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Chapter 2 Peerless Swordsman

The snow is deep and the road is difficult to navigate.

There was a row of deep footprints in the ice and snow, spreading from afar.

Gao Xian rode a donkey over the mountain, passing by a dry forest, and suddenly stopped.

Because the pile of wood in front blocked the way, it seemed to be used to stop horses or carriages from passing through.

But since the emergence of this stuff, on behalf of someone deliberately set up here, such as the looting caravan or pedestrian crossing.

Sure enough, five or six people rushed out from both sides of the dense forest and surrounded Gao Xian.

The leader is a strong man with a big knife, while others have swords, or axes and hammers.

This is obviously a group of habitual bandits, not ordinary refugees, and swords are also valuable wealth for ordinary people.

In the eyes of these bandits, Gao Xian stood still and looked at them as if frightened.

“It’s still a small-skinned, tender-skinned Taoist priest with a smelly donkey nose, but judging from the sourness, there is probably no greasiness.”

The leading brawny man wore a somewhat depilated cloak, walked in to see Gao Xian’s appearance, and waved his head in disgust.

“The donkey is good, the fat is strong, and the donkey meat must be delicious when cooked on fire.” The man came up and grabbed Gao Xian’s donkey, trying to overthrow him to the ground, but didn’t see the donkey looking at him with a weird look. .

Gao Xian was also looking at these strong men, to see if these guys had money in their pockets, whether they were fat sheep or poor ghosts, and the result of the hands-on was whether they were only to eliminate demons and defend the way or rob the rich and help the poor.

However, before Gao Xian started, another person walked out from the mountain road behind him.

It broke the situation as soon as it appeared, and the gaze of these strongmen quickly shifted from Gao Xian to him.

Because Gao Xian was just a poor little Taoist, except for a donkey, he had no long objects, and the opponent was tall and large, and he was carrying a sword.

It was a magnificent sword, and from the hilt, it was very valuable.

The swordsman was wearing a Tsing Yi and wearing a hat, and he couldn’t see his appearance.

He walked fast, but he appeared very steady, without the feeling of rush . But facing him, it gave people a strong pressure, and a strong killing air emanated from his body, covering everyone who blocked him in front of him.


“I tell you to stop!”

“Did you hear that.”

The robbers roared one after another, trying to suppress the opponent through the crowd and momentum, but the opponent’s walking pace did not change.

These people immediately formed an array and waited, and everyone’s face looked a little dignified.

Even if there is only one person on the other side, the habitual bandit strongman of these six people already feels a strong crisis.

The swordsman approached, the first thing that couldn’t bear it was these strong men who blocked the road and robbed the way.

They felt ignorance and humiliation, and they were ready to preemptively.


The leader of the strongman team rushed up with people, and the comrades behind him followed each other yelling, as if as long as the shouts were louder, the combat effectiveness would become stronger.


The sword is out of its sheath.

Even most people didn’t see how the sword was unsheathed, only heard the sound of unsheathing, and then the three people in the front were wiped with a sword and fell to the ground.

Step, swing a sword.

Thorn, a sword penetrates the heart.

Wipe, a sword seals the throat.

The last one turned back to his horse, the sharp blade pierced the chest of the strongman’s leader directly from behind, and the white tip of the sword emerged from his chest.

Receive the sword and fall to the ground.

The brawny man twitched a few times before he lost his breath. He murdered very handsomely and beautifully.

It feels completely wrong to be killing, more like walking in the snow, waving a bit on it. To kill six people, only five swords were used, and they all used the most direct, simplest and imaginative swords to take the opponent’s life.

The tricks are fatal, but not much blood shed, full of artistic sense. More importantly, after he finished killing, he didn’t say a word and wiped his sword away.

Then he straightened his hat, walked by Gao Xian’s side, and walked away.

Come without a word, kill without a word, leave without a word.

It was as if the dust on the hat was flicked during the journey, killing is just as easy as breathing.

It was too pretending, and the tall image of a peerless swordsman stood up all at once.

Gao Xian was very envious.

The master of Yuntian View has many secrets. He told Gao Xian’s predecessor about the martial arts practice. This world martial arts practice breathing, breathing, breathing, and body training. There is no such thing as internal strength, but it has been exercised to the extreme and beyond. The ability of ordinary people, the ability of top martial artists to be enemies of a hundred people, is also the reason for the prosperity of martial arts sects in this world.

But this man’s swordsmanship has a taste that blends with the will and momentum, and he has escaped the realm of pure physical exercise and sword practice.

But what Gao Xian didn’t expect was that the swordsman in Tsing Yi walked in a hurry, but returned even more anxiously.

As the sun sets, Gao Xian walks forward with her back facing the setting sun, watching the Tsing Yi swordsman who had hurried away in the distance suddenly rushing back.

Stepping on the meteor, stepping on the snow and flying in the heavy snow. Moreover, he looked hurried, his whole body was wounded, and his left arm was hanging down. It looked like he was bitten by something. It didn’t have the image of a tall person before half a minute. It seemed that something was chasing him out of breath and ran away desperately. .

After seeing Gao Xian, the other party shouted immediately. “Run, there is a wolf demon behind.”


A pack of wolves rushed out of the forest from a distance, among the ice and snow snowflake roll, kind of Qianjun Wan Ma state of affairs.

Although the Tsing Yi Swordsman ran very fast, the head wolf that rushed forward ran faster. In the blink of an eye, it was like a flash of lightning and caught up with the Tsing Yi Swordsman.

The swordsman in Tsing Yi had no choice but to look back.


A sword came out of its sheath, and a lonely, desperate killing intent permeated from its sword. Ordinary people would not even be able to move a bullet when they encountered this sword.

But the wolf was nearly ten feet long and cunning like a fox, and it was a bit too much.

In the eyes of ordinary people, it can be called a monster, but in Gao Xian’s opinion, he can’t speak, can’t transform himself. What is a monster called?

Facing the swordsman at this moment, the fierce wolf was so fierce and cunning that he held the sword hard, opening his blood basin and biting at the swordsman in Tsing Yi.

But before the swordsman was assassinated, the eyes of the head wolf burst into green light, and the swordsman’s mind was captured.

The swordsman’s pupils were sluggish for an instant, and when he recovered, the wolf kiss was already on his neck, his heart turned a thousand times in an instant, and he believed that he would die.

He felt a bit pity, he traveled all the way to the appointment, but he didn’t expect to die in the wilderness outside Gongzhou city like this.

No sensation, no world famous, see evidence of only a little priest, and soon will be buried along with their own wolf belly.

A gust of wind swept across the Tsing Yi swordsman’s body, picking up flakes of snowflakes, and the two-meter-long wolf body froze in midair for an instant.

An aura like a big demon radiated from a donkey, watching the pack of wolves, the pack of wolves and the swordsman clearly opened their eyes, but couldn’t move.


The hoof of the donkey striding across the snow sounded.

Then he lifted the hoof of the donkey, kicked it down, carrying a mighty force, and kicked the ferocious hungry wolf out like a piece of rag.

Shengsheng kicked the wolf to death and dissipated its momentum. Only then did the swordsman and the pack of wolves feel their consciousness return a little bit.

The swordsman in Tsing Yi stood in the snow, looking at the corpse of the wolf in front of him, the wolves also stopped at the same time, sobbing back one by one, and then ran away.

The mountain fell silent for a moment.

The Taoist priest rode on the back of the donkey, walked past the Tsing Yi swordsman, and walked up the hill to face the sunset.

The swordsman in Tsing Yi looked at Gao Xian speechless, his eyes filled with shock and surprise.

Even at the moment he passed by, Gao Xian could feel the deep embarrassment in his heart from the body of Tsing Yi Swordsman.

The Taoist stood at the highest point of the hill, bathing in the setting sun, and a respectful inquiring sounded behind him.

“In Gero Canghai, can Xianchang give his name?”

“Grandma Mountain Yuntian View.”

“Empty Chenzi.”

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