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Chapter 2 (The Unlucky Girl in Transport)

The cold current came and it was raining again. Pedestrians on the street changed to the arcades to avoid the wind and rain. Everyone shrank and walked quickly.

In winter, we have to eat hot hot pot, not only can the belly be satisfied, but people will also be warmed up.

A chain of cheap hot pot restaurant, even after the dining time, the business is still very good, the transparent glass is steamed into a white mist because of the large temperature difference between indoor and outdoor.

With a ding-dong, the automatic door of the hot pot restaurant opened, and a small red-faced tumbler wearing a white hooded down jacket walked out.

“Hiccups-so full, I have eaten too much.” Zhong Peiyin ate and drank enough, he burped boldly, with a satisfied expression on his face.

She likes hot pot the most. Put dumplings, vegetables, shrimp, and meat into the pot and cook. As the stock boils, the ingredients keep rolling in the pot. It’s so lively! And even if you eat it alone, it doesn’t feel strange.

But her satisfaction was awakened by the oncoming cold wind the moment she stepped out of the hot pot restaurant.

“It’s so cold!” The sound of excessive rain, wind, and the sound of passing cars swallowed her too delicate voice.

She quickly dug out a scarf from her side backpack and wrapped it around her mouth and nose by the way, and finally put on her beloved rabbit fur earmuffs, which are furry and super warm, so that it is not cold.

After finishing the dressing, she turned her head and looked for her umbrella from the umbrella stand at the door—her lovely transparent umbrella was still there.

“YA, it was not taken away this time!” She recognized the black cat strap tied to the white handle as an identification at a glance. It is easy to be mistaken for such transparent umbrellas that can be bought casually.

Hold up the umbrella, step into the rain, and walk in the direction of home.

After eating dinner and midnight snack, my stomach was full and I was about to explode, so I had to walk for digestion, and then take a hot bath when I got home. Wow, it was just right!

Zhong Peiyin arranged the itinerary for a while in his heart, and walked home leisurely while humming his own random songs while walking.

Passing the arcade with only a few pedestrians, standing in front of the long zebra crossing waiting for the green light.

She was unlucky. When the red light came on, she had 96 seconds to let her go. She looked left and right, and finally raised her head. Through the transparent umbrella, she watched the torrential rain hit the surface of the umbrella and stirred up a burst. A burst of small splashes.

His eyes were crooked and smiling, and the corners of his mouth hidden in the scarf rose happily.

She likes rain, like watching the rain fall, especially looking up from the bottom up, the sky looks so huge, so she likes transparent umbrellas, which will not let her get in the rain and can see the sky. It doesn’t matter if it’s dark, anyway, it will let it rain. She is in a good mood.


Just as she looked up at the sky, a meow caught her attention, and she quickly lowered her head and saw a small black cat approaching her feet.

To be correct, it was to come under the umbrella she was propping up, and not to be exposed to the rain.

“Hey, why are you here?” She knelt down and talked to the cat softly. “It’s raining, it’s so cold, why not find a place to hide from the rain?” At this moment, she found that the black cat was wearing a red collar around his neck and there was a small bell on it.

This should be a cat raised by someone, how could it be stray outside?

“Mimi, come.” Because he likes animals and is related to work, Zhong Peiyin can’t leave this black cat alone.

It looks so small, only a little bigger than two slaps together, at most four months, right? It was so cold, it kept trembling and looked so pitiful.

She carefully stretched out her hand, intending to touch it first, soothe it, wait for it to relax, then catch it by surprise, take it home, and help it find its owner tomorrow. Unexpectedly-

she miscalculated the kitten She stretched out her hand in front of the kitten, and the kitten immediately hunched over, stretched out her small paw, grabbed the back of her hand hard, leaving a few blood stains, and then quickly fled.

“It hurts! Danger—” Zhong Peiyin cried out in pain. He didn’t have time to care about the scratches on the back of his hand, and his sight immediately followed the kitten.

The little black cat ran very fast, and the little figure quickly ran across the zebra crossing.

But it’s a red light now!

Zhong Peiyin watched the little black cat rushing forward with horror. She was so worried that she hoped that the little black cat was smart enough to escape the traffic.

She clutched her heart tightly, and then heard a stern “meow-“, her heart suddenly sank.

The heavy rain blurred her vision, the sky was dark, and the traffic was constant. She couldn’t see what was happening on the side of the zebra crossing.

Anxious! When the green light was on, she immediately rushed forward to see if the kitten was well.

I saw the little black cat who was still alive just now, shuffling and fleeing, screaming sorrowfully, and finally fell softly on the driveway, moaning weakly.

“Oh my God!” She stepped forward quickly, dropped the transparent umbrella, didn’t care about getting wet from the rain, and quickly found the handkerchief from the bag and pressed the kitten’s wound to help it stop the bleeding.

It was bruised, the joint of the left front foot was obviously twisted and it looked broken, and the mouth was still bleeding. It seemed to be hit very badly, possibly with internal bleeding.

“It’s okay, it’s okay, I’ll save you immediately, don’t be afraid, don’t be afraid!” I said twice in a row don’t be afraid, one of which was for yourself-don’t be afraid, Zhong Peiyin, you can save it!

She picked up the little black cat and planned to send it to the hospital, but the injured kitten stretched out his paws to scratch her again. The sharp cat’s claws scratched her down coat and bit her.

Understand that it is uncomfortable, so even if it hurts again, she doesn’t want to give up.

“Be good, it won’t hurt soon…” comforted the cat out loud, hoping it could feel her kindness.

Baba! The green light in the lane was on, and the restless car owner honked her when she got in the way.

Zhong Peiyin nodded to the owner, apologized, and quickly picked up the kitten and walked forward, but the kitten was very difficult to balance. She kept biting her hand and the back of her hand was tingling. She couldn’t help letting go a little. As soon as

she was free, she was about to jump down– “You can’t jump!” She screamed nervously.

At this moment, a pair of big hands, no, it was a man holding a waterproof sports jacket and caught the cat who was eager to flee.

“I caught it.” A

sudden low voice came into Zhong Peiyin’s ears, and she suddenly raised her head to see a man wearing a sports vest, his whole body wet.

vest? ! It’s only six degrees now, isn’t he cold?

This man is tall and big, with broad shoulders and broad chest. She, who is known as 160, has to look up at him.

A man as tall as him, wrapped the injured kitten in a jacket very gently, which is an uncoordinated picture.

“I caught it.” The man said again.

“Thank you! Thank you so much!” Zhong Peiyin was overjoyed and stretched out his hand to take the cat from the man. “Then leave it to me.”

“Is this your cat?” the man asked suspiciously.


“It’s not your cat. He insisted on holding it when he was caught bleeding? Are you — an idiot? Stop the bleeding first!” The man’s roar sounded a little warm in the heavy rain. “Do you know where there is a hospital near here?”

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