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Chapter 1 (One Word Money)

[Preface] to pay for the efforts of love

all is not like wind blowing, although often hear such as “people are nice,” “handsome, nice people,” remarks, as if beauty would be born with a crowd Love, people like beautiful things. Maybe people with good looks are naturally able to get more good impressions, but if they don’t work hard to maintain them, their beauty will eventually fade over time.

The setting of heroines that everyone loves and blossoms are very common, but the editor prefers to see those who, through their own efforts, finally get the fruits of victory and are loved by everyone.

This is the case with Ye Xi, the heroine of Qianxun’s “One Word Daughter”. As the only girl in the palace, she is favored by the princes and his wife, and her two brothers also love her. Ai joked to her, but still held her in her palm.

She was able to get these not because of her beauty, she was ordinary, so she was beautiful, and it was even rumored that she was not the prince’s birth.

However, when the conspiracy of the previous generation was uncovered, as the victim, she lost her status as the daughter of the royal family. The people of the royal family and the four princes still spoiled her. Not only the friendship cultivated by each other as family members over the years, but also she sincerely treated her. Everyone is kind, she is a good daughter, a good sister, caring for her parents, loving her elder brother, and caring for her.

People are not plants, even if she knows that she has no blood relationship with them, the relationship of more than ten years will not be so easy to give up. Ye Xi is even more like a family member whose blood is thicker than water than the real royal daughter she retrieved.

However, in order not to make it difficult for the royal family’s family, but also for her own selfishness, she decided to return to the countryside with her biological parents regardless of everyone’s retention. She did not give up on herself, but planned to start from scratch, relying on her own cooking and writing books from the bottom. Long talent, climb back to a position where everyone can stand shoulder to shoulder.

Liang Jingzhu admired her very much. Before she was exposed, she secretly assisted her, published several novels for her, and gave her generous rewards. Now it is naturally impossible to watch her fall down, and start all over again. The elder brothers are even more so, these are the good fruits that Ye Xi has made in the past, and they are the good luck she brought to herself.

Want to know what kind of book Ye Xi wrote that made the country popular? Liang Jingzhu, who loves to laugh with her, and in order to support her, what did she do to make her hate and angry? Under what kind of situation did the two find each other’s minds? How to break through the barriers of identity, so that the dignified son can successfully marry the civilian girl back to be the prince and concubine? Quickly turn to the next page, all the answers are here!

[Feeling that the wedge is dying]

After the crackling of firecrackers, the colorful flowers on the ground and the faint smell of sulfur in the air are left. The lively people on the street are smiling and pointing to the welcoming team. It seems like this can get along with that joy.

Today is the day when Liang Yusheng, the eldest son of the Jing Palace, married Qin Keyun, the daughter of the Qin family. The marriage was gifted by the emperor, and both families did their best to make the wedding beautiful.

“Have you counted ? How many dowry you have?” “I have counted it, but I haven’t counted it clearly. I won’t be able to get away with two hundred dollars.”

“The Qin family is so rich?

“The Qin family was originally a merchant. If it weren’t the case, can the daughter of the Qin family enter the palace from the

promise ?” “Although it is a promise, she is not a concubine now? It shows that she is a scheming person.”

” Yes , but the most important thing is. It’s to give birth to a precious son.”

“The Qin family is so rich, it’s no wonder that the dowry is sent to the Liang’s family as if they don’t need money.”

“Among the noble women in Beijing, Qin Keyun has a very good reputation and was named the Four Talented Women.

“The perfect marriage is a perfect marriage.”

Along the way, the people talked a lot, and this marriage was blessed by the people of the world.

Only Ye Xi stagnated, and her clear head became more and more chaotic. She always believed that her own efforts would change the outcome, but she didn’t expect… More than ten years of hard work would still be beyond the destiny of heaven.

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