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Chapter 1 KG

When she said the word marriage, I lost interest in her at the same time. Whether it’s her plump breasts, long beautiful legs, and smooth and delicate skin, they all look like part of the model in the kitchen window.

I let her see my disappointed expression and got out of bed. Putting on and taking off the boxer briefs on the side, looking at the mirror to sort out the mess of hair.

“What? That look!” She sat up and drew her long hair with her hands. “You don’t need to put on a nasty face so blatantly.”

I didn’t even have the emotion to answer. Look at the alarm clock, it’s five to eight in the morning, and the time is just right. I cut off the alarm switch that will ring in five minutes.

“I’m already twenty-seven years old,” I’ve been like this, and she continued: “I should ask if this is the case!”

“I said, I never considered getting married.” I Said with his back to her like this.

“You mean you don’t think about it very much. It doesn’t mean you don’t think about it at all.”

“Is that so?”

Anyway, it’s the same thing, and if you argue, it will become a boring thing. I started doing my push-ups by the bed. Rhythm is very important, exhale when exerting strength. Completely follow the guidance of the gym coach.

“Hey! Are you angry?”

I didn’t answer, because I didn’t know how many stand ups I did. Twenty-eight, twenty-nine, thirty, it’s a bit hard to get here.

“Then I have to ask, what is your plan for me?”

When I did the forty-second stroke, without supporting me, I lay on the ground and put my feet under the bed, preparing to do sit-ups.

“I didn’t particularly want to plan. I just like you, I want to hug you well, so I slept with you. That’s all.”

“I think you didn’t think about getting married.”

“You should have been in the beginning . Having said that, I have not considered this matter. I am different from you. I have never considered it, not now nor in the future.”

“What if I tell you I hate this?”

“No way! Then you go find a man who wants to get married. You can find it easily on your terms.”

“So you are bored with me? “

No such thing. We have only known each other for three months. But since we have different ideas, we have to die of this heart.”

She fell silent. I don’t know what she is thinking. A woman with such a high self-confidence should not spit out any inappropriate words. I started doing sit-ups while she was meditating. Men over 30 are prone to fat on their stomachs, so this is an indispensable exercise every morning.

“I’m leaving.” She got out of bed after she said it. The answer is almost the same as I expected.

Just when I was doing sit-ups, she started putting on clothes. Black dress. He didn’t touch up makeup either, holding a bag in his hand.

“I won’t call! She left these words and left the room. I just lay on the side of the bed and listened to the voice.

“Although she is a very good woman, she can only do that. . It is nothing wrong to say that I am in love with her body, because I really don’t have the idea to spend my life with her. Of course, as long as you are perfunctory about the marriage, there is still a way to continue to associate with her, and when you are bored, you can break up again, but this approach is not consistent with your own personality. It is not afraid of conscience but annoying. . So far, I have talked about countless love affairs, many of which have accumulated lies and compromises and continued to communicate with each other. In the end, I also learned how to avoid getting into trouble.

After taking a shower and shaving in front of the mirror, the woman who just went out was left behind, and replaced by the names of the other two women in her mind. One is a new model, and the other is just an ordinary office worker. I know the mobile phone numbers of these two people, but I have never called them. The model has called several times. Speaking of which, the two middle office workers are my favorite type, but the last time I drank together, they didn’t make me feel particularly excited, nor did I have the urge to use various means to get her. However, it is not that this office woman is not at that level, but that she has no time in her heart.

Fry a ham and egg, bake a toast, and warm up a canned soup. Recently, the intake of vegetables has been insufficient. There should be cauliflower in the refrigerator. I decided to put a bunch of cauliflower to make a roasted rice tonight.

While wearing a suit, I turned on the computer and checked my e-mail box. There were a few letters related to work. Everything else is spam. The letter from a lady from a club I went to the other day was also in it. I killed it without reading it.

It was just after nine o’clock when I left the house. It took more than an hour from getting up to going out. It seems that the use of time is still not good. It takes seven minutes to walk quickly to the subway station.

The company is in the port area. Located on the ninth and tenth floors of the fifteenth floor are the offices of the “Cyber ​​Planning Company”. I walked the elevator on the tenth floor.

When I walked to my seat, I saw a note saying “Please come to my office, come to Kotsuka” on the computer. I put down my briefcase and walked directly to the passage.

The door of the president’s room is open. If the door is closed, there is no way to see the president unless it is a very urgent matter. Passed by and said, if the door is open, you can see him at any time. This is the style of Otsuka.

“I’ll leave the rest to you. Anyway, don’t use that designer anymore.” Otsuka said to the female employee. After the female employees answered, they walked out of the president’s room and nodded gently to greet each other when they were wrong.

“Is she really the producer responsible for developing new video game software?”

“Yeah, video games are quite difficult,” Kozuka closed the table of materials. “Close the door.”

Whether it was a lucrative case or something serious, he seemed to hesitate to say. I closed the door and approached his desk.

“News from Sunstar Motors.” The 45-year-old president spoke.

“Is it finally decided? Then it’s the first formal meeting. I can accompany me anytime this week.”

But Kozuka just sat there, shook his head expressionlessly and said,

“That’s not the case.”

“No.” Is this car park thing?”

“That’s it.”

“So, does it mean that it will take some time to decide?”

“So it’s…”

“The plan was aborted.”

“Ah?” I didn’t understand what it meant, and I took a step forward. No, I know what this means, but I can’t believe this result is too boring.

“The other party requested to stop. The car park plan should all start from scratch.”

“What…what a pig!”

I thought it was a malicious joke by Otsuka, but his expression did not seem to have that relaxed meaning at all. . I have a sensation of blood flowing back, as if the body temperature of my whole body has increased by two degrees.

“I can’t believe it either,” Otsuka shook his head. “Only stop at this point.”

“What the hell is going on, can you please explain it?”

“I’ll ask you the details tonight. There will be a talk tonight. But even if that’s the case, just For the other party, it is just a routine final notice.”

“Is it a complete start from scratch? Or is it just that the possibility of realization is relatively low?”

“The possibility is equal to zero. The car park’s project is already The case is abandoned.”

I squeezed my right fist and hit my left palm.

“It’s all progressed to this point, why suddenly…”

“The person in charge is also quite confused.”

“That’s for sure! In the end… I know how much time it took for this project…”

“This is not the case. It’s not about money, right?”

“Well, yes! That’s true.” Otsuka scratched his nose.

I put my hands in my pockets and walked around the desk.

“Sunstar Motors said that they wanted to take part in the new car launch event organized by Jiu Shi and hold a large-scale event at the same time. They also wanted to take this opportunity to greatly enhance the image of domestically-produced cars, so they wanted to organize an event like an auto show. I don’t want to be just a presentation, so we have to take advantage of our creativity. Didn’t they say that?”

“Of course they are.”

“I don’t look for a large company, but for a medium-sized company like us. In addition to budget considerations, I just look forward to it. There can be some new ideas, so

let’s say so.” “It’s as you said.”

“But, it’s fine now, the whole plan is ready, and they only flinched when they gave the command to execute. Now, is this the Sunstar car that takes pride in the world?”

“Well, don’t be so angry. This is one of the largest cases we have received so far. I know you put a lot of effort into it. But it’s the customer. We can’t do anything about running away by ourselves. This kind of thing will

happen in the future.” “Such things happen again and again, I can’t stand it!”

“The worst thing is me. Because of this thing. , I have to recalculate the business plan. Sunstar said that they will give us some other cases, but we don’t have to look forward to it too much.”

“Anyway, just ask us to find idols to take some photos. The talks tonight. , I’ll go together too, okay?”

“Ah, it’s not necessary,” Otsuka stretched out his open right hand with a blocking gesture. “You will only quarrel with them when you go. If we just retreat like this, we can still have a personal affection.”

This is very similar to the practice of a trader. I realized once again that he is not a creative person but an operator.

I sighed and asked her again: “Then the project team will be disbanded?”

“That’s it. Tonight I will send you an email after asking the ins and outs. You can send a notice based on the email to tell the other members.

” There must be someone more angry than me.”

“Should be.” Kozuka said with a shrug.

I stayed at the company until the evening on this day, but in the end I couldn’t do anything. Why is this happening? This problem keeps surging in my chest. I left the company early and went to the gym.

Riding a bicycle for about forty minutes, sweating all over, there is still some distance from the refreshing feeling. I did some weight training like desperately, but it only increased my soreness. As a result, I only did about 70% of the usual training and went to the shower.

Just as I walked out of the gym, the mobile phone rang. The number displayed on the screen seems to be impressive, but I can’t figure out whose number it is.

“Sakuma? Me! Kotsuka!”

“Ah, President. Have you finished talking with Sunstar?”

“I’m finished. I want to talk to you. I’m in Roppongi, do you want to come over?

” Okay, where is the offer?”

“Sabina, you know.”

“Yes, I will be there in 30 minutes. “

Hang up the phone, just then there was a taxi coming , and I raised my hand to beckon for the taxi. .

“Sabina” is a club run by a health food company to avoid taxation. I have been there two or three times with Otsuka. This shop is just spacious and luxurious, and there are many receptionists. The interior decoration is like over-decorated cakes, just looking at it, it makes people feel that they are piled up by money, which is disgusting. I have been thinking that if I were to do it, I would be able to make a noble club with half the budget.

Get off the taxi and take the elevator next to the building upstairs.

At the entrance of the club stood a waiter dressed in black and a tall blonde girl. Those in black greeted them in an overly polite tone, while the blonde greeted them in stuttering Japanese.

“President Kozuka should have arrived.”

“Yes, President Kozuka has arrived.”

After entering the club, it is divided into left and right sides. To the left is the general table seats, and to the right is the bar counter. I was led to the right. But it is impossible for Kotsuka to sit at the bar and wait for me. There is a room in the evening, which is a VIP room for special guests. Speaking of which, Otsuka is not a particularly important guest. It’s just that he has some unreasonable privileges because he knows the councilors. Otsuka is now also helping the congressman as his image strategy consultant.

In the room, Otsuka and the two girls were drinking Hennessy ON thE ROCK. When he saw me, he raised his hand gently.

“I’m sorry to call you here in particular.”

“No, I care about it myself.”

Kozuka nodded as if he understood quite well.

The reception girl asked me what I want to drink, and I answered purely. There is also a special bar in the VIP room. The reception girl brought a brandy glass from the bar and poured it into Hennessy, but I was not interested in taking a sip immediately.

“I’m sorry, the two have something to say.” After

Otsuka finished speaking, the two blonde girls walked out of the room with a social smile.

“How is it? I asked.

“Well, I generally know what’s going on. It seems that during the meeting of important cadres a few days ago, they decided to stop first. “

I know this, I want to know the reason.” “

The reason,” Otsuka shook the cup and made a sound as the ice cube tapped the cup. “You must see the effect with such a great effort to do such a thing. In short, that’s it.” “

Can’t see the effect?” Whose judgment is it? It is the effect of the evaluation that we can say that we can do it! ? “

It seems that the euphemism can’t convince you, so I’ll just say it straight. The person who has opinions on the car park proposal is the newly appointed vice president, Mr. Katsuragi. “

Katsushiro, is the president’s son…?” “It’s

Mr. Katsushiro Katsura.” It seems that he alone said he wanted to start all over again. “

“It’s just because of the whim of the president, the content that we planned for a few weeks has been written off, right?”

“That person is not just an unpopular young master. He used to be in business and sales, but also Some departments such as Guangxuan have accumulated a lot of practical experience, and then they were sent to the US branch to receive market technology training. Although he was young, he was appointed as the vice president when he was less than fifty years old, but he was the son of the president. Apart from this point, no one dared to criticize his lack of strength.”

“Mr. Otsuka, did you see him tonight?”

” Yes . There is a pair of eagle eyes. I really lost to him. I didn’t laugh at all. Alone.” Maybe he was really overwhelmed by the other’s aura, Otsuka poured the cup into his body in one breath.

“It’s over, the dictator is on the court.” I also reached for the brandy glass.

“Mr. Katsuragi mentioned to give us another chance.”

“Oh!?” I held the cup in my hand and looked at my young president’s face. “If this is the case, it’s a different matter. We will revise the plan carefully, and this time we will make a plan that makes him unable to pick out the shortcomings.”

“Of course it is the plan, but the other party put forward two conditions. One. First commit to putting environmental issues in front and thinking about it, not just about exhaust emissions and energy saving, but also showing that Sunstar has already considered environmental issues in the manufacturing process.”

“It sounds like it will. It becomes a very dull thing. Well, what is the other condition?”

“Um…this…” Otsuka poured wine in his glass, and seemed to deliberately not look at my eyes.

“What do you say about another condition?” I asked again.

Kotsuka sighed before speaking.

“All the team members are replaced. Especially the team leader Shunsuke Sakuma, he said.”

Although I heard my name clearly, I couldn’t immediately understand the meaning of this. No, it’s hard to accept it just because you hear your name!

“Replace me?”

“Mr. Katsuragi seems to have thoroughly investigated your current case. He reached a conclusion based on the results of the investigation. Listen carefully, this is not what I said. This is what the vice president of Katsuragi said.”

“Please tell me!”

“Mr. Sakuma’s approach is very novel, and may be noticed by the public in a short period of time, but he lacks a long-term vision. There is a simple and easy way in his project. Understand the characteristics, but can’t grasp people’s hearts deeply. The idea of ​​organizing a new car event based on an amusement park is not new and superficial. Sunstar hopes to sell cars while making people proud, but it won’t Some customers go to the amusement park to get pride. I hope that next time I can give it to someone who’can see the future after the future’-the above is what Mr. Katsuragi said. “

I didn’t move the cup in my hand. I only feel full of anger and humiliation. It seems that I will roar as soon as I make a sound, and I will surely throw the cup when I move.

“Anything you missed?” Otsuka asked me. I shook my head.

“It means that Sakuma, the cyber project, is incompetent…”

“It’s not that serious. It’s just different from Mr. Katsuragi’s policy.”

“Isn’t that the same! Mr. Katsuragi must be trying to say that he is the best.” Excellent.” I drank the brandy in one mouthful, and the spicy stimulus ran all the way from the esophagus to the stomach.

“Anyway, for us, we can only accept such conditions. I will talk to Sugimoto tomorrow.”

“Is Sugimoto picking up my seat?”

“I have to do this.”

“The fir who specializes in concerts!” “I smiled at him, bluffing without laughing.

“That’s it.”

“I understand everything.” Then stood up.

“How about a little more drink? I’m dedicated to drinking boring wine.”

“Please don’t force it.” I raised my hands gently.

Otsuka nodded lightly, whispered “It’s a bit reluctant”, and drank all the wine in the glass.

After I walked out of “Sabina”, I didn’t want to go home immediately, so I went to another bar that I had been to several times. Sitting at one end of the bar, I ate a glass of pure bourbon in one sip, but the feeling of swallowing a piece of lead was still inevitable. I can’t get a deep grasp of the movement of people’s minds, my thoughts are superficial, and I hope that next time I can give it to someone who can see the future and the future. Every word and every sentence of these words has broken some of my inner balance.

What a joke, I thought. It has been four years since I jumped out of a large advertising agency. During this period, none of the products I planned were not sold. I dare to say arrogantly whether it is an object or a person, treasure or garbage, which one is not for sale! ? How can a person who can’t grasp people’s heartbeat deeply have this kind of ability!

My mood was not redeemed, but my head was at a loss. I walked out of this shop. As soon as I got out of the main road, I stopped a taxi.

“Where are you going, please?” the taxi driver asked me.

Kayabacho, I should answer like this, because my apartment is there. However, at this time, my heart was attacked by a sudden impulse, or it should be said that I had a bad idea. I replied to the driver like this: “Go to Denenchofu!” I added: “Where is the house of President Shoutaro Katsuragi of Sunstar Motors? Just go there nearby.”

“Oh, that’s a big house!” “The driver knows that place.

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