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Day: January 7, 2020

Chapter 5 KG

Sincerely, Mr. Ge Cheng Shengjun: Your daughter is in our hands, if you want her to return home safely. Please follow our requirements. First, prepare 100 million yuan in cash. […]

Chapter 4 KG

As soon as he entered the house, Shuli sniffed before taking off his shoes. “Does it smell?” I asked her. “No. I thought the boys’ room would have a strong […]

Chapter 3 KG

When Shuri and I checked into the Paula Hotel in Kayabacho, it was already past midnight. This is a business hotel where my friends often stay in Tokyo or other […]

Chapter 2 KG

It was a Western-style building that was a little outrageously large. If there was no sign of the Gecheng House, I thought it was a large-scale agency. The gate, which […]

Chapter 1 KG

When she said the word marriage, I lost interest in her at the same time. Whether it’s her plump breasts, long beautiful legs, and smooth and delicate skin, they all […]