The road to marriage is long: Mr. Qin, don’t mess around!

Five years ago, she was forced to marry into Qin’s family. Her mother-in-law did not like her, and her husband did not love her. Since then, she has been coldly treated and tortured. Five years later, she got divorced strongly, but accidentally heard a shocking news.
Title: The road to marriage is long: Mr. Qin, don’t mess around!
Alternative name: 婚路漫漫:秦先生,别乱来!
Author: Twenty Four Bridge
Genre: romance
Release: N/A
Page(Chapter): 600
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Crack .” Xu Muen’s body was tight when she heard the door opening.

She probed the man who was untying his tie, came out of the corner quickly, buried herself in his arms, stood on tiptoe and started kissing him lightly.

Qin Nanfeng’s hand paused, and suddenly there was a woman’s soft body in his arms, and the attractive fragrance made him lose consciousness for a moment.


He was pushed onto the bed, the buttons of the suit were unbuttoned, and the shirt was followed. The feathery kiss made him involuntarily raise his neck, but when he raised his hand to touch her waist, he suddenly became sober.

Those are stretch marks, shameful marks! This trace reminds him all the time, why did he marry this woman?

“Xu Muen!”

He pushed the person away, his face furious, and raised his hand to turn on the light in the room. The dazzling light dispelled the ambiguity that had just spread.

“That time you were so proactive, right?! Xu Muen! You are so cheap! You deserve that kid didn’t keep it!”

Qin Nanfeng spit out harsh words and saw her face turn pale, he let out a cold snort and entered. The bathroom began to clean itself.

Xu Muen didn’t speak, and lowered her head to touch the stretch marks on her stomach. The child was gone long ago. When she woke up in the hospital, the doctor told her that the child was not kept, and she didn’t even see the child.

She forced her back with tears. The grandmother was seriously ill and needed a lot of money, but the mother-in-law made it very clear that she was only eligible to take money from the Qin family if she gave birth to a child.

Soon, the man came out of the shower, still in a well-tailored suit, standing in front of the mirror for the first time to adjust his tie.

“Nanfeng, Mom and Dad let us have a baby, can you cooperate, just give birth to the baby…”

Before she finished her words, Qin Nanfeng grabbed her neck, “Xu Muen! You want to give birth to Qin’s children?! Dreaming! Don’t forget why you married into the Qin’s family? Remember your identity!”

Xu Muen was pinched out of breath, her face flushed red, her nails began to clasp Qin Nanfeng’s iron arms hard, and after being thrown away, she leaned on the bed and gasped. Breathe.

At the age of eighteen, she was in college and married Qin Nanfeng, Qin’s patriarch, and ended her college career.

But what followed was the dislike and exclusion of the Qin family.

“Change clothes, my uncle is back from abroad, and I will go to Qin’s for dinner tonight.”

Qin Nanfeng’s voice was very cold. He raised his head and clasped the two buttons around his neck. Xu Muen walked over and raised his hand to help. He was slapped away.

“Don’t be shameless!”

Xu Muen’s fist tightened. Of course, she knew why her husband treated her this way, because he always had another woman in his heart.

That person is the white moonlight in his heart, which is really ironic.

“Don’t go, Nanfeng, we are divorced. The divorce agreement is on the bedside cabinet. As long as you give me one million, I will sign it immediately. Don’t you always want to divorce?”

She faintly closed her hair. Putting on her coat, this is the first time she speaks so hard.

Since this person refuses to cooperate with the child, then divorce, perhaps in order to get rid of her, the other party is willing to pay the money.

Having been in the Qin’s house for five years, she had had enough for a long time. The little love that had been worn down at the time was not left. Now she just wants to save her grandmother.

Qin Nanfeng was full of sarcasm. If it weren’t for Xu Muen, he would have been able to marry his beloved woman in the door. Now this piece of brown candy is finally going away.

He picked up the divorce agreement and looked at it, his eyes suddenly turned cold, “One million? You haven’t done anything at the Qin family in the past five years, and you want one million for mental damage. You dream! I even take that money. Give a dog, I won’t give it to you!”

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