic just now, but seemed to have forgotten where he was just talking about, and appeared embarrassed. It seemed that he felt a lot of pressure from that threat.

“Is he Katsushiro Katsujun?” I asked Otsuka, who was sitting next to him, who just nodded slightly.

The propaganda department manager finally returned to his original pace and continued his boring explanation, but I was not listening, and kept catching the eyes of the vice president who ignored my strength. Katsushige also seemed to care less about the speech of the publicity department manager. I don’t know if it was because there was no content in what he said, or there were other reasons—that is, I don’t know if it’s because my daughter is missing. There is no way to judge.

The manager of the Publicity Department finished speaking. Then when another person from Sunstar Motor stood up, Katsushige Shengjun raised his hand, and under the focus of everyone’s eyes, he just sat and talked:

“I understand that this change in the project has caused a lot of trouble for everyone, but I hope everyone can understand that we are not going to hold a lively temple fair. It is innovative, not by luck like gambling. What we have to do It’s a game called business behavior. At this point, what we require is careful planning and bold execution. Since it is a game, we must win. If it is just a game and just do it casually. , Then I’m sorry. There are countless games in the world, so please treat this case as one of them, just like me. It’s just that I have some confidence in the arcade games, so I judged that I must Re-plan this project again-this is what I want to say. “

This is basically to treat everyone as pawns in his game, just follow his instructions! No, is this all he really wants to say? In the gentle and stable tone, the courage filled the entire conference room, making people feel that the posture of all the people present was a bit stiffer than it was a few minutes ago.

As a result, I stayed until the end of the meeting. During this period of time, I have been closely observing Katsushige Seojun, but I can’t feel that he is a little absent. Whether it was a subordinate or Otsuka when speaking, he looked indifferent, but he always maintained his sharp eyes. I thought to myself, he is not straightforward.

The humiliation and fighting spirit in my heart are as mixed as after being interrupted. Is it a game? So that’s it, it doesn’t matter if it is so. But he just blindly puts himself in the position of a master. If it is to be regarded as a game, I am confident, so let’s compare it. How can you force others to get rid of the game before the outcome is determined? Katsushiro Katsujun, let me decide the victory or defeat-I have been silently praying like this in my heart. It’s just that he doesn’t seem to move at all.

After the meeting, Otsuka ran to him to greet him and wanted to introduce me to him by the way, but Katsuki Katsushika didn’t even look at me. After he waved with a tired gesture, he turned around and said to us: other Don’t forget the unnecessary things. It’s useless to introduce people who have nothing to do with the job. “While talking and leaving.”

Ozuka and I were speechless, and could only watch the vice president of the big company above leave. I also know that everyone around me is looking at me with pity.

Kozuka patted my shoulders that clenched the roots of my teeth twice before resisting the humiliation.

That night, I ate with a girl named Maki at the Italian restaurant in Akasaka. Maki is a new model, and I guess not much work falls on her. Most of the cases she received were show girls or reception girls. I know that she works at the club several days a week to make a living. So far, I have been proactively contacting her, and she has always called me, so it is not surprising that she likes me, for her I may be one of her important channels.

But I called her today. If I don’t make myself feel better, I really don’t want to go home. I plan to see the drink there after the meal, and see how to treat her during the chat. Although the physical relationship may be somewhat troublesome, the idea of ​​holding her overnight tonight is still more practical.

When the fish was served, the first white wine had already been drunk, and I ordered the same wine again, and when the meat was served, I would just order the red wine.

“Drink quickly.” Maki said as he put the dish in his mouth awkwardly with a fork. In weight loss, she deliberately increased the number of chewing. It was unbearable to look at it, but it wasn’t to the point of destroying the atmosphere.

“Probably it’s a little excited, and I get thirsty when I’m nervous.” I drank the wine in one sip.

“Why are you excited?”

“Because you are willing to meet with me. Suddenly I asked you, I thought I would be rejected.”

“You love to laugh, your mouth can really talk.” She looked like a big smile, but There is no unpleasant meaning in his eyes.

“Speaking directly like this, it will definitely not be taken as serious. It is really difficult to please Japanese women. But in fact, I am really a little nervous, and I don’t know why I am like this.”

Oh? She tilted her head and looked at me.

“One is that I haven’t had a face-to-face meal with women like this for a long time. Another is that I haven’t taken the initiative to contact you so far, I’m afraid I will regret breaking this convention.”

Lying is also a convenient way.

“Have you encountered anything at work?” Maki looked at me and said.

“Nothing.” I raised the glass. I’m not in the mood to tell her in detail about the whole incident, and she is not a person to play such a role.

While eating decent food and wine, I conquered my stomach first. I also talked about some information that Maaki cares about, and some stories in this circle, and there are some jokes in it. It is not enough for young girls to just listen to others. I know this very well. After that, they must be a listener. What she said had little content and was loosely structured, and it took a bit of effort to get through without dozing off. Not only that, I’m gritted my teeth even yawning, and I have to flatter her by saying that I’ve never heard such funny things! She probably thinks she has become more talkative tonight.

The relationship between men and women is also a game. It’s just that the game’s opponent is not strong, it will become very boring. As far as tonight is concerned, this opponent is too uncomfortable. I looked at Maki’s cheerful face, thinking that I should find another woman tonight. If you are looking for the woman who is an office worker, first of all, if you suddenly find her on a date, she will definitely be wary, and then it will take a lot of trouble to get rid of her guard. And it’s not that easy to find topics in the Meal Times. It’s just that when dating a woman, it’s better to use a little thought and spirit.

This means that what I want is not just the flesh, but a highly exciting game. Sex, it is not an exaggeration to say that it is the reward of victory in a game.

It’s not just love, everything is the same for me. Think of it as a game, and then feel the joy of winning the game. Of course this is true for sports, and the same is true for reading. The pros and cons of the results represent everything about this game. The college entrance examination is the biggest victory. If you can get the points of victory here, you can also pass the battle in the so-called game of life. With this belief, I finally entered the university I wanted. The same is true when looking for a job, using every possible method to squeeze into the company you want to work in. Think about it, this is the result of a good plan.

At this point in my life, I have hardly lost a game. I don’t have to wait for Katsushige to play. Work is also one of the games for me. This is also true for the Sunstar Motors event. And this time the car park project, I think it will be a success, I still think so.

He said he has some confidence in arcade games?

If that’s the case, let’s have a showdown. See who is the real master and clearly distinguish between them.

But what should I do? The other party has deprived me of the opportunity to challenge. The thing is, I don’t have any way to start a war.

“What’s the matter?” Maki looked at me with an incredible expression. I seemed to have missed what she said when I was thinking about things.

“No, nothing. Maybe I drank too much alcohol.” I smiled and ate a dessert smoothie.

After leaving the restaurant, she tried to ask her if she wanted to drink some other places. She agreed without thinking about it. I hired a taxi.

“That way, I feel relieved, Mr. Sakuma looks in a good mood.” Maki said as the taxi started.

“What do you mean?”

“Well, I was thinking…” She was thinking about what to say, and then she said: “I am worried that you are in a bad mood. If you are in a bad mood, you will have a bad temper…”

“It’s very strange for you to say that. Why do you have a bad temper if you are in a bad mood?” When

I said this, she rolled her eyes and said to me:

“During the day today, I called Junko, don’t you know? Ueno Junko.”

“Of course I do.”

The person who planned Ueno Junko’s cyberspace was also because of her I knew Maki. They seem to be friends in high school.

“Did she tell you something?”

“Yes, I talked to Mr. Sakuma during the chat. She said you might be a little blue today.”


“Because you were given a big case. Suddenly it was replaced…”

“What did she tell you?”


I sighed. Everyone in the company knows that Shunsuke Sakuma in the case of the Nippon Motors Project was replaced! There will be all kinds of rumors flying over the hard-won, and some of them must be secretly applauded, because there are not a few people who are scolded by me or replaced by me at work.

“Junko said, it was a mistake to replace Mr. Sakuma. No one can do things so close to perfection.”

“It’s an honor to be said that.”

In fact, it is said by people like Ueno Junko that this is the case. I didn’t feel happy at all, but made me feel even more humiliated.

“This is not a compliment! She said, apart from crime, probably no one can beat you!”


Suddenly my heart seemed to be caught by something, just like the moment before I found that I had forgotten something. Then finally remembering what was going on, an idea came to my mind.

“I’m sorry! Stop here!” I said to the driver, “There is one who wants to get off here.”

Maki who was sitting next to him opened his eyes and said, “What’s the matter?”

“Sorry, I suddenly remembered that there is something urgent to do. I must solemnly apologize to you another day.”

I took out two ten thousand yuan bills from my wallet and forced them into her, and got out of the car alone. Maki sat in the re-starting car and stared at me blankly.

I scanned another taxi, and when I got in the car, I said, “

Go to Kayabacho.” Get off in front of the Kayabacho Paula Hotel, walk in from the front entrance, and walk directly to the elevator without passing through the counter.

I knocked on the door and didn’t respond, but when I knocked again, there was still no response. When I was about to “check out without saying a word”, the door suddenly opened and I saw Shuli’s face in the slit.


“Are you alone, right?”

“Yeah! How?”

She nodded, closed the door first, removed the chain, and then opened the door.

The TV in the room was on, and it was playing a program introducing the latest Hu song. She seemed to be lying in bed watching TV. The bed was full of various snacks, and there were ashtrays and bottled juices on the bedside table.

“Have you had a good meal?”

“I went to the restaurant just now.”


did you eat?” “Why are you asking about this?”

“Worry about your body. It’s not good if you don’t eat something nutritious.” Lah.”

“Huh,” she looked at me, then sat down on the bed and said, “If you are thin and thin, you won’t make a good impression on people when sending the eldest lady of an important customer home. !?”

Still the same, she was still so clever, I really wanted to frustrate her spirit.

“What’s next? Do you want to go home?”

” Did n’t you say that you won’t go home? It’s really long-winded!”

“I just want to confirm it, because this is an important thing!”

“Important thing!” “?” She frowned and said, “What do you mean?”

“I’ll explain later. I want to make sure of one more thing. You said last night that you wanted me to get the money for you, and that it was the amount of money that you can inherit. That’s a joke!?”

“If it’s a joke , I wouldn’t say that. I’m not a kid, and I don’t ran away just to know how much my family loves me!”

“Is that really serious?”

“It’s true! You want How many times have I said it?” she said angrily.

“That’s good!”

I sat and opened the refrigerator next to me, took out a can of Budweiser beer, and opened the bottle cap. A large amount of foam wet my hands.

I took a sip, put the jar on the table, and looked at Shuli’s face again, she returned to me with a surprised and disgusted expression.

It’s time to make up your mind! How would she react if she listened to my proposal? If you refuse, then everything is over. Her father will inform Kozuka and force him to kill my head immediately! Kozuka can’t resist Katsushiro Katsura, then I will be kicked out of the company!

It’s just that it’s very miserable to be viewed this way in a cyber planning company now! It’s better to bet on it!

I think of the video game machines in the shopping street when I was a child. After the siege game was out of date, there were countless video games. At that time, I ran to the amusement park as soon as I had a new phone game. Behind the color picture, the machine is provoking me.

INSERtCOIN-this moment and that moment are the same!

“Do you want to play a game?” I said.

“Game?” Shuli’s eyes were full of questions.

“You can complete your wish game. You can get the money you think you deserve from the Katsuragi family, and I can also get the reward I deserve.”

“What do you mean by that?”

“Oh? This is very surprising, this is what you said originally!” I picked up the beer again, took a big sip, then looked at her and said, “It’s a kidnapping game!”

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