President Bingberg’s soft cute wife

The fish’s memory is only seven seconds, but I have loved you for seven years. ——Qiao Chuqian. Qiao Chuqian never expected that on the first day of returning to China, she would meet her ex-husband-Shen Beichuan! Rumors from the outside world: Entertainment tycoon Shen Beichuan is precious and cold, unkind, and self-conscious. But no one knows that he was married, divorced, and even had a son! “Whose?” he said coldly. “I… I made it myself!” “Oh? Why don’t you ask Secretary Qiao to demonstrate to me?” He paused every word, approaching step by step, driving her to nowhere. Qiao Jingyan refused to follow the child and bit his thigh, “Let go of my mommy! I was born to Mommy and Uncle Lu Qi, and it has nothing to do with you!” The man’s eyes suddenly turned dark, Uncle Lu Qi? “…” Qiao Chuqian knew, she, over, egg, now!
Title: President Bingberg’s soft cute wife
Alternative name: 冰山总裁的软萌小妻
Author: Mo Yun is home
Genre: romance
Release: N/A
Page(Chapter): 484
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