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Chapter 1 (Pregnant With the Villain Uncle’s Child)

The breeze blew the curtain gently, and slowly fell again. The sunlight outside the window cast on Tang Xinyu’s face through the gap raised by the curtain. Tang Xinyu raised his hand uncomfortably to cover his eyes, and it took him a long time to recover from the nightmare.

this is……

The bed curtain is embroidered with dark flowers, the ivory white European-style carved bed, the soft and delicate silk quilt, and the dressing table opposite the bed is full of colorful cosmetics. Tang Xinyu had good eyesight. Sitting on the bed, he saw himself in the vanity mirror, with long hair scattered and his eyes blank. Last night I was still sleeping in my own home, why …

“Tapping, tapping—”

Before he could figure out where he was, the door was knocked.

“Miss, is it up? The wife called from the company and told you to pick it up.”

Mrs? Miss?

Tang Xinyu was puzzled and looked down at the strange pink pajamas on his body.

The butler did not get a response, and whispered “Sorry, I’m in,” and then pushed the door in.

Seeing the dumb Tangxin language sitting on the bed, the butler seemed relieved and walked over to the bed to bow slightly and said, “Miss can be counted. The wife’s phone is still on, please go and pick it up.”

Tang Xinyu looked at the stranger’s situation, but her years of habit let her calm down instantly, without any flaws on her face. Under the urging of the housekeeper, she went downstairs, approached the living room, and answered the phone beside the sofa.

Quietly on the phone. Tang Xinyu glanced at the housekeeper, and seeing that there was nothing wrong with her, she approached the microphone and “feeded” lowly.

The person on the other side of the phone seemed to have been waiting for Tang Xinyu and responded immediately. The female voice was very gentle: “Heart, have you started? Yesterday, Lan Qing has already explained to me about the appointment. He had an important client to entertain last night. Man Being very ambitious means that he has a sense of responsibility. Today he will come to the house to apologize personally, please consider him, okay? “

Lan Qing? Why is this name familiar? Where have you heard it?

Tang Xinyu didn’t sort it out and didn’t respond to the other party for a while, but obviously the other party didn’t want to get her reply, and still talked to herself.

“Mom has nothing to ask for, just hope you can be happy. Lan Qing is responsible and willing to move forward. You have to take good care of yourself, don’t be a little temperament. Ah?”


“Okay, let’s do this first. Later, Mo Shao will come to the house, I think it is the Mo family to try to get engaged. You entertain first, and my mother will come back immediately.”

Hanging up the phone, Tang Xinyu looked around, a ridiculous guess in her heart, wouldn’t she wear it?

Before sorting out, the housekeeper brought hot milk, sandwiches, and a plate of cut fruits to the table: “Miss, breakfast is ready. Mr. Mo has arrived, in the garden. Ms. Tian is with me.”

Miss Tian? Who is it again?

Tang Xinyu absently stuffed a sandwich in his mouth, and his brain turned quickly, clarifying the information obtained in just ten minutes, and he probably had a little thought in his heart.

Should … no?

If that’s what she thought, it would be interesting.

Tang Xinyu thought of it while eating away the dishes. The housekeeper who was on the side immediately stepped forward to take away the empty plates and said with concern: “Miss go to the garden, Mr. Mo was very anxious when he came. Listen to Ma Liu , Do n’t rush to get angry, listen to what Mr. Mo said. “

The housekeeper, the care of the face of the person who claimed to be Liu Ma is not fake, but should be the housekeeper who takes care of the original owner for a long time. Tang Xinyu took the whole first floor into his eyes, nodded, and turned back to his room to change clothes.

After changing clothes, I walked out of the villa and observed while walking in the garden. When I turned a few bends and saw a tall flower wall at the end of the garden path, I felt a chuckle in my heart.


Tang Xinyu’s speechless helplessness, I didn’t expect to really wear this unreliable novel.

It was also a coincidence that day that the company she founded had just set foot in the film and television circle, and the secretary selected a few original novels with the prospect of film and television to send to her in order to create the company’s first huge IP project. The secretary mistakenly packaged a novel she read in her leisure time and sent it over.

After seeing this brainless whitewashed novel, Tang Xinyu called the secretary for the first time and severely criticized it, and attacked the author who wrote this brainless article.

did not expect……

Tang Xinyu walked towards the flower wall and wanted to be closer to determine whether it was the flower wall described in a lot of words in the text. However, as soon as he approached, he heard the sound from behind the flower wall.

“You … don’t do this … what to do when someone sees you later …”

Tang Xinyu couldn’t help but walk lightly when he heard Jiao’s sweet voice.

There seemed to be a sound of two people pushing and pushing on the side of the flower wall.

A gentle male voice sounded with a low laugh: “This flower wall is very hidden, it is a dead end, I have observed it in advance. And …”

The male voice was a little lower, with the temptation and excitement of love / desire: “And, don’t you think this is more exciting?”

The female voice smiled, seemed to push the man, and was hugged into the man’s arms again: “Well, don’t … you’re so annoying …”

The male mandarin duck seems to be kissing the female mandarin duck, and the voice is a little vaguely coaxing the female mandarin duck: “Just once … let’s try …”

Tang Xinyu didn’t expect that he could catch wild mandarin ducks here. I don’t know which maid and male servant were secretly passionate and unrestrained. I used the work gap to be here and there. It seems that the housekeeper’s control technique is not very good. .

There was already a sound of tearing the fabric over the flower wall.

The female voice whispered: “Ah! My new stockings!”

Hearing that the wild mandarin ducks really dared to be fooled by the ground, and the ground was a real gun, and Tang Xinyu’s ears were hot. He was embarrassed to stand here again and was about to turn around and leave quietly. Just then, she heard the female voice shouting a name.

The name turned a few times on the tip of the tongue of the female Mandarin Duck, and then was blocked by the lips of the male Mandarin Duck.

But Tang Xinyu still heard it clearly, his raised feet stopped in midair.

“Lan Qing … Qing …”

Tang Xinyu dropped her feet on the ground, she did not expect this man to dare to be so rampant!

Standing on the side of the flower wall, listening to the fiance who is very praised by the elders on the side of the flower wall, he and a woman have a wild marriage. Oh, it ’s wrong to say that the wild marriage is wrong. .

At this time, the voice of the scum man contaminated the beast / desire again: “Well, great! Wan Wan, you are so beautiful …”

Tang Xinyu mouth evoke a mocking smile, it really is this bitch!

In this novel, Tang Xinyu can be remembered as dead, for no reason, because the plot is so **** disgusting!

The heroine in the novel is Tian Wanwan, and the hero is Mo Lanqing. The actor also has a fiancee who is forced to get engaged by the pressure of his elders at home, called Tang Xinyu. The author focuses on the hero ’s deep affection for the heroine. She has no love and helplessness for her fiancee, but she still married her fiancee. At the same time, she still loves the protagonist and leaves the wife who is currently married. Viciously embezzled Tang Xinyu’s company, forced Tang Xinyu to death, and whitewashed a scumbag into a warrior who was brave enough to fight for love.

The best part is that the heroine Tian Wanwan is a good girlfriend for the supporting character Tang Xinyu.

Tang Xinyu read the summary at the beginning of the novel and felt speechless about the author’s method of whitewashing. He also agreed that the innocent fiancee’s name was exactly the same as his own.

Tang Xinyu looked at the side of the novel mentioned in the novel, the flower wall elaborately designed by the female match mother for her daughter, and listened to the name of the whispering men and women whispering to each other on the side of the flower wall, and finally confirmed that he was wearing a book. In the most disgusting book.

Raising his hand and rubbing the face that had been stiffened by the wind, Tang Xinyu resisted the urge to curse.

God! Do you think I’m crying when I criticized the new secretary that day? Isn’t it unpleasant? I slammed a few novels for being logical and brainless and supporting idiot? So throw me in for punishment now?

Tang Xinyu felt uncomfortable when he thought of the future of the female buns. Now that he has replaced the original body, it makes no sense to walk along the life path of the original body. She was not the one who was beaten and still bored.

Tang Xinyu touched his pocket, there was no mobile phone. Tang Xinyu couldn’t help but sigh in silence for missing such a good opportunity at the sight of the way the video recording voice left evidence.

“Miss Tang, why stand here?”

The sound of the Qingquan cold spring suddenly sounded from behind Tang Xinyu.

Tang Xinyu’s body shook and slowly turned back.

A man in a white casual shirt and light apricot casual trousers smiled slightly at her. This smile softened the cold, hard face. The elbows of both arms are supported on the armrests, and the long fingers are interlocked, hanging freely in front of the jaw. There seemed to be Han Xing in his eyes, looking at Tang Xinyu faintly, and he had an invisible pressure.

Tang Xinyu first wanted to scold Mo Lanqing, observe a fart in advance, and so soon there were so many people coming and going, and then sighed for the handsome man in front of him, and had a good look, but unfortunately sat in a wheelchair.

At this time, the side of the flower wall was momentarily stagnant without any sound.

Tang Xinyu smiled and said: “I just arrived.”

The man in the wheelchair tapped the wheelchair armrest with a finger. The wheelchair stepped forward slowly, and the sound was very low. If Tang Xinyu didn’t subconsciously bend slightly before the compelling momentum, she could not hear.

The man said, “I didn’t expect Miss Tang to have a hobby of listening to the corner.”

Tang Xinyu stared at the playfulness under the man’s slightly curled eyelashes, and his mind immediately showed a picture.

On the side of the flower wall, he was very close to the strange man; on the side of the flower wall, his fiancé and his girlfriend were half-naked.

Really …

So exciting!

The new opening in June, please invite the little fairy writers to collect them! thanksgiving!

The scandal-ridden Ning Miaomiao was forced to jump from the 32nd floor and Xiang Xiaoyu died. Open your eyes again and jump back to the front of the building.

The vice director with no good intentions said: “Xiao Ning, I just want to fall in love with you.”

Ning Miaomiao smiled charmingly: “Only scumbags keep falling in love, and all successful ladies are □□, but I do n’t think Li Dao is worth my investment.”

Later, the man who saved her from fire and water, and ignored her, stepped on the envious gaze and leaned down his spine in front of Ning Miaomiao: “Do you think I am worth it?”

No matter the wealthy man or the new star after the movie, he shattered the silver teeth: “Ning Miaomiao, you a vase! Why should Mr. Gu put his body down like this ?!”

Ning Miaomiao lifted the skirt to the top and looked down at the slag: “This vase is not aimed at anyone deliberately, only to play with people’s hearts, fascinates all living beings, and all the present is garbage.

Using many men to achieve their revenge, the fire rebirth vase star & amp; no vase is allowed to use others, only the president of the flower of Gaoling

[The flower teaches the vase to recognize the story that “a vase can only contain one flower”. 】

Take the file “Mom, find me a dad”:

My mother was very unhappy recently, but she said it was all right, and I knew she was lying to me.

After Dad went home again for a long, long time, they quarreled.

Mom hugged me: “Mommy is sad.”

I hugged her: “Mom, don’t be sad, baby will be with you.”

This father does not love us, nor do I love him. I have found a new father.

I think Uncle He who sees me is very good.

The white coat has a high nose, and the most important thing is that his eyes are very gentle to his mother.

So, I secretly pulled the hook with Uncle He and helped him chase my mother.

Until one day, I saw Uncle He pressed my mother in my toy box to kiss …

Woo, my autobot won’t be crushed!

A story about a cute baby looking for her dad, hoping to warm you.

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