Fall in distress! Yakuza father and step son

Diligently dreaming of living abroad But why can everything become like this!
Min Joon, a 22-year-old Korean nationality, has left his hometown to study in Japan. But he was pushed by a lover who had been dating six months ago, tricked him to extort money all While also being named to use to borrow money outside the system And to the extent that he wants to escape to Korea Passport has already been taken!
While hopeless about how to continue living. Suddenly, the sky gave a black Mercedes in a row to park in front of Min Jun, pulling back to the wall automatically with fear.
… Then a little boy ran down from the Mercedes and immediately hugged him.
“Ma, horse!”
“What? Horses? Who? Me !? ‘
“I will make you a temporary mother of my son,” said Yakuza goddess Daiki. Hold the gun.
Like this … He alone can fight !?
But the handsome guy is harrowing and a little dangerous This is his specification. Here …
Whatever, wherever, and then try flirting Yakuza once before dying !!!
Title: Fall in distress! Yakuza father and step son
Alternative name: ตกหลุมร้าย! ยากูซ่าพ่อลูกติด (개정판 | 야쿠자가 사랑을 한다면)
Author: 모리미
Genre: romance
Release: N/A
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Categories: All Novel, Romance

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