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Chapter 3 Barren Mountains and Swords

As night fell, just under a rock wall was not covered by snow, and there were bare woods on the left and right.

The two started a fire in the wild jungle, roasting the meat of the wolf demon to eat.

On the bonfire in the snow forest, the wolf meat was roasted and dripped with grease, dripping and making a sizzling sound. Lu Canghai brought wine with him, drank a few glasses, and ate the ferocious wolf meat just now. Finally, the atmosphere was not that so. Stiff.

“Xianchang is really an expert who doesn’t show much dew.”

“It does not move like the stone of Mount Tai, and it moves like a flying fairy outside the sky.”

“Before showing off Kung Fu in front of your Excellency, it was really a trick, just laughed.”

The swordsman took off the hat, his age was not young, it looked like he had passed the age of confidence, and his temples were a little pale.

More importantly, one of his eyes turned out to be blind, which Gao Xian never expected.

“In Xia Lu Canghai, the people of the rivers and lakes call me the heart sword. Those who use swords on the top of the secret list can only rank third.” Lu Cang’s poster has his own name, and there is a sense of loss in his words, as if the world is the number one in the world. The name of the three is not worth mentioning.

But Gao Xian felt that he would mention it when he saw people.

This is a pretense.

“Poor Dao Kongchenzi is just a seeker in the world.” Gao Xian never conceded defeat at the beginning.

“Xianzhang really has an expert demeanor!”

“Don’t dare! I can see the demeanor of the peerless swordsman today, and it’s a big deal.” Gao Xian replied.



The two parties once again conducted a round of ceremonial blows.

Lu Canghai is blind, and there is no practice in this world, but he walks in the rugged mountains and snow roads without the slightest deviation. He walks more steadily than ordinary people, and his behavior is even more invisible than ordinary people. What’s the difference.

Gao Xian was curious and asked him why.

“The swordsman only needs to have the heart. Without eyes, he can see more thoroughly.”

“Flowers are not flowers, and fog is not fog.”

“People in the world have eyes and no intentions, so they are fascinated by the prosperity of the world.”

Lu Canghai once again talked about something that made people seem to understand, but felt rather profound.

Gao Xian still doesn’t understand it, so please let Lu Canghai make it clear.

Lu Canghai stroked his beard, because of the previous embarrassment, facing Gao Xian’s not straight spine, he had the meaning to stand up instantly.

Sure enough, Jiang is still old and spicy. This young man doesn’t know where he comes from. At a young age, he can’t even see through his realm. The donkey sitting there is even more mysterious. He feels like he is in front of this donkey with a sword. There is no chance.

But after all, he was young and immature, and had little knowledge, so I just waited for the third swordsman who had been in the arena for many years to teach him a lesson.

Lv Canghai took off the sword he was carrying, even if the sword had not been out of its sheath, but as long as he held the sword, a powerful force would prevail over the night.

It’s like a tiger walking at night, even if you don’t see its figure, the kind of intense crisis has already made people scared. This is a force projected from the will.

“The heart of a swordsman can also be called sword power and sword intent.”

“It is also the strongest power that the swordsman pursues at a high level, so although I can’t see it, as long as there is a sword in my heart, every move within the sword ‘s power, falling leaves and snow, wind and grass are all under control.”

The cold wind blew, and the last few dead leaves on the tree behind Lu Canghai couldn’t hold it anymore and fell down.

The sword in Lu Canghai’s hand was unsheathed.

Very slow, very slow.

But it is this slowness that seems to have caused the entire world to slow down, whether it is the howling of the cold wind, the shadow of the fire, and the speed of the falling leaves, they are all under his control. The sword body came out of its sheath, turned, and slowly caught the fallen leaves.

The dead leaves spin on the tip of the sword, as if dancing.

“Swordsman no heart, even holding a magic weapon, but also vulnerable.”

“The swordsman has a heart, and even a leaf and a flower can hurt people.”

Receiving the sword, the dead leaves fell in Lu Canghai’s hands, and the dead leaves were clamped with two fingers.

The fragile dead leaf that was squeezed and shattered merged with Lu Canghai, as he waved his wide sleeves and fluttered across the night sky like a sharp blade.


A branch of the tree behind Gao Xian fell and plunged into the snow beside him.

The cut of the branch was smooth, and in any case I could not imagine that it was cut by a dead leaf volley.

It can be seen that Lu Canghai’s swordsmanship has really reached a state of transcendence, and he can be regarded as the elder Taoist priest in the world .

Although there is the meaning of bragging, but this strength is not in the slightest hypocrisy.

Finally, Lv Canghai sat down and held up the wine glass, as if recalling a scene he had seen in the past.

“In the past, the sword sage Sima Han cultivated a spiritual sword and fought against the thousands of troops by the river. Holding a piece of dead wood, his sword power made the soldiers turn their backs on their horses. When the sword came out, thousands of swords rang, and thousands of people bowed their heads and necks to be killed.”

“This is the sword intent.”

Lu Canghai’s last sentence, every word.

Then he drank the wine in the gourd in one sip, as if it was not wine, but the heroism of the Juggernaut with one man and thousands of horses.

If Gao Xian had realized, he straightened up, leaning on the book box, half leaning on the rock.

He drew out the branch that had just been cut by a leaf of Lu Canghai from the snow, and learned Lu Canghai’s starting style, as if he had already regarded it as a sword.

“Your Excellency, look at my sword!”

Lu Canghai could not help laughing when he saw what Gao Xian was going to do.

“Hahaha! There are countless swordsmen practicing swords in the world, but those who want to cultivate this sword intent are as rare as phoenix feathers. Which one is not tempered in a desperate situation to break through the will, not for a while…”

Before he finished speaking, he saw Gao Xian move.

With a sword attack, the world changed suddenly in Lu Canghai’s eyes.

The whole world turned into white, and a fairy came from under nine heavens.

That branch became a real fairy sword. The fairy sword came from the sky and arrived in an instant, while Lu Canghai looked up at the sky like a mortal ant, unable to move, and was instantly swallowed by the light.

Gao Xian’s consciousness at this moment merged with the guardian of the Azure Dragon, learning Lu Canghai’s sword, which is itself a sword, and learning this trick is even more effortless.

The sword fell, and when Lu Canghai came back to his senses, the Taoist priest had already sat down and put the dead branches in his hands into the firewood.

But the winter snow melted in a radius of tens of meters, and there was no whiteness, and even a hint of warm spring.

Especially the trees beside the two of them sprout new buds in a moment.

The branch that had just been cut off behind Gao Xian sprouted and grew again, sending out a small white flower, standing proudly in the ice and snow.

Lu Canghai’s body was stiff, and his laughter had already stopped abruptly.

This is already a sword technique that is close to Taoism, a magical skill, not something that mortals can use.

After a long time, he asked blankly: “Your Excellency also learned sword?”

“Never, just look at what you said, think of your previous sword, and have a little insight.”

Lu Canghai has nothing to say, he just feels that he has learned the sword for a lifetime, boasting that he is a top master in the world, but he is always like a frog in the bottom of a well, not as big as the world.

Finally, Lu Canghai couldn’t help but ask the name of this sword.

“What’s the name of this sword?”

“Brother Lu said just now that he doesn’t move like a stone of Mount Tai, but he moves like a flying fairy out of the sky.”

“Why don’t you call Tianwaifeixian!”

“Flying immortals outside the sky…”

When Lu Canghai said these words, his heart was a little complicated.

Although Lv Canghai’s words were praise before, they actually mean injustice.

It means that you are such a great young man, why don’t you show it earlier, you have to hide it and wait to see the old man’s joke, it is really unkind.

“I’m a little tired, so I just rested first.”

As if being hit hard by Gao Xian, Lu Canghai didn’t mean to talk anymore, and the night was already dark, he lay down and put on a shirt, resting with a hat on his face.

But Lu Canghai, who was under the hat, did not sleep. He was reminiscing and feeling the sword that Gao Xian had just received.

If he could really understand it, he might not be the third swordsman in the world.

It’s the number one in the world.

As for Gao Xian, is he a swordsman?

Lu Canghai completely lost his temperament.

Lu Canghai has already seen that this person is probably not a mortal, let alone a warrior, is it not a fairy in the legend?

“This time I went out and saw a ghost. I first met the wolf demon and then the immortal cultivator. This thing that ordinary people can’t touch in a lifetime, made me bump into it all in one day.”

Gao Xian leaned against the tree that bloomed in winter, smelling the fragrance of the flowers, and fell asleep with a bookcase on his pillow.

The donkey slapped his nose a few times, tightly guarding Gao Xian, his ears wobbled from time to time, alerting his surroundings.

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