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Chapter 5 (The Unlucky Girl in Transport)

“Now?” Shi Lin raised his eyebrows. “Probably only if you promise to marry me will make me feel better-hey, woman, do you want to marry me?”

What? ! Why do you want to make him happy and promise to marry him? It does not make sense!

“Are you crazy? Have a fever, right? Which way is this to strike up a conversation? It’s too blind!

“My name is Shi Lin.” Looking at her rich expression, he realized that she couldn’t hide what was going on. He opened his mouth, satisfied that she was dumbfounded after hearing his name. “Your blind date today, Miss Zhong, have a good time. After yesterday, I think we are not unfamiliar. Please make a decision as soon as possible. I don’t like to wait aimlessly and waste time.” He used extremely cold and proud Said in his tone.

Zhong Peiyin stared blankly at his temperatureless expression, dumbfounded and completely speechless.

Dad told her that fate is a wonderful thing, but… what kind of fate was when she met her blind date the day before the blind date?

Especially, the elder brother who was also arranged for a blind date, her most annoying little brother, found them talking on the corridor outside the restaurant.

“Oh, so you guys know…”

Seeing Xiao Mimi’s unpleasant expression on her little brother, she really didn’t know what to do when she saw that the big thing had already been decided.

After awkwardly introducing each other, it was the more embarrassing two of them “being alone”. Her three older brothers just left her and Shi Lin and said that they wanted them to “have a good chat.”

Her name is Zhong Peiyin, a very common name, and her appearance is very common. She graduated from the Department of Veterinary Medicine and works as an assistant in a veterinary hospital. She has no ambitions and just wants to do what she likes.

But her father is not ordinary at all. He is a shopping tycoon, and even an ordinary girl like her is also extraordinary.

Today, she didn’t wear the casual clothes she usually used to go to work. She changed into a simple white plain dress to set off her temperament more freshly. And this outfit was done by a stylist to help her.

She always felt that she was lucky.

“Why do you want to marry me?” After a long awkward silence, she felt that it was impossible to go on like this, so she bit her scalp and spoke up and broke the deadlock first.

I had never met a man like him before, and neither of them had sat down and had a chat. After a little understanding, he strongly asked her to make a decision quickly and don’t waste his time.

It turned out that he was Shi Lin, her blind date today, and her brothers agreed that he was a candidate for her future partner.

“Because you like me?” Although she thought it was impossible, she couldn’t help asking, because she couldn’t think of any reason why a man wanted to marry a girl who had only met twice.

Seeing her puzzled, silly and innocent expression, Shi Lin couldn’t help but want to awaken her dream seriously–

“Yeah, I fell in love with you at first sight. So, you came to eat this meal voluntarily. Participate in this blind date?” The corners of her mouth raised slightly, and she turned around to mock her in a mocking tone.

Zhong Peiyin didn’t understand why he spoke in such a tone. She, who was not good at arguing with others, didn’t know how to answer, so she could only lower her head stupidly and endure his sarcasm.

Hate, where’s the brothers? Why do you want to put the two of them here with big eyes and small eyes? ! How can they cultivate any feelings like this! Hurry up and save her!

She looked around several times, trying to find the three elder brothers who said, “You talk, let’s go out and smoke a cigarette.” Of course she knew that was just an excuse, because the three brothers didn’t smoke at all, they all only smoked cigars.

“I don’t love you, but I need this marriage. The object must be you. No one except you can.”

Just when she was thinking about how to ask for help, she was taken aback when she suddenly heard him say this. He raised his head and looked at him, whose expression was not so good.

This is really… the worst blind date she has ever had.

“If you marry you, I can get what I want. You need a husband who has passed the test of your father and brother. I heard that you don’t like to be eye-catching. We agree on this point. There is no love in our marriage. Having two children, there is no reason for the elders to talk about it. Do whatever you want. I will not interfere with you. We will each take what we need.”

Hey, Hey, Hey, what does he think of sacred marriage! How could she analyze the benefits to her like a business deal, and also kindly told her about the risks-the risk is not having love.

This is really a loss-making business, the business partner is really terrible, the speech is so rushing, and the mouth is so bad…

But for some reason, Zhong Peiyin doesn’t hate him.

“We get married, what can you get from our family?” She took this question for granted.

She is Zhong Xinshun’s youngest daughter. A man who knows who her father is and approaches her, who does not want to get help from her father through her?

“I don’t care for the help of the Zhong family. I want only one thing… I must make you nod and agree to marry me, so that I can get the house where I lived with my mother.” Shi Lin narrowed his eyes dangerously. In order to achieve this goal, he will definitely find a way to make her nod.

She was stunned again, staring at him blankly. He really surprised her! It was the first time she met someone who wanted to marry her for a house.

When she was born, her father was over fifty. Because she was old enough to be a daughter, and she was a long-awaited daughter, she was naturally loved by all kinds of daughters, and she was loved by three thousand people, especially when her mother was eight years old. When she passed away due to illness, her family loved her even more.

When she was in school, she didn’t need to be at the top, she didn’t need to share in the family business, nor did she need to participate in social activities. Anyway, as long as she didn’t like things, she could not face them, and she could do whatever she wanted, father. And her strong brothers will protect her from wind and rain.

Compared to girls of the same family background, she is really lucky, but there is only one thing, she can’t make the decision on her own-marriage.

There is no such thing as free love. Her objects must be strictly selected by her father and brother before she can choose one that looks pleasing to the eye. Is this very pitiful? No, compared to other wealthy daughters, at least she has the right to say no, instead of being forced to marry someone who is helpful to her career.

So she was lucky.

But which blind date was sent to her after being interviewed by her brothers, who was not cautious and polite to her? This is the only person who frankly said that marrying her is “getting what he needs”, and there is no love in their marriage.

Unlike other people, even if they don’t like it, they will coax her, saying that feelings can be cultivated slowly.

Zhong Peiyin doesn’t understand business matters, but she looks at people and has her own set of standards.

“You are very frank.” This is a plus in her heart. “Actually, you don’t have to say so white. You can coax me and let me nod and promise you.”

“Lying? I disdain.” Shi Lin snorted.

She looked at him with her eyes wide open, and asked, “If I told my brother about today’s conversation, how would you think they would react?”

There was no evasiveness, and the eyes did not avoid not communicating with her, let alone pretending to be calm. , He just raised his eyes lazily, met her eyes, and replied indifferently: “You want to speak, I can’t stop you.”

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