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Chapter 2 (Raising all mankind)

“Plankton in the sea has appeared… the brood has begun to set up genetic locks to limit the size of the spore organisms!”

Xu Zhi frowned and gave instructions silently.

The orchard is so big, it is impossible for them to evolve too much.

The memory of the previous mother emperor also showed that the huge evolution of the body was wrong.

There is no need to deliberately expand the size of the Zerg species. Keeping the original young size of the Zerg species is the correct way to evolve. The smaller the size, the easier it is to give birth to energy qualitative changes.

They no longer expand in size.

Since then, the body of the normal species in the sand table has been a bit smaller than that of ordinary ants. This is the real bug, the Zerg family. And the largest species, even if it evolves to the level of a dinosaur, will not be bigger than a cat.

A bug, the size of a cat, is already an exaggeration.

And one hundred acres of sand table is equivalent to the size of a small province for a small ant-sized micro-ecological organism.

On the afternoon of the sixth day, after the first five days of the single-celled Paleozoic ocean, it finally changed drastically, and multicellular organisms began to appear in the water.

In a few minutes, Xu Zhi seemed to be an accelerated ecological discipline film. On the man-made ocean of this pond, new plankton species continued to be born and perished in a few seconds, giving birth to the next generation…

Soon, in the pond in the orchard, a variety of peculiar aquatic plants floated.

Xu Zhi originally wanted to give it a try, casting a single cell to evolve species in the ocean, but he didn’t expect it to be so fierce.

“Ten thousand years accelerated into one day, and this was only six days, 60,000 years of species evolution, single-celled organisms in the ocean evolved into plankton in the ocean, forming a similar to the end of the Earth’s’Phanerozoic’, five In the ultra-paleozoic ocean where the Cambrian creatures exploded hundreds of millions of years ago, the spores of this Zerg tribe were so powerful that they burst…

Xu Zhi doesn’t understand these evolutionary history of the earth.

But he can naturally go back to the room, turn on the laptop, search the Internet, and frantically fill the earth’s evolutionary history, the origin of species, the Cambrian, Silurian, Devonian…

After all, the earth can be used as a reference.

“But it will soon get dark, and my biggest worry will begin, and the world of the sand table will be destroyed…”

He looked at the man-made ocean in the yard, looked up at the gloomy sky, and the dusk cast the last afterglow on the corner of the wall.

The evolution of cell division accelerated 10,000 times. He accelerated the concentration of 10,000 years into one day, which is equivalent to five thousand years in the daytime and five thousand years in the night.

It is now dark, which is equivalent to five thousand years of daylight, and an endless night of five thousand years is about to usher in.

Sunlight is the source of all things, and these newly born aquatic plants from the ocean will lose photosynthesis and die directly.

Sure enough, there was a drastic change in the sea as soon as night fell, and the moment the sun was lost.

Large swaths of aquatic plants withered, sank to the bottom of the sea, and lost their lives, like the Dead Sea, without life under the night.

“In my evolutionary era, the first mass extinction of living things began… I didn’t expect it to be so fast.”

Xu Zhi took a deep breath.

He checked the information online.

In the long epoch of evolution, the earth has experienced five tragic extinctions from the birth of single cells, the evolution of multiple cells, and the reproduction of various Paleozoic species!

In history, the most famous nature is the mass extinction of animals at the end of the Cretaceous period. Sixty-five million years ago, the era of dinosaurs, the former overlord of the earth, killed 80% of the animals.

The first mass extinction of the earth was actually more than 400 million years ago, at the end of the Ordovician.

That was because the temperature dropped sharply and the sea level dropped, which led to the destruction of the earth’s marine ecosystem and directly wiped out 85% of the marine species at that time.

Now, unlike the Earth Era , the sand table under his hand was because the night came, and suddenly there was an endless night that lasted five thousand years. The sun suddenly disappeared, causing the first mass extinction of his own species.

The earth is a huge planet, among which billions of species will survive the survival of the fittest and have great compatibility. Even the mass extinction of living things can survive.

But he is different here, the environment is too small.

According to the truth, even if it fills up the pond and the ocean, there are only tens of millions of races. According to Darwin’s theory of evolution, a very small biological base is not enough to evolve a new creature that adapts to the environment.

“But this is an extremely adaptable single cell of the Zerg race-the spore, which can survive on a barren planet. There is no reason not to…”

Xu Zhi took a deep breath, a little excited and uneasy.

He waited quietly, the moonlight shed from the yard, and the lifeless ocean full of plant corpses, after a full half an hour, suddenly another faint blue surface came to the surface.

It is a blue plant the size of an ant with delicate leaves.

Losing the direct sunlight from the sun, this plant chose to aim the source of photosynthesis at the extremely thin moon, and was able to survive.

After this plant successfully survived the first round of mass extinction, it grew, developed, and died in just a few seconds, just like an accelerated movie video.

It began to evolve rapidly from generation to generation, competing with natural selections, and madly adapting to the dark night environment. Water chestnuts and disks appeared on the surface of the sea, in order to absorb the moonlight from the sky in the yard on a large scale.

Another hour passed.

As the only marine species in the sand table, the aquatic plant named “Blue Moongrass” by Xu Zhi, it has experienced species evolution for tens of thousands of generations and began to form various branches.

Some have long edges and corners, some are elongated, some are oval, deep-sea, shallow-sea…At this time, it even developed two differentiated species.

Some blue moongrass continue to absorb moonlight during evolution, enhancing the conversion efficiency of moonlight.

Some of the blue moongrass turned to carnivorous and preyed on other blue moongrass. They also absorbed the moonlight, thus braving the faint fluorescence, attracting other blue moongrass to float over and then swallow them.

When Xu Zhi saw this, he admired the tenaciousness and wonder of life, and the survival of the fittest. “After the first mass extinction of life, this only living aquatic plant has developed its own diversified civilization in the dark ocean. .”

He found a black notebook, picked up the pen, and recorded the evolution of the sand table.

“Or, according to the earth’s epoch calendar, to record the countless epochs of my sand table evolution?

In the Cambrian on the earth, there was a big explosion of creatures, which is the origin era of all life on earth. Only dinosaurs, humans, and various beasts… But the biological explosion here is facing five thousand years of darkness… Dark Wu Ji. “

With great interest, he turned to the first page of the first century on this black notebook, and wrote the first set of words on it:

[Dark Martial Period, the sky and the earth changed suddenly, the sunset and the moon rose, the world fell into a long darkness that lasted for five thousand years, 99% of marine life was extinct, and only the blue moon grass absorbed the moonlight to survive and became the only species that survived. The dark ocean is extremely prosperous, and the blue moongrass becomes the overlord of the era]

He looked at the pond called the ocean of life, silently looking forward to it,

“According to the biological evolutionary history of the earth, the ocean is the origin of all life. Marine plants first appeared, and then continue to reproduce. They are marine animals, zerg cells, what marine animals will evolve…”

He stayed up all night and waited till dawn.

The seventh day, finally began!

However, instead of starting to evolve animals on the seventh day as Xu Zhi thought, it ushered in another terrifying extinction of creatures!

Because the sun rises.

At the moment of sunrise, various blue moongrass in the prosperous ocean in the middle of the night quickly withered.

They used to receive the weak moonlight at night, but now they suddenly received such strong direct sunlight, as if they were burned, they sank to the bottom of the sea.

In an instant, Blue Moon Grass began to become extinct on a large scale.

“The second biological extinction, it broke out so fast, it hasn’t been long since I just survived, it’s simply tragic…”

This is the death of life.

In the long evolutionary era of species, in the unit of billions of years, countless species were born and extinct, that is the vast epic of the planet.

The evolutionary life of the spores was long and bleak, but at this time, in just a few hours, the countless prosperity and rise and fall were displayed in front of him, which gave Xu Zhi a powerful and inexplicable shock.

In the afternoon, a touch of blue gradually came back to life from the dead plants.

It was a five-star-shaped blue moon grass. It also ushered in its own mutation and evolution. It successfully escaped this time of biological extinction, transformed in the scorching sun, and reborn from the ashes.

In order to adapt to the strong sunlight environment, it began to multiply from generation to generation.

In just a few minutes, it died, was reborn, and multiplied for countless generations, and it began to gradually darken from blue to purple and black…Finally, a black-blue five-pointed star seaweed with a mysterious color was formed.

It has beautiful, mysterious and balanced leaves with five-pointed stars, which can stretch and expand.

At night, the five corners are opened and flat on the sea to increase the area that absorbs moonlight. In the daytime, in order to prevent strong sunlight, it shrinks more than half and becomes a flower bone.

A little mimosa pattern.

The mass extinction of species is an extinction and an opportunity for the rise of small and weak species.

In the entire ocean, no species competed with it for the living environment, and it began to multiply rapidly, multiplying various side branches, and it was full of vitality in the entire ocean.

“Through five thousand years of scorching sun and five thousand years of night.”

“The sun and the moon are in the sky for five thousand years. As the only living person of countless species, you have experienced the blazing sun and the gloom. You are a true hero. Let’s call it Zizhucao.” Xu Zhi laughed, silently picked up the pen, and turned over the black. The second page of the diary.

Continue to record the second mass extinction event in the evolutionary history of his biological era:

[Guangwu period, the world changes suddenly, the moon sets and sunrise, there is a 5,000-year-long scorching sun in the sky, the blue moon grass overlord who has survived the dark martial era, began to extinct a wide range of species, among which the weak purple vein in the blue moon grass The grass has risen into the sky, becoming the protagonist of the era dominating the era]

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