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Chapter 1 (Raising all mankind)

“In the early stage of gastric cancer, there is indeed a chance of cure, but it has now deteriorated to the middle stage of gastric cancer, and the possibility of cure rate has been reduced, but it is still possible for you to continue active treatment…”

“No, I chose to leave the hospital.”

After spending more than two hours, Xu Zhi stepped out of the door of the hospital. After a period of chemotherapy, his hair was thinning and shedding, his body was pale and rickety, and his whole body was in an extremely sick condition.

In the early stage of cancer, if you actively cooperate with the treatment, there is a possibility of cure. In the middle stage, the survival rate is extremely low.

There is no need for treatment anymore.

He muttered silently.

Xu Zhi’s ability is not low, working in a large foreign company, but now the five or six hundred thousand savings accumulated in four to five years has been used up, and he has been busy for several years, but in the end it was nothing.

He bought a high-speed rail ticket, dragged his suitcase, all the way back to the countryside of his hometown of Dongcheng.

One of the mountain did not come back home, the family has an independent portal orchard courtyard.

Their family originally had a mine in the village, and they contracted more than 100 acres of fruit trees behind the yard.

But half a year ago, the market price of lychees was too low, the squeeze was too much, and people were cheated again, saying that there could be a channel to solve the unsalable sales. As a result, I was cheated of too much money by spending too much money, which resulted in close losses. Millions are worthless, and their parents fell down with anger six months ago and can’t get up anymore.

There is no one to take care of the orchard now, and the workers who have been invited have already gone. The orchard has become barren, the trees have been cut down, and only weeds remain on the ground.

Unlocking, pushing open the door, a puff of dust came.

The familiar farm life from childhood to adulthood came into view. He put down his luggage in the room, planning to spend the rest of his life in his homeland and return to country life.


He suddenly heard a strange sound.

“Who? It looks like something is ringing in the yard?” He stood up and went to the empty orchard yard. Among a pile of weeds, he saw a black beetle the size of a bowl.

“True black, which is what it insects?”

Xu Zhi stretched out his hand.


In an instant, his thoughts were sucked into the black shell of the insect, bringing into a vast racial history.

It was a long history of the rise of the Zerg tribe. An ancient worm appeared from a green planet equivalent to the biological explosion in the Cambrian era of our planet. They gave birth to their own wisdom, developed technology, and their immense reproduction ability and potential allowed them to go to the starry sky. When the technology reached the top, the Zerg knew that they lived in a barren and inferior world.

In the end, they broke through a certain dimension and entered a higher level of incredible fantasy, the world of longevity, but they were defeated in an instant, and it seemed to be a matter of course to lose.

In the Worm’s Nest, the mother of the previous generation of Worm’s Nest left a piece of information, which is full of regret:

“The evolution of living beings does not mean that the bigger it gets, the more powerful it is. The strong one is the right way.”

“We made a mistake at the beginning. The more evolved and the bigger is the wrong path, the smaller the body, the more we have the basis for energy qualitative change… We are defeated, no matter who becomes the next generation of the nest mother, we will fight for me again. Go to the longevity world!”


Soon, Xu Zhi discovered that he had actually taken over the Worm Nest. From the memories of the Zerg race he had obtained, this extremely aggressive and great race had only one race ability.

“Super fast cell division?”

The Zerg’s ability is to shorten the life span of its own race in a short period of time, accelerate the cell division speed of living things, and make its own race like a stamen, birth, bloom, growth, withering, and death.

In memory, the Zerg brood is a fortress of war.

As long as the mother’s nest produces cells-spores, and put them on a barren planet to initiate “super-fast cell division”, within a few years, those cells will multiply wildly, evolve brand new species, and become the forces of the mother’s nest. one.

“This race has unlimited possibilities.”

Thinking of this, Xu Zhi felt uneasy.

The long-term pain and the torture of chemotherapy made Xu Zhi feel physically and mentally exhausted. He even began to wonder what his boring life was for. Now before he died, he suddenly had something curious.

Biological evolution and process.

“The previous generation of Zerg mothers put spores on barren planets, multiplied and evolved countless races, and built worlds. But I don’t have a planet, but I can use this ability to build a small evolutionary sandbox in my orchard. play for fun?”

“With this Zerg brood and war fortress, I can build mountains, oceans, and rivers in this orchard, and create an ultra-small sand table, allowing countless Zerg spores and single-celled organisms to evolve countless species…”

“It feels like a sandbox game-my world, and if we can create a world and evolve a civilization and countless races, maybe we can find a solution to my cancer from this civilized world?”

Xu Zhi became excited: This is probably an adventure? ?

Cancer cannot be cured in modern times. This may be his last hope for survival.

“I have to build a sand table quickly and buy tools for arable land!” Xu Zhi turned out the dusty tricycle in the corner of the farm in his hometown, panting like a bald old man, hollowed out by chemotherapy. The body is struggling to drive towards the outside town.

Then I spent my own savings of 30,000 or 40,000, pulled back a bunch of farming equipment and instruments, returned to the courtyard, and began to arrange with joy.

He does not have a planet, only an orchard of more than 100 acres for him to build a sand table world,

Another group of workers helped clear the weeds and weeds in the orchard. After turning into a flat soil, he picked up his hoe, like a farmer digging a hole, and sculpted super-small soil mountains, freshwater rivers, caves, etc. A barren sand table terrain.

I took out the high-temperature jets I bought, and grilled the entire sand table at an inch-by-inch high temperature to clean up potential plants and animals, so that the existing earth creatures would not affect the evolution of the spore species…

Microbes don’t need to care about it, and it’s hard to care about them. They will be swallowed up by Zerg genes and evolve into new earth species.

“The origin of species is the ocean. I have to build a huge ocean, sea water.”

In the orchard, his parents originally built a small fish pond. After thinking about it, he paid a lot of money to ask a few workers to help. He continued to open the fish pond, dig the soil and fill the water, build an artificial shallow pond, and pour it in. The salt is made into the ocean according to the proportion of salt water.

However, a thorny problem emerged.

This is not a huge round planet, but a square flat sand table of one hundred acres. The structure of this land is the topographic structure in ancient myths:

Tianyuan place.

“A land in myth?”

Xu Zhi’s body was not as good as before, and it took a week to organize the huge sand table in the orchard.

That morning, he took control of the worm’s nest accessory brain and began to produce a large piece of initial evolutionary single cells belonging to the Zerg tribe: spores, which were injected into the sand table he shaped, into the central ocean.

The evolution has begun.

He gave instructions to the brood:

“Accelerated cell division: ten thousand times!”

According to the Zerg counting unit, double is one year.

With an acceleration of 10,000 times, the evolution of these single cells in one day is equivalent to 10,000 years… But it is still unknown whether new species can be born in the small courtyard sand table to realize the Cambrian explosion of the earth.

The first day of the launch of spores, the central crystal clear ocean does not change, no change of.

The next day, the entire sand table was quiet.

The third day.

The fourth day.

Finally on the fifth day, the entire central ocean he designed, single cells began to evolve some plankton, and the water began to be turbid visible to the naked eye.

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