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Chapter 1 (The Unlucky Girl in Transport)

Time comes again-Li Wo

actually understands a lot of truths, but the real experience is another matter.

When writing this story, I didn’t realize that I had made a mistake in my life. Until the story was almost finished, I looked at the story and checked myself, and found that I was just like the male protagonist in the book.

People will do things that are good for themselves, say things that are good for themselves, thinking that they have been hurt, but never thought that they actually hurt others.

I have known the truth of being strong and easy to break since I was a child, but it is the same thing to know, and it hurts to really experience it.

Regret, it’s too late.

I said that the stories I wrote will be perfect, because the reality cannot be like this, regrets have been played out, and the damage has been caused.

I used to think, “I’m sorry? If it’s useful to say I’m sorry, why should the police do it!” This sentence has an inexplicable joke. If it is used in a funny place, it is really funny.

But one day, I found that it was useless to say sorry. It was too late and it was irreversible.

Everyone is proud, so I won’t say sorry easily.

I find it difficult to say sorry, and it is difficult to do it according to my personality, so I always wait for others to apologize to me, to match my difficult personality, do the math, so far I haven’t said sorry many times.

During the New Year’s Eve, my mood was very bad, because I suddenly found that it’s not difficult to say I’m sorry. Just let go of the unnecessary self-esteem and pride. The difficulty is that when I regret and want to apologize, it’s not just saying I’m sorry. I think The person who apologizes, will he accept my excuse me?

Really, why do you still need the police to say sorry for useful words?

After I write it, I can’t help but think, if time comes back, I would never say such things or do such things.

If there is a chance, I will try to make up for it.

It is a pity that there is no chance to do it again in real life. (laugh)

When it’s no use saying sorry, let it go. People have to look forward. The end is another new beginning, because you can’t go back to the past, and you have the mood at that time.

2011 is the 100th anniversary of the founding of the People’s Republic of China, a significant year, and the 100th anniversary of the founding of the People’s Republic of China is only once in a lifetime. I am fortunate to experience the great day of the founding of the People’s Republic of China.

This time will not come back again, this magical thing like time, it will always go by, it will not stop, nor will it reverse.

It may dilute the sadness five or ten years ago, but the pain will not disappear completely.

Therefore, to grasp the present and cherish the people around you, time is precious.

On the first day of the 100th anniversary of the founding of the People’s Republic of China, I said to myself, and also to the heroes and heroines in my writings-

if it is too late, remember to say “I’m sorry” to the person who no longer speaks and once cared about.

Maybe, I’m sorry, it’s too late.

Wish everyone all the best, safe and healthy in the new year.

And I was so lazy last year! (Hiding his face)

In 2011, I will continue to work hard, thank you, thank you, because of your support along the way, I am where I am today, thank you very much!

Regarding the witch’s garden

,    is another sunny day. Basically, this sentence is superfluous. Here, the always good weather, the warm sun and the warm breeze have never changed.

There was a bard who once told the story here, and it was spread among the fairy world, the human world, the elves… The manager here is a witch with very powerful magic, let us call it the “great witch” for the time being.

The Great Witch was ordered to manage a very wide garden with many strange flowers-a garden that mastered the vitality of all mankind, and was called the “Witch’s Garden”.

The garden does not grow ordinary flowers such as roses, lilies, and Yoshino cherry. The flowers planted here are named happiness, hatred, blessing, jealousy… and so on.

The flowers here are very special. They are just like the gifts in the Pandora’s box in the myth. Every time the flowering period arrives, when the flowers bloom, the flower named “happy” will spread happiness to the world; named “jealousy” “The flowers will make people feel pain, while other kinds of flowers are full of people’s hearts.”

Don’t ask why not plant flowers that only make humans have a good mood? The witch said, “The human heart is just like a flower. As long as the bright sun and clear water, but not the black mud, how can it grow into a beautiful flower?”

For such an important garden, the big witch alone is too busy to be busy, so there are four witch leaders in the garden who work together to manage the garden. They hold the four treasures that guard the garden-time, compassion, youth and the heart of a child. Every time they use this to irrigate the flowers, the red will be more colorful and the black will be heavier, so that the flowers can sway her proper posture.

But there is a kind of flower that is more special than other flowers. She is called the “love flower”. When the love flower blooms, it will exude alluring factors. She is the root of people’s love.

The big witch personally irrigates these flowers, never pretending to be someone else, even the four witch leaders who have worked under her for a long time are not allowed to enter. Until one day when the great witch, who had traveled a few days away, returned to the garden, everything changed—

The flowers in the garden dimmed and almost lost their vitality. At this time, the big witch nervously rushed into the greenhouse where the love flowers were raised, but there was nothing she could redeem. The four withered love flowers meant that she would lose four right-hand men forever because of the people who smelled the fragrance of the love flowers. , Will eternal life to pursue love, whether it is available or not.

It’s just that the big witch is too sad to give up. The most important thing is that the four treasures guarding the garden have also disappeared with the witch elders, and the treasures have to be found. If this garden withers, people’s hopes will also be extinct. .

For this reason, the witch had no choice but to assign four witch interns to the world to find treasures.

There was an intern, who was a bewildered king who was late for class, but it didn’t matter. “Time” did not mean that strict standards were required to be accurately locked. The behavior of every minute and every second, but the concept of “timely”, for example: love must be timely. If the child can understand the truth in the process of helping others, the “time” will be reclaimed.

There is an intern who has a frank personality but a little timid, but it does not matter. “Nice heart” does not mean total fearlessness, but the concept of “brave”, for example: love must be brave. If the child can understand the truth in the process of helping others, the “heart of a child” will be recovered.

There is an intern, although versatile, but the humble appearance often makes people forget her existence, so what? “Youth” does not represent beauty in the eyes of the world, but the concept of “heart beauty”, for example: people who can give love are beautiful. If the child can understand the truth in the process of helping others, “youth” will be recovered.

There is an intern who is obviously soft-hearted and kind, but indifferent and poisonous, but it doesn’t matter. “Compassion” does not mean unprincipled concessions, but the concept of “trust”, for example, believe in other people’s love and return your own love. If the child can understand the truth in the process of helping others, the “compassion” will be taken back.

After urging these four interns with very different personalities to go down to earth, the witch returned to the greenhouse to clean up the dead branches of love, thinking: It only takes a few minutes, just a few days in the world, it doesn’t matter! They will surely find the treasure back…

rain, crashing, and the next stop.

The display time of the electronic billboard under the neon light is 22:34 and the temperature is 6°C.

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