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Chapter 2 KG

It was a Western-style building that was a little outrageously large. If there was no sign of the Gecheng House, I thought it was a large-scale agency. The gate, which is large enough to pass through by a car, has complicated patterns. There is a large garage with rolling doors on each side of the gate, so whether it is a Mercedes or a Rolls Royce, you can easily park four of them. On the other side of the wall, various trees are planted, which looks like a small forest. It’s a bit difficult to see the roof of the main building from the small road. There should be some distance to the main building. You will feel weak when you walk from the gate to the hallway.

I did not approach this huge house because I noticed that there was a surveillance camera on the doorpost. Of course, other places must be installed too. That’s why I got off the car far away from the house. My current position is also twenty meters away from the big house. There happened to be a RV parked on the side of the road, and I was hiding behind it.

I was thinking about going to see Katsushiro Katsushika. I met him directly, and asked him if he liked Junsuke Sakuma, and what is called “superficial thinking”. Kozuka’s explanation alone is not enough, I can’t accept it at all.

But looking at this huge fortress-like house, I can only shake my head. When you come to see Katsushiro at this time, he may not meet, and the chances of being asked to go out can be imagined. Even if the name is reported, it is probably useless, maybe it will be said to be nothing more than a stale advertiser. Even if I saw him, at this moment, I was full of alcohol, and at most I was treated as a bravery with alcohol. Katsuragi would probably immediately issue an order to evict guests.

Originally, he used alcohol to boldly. When I told the taxi driver to go out, I was already so angry that I was smoking!

As a result, I did nothing. I am afraid of really killing in front of the enemy, but I am afraid of the humiliation of leaving without doing anything. However, it can only be so. Even thinking of a bunch of reasons for not launching an offensive is a self-defense after all.

The anger that came immediately after the humiliation made me angry with myself. What does this guy named Sakuma Shunsuke want to do such a villain?

Everything came back, and after the drunkenness subsided, I made a decision in my heart. This is not a runaway, I will definitely fight against Katsushiro Katsujun! And this showdown must have my style and a thorough plan.

I pointed at the big house and said in my heart: You wait for me, Mr. Katsura! I will let you know my strength!

At this moment, I seemed to see something moving out of the corner of my eye. I moved my eyes to the other end of the wall.

There is a person who wants to exceed the wall, but not to climb in, but to climb out. The figure straddled the iron railing of the wall, hesitated for a moment, and then jumped down. Although the buttocks landed on the ground, it did not seem to be injured.

I thought it was a thief at first, but I immediately dispelled the idea because I noticed that the man was a girl. Haven’t heard of a thief in a skirt?

This girl should be eighteen or nineteen years old, at most not more than twenty. He must be pretty and of good figure. She looked back at the front and back, while I was hiding behind the car.

She walked forward quickly, I hesitated, and immediately followed. In order not to be caught by surveillance cameras, I lowered my head and walked on the other side of the road before passing the Katsuragi Mansion.

I followed her out of intuition. I don’t think she sneaked into Katsuragi’s house secretly. A more reasonable explanation should be that something happened and wanted to escape from this house. That is, what I care about is, what happened?

She didn’t seem to notice the movement behind. Maybe I was still some distance away from her. When she came to the main road, she raised her hand to stop the taxi. Only then did I feel a little anxious, if I let her get in the car, there would be nothing to sing!

I also hurried to the main road. And the taxi she was on was about to start. I wrote down the number and waited for the taxi. Luckily, there just happened to be a free car passing by.

“Drive forward first, you can go as fast as you can!”

Although I got in the car, the driver didn’t seem to like my instructions to him, and started to drive forward with an uncomfortable look. I took a ten thousand yuan bill. Shake it in front of him.

“There is a yellow taxi ahead. I want to catch up with that car.”

“Sir, I’m sorry for this trouble.”

“Don’t worry, it won’t cause you trouble. There is a woman in that taxi. My child, her parents asked me to chase her.”


This seemed to make sense, and the driver stepped on the accelerator. I put ten thousand yuan on the small plate where the driver put the money. If you don’t catch up before the loop on the 8th line, it will be troublesome. Fortunately, the taxi in front of the traffic light also stopped. I checked the license plate number and said to the driver: “That’s the car!”

“What do you want to do after catching up? Will you catch her and go home?” the taxi driver asked me.

“No, I just want to know where she is going.”

“Ha, then do you report to her parents?”

“Yeah, that’s it.”

“That’s it. It must be a baby girl!” How to explain things, the driver It seems that there is a reasonable explanation.

The girl’s taxi drove towards the southbound direction of Circular Line 8, and the taxi I took was also behind. The car she added didn’t drive so fast, and it wasn’t that difficult to catch up.

“A young girl, I guess she would go in the direction of Shibuya, but that doesn’t seem to be the case.” The driver would say this because the direction is the opposite.

After speaking, the car in front turned left and entered Zhongyuan Street.

“Is this going straight to Gotanda?” I asked the driver.

“Yes, I recently heard that there are many places to play in Gotanda!”

Is it necessary to climb a wall if I want to go out to play? Indeed, if you want to go out to play at this kind of time, your parents will not have a good face. But from her expression when she climbed over the wall, it didn’t look like she was going to travel at night, but she seemed to have something more urgent. This is also the reason why I follow her.

I saw Gotanda Station, but I couldn’t see that the taxi in front of me was about to stop. After passing the station, I turned to the right.

“Wow,   I’m heading to Shinagawa now.”

“It seems like this.” The

girl’s taxi drove into the first Keihin Line, and I still followed all the way. After a while, JR Shinagawa Station can be seen on the right, and a row of famous restaurants stands on the left.

“Ah, they are going to turn left!” the driver said. Sure enough, the car in front turned on its left turn signal.

“Trouble follow them!”

“But… they drove into the restaurant.”

“It doesn’t matter, follow.”

After climbing the gentle ramp, the taxi at the hotel’s main entrance stopped there. I asked the driver to stop just a little below the ramp.

“Are you meeting up with a boy here?” the driver said as he gave me the receipt. Maybe it is, I also dealt with his answer.

The girl pushed the revolving door into the restaurant, and I followed in later.

Maybe the driver’s guess is correct. It’s not incomprehensible that he had to secretly meet with a boy, so he ran out of the big house like that. If this were the case, I would look like a nervous clown in such a place. Do not! Do not! No matter where it is, as long as I can know the secrets of the family, there is no loss. I revised my thoughts a little bit.

On the left hand side of entering the hotel is the counter. There was no one in front of the long counter. The girl rang the call bell, and after a while, a uniformed hotel staff came out from inside.

I took a ten thousand dollar bill from my wallet and approached the girl’s back.

“I’m really sorry, the room is full today,” the hotel staff said to the girl. She seemed to be anxious for a room.

“Any kind of room is fine.” The girl said, sounding exhausted, and the quality of her voice was a little bit to make people sing with her.

“I’m sorry, all the rooms are full.” The middle-aged hotel staff bowed politely to the little girl, and then turned his eyes to me: “Is there anything wrong?”

“I I want a change of two thousand yuan, can I change it with you? Five is fine.”

The girl didn’t even look at me, and walked toward the hotel door in a relentless manner. I can’t lose her here and turn around and leave the counter quickly. At this moment, a voice behind me called to stop me: “Ah, sir!”

“Thank you, no more!”

Leaving the hotel staff with a confused face, I also walked out to the front entrance.

The girl just walked across the garden trail across the hotel’s front courtyard. I was worried about causing suspicion and pulling the trailing distance far, but I couldn’t see that she had noticed that someone was following her.

The end of the garden trail is just the exit of the hotel, and there are other restaurants across the road. I have noticed what she wants to do.

As I thought, she walked into the restaurant next door. The counter here is on the first floor. Since business guests frequent it, they continue to come in and out in the middle of the night. I found a place where I could see the counter and watch her whereabouts from here.

After talking to the hotel staff, she immediately turned and walked in the other direction. Judging from her disgusting expression, she can clearly know the result of the negotiation.

She walked into the small room of the public telephone. So that was the case, as I expected, I also came out.

She flicked the phone book desperately inside. You don’t need to look at it to know what classification she turned.

“Wear this look at this time, no matter where you look for a restaurant, I think it’s useless.”

My voice startled her, and she looked at me with a frightened expression.

“There is no room reservation but a girl alone. If you want to stay, everyone will only be wary. For hotels, they are most afraid of not making a lot of money from the guests and causing trouble. No hotel will want to get involved in such troubles. “

She probably felt that she was seen through by a malicious man and wanted to approach her, so she closed the phone book and went out of the phone room.

“You’re looking for a hotel to stay in tonight, aren’t you? Miss Katsuragi.”

She stopped abruptly, “brushing” like a robot and slowly turning her head back to look at me.

“Who are you?”

I took out my business card from my pocket. She scanned the words printed on the business card and my face back and forth.

“Cyber ​​Planning…”

“Advertising, production, intermediary, everything is done, in other words, it is the convenience store of the enterprise. Mr. Katsuragi’s company is my biggest customer. This is the end of my self-introduction, and I can know you next. Is your name?”

“I have no such obligation, right.” After finishing speaking, he flicked the business card with his finger, and the business card fell to the ground lightly.

“That said, I have to do my duty,” I picked up the business card on the ground. “I can’t let the thief who sneaked into my important client’s house run away!”

She stared at her somewhat crazily eyes. It was indeed very triumphant, but in this way it looked even more beautiful. Those eyes stared at me without blinking.

“Or…you didn’t sneak in, but sneak out! No matter what, you can’t leave it alone. I’ll still contact Mr. Katsuragi…” I took out the mobile phone in my pocket.


“Then you introduce yourself,” I smiled at her. “Even if you let me know what happened, I won’t say it casually. Depending on the situation, maybe I can help with your stay tonight.”

A confused expression appeared on her face. It should not be said to be a calculated expression. She is speculating based on my personality, whether she wants to believe me or use me, maybe she can get some benefits.

She stretched out her right hand and said: “Please give me the business card just now.”

“Please.” After

she took the business card, she stretched out her left hand and said, “Driver’s license.”

“Driver’s license?”

“Yes, this business card is missing again .” It must be your own.”

“Oh, that’s how it is.”

Looking at her up close, she is younger than you think. Probably a high school student, quite unambiguous. I took out my driving license from my wallet. She picked up the paper and ball pen next to the public phone, and asked for my address.

“Be very cautious!” I said, taking the driver’s license and closing it.

“My father kept telling me that the name can’t be said until the last minute.”


“Katsushiro Katsuragi.”

“Ah!” I nodded. “Sure enough. But… the daughter of the vice president of Sunstar Motors climbed the wall and ran out. What is going on?”


has nothing to do with you.” “It really has nothing to do with me. However, we are here. We met in this situation, but it is also a fact. Next, if you have something wrong, there will be liability issues. This is related to the life and death of my company.”

“What does it matter to me?”

As she turned and was about to leave, I took out the phone again. “I’ll call and notify right now.”

She had to turn her head back with a bored expression on her face.

“I said, you just leave me alone! Is this all right? Don’t you listen to the orders of the vice president’s daughter?”

“It’s a pity, for me, the vice president is more important than the vice president’s daughter. “I pretended to press the phone number.

“Don’t call!” She wanted to snatch my phone, so I quickly stepped away.

At this time, a middle-aged man who looked like an office worker passed by, and he looked at both of us with surprised eyes.

“Don’t you want to be seen by others in a place like this? Would you like to find a place to sit down and talk slowly?”

She was thinking again, and it should be said that she was calculating again. After a while, she nodded.

We walked into the cafe next to the hotel and said that the cafe is actually the kind of self-service shop where you have to take your own drinks to your seat. We sat side by side on long counter seats facing the road.

How to use her? I think of two ideas for now. One is to bring her back to Katsushiro’s house tonight, to gain the upper hand of Katsushiro Katsujun. It is said that he has protected his precious daughter. In this way, no amount of arrogant people will be able to put on a big air.

The other is listening to her, she would sneak out of the big house like that, there must be some secret in it. Her secret is the secret of the Katsuragi family, and this will be an important weapon for future duels with Katsuragi.

“When did you start following me?” After a sip of coffee, she spoke first.

“From the front of your house, when I witnessed you climbing the wall.”

“Why are you in front of my house?”

“There is no special reason, just because of work related to the neighborhood, by the way, I want to see the famous Katsuragi mansion. That’s it.”

“I originally wanted to say that there will be no people in the alley.”

“I’m a little far away, if I keep looking up close, I will be photographed by surveillance cameras.”

“Well, you will follow me afterwards? Why? What’s the reason?”

“It’s like a policeman interrogating!” I smiled bitterly and took a sip of coffee. “As I said just now, Mr. Katsuragi is an important big customer for us. Someone climbed out of the wall of his house, of course, we have to investigate what’s going on.”

“Then why didn’t you talk to me right away?

” Would you wish to do that?” When

I asked, she fell silent immediately. I took another sip of coffee.

“Because it looks like there is something inside, I want to observe it as much as I want. I didn’t expect this chase to chase into this situation.”


“Our work would not be possible without this kind of spirit. By the way, it’s my turn to ask questions. First of all, can you know your name?”

“Didn’t you say it just now?”

“Only the vice president’s daughter. I wish I could know your name. It’s always necessary to call you, right?”

She looked at the road outside through the glass window, and finally mumbled “Tree Li”.


“Suri, the tree of the trees, the theory of physics and chemistry.”

“Oh, it’s Ms. Suri. Katsuragi. It’s really different. Just by hearing the name, you know that they are not children from ordinary families.”

“What do you mean?”

“This is a compliment… By the way, there is something big that must be made by Mrs. Katsuragi climb over the wall of the house like that. What is going on?”

She sighed softly after hearing my question. She shrugged her beautiful shoulders lightly.

“Do you have to say it?”

“Don’t say it if you don’t want to say it.” I reached into the pocket of the phone again.

“I see! I want to contact my father again, right?”

“This is the so-called adult bleeding. What should I do?”

“Let me think about it.” Shuri leaned against the table with both hands. For girls nowadays, the skin is really white ceramic-like skin, and it does not seem to be uneven. This is not because of being young, but I must have put some effort into maintaining it.

Looking at her beautiful profile, she suddenly turned her face to face me. I was taken aback and moved back.

“One more cup of coffee, would you please treat me?”

“A trivial matter.”

I took out the cup I had finished drinking and bought two cups of coffee, one for myself. When he returned to his seat, Shuli was smoking Caster Super Mild.

I ca n’t agree with smoking at a young age.” “I think so too. But if you smoke at a younger age, will you agree?”

“I don’t smoke.”

“For health?”

“More than that, smoking is a waste of time. Let’s just smoke one firework for three minutes. For those who smoke one pack a day, one hour out of twenty-four hours a day is spent on smoking. Although some people say that it can be done. Doing things while smoking is just bullshit. Another point is that in order to smoke, you must sacrifice one of your hands. No matter what you do, it is impossible to do it efficiently with one hand and two hands.”

Shuri said to me. A puff of smoke on his face.

“Is it happy to live with this kind of thinking?”

“It’s not that I am happy or unhappy, but I just don’t like to waste time on unnecessary things. Then, have you considered it?”

Shuli carefully put the cigarette in the ashes The cylinder went out and started drinking a second cup of coffee.

“To put it simply, it is to run away from home.”

“Run away from home?”

“Yes. Because I hate staying at that house more and more, I can only run away . In order to prevent my parents from finding it, I had to climb the wall. “

I don’t believe it.”


“You just ran away from home like this?” She only brought a small handbag.

I sighed and looked around by the way, I couldn’t bear to think it was a girl. And there are so many things I want to ask her like mountains.

“Well, I’ll just believe that you are running away from home, but I can’t just let you go like this. You have to tell me the reason why you ran away from home. As long as it is really excusable, what happened tonight? I just saw it first.”

Shuri blew a puff of smoke at me.

“Why do I need your consent to run away?”

“Because I ran into you. Just admit it. If you run away and be seen by me, you are unlucky. I think, you can recruit. I recruit. Beckoned to make her confession.

She was holding a cigarette in one hand and biting the thumb nails of the other hand in her mouth. Her nails and teeth have also been taken care of and taken care of very beautifully.

She pulled her finger away from her mouth and looked at me sideways.

“Mr. Sakuma… isn’t it?”

“I’m glad you remember my name.” I said wryly.

“What I said, you promise not to tell anyone else?”

“I want to guarantee it, but it depends on the content.”

“Humph!” She turned her face to me and looked at me carefully. “You’re quite honest, I thought you would just say that I promise.”

“It doesn’t make sense to make this kind of guarantee?”

It’s very simple to say that guarantee, but even if you say it, she is not that kind. The girl who speaks what’s in her heart.

“So your guarantee is untrustworthy?”

“Yes. But you can also say the same, do I want to tell others, see if it is good for me; if there is no good, I don’t want others to think I’m a man with a broken mouth. Especially the person I agreed with is the daughter of my client!”

Shuri pouted, wondering if she felt uncomfortable after hearing it.

She continued to smoke, and I just watched her continuously spit out gray rings of smoke.

“What about me…” Shuri said, “Not really the daughter of the Katsuragi family.”

“Oh…” I stared at her profile. This is really beyond my expectation. “Is that so?”

“I can’t completely say that it’s not a real daughter, um…it should be more correct to say that it is a daughter born out of wedlock.”

“Anyway, this is quite surprising, if it is true…”

“If you don’t believe it, just forget it. I won’t say anything more.”

“Okay, okay.” I pretended to coax her and said, “If you think about it, I was shocked. It’s not unreasonable to jump! Don’t just say half of your words, just keep on telling me?”

Shuli snorted softly, with a scornful expression, as if I only like listening to gossip. Big Kef can bend and stretch, so let’s put it down first.

“My dad remarried, you know?”

“I heard it, but it was about 20 years ago.”

“It happened to be 20 years ago when my dad and his ex-wife agreed to divorce. He and the current one were divorced. My wife has a daughter.”

“That daughter… doesn’t it sound like you?”

If it were her own mother, she would not call her “the current wife”. But she also used the term “ex-wife”. In other words, she is not the child of her ex-wife.

“What about me… is the daughter of the previous mistress.”

It was too straightforward, and my answer was too slow. My mouth half-opened for a while!

“The previous mistress’s statement may not be correct. It is not necessarily the previous mistress, maybe it is the previous mistress! Anyway, that person, there are so many mistresses!” She just smiled at the corner of her mouth. That is such a dad to her.

“Does it mean Mr. Katsuragi’s mistress every time he gets married?

“That’s right. The first divorce was also the reason. I heard that the ex-wife is a young lady from a good background, no matter how the husband’s family dominates, things that people hate are disgusting. “

After hearing Shuri’s words, I couldn’t help but laugh. Katsushige Katsushige’s private life has failed so much, it is really funny.

“Then, why is your mistress’s daughter at the Katsuragi’s house?” “

It’s easy to say, because my mother is dead, it seems to be leukemia.” Said mother is a beauty, this is the so-called confidant fate. “Siri said that she didn’t seem to be particularly sad.

“Don’t you remember about your mother?” “

There seems to be a little impression.” “Good, shook his head and said: “I don’t know. Maybe I don’t remember it, it seems I’ve seen the photos, but maybe it’s different from what I remember. “

A calm analysis.

“Then when were you adopted by the Katsuragi family?”

“When I was eight years old. But my mother died when I was three years old. During this time, I was brought up by my grandmother.”

At eight years old, personality formation It’s also a foregone conclusion. I imagined the mood in which she was adopted, but I felt a little sympathetic to her.

“Why didn’t the Katsuragi family adopt you before you were eight?”

“Well… worry about the idea of ​​a new wife. A daughter born in wedlock was born.”

“Then ask the other way around, why do you want to adopt you?”

“Because my grandmother is ill, can I not find someone to raise him? And my dad admits me, he should think so, instead of being adopted by others, it is better to bring back the identity of his biological daughter at this point in time. Home is better.”

Shuli put out the cigarette in the ashtray.

“Have you been at Katsuragi’s house since then?”

“Only in form.”

“In form?…”

“Want to know! I am already eight years old. What’s more, someone else’s child suddenly entered the house, the new wife and The child’s heart will not be too good. Dad knows this kind of thing very well, so I have been placed in a boarding school, and it’s in Sendai’s school.”

“From elementary school?”

“From elementary school to high school.” .I only go home during long holidays. But I don’t want to go home at all, I want to stay in the school dormitory all the time. Advocate that the school stipulates that unless there are special things, you must go home. So I hate winter and summer vacations. Spring break. It would be great if it weren’t for these holidays. Generally, children are happier the closer they are to the holiday. They sigh constantly after the holiday. I am just the opposite. I know how much I look forward to the end of August.”

Shuri stared at the road through the glass . , Showing a lonely and empty expression on his face. Maybe she has always spent her childhood with this expression.

“Then you are now… a college student?”

“Well, sophomore.” I

don’t want to ask her which university she goes to. It doesn’t matter anyway, I would like to ask about other things.

“I came back to Tokyo because I was in college?”

“If you want to stay in Sendai, you can go to other schools outside of Tokyo even if you are not in Sendai. But if you are forced to come back, you can’t help but listen. No way, who’s called? I always love to take care of me?”

“Yes, but I probably know what he is thinking.”

“How to say?”

“In other words, he is beginning to worry about my future. I want to see where he can marry me as soon as possible. Let me go. It’s not that you don’t want to put me beside him.”

“So that’s it.”

These words sounded a little strange, but understandable.

“Because of this, you can’t stand the current life, so you finally decided to run away from home?”

“Do you understand my mood?”

“I probably know the whole thing. But it really makes you so annoying. Isn’t it good with the people at home, is it?”

“Can’t you say that you are doing well.” She seemed to be taking a cigarette again, but it seemed to be the last one just now, and she squeezed the empty box into a ball. “Not like Cinderella, nor obviously disgusted, but secretly tasted a lot of malice. I am an outsider. After so many years, they still can’t get along with each other. They don’t want to accept me at all. If I’m not here, I’ll do everything like an actor in a family ethics series. No matter what I say or do, it’s as if it doesn’t exist.

I’m almost unable to breathe.” Look at me and ask: “You Do you understand?”

“Seems to understand.” I replied. “Then how do you feel about this for yourself? You don’t seem to have any good feelings about the people of the Katsuragi family, for example, what do you think about your new mother?”

“What a vicious question!” She sighed and said, “Do you think I would like her? She has always ignored my existence, and she has a smiling face, wearing a smiling face mask!”

It was a good description, I I really admire it.

“What about her daughter? Hmmm…it should be your half-sister.”

“She…” Shuri closed her lips and tilted her head slightly, as if thinking about what to say. Then replied with that face: “It’s so annoying!”

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