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Chapter 3 (The Unlucky Girl in Transport)

“What?” She couldn’t react for a while, and asked stupidly.

“Aren’t you trying to save it?” Shi Lin shouted angrily. This stupid girl, he wanted to sully her, but she was embarrassed, and her hands were full of scratches, bite marks, and blood oozing, falling down the rain, and he swallowed the words back. .

I saw her fighting with a kitten in the driveway just now, and no one passing by stopped to help her. He was trying to save the cat because she watched her desperately, but the clumsy appearance was really indescribable. , He turned around to help.

“Ah, yes, thank you! I know where there is a veterinary hospital, please come with me.” When he yelled, she remembered what the most important thing is to do now, and quickly grabbed him and rushed in the opposite direction.

After crossing a road, walk to the left and you will see a closed animal hospital.

Shi Lin did not see the emergency room bell outside the hospital, and was trying to remind her that the hospital was closed. They might have to visit another house again. How did they know that she dug out a bunch of keys from the wet bag and opened it with the remote control lock. Electric door.

He was very surprised with a look in his eyes.

Zhong Peiyin couldn’t wait for the electric door to fully open, so he bent down and walked in, skillfully turned on the light, took off his coat, scarf, and earmuffs soaked in rain, and then immediately set about preparing for the action. When the electric door was fully opened, she immediately led him in.

“Here, the operating room is here.” She led him to the operating room and motioned him to put the kitten on the examination table.

The little black cat, who saw the sky again, began to scream again and spread its teeth and claws.

“Who!” Suddenly, a deep roar came from the second floor, followed by a series of ping-pong footsteps downstairs. When the person saw who it was, he was immediately relieved. “I thought it was a thief, it turned out to be you. Zhong Peiyin, why are you back again? Didn’t you get off work?”

“Doctor Li, I found a kitten whose forelimb was broken and it was still vomiting blood. There may be internal hemorrhage. I need to have an operation right away, please!” With a begging look, she asked Dr. Li, who was on duty in the hospital today to take care of the inpatient animals, for help.

“You–” Dr. Li glared at her, thinking that she hadn’t changed her old problems, but she still put on her white robe and made preparations before the operation. He grasped the restless kitten very well, and explained that she helped the kitten do X-ray, ultrasound and other inspections. Finally, he found that there was another person at the scene and asked suspiciously: “Pepe, he is Who?”

After Dr. Li mentioned it, Zhong Peiyin just remembered, great benefactor!

“Ah, sorry! I forgot all about it, this is for you.” She immediately took out a clean towel from the cabinet and handed it to him. “It’s not for animals. You can use it with peace of mind. Wipe it first. Thank you for your help…”

Shi Lin took the towel and wiped the rain off his body. Seeing that the girl was so busy and caring for that grumpy cat, she had to gently say “I want to go to bed, I’ll be fine when I wake up”, he couldn’t help it…

“Don’t just care about cats and others, your hands should be disinfected and rubbed, and also, go and get tetanus.” He felt that if he hadn’t reminded, this girl would definitely not think of her own hand injury.

“Yes, your hands! Is it war? Cayao hurry to go, where I first wore, anesthetized cat anyway, you go Cayao, I like the light.”

“Oh well, then I go Rub medicine. Your name, sir? Ah, your coat is given to the kitten. I will wash it and return it to you. It’s cold outside. I will borrow a coat for you upstairs. I remember the dean has the habit of leaving the coat in the hospital. , Wait for me, and come back soon!” After speaking, she rushed to the second floor without waiting for him to respond.

“First put the medicine on you!” A stupid woman, I can’t take care of myself, but care about others!

“Pepe, she will be fine right away. You can sit outside first. I’m going to take this little guy to take some X-rays. I won’t greet you.” Dr. Li took the kitten and walked into the X-ray room inside.

Shi Lin walked out of the operating room and waited outside. While wiping his hair and body, he browsed this comfortably decorated and well-equipped veterinary hospital, waiting for someone to lend him a coat, otherwise he would walk out in this weather. , Definitely catch a cold.

In this animal hospital, he didn’t smell the peculiar smell of animals, which is very rare. He nodded lightly as a compliment, and then turned his eyes to the doctors’ academic certificates and qualifications on the wall.

This hospital has a dean, three veterinarians, and an assistant, Zhong Peiyin, who has just graduated from the veterinary department.

It was the girl who was dressed in white and dressed herself like a tumbler.

“Zhong Peiyin?” He chewed the name and looked at her smiling face in the photo. “Veterinary department.”

That girl… isn’t it called Zhong Peipei? Shi Lin frowned slightly, thinking deeply.

Until he saw the business cards on the counter, every doctor’s business card looked up, and it said the name of this veterinary hospital-Lixiu Animal Hospital.

“Experienced the animal hospital, Zhong Peiyin.” The tone of his repeated words was meaningful.

The sharp eyes stared at the unsuspecting smiling face on the wall for a while, then he left a semi-wet towel and turned to leave.

After finally finding Zhong Peiyin with his coat downstairs, but no one was seen. Just as Dr. Li walked out after X-raying the kitten, she asked: “Huh? Dr. Li, where’s the person?”

” Who is it?” Oh, did you mean the one you brought back? Didn’t he wait outside? Pepe, put the coat on, and come to help me first, this little guy has to have an operation right away!” Dr. Li said The anesthetized kitten held up the operating table, put on the mask, and the scalpel cut across the kitten’s soft belly, urging her to help.

“Oh!” Seeing that the kitten is in critical condition, she had to temporarily put the kind man aside.

It’s just…it’s a pity that he didn’t leave his name and contact information. The coat he used to pack the kittens seems to be very expensive. She said just now that she would wash it and return it to others…


To the cat For dogs, it is spacious and bright, but for people, it is a small hospital area on the third floor.

It can accommodate a large Doberman dog standing or lying down. There is a single bed-sized compartment. It is one of the “wards” in the cat hospitalization area.

The internal bleeding of the little black cat has been controlled, the abdomen is wrapped with a net, the fractured forelimb has been fixed, his hands are tied into mummies, and he is also wearing a shameful Elizabethan collar, lying sadly in a soft and clean nest, weak Meowing.

Staring at the white unidentified object curled up in a circle in the corner, he continued to meow in protest. Unfortunately, his strength was too weak and his breath was too weak, so he couldn’t wake the other party’s sleep.

Until the phone’s ringing suddenly sounded like lightning and thunder-

“Hey…” The group of unknown objects moved and took out the phone and answered.

“Are you still sleeping? Little lazy pig, what time is it? You forgot, right?” A

low laughter came from the other end of the phone, and she immediately recognized whose voice it was.


“Get up quickly, tidy up, if it’s too late, I will drive to pick you up now, and I will come down when I am done.”

“What time is it now… scary! Ten o’clock!” Zhong Peiyin woke up suddenly. , Flick sits up.

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