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Chapter 2 (Imperial Merchant’s Little Chef)

It’s strange to say that when Aunt You entered Beijing, this Jiang Dafu really got better. For this reason, the old man Jiang and Mrs. Jiang treated this Aunt You with a nice look, and they were even nice to the big girl.

Jiang Dafu was recuperating for more than two months and was finally able to get out of bed. He was still a little bit ashamed. He personally named this daughter auspicious time, and hoped that she would be able to live in good times all her life.

Jiang Jishi was born ten years ago and finally got an official name and registered his household registration.

Jiang’s family is not a wealthy family. Old man Jiang and Mrs. Jiang drove a canteen in the east of the city. They raised Jiang Dafu and three younger sisters, and studied for Jiang Dafu. I hope he can get a champion and be a ancestor, but the champion is so good. In the exam, let alone the champion, Jiang Dafu was only admitted as a child student, and he was the last one.

During this period, the patriarch arranged to be married and married his cousin Wang, whom he had known since childhood. Wang gave him a son and two daughters, namely Jiang Qiwen, Jiang Duojin, and Jiang Duoyin.

Although the family is not much money, there are only two rude maids to help with housework, but they are very happy.

Wang originally thought that he was marrying an honest cousin, an honest scholar, but he did not expect to have this section of Youjia Village. The daughter of Aunt You’s mother was one year older than his eldest son Jiang Qiwen, so angry, but there is no way. They have strict laws in the East Rui country, and such things as killing and killing people don’t dare to give Wang the ten courage. They can only verbally scold You Auntie, look for trouble, set rules, and vent.

But I didn’t expect Jiang Dafu to get better soon, and Aunt You would be pregnant again. Wang’s was so angry that he looked so tightly, how could his cousin still find Aunt You? She also thought about getting rid of Aunt You’s child, but she still didn’t dare to think about the fate of the jealous woman nearby.

Ten months later, Aunt You gave birth to a son, named Jiang Shiwen.

As the child grew up, Jiang Dafu, an irresponsible person, demonstrated once again what it means to be unaccountable-feeling ashamed of his wife, Wang, so he didn’t give Jiang Zhiwen to family school.

For this reason, Aunty You cried and begged several times, and the child has to know how to read. What’s the future of growing up like this?

Jiang Dafu only said that he would think about it again, and then it was gone.

It was Jiang Jishi who couldn’t see it, so she taught her younger brother how to read-but she also only learned a few hundred characters in Youjia Village. When it comes to reading poetry, she couldn’t do it.

When Jiang Ji is fifteen, she should be married. The patriarch of the Jiang family will naturally not care about her, but everyone knows that she is broken, and no one wants to ask. The face of a woman is the family’s feng shui, who wants to marry a girl with a broken face , But there is a widower who doesn’t mind, but the condition is that the dowry is three hundred taels.

The Jiang family was so angry that the widower was dragging five children without looking at him. He wanted three hundred taels of dowry to marry the yellow flower girl. He wanted to be beautiful.

So when Jiang Jishi was seventeen years old, old man Jiang burned his hands while baking biscuits in the cafeteria, and was temporarily unable to do things. According to the report, Jiang Dafu should replace the staff, but it was not possible. Jiang Dafu was going to be the champion. How could he go to the cafeteria to fight . Wang naturally didn’t want to do things, and only said that he was uncomfortable. Aunty You didn’t mind the issue of showing her face, but she was afraid that if she was not at home, the Wang family would deduct Jiang Shiwen’s diet. Just when Mrs. Jiang was considering hiring someone to help, Jiang Jishi said, I’ll come.

Ordinary people don’t have so many rules, and Mrs. Jiang sees that her granddaughter is sensible, but she is only happy.

This is how Jiang Jishi started to work in the Jiang’s canteen. His own person, Mrs. Jiang, naturally taught all the kung fu – Jiang’s family was also a bit miserable. After Mr. Jiang burned his hands, Mrs. Jiang actually stepped on empty space when he went to the cellar to pick up pickles. After a fall, when he lay down on the ground Jiang Ji felt strange and came to look for someone.

The doctor said, it takes half a year to raise a bone fracture.

The Jiang family added up the total, so they bought a twelve-year-old girl named Chuntao-hired one or two a month, and bought a twenty-two tael, but this Chuntao can now help the cafeteria and will be able to give it in three or four years. Wouldn’t it be a good deal for Jiang Qiwen to be a concubine and help spread the branches and leaves?

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