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Chapter 2 (Pregnant With the Villain Uncle’s Child)

The man in the wheelchair apparently knew what two people were doing on the side of the flower wall. Tang Xinyu suddenly felt that her face was completely lost. Although she had never seen this nominal scumbag fiancé, she couldn’t stop her name from hanging on her head.

Tang Xinyu calmed down quickly, pretending not to hear that whisper.

Looking at the man in the wheelchair, he secretly guessed the man’s identity. Her mother told herself on the phone that Mo Shao would come to be a guest at home. Neng Tairan appeared in the Tang family garden, no servants questioned, and there was a young man who looked like an assistant with a briefcase not far away, looking at this respectfully.

Tang Xinyu smiled slightly: “Mo Shao, I’m sorry, I should have greeted you in the living room, but I didn’t expect to bother you to come to the garden to find me.”

Mo Yifan looked at Tang Xinyu for a few seconds and said, “The weather is good today, and walking in the garden is also good. The garden of the Tang family is well planted and pleasing to the eye.”

Tang Xinyu thought that the dog and the man separated by a wall of flowers at the moment were only exposed to terror, half naked, and dared not move a bit, they felt comfortable and stood in a more relaxed posture. In the early morning, stay here to chat with Master Mo.

Tang Xinyu enthusiastically said: “Mo Shao is over-reputed. If Mo Shao needs it, I can introduce the master who is responsible for Tang’s gardening to you.”

Mo Yifan responded with a good voice.

Tang Xinyu fingered a cluster of Phalaenopsis growing on the rockery next to him: “How do you like this flower?”

Mo Yifan nodded slightly and agreed: “A good match.”

Tang Xinyu turned to the flower wall next to him, and gently dialed the creeper on the flower wall. The leaves shook gently with his pale fingers: “Is this flower wall good?”

Mo Yifan’s fingers were interlocked and replaced with fingertips, resting on his chin, so he looked at the emerald green flower wall, hanging clusters of light purple vine flowers. A beautiful woman with long hair over her shoulder, with no powder applied, bright eyes and bright teeth, standing under the lively wisteria wisteria, raising a fox-like cunning smile.

Inexplicably, Mo Yifan’s unexpected pleasure in doing things in a step-by-step manner in his life was a temporary move to the garden.

Mo Yifan asked with interest: “What structure is the flower wall? Wire frame? Or wooden frame?”

Upon hearing Mo Yifan’s question, Tang Xinyu couldn’t help but smile more, if someone wanted to doze off, someone would hand over the pillow and let her give up this opportunity kindly.

Tang Xinyu slowly paced back and forth in front of the flower wall, aggravated the footsteps, and fiddled with the dense creeper leaves one after another. He slowly said: “Hey, Mo Shao really asked me this question. Let me see if the leaves here Set aside and take a look. “

Tang Xinyu’s voice was not low. He passed through the gap of the green leaves of the creeper, stunned the dog and the man hugging the flower wall, and his heartbeat jumped into his throat.

Except for the buttons on the lower abdomen of Mo Lanqing’s upper body, the clothes were well worn, the belt was loose, and the trousers were open. Tian Wanwan, who sat across Mo Lanqing, was not so good. The jacket had fallen to the bend of the arm, and the hip skirt was pulled to the base of the thigh. The torn stockings hang on one leg, which cannot be dropped.

If it’s not the wrong time and place, this should be a very fragrant picture.

But the dogs and men held their breaths, listened carefully to the sound of the creeper leaves “learning about it”, and their hearts beat like thunder.

Mo Lan’s thoughts turned faster. He does have deep roots for Tian Wanwan, and he is bored by Tang Xinyu, the lady girl set by his elders, and does not call, but this is not the time to show off with his elders.

Mo Yifan, who has always been regarded as the successor of the Mo family, just had a car accident six months ago, and he can only sit in a wheelchair for the rest of his life. As soon as the news came out, the brothers of the Mo family started to move around. In order for Mo Lanqing to stand out from the perspective of Wolf Gu Hu, the support from the Tang family’s in-laws is essential.

At this time, the emotional exposure with Tian Wanwan was absolutely a disaster to Mo Lanqing. When the time comes, I ca n’t protect my beloved woman, and I ’m more likely to be unable to share my money with the huge wealth of the Mohist family.

Mo Lan was so anxious that in the cool morning breeze, sweat beads oozed from his forehead. Somewhere the original majestic majesty was momentarily weak and scared enough to choke.

Tang Xinyu stooped down, chose a place slowly, looked away at the leaves of the creeper, looked in, and was surprised: “Hey, the inside is hollow, it is a combination of wire rack and wooden rack.”

Mo Lanqing and Tian Wanwan see that Tang Xinyu has got the answer, and he breathes a sigh of relief.

Tang Xinyu straightened up and smiled: “Mo Shao guessed exactly.” Then the words turned sharply: “I don’t know if there is anything behind such a large flower wall, I will look at it again.”

Mo Lanqing and Tian Wanwan’s breath was not over yet, and immediately saw a white and delicate hand through the flower wall, pulling away the creeper leaves on their side.

Tian Wanwan was almost surprised to fall back, but fortunately Mo Lanqing hugged her waist. Both of them dare not breathe, and the upper body leaned back one to the left and the other to the right, staring at Tang Xinyu’s hand and fiddled with the leaves of the creeper between the two faces.

Mo Yifan saw Tang Xinyu recklessly put his hand into the flower wall, worried that there were many old steel wires and dead branches, frowned slightly, and opened his lips: “Retract the hand, be careful to scratch.”

Tang Xinyu didn’t possess her to look at the small hole she had dialed. She was really worried that the white flower picture outside the small hole was really hot eyes, and it was not the time to expose the adultery of dogs and men.

Now it is revealed that the elders of the Tang Jia Mo family will hinder the two faces, and only make things bigger and smaller, and try to cover up this matter in the dust of time without trying to disturb others.

At the thought of being so cheap, the pair of dogs and men, Tang Xinyu felt very unhappy. Tang Xinyu in the novel is the most innocent person, but fell to a girlfriend who experienced a fiance’s cheating girlfriend, her mother Fanghua died early, her father took care of the third, and after a series of blows, the desperate death of the desperate death. The short life was just to add turbulence and love to the fierce love of the novel’s male and female heroes and set off their loyalty.

What’s wrong with Tang Xinyu in the novel? Have you eaten rice from dogs and men? !

Now that I have worn it in this novel I haven’t finished reading, I have the same name, and I want to live beautifully for the original owner!

Tang Xinyu smiled happily and withdrew his hand, gently patting the ashes on his hands, spreading in front of and behind Mo Yifan’s eyes: “Look, this is all right.”

Mo Yifan swayed the delicate catkins in front of his eyes, his heart skipped for a beat, and then returned to normal.

The two people behind the flower wall had their skin exposed to the air pale and cold. I wonder if they were blown by the cold wind or were scared.

Mo Yifan saw that Tang Xinyu didn’t mean to tear down the rape, so he said: “It’s getting cold, it’s not good to catch a cold.”

Tang Xinyu closed his shirt, thinking that the person behind the flower wall was shaking, and his heart was happy: “I am in good health.”

“I mean me.” Mo Yifan spread his hands helplessly, motioning her to look at his thin coat.

Tang Xinyu: “…”

Leng you just say, go round such a big bend.

After Tang Xinyu transferred to Mo Yifan’s wheelchair, he helped him to push the wheelchair: “It’s my hospitality.”

Standing not far away, Lin Wensen, the chief assistant who specially informed Mo Yifan of his nephew’s derailment, was a little surprised. According to his knowledge of Mo Shao, Mo Shao will never let go of a braid that Mo Shao grabbed.

He originally thought that Mo Shao would use Miss Tang’s hand to break through Mo Lanqing and Tian Wanwan’s adultery in one fell swoop, taking the opportunity to strangle Mo Lanqing’s wolf ambition in the cradle. I didn’t expect to come back as if nothing had happened.

Lin Wensen received Tang Xinyu’s questioning eyes: “Miss Tang, hello! I am Mo Shao’s assistant, Lin Wensen. Wheelchairs can …”

Just telling Tang Xinyu that when the wheelchair can be operated by Mo Shao ’s fingertips, Mo Shao ’s cool line of sight was immediately sensed. The desire to win over many years of experience made Lin Wensen naturally take the following: “The wheelchair can pull out a little Push it easier. “

Tang Xinyu tried it, and it turned out to be the case, and then pushed to the house.

As for why there was no handover to Mo Shao ’s general help, Tang Xinyu attributed the reason to the fact that she had just shared a secret matter with Mo Shao. She needed to find an opportunity to obtain Mo Shao ’s assurance that she would not be able to frighten the snake and disturb her next step. plan.

As soon as I reached the living room, the sound of the car came from outside the door. A woman with proper maintenance and good temperament came in: “Heart, why didn’t you give Mo Shao tea?”

Tang Xinyu naturally and cleverly called out: “Mom.”

Ye Tong greeted Ms. Liu for refreshment: “Mo Shao, I’m sorry, there was an important meeting in the company that couldn’t go away for a while, and it was neglected. Hey, what about Lanqing?”

“Auntie, I’m here. I just strolled in the garden.” Mo Lanqing and Tian Wanwan, who were neatly dressed, came in from the door one after another, and looked natural.

Tang Xinyu raised an eyebrow: “It’s a coincidence, I just walked with Mo Shao in the garden, why didn’t I see you?”

Tian Wanwan smiled: “Heart, your garden is too big, you don’t know.”

Tang Xinyu looked at Tian Wanwan’s bare legs and quipped: “Wanwan, Tianliang still doesn’t wear pair of socks, you should be graceful and not warm.”

Tian Wanwan’s heart shook, her legs retreated slightly, and she said softly, “It looks good.”

Ye Tong agrees with her daughter’s view: “Your girl’s family, you did not take good care of it when you were young, and you will suffer when you get older.”

Tang Xinyu: “Shall I get a new one for you later?”

Tian Wanwan wanted to let the topic go quickly and responded well.

Tang Xinyu sat next to Ye Tong and smiled: “Mom, I think about it. I’m going to hurry up for the engagement banquet, and invite guests, and get grand!”

Mo Yifan raised his eyes just to meet Tang Xinyu’s gaze, which was meaningful.

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