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Chapter 2 (One Word Money)

Ye Xi thought it was funny, ironic and… yes, stupid.

Having been a wise man for a lifetime, after all, he is stupid in love. Who do you blame?

It hurts…very painful…it seems like someone is hitting her heart with a big hammer, twisting it, trying to knead it out of juice, crumbs it, and pierce countless holes, but even with this pain, she still pulls it. Opening the corners of her mouth and letting her smile tightly on her face, she smiled brilliantly, as if she was as happy as the people watching the excitement.

She walked slowly, swallowing tears that couldn’t be poured out of her nest. Too much saltiness made her throat prickly and spicy, no needles under her feet, no thorns on the ground, but every step she took, there seemed to be a thousand needles. Thousands of needles stuck.

King Jing is the most honorable prince in the dynasty, and he is the emperor’s brother. With the concerted efforts of the two, he created a peaceful and prosperous world.

They are not only brothers and colleagues, but also close friends with deep feelings.

The emperor’s importance to King Jing is well known throughout the world. The wedding of King Jing’s elder son is wide open. Who doesn’t want to come here to be happy and show up? Therefore, in the Jing Palace, which occupied a whole street today, there are people everywhere, inside and out, and the empress is worried about the lack of manpower in the palace. In addition to the people from the Ministry of Rites, a team of eunuchs and maids are also sent to help. .

The wedding room was extremely lively, with hijabs and rituals being performed, and the women and girls around the couple covered their mouths and laughed, extremely festive.

Ye Xi stood outside the door, looking at Liang Yusheng, who was wearing a bright red robe in the room, with her eyebrows drooping. She ignored the hot throat and swallowed the salty tears again.

Liang Yusheng bent down and whispered in Qin Keyun’s ear. The gentle attitude was exchanged for a roar of laughter. Everyone said that the bridegroom loved the bride.

Isn’t that the case? It was she who made a mistake, thinking that it was just an imperial decree and it had nothing to do with love.

The groom loves the bride… Yes, he loved her so much before.

Right in front of this door, he once firmly held her shoulder and said, “Don’t be afraid, no matter what happens, your brother will protect you. Xi Xi is the one who hurts the most.” It

hurts the most? Was it because she misunderstood the meaning of these two words, or because she was too serious about believing that she became complacent, self-confident, and proud to believe that she was a great writer who rewritten the ending, and would embrace his love from now on?

With a bitter smile, she understood that self-confidence is not a good thing to brag about.

After patting Qin Keyun on the shoulder, Liang Yusheng had to greet the guests with the elders present. Before leaving the new house, he saw Xixi leaning on the door. In an instant, he speeded up and came to her, his face still It is the gentleness, pampering and tolerance she is familiar with.

Oops, she vetoed the self-confidence thing, and he went to add fuel and jealousy again, let her self-confidence rekindle a raging fire, so…it’s bad.

Liang Yusheng didn’t know the mess of thoughts in her heart, so she stroked her head with her big palm. “I’ve been looking for you just now, and thought you weren’t coming.”

“How can you not come, it’s my brother’s marriage.” She was smiling, but she was also shaking, trembling in his tender and pampered eyes.

Seeing her look like this, Liang Yusheng frowned slightly, don’t force her to come if he knew it.

In order to suppress the trembling, Ye Xi bit her tongue hard until she tasted the bloody smell… It stopped, she smiled sweetly and gently, smiled in accordance with his heart, and smiled what he wanted. “Brother, congratulations.”

“Yuanhao is ahead, I’ll let him come to accompany you.” Liang Yusheng felt sorry for her grievance.

“No, it’s all female relatives here. Second brother came here to blend in. How strange.”

“Don’t want to see Yunhao? He will be very sad, and he will say that you favor one and the other.”

She also favors sex and despise brother, as long as When Yu Sheng was there, she couldn’t see anyone. She knew this was a bad habit, but she… didn’t want to change.

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