End of the Magic Era

–A world where magic brought civilization to its zenith, is about to be destroyed.The last survivor traveled thousands of years into the past to the time when magic civilization just began. Magicians’ path is still thorny. Our hero came from the end of time to set upon the exalted throne.
Title: End of the Magic Era
Alternative name: –Throne of the Apocalypse, 末法王座
Author: Zhuang Bifan,庄毕凡
Genre: Action,Adventure,Drama,Xuanhuan
Release: 2013
Page(Chapter): 1469 Chapters (Completed)
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After copying the last character of the Figaro formula, Lin Yun carefully closed his magic book and left the empty, decaying library.

A deep crack stretched across the sky, coming from the Netherstorm. The blood-red sun seemed to be giving out its final radiance, spilling with light and heat. The cruel, hot sunshine bathed every corner of the city while forming a fog of steam, taking away the last bits of life from there.

The shelter tower in the center of the city was still working, but that faint, bleak light always made people think about the old man past his prime who had always protected Heiss City’s shelter tower for three thousand years, while also reminding them that this era was about to end.

This was Noscent, a world which had once birthed a magnificent magic civilization, but was about to die due to mana depletion…

When Noscent was at its peak, humans truly were able to bring magic to unimaginable heights. The mages from that time had world-shattering power. They sent expeditions through myriad planes and countless other races shivered under their staves after being subjugated.

They even proclaimed themselves living Gods. In fact, if the mana hadn’t been used up, some of them really would have been able to live almost eternally and have God-like power due to their thorough understanding of the secrets of magic.

Unfortunately, these times of grandeur had come to an end with the exhaustion of the world’s mana.

Humans weakened day by day, and the huge magic fleet remained docked at the harbor. The frightening magic crystal cannon couldn’t let out its ear-splitting sound anymore, and those countless planes once again regained their peace and no longer had to worry about the threat from these conquerors.

Even those mages that had once been able to challenge the Gods eventually began to fall. They were shocked to discover that they were powerless before the ravages of time after they lost their magical abilities. Name after name that would once conjure forth heroic memories became engraved on tombstones. They followed Noscent’s decline and gradually became forgotten in the ash heap of history…

The only things they left behind were the magic books in the library that Lin Yun just left. Each of them contained the crystallization of their experiences and the knowledge of many lifetimes. In the era before the exhaustion of mana, such a bounty would have been enough to make any mage go crazy from joy.

But now…

These books rested in the library untouched, covered with a thick layer of dust. They no longer had any meaning, except as a reminder of Noscent’s former glory.

In Lin Yun’s eyes, they weren’t even as useful as the Figaro formula. At the very least, the Figaro formula could let one extract a bit of mana from the void while meditating. In this mana-depleted world, the books with their powerful spells and widespread, profound knowledge could only be considered materials for leisure reading.

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