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Chapter 3 (One Word Money)

“There’s something else to do today, but I just came to give my sister-in-law a wedding gift.” Ye Xi pointed to the wooden box in his hand.

Seeing her gleaming eyes and moisture oozing there, Liang Yusheng knew from the bottom of her heart that for her, this was already the limit and could not be forced any more.

Xixi is considerate and reasonable, and her goodness is always reassuring. Even if she understands that there is a bit of reluctance in it, she is used to not worrying about herself.

Liang Yusheng sighed lightly, “In a few days, I will take Keyun to see you.”

Ye Xi smiled and refused, but said, “Go to the front hall. Many people are waiting for the groom to appear.”

He held her. On the shoulders, solemnly said: “Promise brother, be well.”

He also knows that she is not good? Yes, I know all of them, knowing her mind, her delusions, knowing that she is worrying about the thorns of disappointment, but even if he knows… he has no plans to save her.

“Of course I will be fine.” She laughed again, insincerely but decisively.

“Go and see your sister-in-law.”

“Okay.” Watching him leave quietly, when her back faded, she was agitated, and the knife in her chest was severely pierced, and the unprepared pain came again.

It’s okay, she told herself.

People give you a heart plan, and you pretend not to see it because you don’t like it.

You plan your heart to others, and you pretend not to hurt because you like it too much.

Feelings are things like yours and I want, and don’t care about whoever pays more, but she chooses to deliver love, Liang Yusheng has no obligation to accept it all.

Laughing again, she denied that a knife was stuck in her chest and turned hard, but she accidentally ran into Liang Yuchen’s eyes. She was looking at each other angrily, pointing her nose from a distance and yelling–

“Who allowed you to come? Bitch.

I am not qualified to stand on the realm of the palace!” “I received the post.” Ye Xi looked back lightly, without the humbleness of being a subordinate.

This attitude made Liang Yuchen even more indignant. She hated Ye Xi. Her high indifference and arrogance consciously or unconsciously should belong to her. It was Ye Xi who robbed her of her pride, her beauty, and her confidence… Why can she use it? Face yourself with a proud face?

Ye Xi continued to move towards Xifang, Liang Yuchen strode forward, holding his hands on his hips and blocking the doorway. “Who are you? I’m the county lord, you are just a flat-headed people, why are you worthy of me?”

Qin Keyun heard the two arguing, and quickly got off the bed, his eyes motioned to the room, and the two little girls hurried forward. He coaxed and pulled to take Liang Yuchen away.

Qin Keyun looked at Ye Xi and examined her eyebrows, lips, and nose. As expected… Just like the appearance described by Xianggong, the facial features are not beautiful but the looks are good, making people feel comfortable just looking at her, wanting to be with her Get close.

Qin Keyun said softly: “I’m sorry, my sister is young. I am sorry for today’s big joy.”

What a gentle and lovely woman, looking at each other, Ye Xi couldn’t help but laugh.

Those descriptions are not exaggerated. Qin Keyun is indeed beautiful to the heart. It is indeed a true white lotus that has grown out of silt but not stained. She is kind, kind and sincere. She is modest, tolerant, gentle and thrifty. She is such a talented woman. Qualified to have a deep affection with the eldest brother 鹣鹣, and a lifelong affair.

Suddenly I realized how far away I was from her, and suddenly understood that such a woman is the model of a good wife that a man wants, and she is just a fool who doesn’t know how much she is, and she is self-sufficiently swelling.

At this moment, she has a low self-esteem, and the more painful she is used to, the sweeter and more open her smile, so her smile expands again, wide enough to hold all the sadness.

Qin Keyun said softly, “Why doesn’t Xixi speak, are you okay?”

She recognizes herself? Did brother say it? Can you talk about another woman to his wife without any complaints, saying… She has never been the “stubborn” between them? It must be so.

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