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Chapter 4 (The Unlucky Girl in Transport)


Her big gesture made Master Cat unhappy, and meowed at her in protest.

“Um… I seem to hear a cat cry, Pepe… Don’t tell me, you slept in the hospital and didn’t go home all night.” The little brother’s original gentle voice suddenly lowered.

Zhong Peiyin secretly cried out. “That will I eat hot pot yesterday …… ah, do not care to see a kitten, it Paopao Pao, Paopao Pao, was hit by a car in front of me yeah, I easily ……”

phone that The head man sighed heavily. “It really doesn’t matter to you…Hurry up and go home to take a shower and change clothes. I won’t pick you up. Come by yourself, eh?”

“Okay, I’ll see you later.”

Ending the call, Zhong Pei Yin could not consciously numb his scalp. It’s over, she overslept. She originally promised her brothers to spare the time today, but because she was worried about the kittenโ€™s injury, ใ€€ใ€€she slept directly in the hospital… Thatโ€™s

right, the kittenโ€”

“Good morning.” She sat up. , Stretched, smiled at the cat who was shrinking in the nest and said early.

“Meow–” The little black cat scratched the shame circle around his neck with his intact forefoot, which made him dislike it.

“No, you have to wear it, otherwise you will lick your feet and belly, and bite off the bandage and thread. Be good, bear with it.” She talks to the cat naturally, just like an adult is coaxing a child. She was the only one talking to herself.

The little black cat glanced at her sadly, which made her feel weak. No, she might follow it any longer, so she decided to leave!

After watching for the whole night, the kitten’s body temperature recovered, and the chicken mash that I put last night was also good. It is good to have an appetite. She can rest assured, but it will take a while to recover.

With turbulent hair, she left the inpatient area on the third floor and went to the office on the second floor to get things. She wanted to rush home to take a shower and then meet her brothers.

When she came to her special cabinet, she was attracted by something wrapped in a transparent bag and taped to the door. She quickly opened it and took it out to seeโ€”โ€”

A tough but soft red leather with a bell on it-it’s the collar of the little black cat! There is a set of phone numbers on the inside of the collar, and the word “Swallow” is also signed on the back.

It should be the owner of the kitten! Yes, call the owner to pick up the kitten. But now she is too late, so she has to put the collar into her bag, leave the veterinary hospital as quickly as possible, and call again later!


13:00, there is still half an hour before the Taiwan stocks close.

Shi Lin stared at the stock market information released in time on the Internet with a solemn expression.

His brain is digesting and absorbing global information, Asia, America, and even Europe. You need to do your homework before you start trading in stocks, and you need to calculate the time. Otherwise, you will fall to pieces.

After thinking about it for a while, he placed an order before the stock market closed. A simple mouse-click action would bring in and out more than millions of accounts.

At 1:30 in the afternoon, Taiwan stocks closed.

He breathed a sigh of relief, and finally ended todayโ€™s battle. He was not satisfied with the conclusion that todayโ€™s results did not reach the goal he set, but he canโ€™t think about it anymore. He cannot affect todayโ€™s mood just because of a failure in investment. It affects tomorrow, so he spends ten seconds to adjust himself, quickly restore to the original state, so as to face the next challenge.

“Long waiting.” At

13:31, the notebook computer he had just closed was on time and correct, and his challenge came.

The three men can tell at a glance that the three of them are brothers. They can’t deceive others in their looks. They all belong to the kind of handsome men who can’t help but look back a few more when walking on the road.

They are the three famous Zhong family brothers, Zhong Wanli, Zhong Zhanpeng, and Zhong Xiangheng, but even the youngest Zhong Xiangheng is three years older than him.

“Pei Yin has arrived and will come in soon.” Zhong Wanli, the boss, explained immediately.

Because Shi Lin hated being late, the three brothers came here to make the rounds first, to help his sister buy some time, even if it was only a minute, not to let him get up and leave.

“Yeah.” Shi Lin nodded and agreed. One minute, the person he had made an appointment was one minute late, and he didn’t even get up and leave. This is the first time such an exception has been made. “I’m going to smoke a cigarette.”

He needs to swallow the clouds to calm his bad mood, and wait to face his challenges again, and must win favorable conditions for himself.

I don’t know that he had just stepped out of the restaurant and walked to the corridor when he was hit by someone who didn’t have long eyes.

“Oh, I’m sorry, I didn’t look at the way when I walked! Yes-no-get up!”

He was slammed into his chin, so painful that he couldn’t speak, staring at the head down and reckless guy before him, thinking I scold, but I canโ€™t scold him. After all, people apologize first. What else can he do, really…

“Walk carefully.”

“Okay…Huh? It’s you!”

Shi Lin looked upset and was about to go forward. Suddenly, he was stopped enthusiastically. He looked down and saw that a pair of girls’ little hands were holding his arms, and those little hands were wrapped in bandages, layer after layer, and he followed those hands up. Look, a cute face is smiling at him.

“Remember me? I’m the girl yesterday! Why did you leave without waiting for me yesterday? It’s cold. You only wear a vest. Is your body uncomfortable now? Let me tell you, Xiao The cat is very good. The operation was successful yesterday. The forefoot was brought back and the internal bleeding stopped. Thank you for saving him yesterday. This morning he also ate a little chicken mud! He should be only four months old and will be hospitalized. After a while, I will be able to go home when I recover, and I found the owner of the kitten. Its name is very cute, it’s called a little thing!”

Zhong Peiyin didn’t expect to meet the benefactor of last night, and when he was happy, he pulled others and said A lot of it, regardless of whether he wants to listen.

Because she thought that he would lend a helping hand to the cat who was hit by the car, and cared about her, a nosy cat who was scratched by a cat, should not be a bad person, but a good caring person.

“By the way, what’s your name? I took your coat and sent it to be washed. Give me your address. After the clothes are washed, I’ll send it to you…” She babbled and talked on her own.

Shi Lin’s meaningful eyes looked at her too happy smiling face, thinking that she should be a girl who grew up under a lot of love, so innocent and innocent-it’s really an eyesore.

“Shut up, you’re so noisy!”

Suddenly being yelled at, Zhong Peiyin’s smile froze suddenly, as if being poured with cold water on his head, looking at him stupidly, and then being scolded obediently. .

“I’m sorry… I saw you were so happy, so…” She couldn’t stop her chattering.

Her reaction and reply made Shi Lin’s eyes narrow. He couldn’t help but get angry at being so obedient.

“Are you happy? I don’t feel happy at all when I see you!”

“I’m sorry!” That’s right, seeing the woman who caused him to walk home in the six-degree cold weather the night before, will be happy and ghosts. “Then how can I make you happy?” He is the cat’s savior, and he should be rewarded.

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