Fight Against playboy boss

In the Wu family, Master Lian knows no one, no one knows. In Wu Shi, Master Lian said you were wrong, then you are wrong. In Wu, don’t mess with Master Lian, otherwise, there will be only one word in the end-death. And Gu Xiaochen is very self-aware, not to dream of a sparrow becoming a phoenix. When he was in college, he was the president of a student. She was a schoolgirl who was scolded and crying in front of countless students. After a lapse of four years, she entered the new company to work, he turned out to be her president’s boss! He, Wu Helian and Shao Dong of Wu’s consortium have always been comfortable with women. There is nothing he can do, only he doesn’t want!
Title: Fighting against Huaxin Boss
Alternative name: Fight Against playboy boss, Flirty Boss, No!
Author: Tuoba Ruirui
Genre: novel, serial, romance
Release: 20XX
Chapter: 181 + 38 Completed
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Hong Kong, the bustling city.

The five-star hotel is holding a wedding.

The bridegroom is Zhou Mosheng, the boss of Zhou. Zhou is also regarded as a small and medium-sized enterprise in Hong Kong. He had one child and one daughter with his wife. His family was happy and loyal. It is a pity that his wife died of illness. After three years, he met his current partner and finally got married again.

The bride Lin Fen, at first glance, knew that she was a gentle woman.

“We wish the bride Mr. Zhou Mosheng and the bride Miss Lin Fen together!”

Suddenly, applause continued.

In the corner of the banquet, the unobtrusive girl secretly looked at the bride on the ceremonial table. She wore a pair of black-rimmed glasses and a small white dress. Simple tuxedo dress, the style is more obsolete. This dress not only did not show beauty, but it was a little ridiculous.

Only the big eyes under the glasses fluttered, stubborn.

Suddenly red eyes.

“Hello!” Suddenly a clear female voice sounded in her ears, with disdain.

Gu Xiaochen was startled and took a step backwards reflexively.

She recognized her, Zhou Mosheng’s daughter, Zhou Yaru.

Zhou Yaru looks very beautiful, the delicate hibiscus face, even the skin is shining with pink powder. She looked up and down Gu Xiaochen, her disgusted eyes seemed to stab at the edge, “I said you should go quickly, let others see bad. Your mother can marry us into the Zhou family, but it is a blessing that has been cultivated for several lifetimes. “

“I’m leaving now.” Gu Xiaochen didn’t get angry when she heard that.

Yes, the bride is her mother.

But the condition for a mother to marry into Zhou’s family is that she is not allowed to publicly have her daughter.

Mom has worked hard for so many years, and she should find a good one to rely on.

She understood the difficulty of her mother and agreed with her teeth.

Gu Xiaochen walked fast, almost fleeing. One accidentally turned his foot, and the whole person leaned forward, and he was about to fall.

Someone simply supported her in time, so that she didn’t get ugly under the large crowd.

“Thank you!” Gu Xiaochen thanked gratefully, but he looked up and met a handsome and elegant face. How is he? Zhou Chengze? She drew back her hand in a hurry, and the violent movement was a bit like avoiding a bacterial infection.

Zhou Chengze looked at Gu Xiaochen and smiled, but said lightly, “You’re welcome.”

“Brother.” Zhou Yaru shouted a little unpleasantly, and walked to Zhou Chengze on high heels.

“Goodbye.” Gu Xiaochen walked past them with his head down, and ran out of the banquet hall.

“Brother! Why did you help her!”

“Okay, let’s go.”

There were two faint voices around me.

Gu Xiaochen will never forget in his life that the person who proposed that condition is Zhou Chengze, Zhou Mosheng’s only son.

Sitting on the taxi, the bright hotel flashed in the eyes of Gu Xiaochen.

Her mother has been someone else ’s since today.

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